FB1-02 "Approaching Storm"

FB1-02 "Approaching Storm"

A Chapter by dw817

"Hey wait a second !" I protested, "I can't go in there !" Tyr, seeing something to tease me about started giggling like mad and pulled even harder to drag me in the forbidden girl's restroom.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2013 Written by David Wicker


* *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

I had overslept but I heard a busy knocking on my door which woke me up.

It was Tyr and she was ready for school, a few minutes earlier than me. And, as usual, we always walked there together, often chatting about whatever was in our heads at the time.

While I would talk about new discoveries on the computer and sciences I had found out in books I checked out from the school library, Tyr when she was with her girlfriends would talk about boys, boys, and more BOYS.

My ! Well, at least she was dedicated to her research like I was.

Describing Tyr was pretty easy. She had always stood out in a crowd.

Looking quite a bit younger than the 16-years old that she was, Tyr was wearing her favorite summer blouse with little blue elephants shooting pink hearts out their trunks, a cute and short ruffled and breezy green skirt with darling red felt apples dangling on the sides.

She wore other outfits, but this the way was dressed most of the time.

In addition to this, she had a hair barrette of little wood fairies wrapped around brightly colored ribbons to hold her long and fiery red hair in place, cotton knee-high socks dangling little sparkly purple pom-poms, and pink princess tennie-shoes with reflective shoe-laces to glint in the light.

For glasses she had these not terribly attractive over-sized pair of square rectangular white glasses, but they magnified the view of her perfect violet eyes, which in my personal opinion was her most beautiful feature.

To me, she was a supermodel !

At times Tyr made my stomach flip-flop confusingly especially when she looked at me with those perfect violet jewel-like eyes or embarrass me with her devious stunts, and she seemed to never run out of them.

She was a lot more precocious than me and I don't mean precious by that !

I was already at school and walking in the hallway towards homeroom. Tyr separated from me and walked down the opposite side to briefly greet one of her classmates, another girl she hung out with.

And they gossiped and whispered to each other and pointed to other classmates in the hall between giggles. I shook my head in disgust at the two of them. Girls ! Who can understand them ?

As for myself, I tried to blend into a crowd, mostly because I didn't want to get singled out by bullies. But even then I don't think I was entirely successful.

I usually wore more grown-up clothes spending time thinking more about what to learn rather than how to appear to others.

I often wore plain-color T-shirts, standard knee-high shorts with little brass buttons, and a blue-grey set of my own tennie-shoes with matching white socks, and I seldom changed my style.

My own glasses were light blue and round, but still not terribly attractive and kind of wide-rimmed for my age.

I also didn't like the fact the glasses bugged out my own eyes, because of the poor vision I was born with, making me an easy target for ridicule despite my attempts to appear like other kids my age.

"Out of my way 4-eyes !"

I was shaken from my reverie to have my face suddenly dashed into one of the lockers in the main school hallway. The blood was already welling up in my nose and I could taste it, horrid. The tears came almost immediately.

And yet - something was going to change here.

"What if ?" I asked challengingly, even though I couldn't see who it was from the tears in my eyes, I KNEW who it was. And it was Scant, the bully.

Just as other people had their own pets, he was mine, and dogged my heels wherever I went in-between classes determined to give me hell. And don't EVEN get me started about what he did to me every Wednesday after lunch.

"What if what, doofus !?" he retorted bringing me back to my surroundings.

I was determined to push my point home and with one finger scooted back up my glasses that had slipped in his none-too friendly greeting.

I continued, "What if, you couldn't touch me ? What if I developed a way so you and others like you couldn't push me around anymore ? Ever."

* * *

He thought for a second, leaned back and guffawed, showing a crooked tooth he got from a fight earlier that year, "Yeah right ! You go Poindexter ! But until you do I'll push you around all I DANG-DOG well like !"

He demonstrated this by having a bit of an audience now in the hallway, and they watched on fearfully. Leaning back he punched me hard in my back. I fell down, the answer to all my defenses.

Just then the principal was walking by seeing me laying on the floor covering the back of my head with my hands, which is how I always let bullies know I didn't want to fight them and I'd do what they want if they'd just leave me alone.

"Is there a problem here ?" he asked my assailant.

But Scant was quick to reply and changed his tone to one of false apology. "Ah, no sir ! No problem, I was just helping Dev up, he fell down, he's really clumsy like that."

So saying he reached down to hoist me up by the back of the cuff of my shirt with one muscular hand. The principal nodded and continued on his way.

Once the principal was around the corner Scant then whispered sinister in my ear, "I'll always be here to push you around, FOREVER, never forget that !" He paused waiting for the principal's footsteps to fade completely.

He snorted in the back of his throat and sounded like he was getting ready to spit a nasty wet loogie in my ear but then I heard Tyr's angry voice get shrill on him. "You stop that, Scant !"

