FB2-12 "A Match Made In Heaven"

FB2-12 "A Match Made In Heaven"

A Chapter by dw817

Sally then spoke to Jeffrey in a musical lilt, "Glad you enjoyed yourself. I had NO idea you were such a great," and she raised her voice laughing as she said it, "A*S KISSER !"


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© November 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

CHAPTER 12 - "A Match Made In Heaven"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

And relenting is precisely what Sally was waiting for.

"Hmm.." she said quietly and then went down another inch.

He gave in, aroused himself now, and he moaned and licked. All light was blocked as she maintained this position. She tickled her fingers around the front for him seeing he was going to be more cooperative now.

Animal instinct took over him and he shuddered for a moment trying to clear his mind of - anything - of what he was doing.

She placed her hand at her side and rubbed herself a bit. Suddenly she squeaked, climaxing again. She nearly squashed him again losing her balance in the feeling but caught herself this time, and regained her composure.

Then she decided to reward Jeffrey for his own deeply subservient behavior as he was doing such a nice job for her. She leaned forward slightly and tickled her small fingers up ahead on his underwear.

He moaned and suddenly his whole body was erect, much like where she was rubbing. She just smiled and traced a finger there going in a slow, lazy, circular motion. She kept at it for nearly a half hour, not going any faster or slower and being very firm and deliberate in her movements.

It was delicious torture for Jeffrey as all his pleasure receptors were right where she was rubbing.

Jeffrey gasped in delirium and his head jerked up again, right into her. Finally it was too much and he, too, was spent.

He was breathing hard and he had to admit, he had never felt such pleasure for so hard or so long in his entire life. His face and hair were now also wet with sweat. He felt he could just curl up and die now.

Sally let go of her single finger on him and stayed in her fixed position to see if he would service her any further.

Finally Sally then spoke with a musical lilt to her voice, to break the silence, "Glad you enjoyed yourself Jeff. I had NO idea you were such a great," and she raised her voice and laughed as she said it, "A*S KISSER !" Then she giggled to herself at what she was telling him.

Jeffrey tried to say something but he was still wracked in pleasure and murmured unintelligibly. She felt his warm breath against her bottom and trembled her head in pleasure at the feeling.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." she said trying to be serious for a moment. Then she spoke imperiously, "Guess what, you're breaking up with Jennie ! You're going to tell her that tomorrow. Don't give her a reason ! After all, THIS is where you belong, Isn't that right, Jeffrey !?"

He didn't say anything but continued to breathe hard. Then she nodded her butt forward and backward and since she was still mashed up hard against his face, he nodded with her movements as if he was eagerly agreeing with her. He was so exhausted from climaxing earlier, he wasn't going to fight her on this and just wanted to curl up and go to sleep.

Then she slapped her face noisily with her hands speaking in a shocked tone, obviously faking it, "Why Jeffrey, I had NO idea you wanted to have your way with me this much ! Well guess what ? Once we start dating, I'll let you do it all you want ! Doesn't that sound wonderful ?"

He moaned queasily but was apparently aroused at what she said by quietly licking her. She let him do so for several more minutes and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of power she now had over him.

Then she turned her head to gaze at him with a serious look that clearly said that he was going to do whatever she told him to do from now on. He shuddered at her unwavering and penetrating stare, especially where his face was.

She whirled her head back around to hide the expression on her face and smiled a bit biting her bottom lip and putting her fingers from one hand up to her mouth, tantalized by the thought of the terrible things she could do to him from here.

And - maybe she would do more in time, when she was asserting her authority over him. When she wanted to put him in his place. And that would be tomorrow.

Finally she pulled away giggling and bounced off of the bed to the floor.

"Sooo good," she told herself quietly and shivered in pleasure, stepping off the bed and hiking down her skirt over her trembling legs.

She then reached in her pocket for the washcloth she got earlier from her own bathroom and wiped herself down there thoroughly. Then she wiped herself up front, picking up her dry panties and put them in her skirt pocket.

As for Jeffrey, he couldn't move and was still in bed panting heavily, nor could he speak yet.

* * *

Seeing he was still worn out from climaxing so hard, she went over to tap the top of the boxes with the padlock symbols on them with her fingers and they all sparked brightly and popped off, releasing him from being bound to the bed. She pocketed all of the bondage devices.

Then she reached for the bed-covers there were on the floor and returned them to him.

