FB3-71 "Pulled Over"

FB3-71 "Pulled Over"

A Chapter by dw817

Ace spoke in return patting my head consolingly, "There, there, honey. I won't let those bad old men hurt ya." Then angrily he faced the police officer. "Haven't you done enough already !?"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 3rd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2018 Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 71 - "Pulled Over"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

While Margot was certainly not the great archeologist that Janielle was, it was obvious to her in an instant that it wasn't a cave they found, but a tomb.

She started to wheeze hard in fear, not just being afraid of where she was but the whole area was very tight fitting and claustrophobia was kicking in on her.

Danielle kicked her in the shin telling her to be quiet. For a few seconds there was no sound except the occasional cricket when suddenly that one cricket stopped chirping. Both girls held their breath in frightful anticipation when a shadow crossed over where they had entered in.

They both quietly lowered their heads and stared at each other with frightful eyes. They heard the debris being moved slightly when suddenly the sound of a vehicle was heard. There were loud words spoken in some Eastern dialect, and whomever was going to find where they were, quickly retreated.

More words in that foreign language were exchanged and then they roared off.

It was several minutes before both girls decided it was safe enough to come out of hiding.

. . .

Back 1-million years in the future, the spaceship that was sent to collect the raw veins and strains of the desired element for Hum to build his "door" to the past, had arrived at its destination.

Quickly 2 of the crew donned space suits and embarked outside the ship to collect rocks and other debris that was to carry what was needed.

They did this for several hours, finally returning back to the ship to examine their find.

The ship's sensors suddenly squeaked for attention mentioning a huge unknown alien craft was approaching and on an intercourse.

The captain of the ship ordered red alert and to raise shields but suddenly everything dimmed, then went perfectly dark. Whatever alien ship it was apparently had a way of dampening any energy fields, including those onboard the Earth ship.

The crew and captain fought frantically with the controls until even life support was canceled out.

In mere moments the crew froze over solid, there being no more ability to regulate the temperature.

Only through special satellite screenings could be seen the alien ship, looking more like a bunch of knives and daggers glued together. The nemesis glided silently up to the ship from Earth. It came very close to the ship. A small black probe was launched.

It glided effortlessly to the main window where the crew could be seen frozen in place. A few flashes of bright blue light indicated that some photos or pictures were being taken. Then returned back to the alien ship.

The monster vehicle stayed motionless for several long minutes, apparently analyzing the data they retrieved. Then with a slight hiss of unearthly mobility, the alien craft glided neatly out and around the ship and left the area.

The survey ship's energy banks suddenly returned and heat and life support were restored. People collapsed, falling over, shivering, uncomfortably cold but glad to be alive. They called back to Earth using a special series of carrier waves sent by neighboring satellites sent out thousands of years ago and asked for an update - what happened ?

The message was sent back that some massive and sinister looking alien ship had arrived, sent a probe out to photograph the crew frozen when life support failed, then returned back and the ship left the area. No further information was known nor were there any indications or markings on the ship to identify as to which species or sector it was from.

Suddenly those in the control station looked to Hum as surely he must know what was going on.

But all he said was, "And so it begins ..." and failed to offer any further information as to the cryptic sentence.

But for now, the reconnaissance ship bundled up its valuable debris, and the main computer started to calculate lightspeed travel for the way home.

. . .

Antony as you remember was handed a very rare and valuable diamond of exceptional cut and character. While earlier he worried and fretted that Dempsey would eat him out of house and home, he now offered full access to his pantry to the still at large crew.

He mentioned he was going to leave, to buy more groceries, was permitted, and drove off.

Dempsey was down in the cellar pulling out all manner of stored foods he could find. Cheese, meat, frozen vegetables from a 2nd downstairs freezer, and other long frozen TV dinners.

Antony got to the first traffic light and saw hordes of police and emergency vehicles out. All scouring around. His destination was the local grocery but before he could do that, his vehicle was stopped and pulled over.

A policeman checked the back seat, trunk, license, and identification of Antony. The policeman warned him that there were 3 criminals at large and if he sees any sign of them, report at once to the local police station.

Antony nodded, and said he would. Then finally he entered the grocery store. Reaching in his wallet he pulled out a dozen well-hidden hundred dollar bills. He was going to save these for retirement - but so certain was he the diamond he had was incredibly valuable, he was going to spend his lot here and now on food he could only dream of affording.

And this store stocked it all. From simple 99 cents chicken soup to 20-40 dollar gourmet items for special occasions and celebrations. He purchased fine caviar, quail eggs, bulk sushi, rare Chinese delicacies, all frozen, and got at least 20-pounds of assorted nuts, filberts, snacking chips, dips, and other crackers, ice cream, and candy.

And to top it off, a massive sheet vanilla cake with the simple words, "Celebrate" written on it.

He then hit the liquor aisle and got the most expensive and fanciest wines and other assorted alcohol beverages he could find.

He then strangely went to the pharmacy to purchase the most expensive over-the-counter sleeping medications and pills he could find.

He finally went through checkout and the teenage girl behind the register whistled when it came to the total.

"Five hundred and seventy-three dollars !" she exclaimed, her eyes wide at the price.