It was obvious Scant was fond of Tyr because he suddenly swallowed it and went all soft, changing his tone to one of support for me, "Oh, hey Tyr, I was just - "

She cut him off instantly. "You were just bullying Dev again you biggo bully, how could you !?" She paused in thought for a second. "What would you could doing if you didn't never bullied him again ?

Illustrated by CPT-Plaid

Scant got a puzzled look on his face. "What the - hey have you two ... ?" he flustered. Then the school bell rang. Scant ran off crying, "Losers !" making the traditional 'L' sign with one hand behind him as he ran off.

"You okay, Dev ?" Tyr was standing over me, concerned. I was visibly bleeding out of my nose now. "Oh man - " she started, "OK, hold on, come with me."

I've been this way most of my life. If someone held my hand, I would go with them anywhere, often not thinking of the consequences later until they happened. This was one of those times.

Tyr pulled my hand until we got to the door of the girl's restroom and she was going to march right inside with me still holding my hand.

Fortunately I was watching what she was doing. "Hey wait a second !" I protested, "I can't go in there !"

Tyr, seeing something to tease me about started giggling like mad and pulled even harder to drag me in the forbidden girl's restroom until I let go of her grip and leaned up against the wall keeping my head up to stop my bloody nose.

"I guessed not now." she said in disappointment fingering one of the pretty ribbons in her hair as she did when she didn't get her way on something she knew she wasn't supposed to do.

"Wait here then, I'll grabbed some tissues." she said finally, going back in the girl's restroom.

The door closed for several moments. I looked to the clock and saw she would have to hurry if I was going to make roll call cause my last name started with a B and the teacher went alphabetically in order.

Finally Tyr stepped back out and crammed a bunch of tissues in my hand, clearly toilet paper and it smelled - pretty. I looked at it with a grimace.

Then she looked at me quizzically for a second. "Lookie I gotta run, I'm later for home-run, I mean room. See your after school ? You gone be OK ?"

I had my head tilted back with the tissues but smiled and nodded to her. "Great ! Love ya !" and then she was gone.

Then I, too, ran to class, grateful the bleeding had stopped and I hurriedly jammed the tissues in my pocket.

The door was already open so I snuck inside. "Dev Borne ?" the teacher called out, already on her way into role call. I hurriedly made the way to my seat and said, "Here !"

"No he's not, Miss Applethorn !" I heard a distinctive voice speak against me, for Scant was also in my home room class. "He was out in the hallway," he paused for effect, "lingering out there."

Miss Applethorn turned to regard me with a shocked look on her face. "Is this true, young man ? You were out in the hallway ? What were you doing, there ?"

* * *

I didn't miss a beat and replied politely, "As you can see, Miss Applethorn, I'm in my seat ready for class."

My teacher opened her mouth for a second, thought better of it and then continued the role call. The time dragged on. Lunch inside the cafeteria was always miserable for me and Tyr so we decided to have it elsewhere.

Finding peace outside, we now always grabbed our lunch and went to this shady spot under the trees in a park area nearby to eat in peace away from the other noisy kids.

"Dju wanna your Suzi-Q, Dev ?" she asked me very sweetly.

"Yes, I do, Tyr." I remarked acidly.

She then stood up. I was still sitting with my back against the tree. She towered over me, brushed back her hair, then asked a little louder, "I SAID ! Dju wanna have your Suzi-Q !?"

I paused for a second. She was going to do something nasty to me if I didn't. I sighed and looked at the grass, "No, I guess I don't."

"Thattaboy." she said appreciatively. Then without permission she reached into my own paper lunch-bag to pull it out.

It was kind of like a Hostess Ding Dong but a lot sweeter, Twinkie shaped, and with ribbons of vanilla frosting on top of the already chocolate layer.

I looked at her with a grimace, my dessert stolen again for more days than I could count.

Tyr saw my look and replied to it, "All that sugar done just makes me sweetery, and you loved that don't you, Dev ?" and she batted her eyes at me teasingly.

With no reply, she ripped off the cellophane and started to whorf it down. Maybe she'll get a tummy-ache sometime I hoped to myself ?

"You've still got your laptop, don't you Tyr ?" I asked.

"Ah-huf !" she said unintelligibly, her mouth was full of my Suzi-Q dessert.

I nodded, "Then let's try something tomorrow. We'll need to work it out tonight. We're going to put the Barrier to a real application."


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© 2013 dw817

Author's Note

Comments are encouraged and any questions asked about the story or the references in them about my past will certainly be answered.

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This is really good! I really like it i can not wait to read more.

Posted 7 Years Ago

liked this one too.
a school drama though i was never bullied myself like this but then it was something different too :)

best wishes

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

telling someone would not have helped as the bullies would have found out hidden ways which could ha.. read more

7 Years Ago

At the time back in Elementary, I think I could've done a world of good by telling what the bullies .. read more

7 Years Ago

i understand
A great tale in the works DW! Can't wait for more! Thanks for sharing!


Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Sure, glad you like 'em. I just posted another. I had forgotten how 'bite-size' I made these. I hope.. read more

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