He curled up in them moaning in a low voice as they slid over his spent underwear which was still very sensitive from earlier. Then she looked back at him in bed and he looked much like she found him earlier, well, almost except that he looked like he had exercised to the point of a heart-attack and his face was bright red from perspiration.

She went back to the floating acrylic video-camera and snapped it free which automatically turned it off, the invisible laser-lines showing momentarily, losing their grip. She returned it to her purse.

She had one more thing to tell him, "Now don't you forget to tell Jennie TOMORROW you're breaking up with her or I'll TELL HER WHAT YOU DID WITH ME TONIGHT ! I promise you that, Jeffrey ! You are not going to get out of this !"

Then she spoke in a sweet tone laced with arsenic, "Byeee loverboy !" and blew him a fake kiss. then seeing he had his eyes on her in a combination of rage and utter exhaustion, she patted her ample butt suggestively to him as she wiggled it invitingly. Ample, Jeffrey noticed, once again.

He opened his mouth shocked at her audacity but realized that he must've wanted what she offered him as he was ALL over her earlier. His head fell back in bed almost painfully and he moaned putting a hand to cover his eyes, hating himself for what she made him do earlier.

She laughed out loud at his obvious anguish and then tapped the console near the wall and the sleep crystals started falling from the ceiling again. She then ran out the doorway hurriedly before she could breathe any of them herself.

Jeffrey was still panting, "Wait, Sally, we can't tell anyone about this, please." he said finally in a quiet and exhausted voice and struggled to get out of bed, but just then the crystals hit him smack in the face and he collapsed back on the bed. After several minutes he was snoring again.

His face looked a terrible mess with smeared lip-gloss all over it and his hair was all matted and nasty looking from wetness. Oh she had fun with him alright !

She looked back to see that he was asleep and then went to his bathroom to freshen up a little. That'll have to get washed she told herself. Suddenly her legs trembled and she felt a rush of empowerment splash up her back.

Wowee she thought to herself ! Did THAT feel ever so good !

Jeff can do that to me anytime he wants ! She wondered if she could get him to do it again in her own bathroom tomorrow ? Well, she certainly was going to let him.

"It's a match made in heaven." she said solemnly, folding her hands angelically and looking heavenward blissfully in a prayer as if it were personally the Lord's doing.

A few seconds later she couldn't hold the joke in any longer and exploded, "Omigod that's so funny !" and she started laughing so hard she keeled over, her hands catching the cold hard tiles and eventually holding her chest as she was laughing so hard it hurt her there.

She thought she'd pass out from not catching her breath for a moment as she was still laughing out loud. After a minute of this, she held her ribs which hurt a little and got back up to look at herself in the mirror.

As she was thinking to herself, she remembered him mention Jennie's passkey to him earlier. She tilted her head quizzically and paused to tap a button on the drawer near the bathroom mirror and sure enough, there was a passkey in there to get into Jennie's place. Jeffrey DID say he WAS going to give it to her so she hurriedly pocketed it, stifling another giggle.

She then tapped the button again and it closed quietly.

"I guess I need to visit Jennie sometime." she said to herself fingering the passkey in her pocket and chortled at what terrible things she could to do to her as well. The truth of the matter was, Jeffrey was probably not at all responsible for her little mud boutique treatment earlier, but Jennie WAS, and boy was she going to get it later !

But why bother with her at all ? In fact, she had already brewed up some new and very nasty plans in mind for Jeffrey later tomorrow to get back at Jennie as she KNEW he'd call her to reach a compromise on secrecy of what happened tonight.

THAT was how she was going to get even with her ! Through Jeffrey, her true love !

She'll tell him what to say in her presence to embarrass and humiliate her publicly if he wanted her to keep his dirty little secret hidden, and then Jennie will be GLAD to be rid of him for insulting her so deeply !

Humming contendedly to herself and certain that Jeffrey was now her boyfriend with the threat of an ultra-humiliating blackmail video on his head, she left the room.

Back in the Transit she played back the video she recorded earlier which projected on the wall, checking the quality of it, and an evil smile curled on her face as she got to the middle of the recording and you could hear an eager and rhythmic slurping coming from Jeffrey from the tinny speakers on the video-camera.

Oh she had him by his BOLAS now !

A few minutes later SAN returned, two hours having finally elapsed, showing her telltale slight blue circular glow in the corner of the walls of Jeffrey's bedroom. But Jeffrey was already sound asleep as the crystals continued to softly trickle around him, and he was unaware of SAN's return.


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