Antony chuckled and pulled out 6 of the $100 bills. She took the bills, shone an ultra-violet light on each of them to confirm their authenticity. Then she suddenly leaned down to speak into a microphone. For a moment he worried that something must be wrong when the manager arrived.

The manager looked at the total, nodded, and asked Antony, "Big party then ?"

Antony nodded. "Yep, folks from out of town. Gotta feed them you know."

Nodding he took the $100 bills offered and scanned them himself carefully with the ultraviolet light. Satisfied, he gave the checkout girl the green light to continue. She put the $100 bills under the register tray and calculated back his return change.

Antony had done well. He had 3-full carts of groceries and fortunately had trunk and back seat space enough for it all, but just barely.

For it wasn't just this one diamond he was hoping to cash in but another, or maybe all of them. He dreamed in his head of getting the 3 scoundrels drunk and with sleeping pills he put in their drinks and appropriating ALL those diamonds for himself as they slept it off.

Driving back he was not surprised to once again be pulled over. This policeman was not so thorough and only checked to see that he was alone, which he was, with a mound of food - that's all he could see. And sent him on his way.

Antony drove carefully up to his residence turning both the headlights and engine off as to approach silently from the side.

Using a key from his pocket, he directly opened a storm cellar door into a little secret room he had the other 3 did not know about. There he "doctored" the purchased liquor with the new sleeping pills making certain they dissolved completely.

Then he took a black marker and put a small black dot in the upper-left-hand corner of the bottle to remind him that this particular liquor had sleeping pills in it.

He then went back outside and repositioned his vehicle as if he had just driven up normally. He tapped his horn once for attention. Only Petrov poked his head out ?

"Yes ?" he asked in concern.

Antony jambed a thumb behind him. "I've got groceries galore guys, too many for me to carry. Let's have some help here, okay ?"

Petrov looked around. There were no police vehicles or really anything else at all. He nodded, went back inside and the 3 helped Antony bring in the groceries, laughing and smiling at the good treats that they were.

Antony then in a sly tongue said he had some rare liquor in the cellar. Special, that they could all have to celebrate.

The 3 greedily agreed and it was then Antony went downstairs, to the cellar, past the secret door, to get the "doctored" liquor determined to knock out all 3 and take the bag of diamonds he saw earlier.

. . .

Back where I was, Ace had kept his hand on my right buttocks for longer than I really wanted, and finally stood up from his chair. He reached up to strangely hug me and shockingly kissed me on the cheek.

"We're going to have fun, doll, you and I."

I just nodded. He patted me on my back and then we all left the camp bathroom. He had a kind of throwback jeep and hummer all in one himself and ushered me to sit in the passenger seat up front. With a roar of his engine he spat cobblestone pebbles in all directions and took off.

Strangely after only a short ride, we were called to the side of the road by a policeman. Ace turned to look at me, "Not a word, shrimp. I'll handle this."

The policeman came by, looked at Ace and rolled his eyes at his mohawk hair. Then looked at me and shockingly smiled and winked at me. I swallowed hard. Then the policeman spoke.

"We're looking for 3 fugitives from the law. Maybe you've seen them ?" With that he handed out 3-glossy photos. Ace looked at them and handed them back. "Nah, never seen 'em 'afore."

But the policeman was not put off so easily. "And you, miss ? Is it possible you have seen them ?" He handed the photos back to Ace who sighed in boredom, then handed them to me.

My eyes grew wide in shock when I recognized all three. Dempsey, the guy that threatened to kill me when I was in that fake ambulance. Petrov who took me out of my own home after tranquilizing me, and Pritchart, that idiot fake policeman who showed up to get a statement from Tyr about the other day when 2-other agents had tried to kidnap her.

The policeman immediately recognized the change in me. Instinctively he reached for his gun but realized these were just two teen kids. What could they know ? He let go.

He did speak though, "Miss, you DO recognize them then ?"

I knew if I spoke in my own voice he would immediately know I was a guy and not a girl. I bit my lip in confusion on what to do.

"Miss ?" he insisted.

Suddenly I thrust the photos back to Ace.

"Miss ... ?" he persisted. But then Ace spoke.

"Cancha see your photos scare her ? Big guy like that." and he pointed to Dempsey, clearly the largest and meanest of the three. "She ain't seen them noways either."

The policeman leaned closer to Ace's vehicle causing the metal to creak, "Is that what it is, miss ?"

I just nodded my head. He pushed, "You were afraid of them by their appearance - yet you claim you have never seen them before ?"

Again I nodded. To play it safe, I started to cry and balled my head up into Ace's shoulder.

Ace spoke in return patting my head consolingly, "There, there, honey. I won't let those bad old men hurt ya." Then angrily facing the officer. "Haven't you done enough already !?"

The officer apparently bought it. He stiffened up, "I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to upset the young lady. Yes, that's all, you may go."

Ace drove away in a big hurry and suddenly pushed my head away from him, speaking, "You did real good there. What a marshmallow you are. Damn, might even have to take you back to my place so we can GET IT ON."

I really didn't know what "get it on" meant but I suspected I wouldn't like it.

Suddenly he pulled over at this fast-food restaurant that had a drive-through. His entire team was right behind him. Two girls gone in giggles jumped out of their vehicle from just behind to join Ace by hopping in the open back seat from me and started to hoot with laughter and derision about how pretty and sexy I looked.


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