FB1-71 "Two Girls & A Squirrel"

FB1-71 "Two Girls & A Squirrel"

A Chapter by dw817

The mask fell out with a clunk against the boards as he prepared to have it readied for Tyr. Lilly put her hand on Tyr’s shoulder to help her focus and said, “7 feet ahead of you, Tyr ! Blast ‘im !”


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

The two girls, back above the wreckage of Arkos, looked all around and Lilly even tried using her ability to see beyond solid objects but was not having much luck finding the hidden entrance. Finally Lilly spoke to Choo-Choo, her pet squirrel who was still riding around her neck.

“Choo-Choo. Can you find the entrance for us ?” she asked him.

He spoke out in his thick English accent and squeaked like a tiny earphone to her, “It’s an aggro all right ! Blimey if our hard lines aren’t put paid to ! Mayhaps some dim left a scrummy.” He then bounced off of her shoulder to jump on the ground and sniff about the boards for the opening.

The girls paused to giggle at his cockneyed voice and watched him scamper off, his bushy tail bouncing in a tight arc to keep up and clear of his fast back legs.

As the girls were searching themselves, a long smooth pole of metal had quietly pushed its way out of the rubble from the ground, eye-level with the girls. Both of them stopped to look at it, surprised.

“What’s that ?” Tyr asked and pointed to it. Lilly shrugged but smiled in curiosity. Tyr returned the smile and they both watched it.

As they were looking on, a metallic shutter pulled back from all sides at the top and you could see that inside was a pretty silvery orb with clear mirrors angled on all sides around it.

“Whoo !” Tyr said appreciatively, always being a bit of a magpie for anything shiny or interesting. Lilly bobbed her head, curious as well. Perhaps this was a way to enter ?

Then there was a loud click and the the top of it started to spin. With the diffuse lighting from the clouds above in the sky, it reflected off of the mirrors making a kaleidoscope of colors around the shattered wood and girls clothing.

The two girls opened their mouths in amazement and touched their dresses to see something so pretty reflected off of them. It was spinning so fast now you could hear it humming as it vibrated against the friction of air in its incredible speed.

Boards nearby fell deeper into the rubble around it as the ground started to vibrate from the intense energy.

Tyr was gone in giggles again. “Look at me, Lil ! Ima boofitul movie star !” and she swirled her dress where rainbow reflections from the mirrors were bouncing off of it. Lilly laughed at how silly she looked.

Mesmerized by its hypnotic beauty, the two girls were drawn in, walking towards the lightshow, their eyes glued on the dazzlingly brilliant center. Just as they almost reached it, there was suddenly a soft click, like a flashbulb, and a blinding blaze of light, bright as the sun, shot out in all directions from the silvery orb in the center.

Both girls fell down seriously blinded by it, and cried out to each other in confusion and rage, rubbing their eyes angrily which refused to see now.

Meanwhile Choo-Choo, who wasn’t anywhere near the device and therefore unaffected by it, had discovered the actual entrance to Arkos with his keen sense of smell noticing the change in air odor. Unfortunately, there was a platform rising up JUST NOW from below on a conveyor from the deep elevator in the center.

* * *

Choo-Choo witnessed a hard faced but beautiful woman and three men, one built like a freight truck, on the lift as it reached the top. Choo-Choo then raced off crying, “Crikey ! The bloody door is opening and don’t they look the narked dodgy sort ! I’m off it !”

As he ran away, Stefani, who was now on the surface watched amused at the two blinded girls fumbling in the debris on the ground with each other. The other 3, Dempsey, Petrov, and Morrigan, however, were ready for action.

“Get those squirts now while they’re blinded from the cryzar !” she yelled, and the 3 men started running towards them, wading over the broken boards and trying to find even footing in the process.

Lilly, who could still see beyond walls had her sight returned before Tyr’s and cried out, “Tyr ! There sa mean lady and a buncha guys running up to us !”

Tyr held her head up to the sound of the crashing boards and tried to open her eyes but then suddenly fell down again from the blinding light still in her eyes. “I can’t see them !” she said frustratedly. She raised back up again and held her hands in the air which glowed the telltale sign of violet energy with a low dangerous whirring sound.

Upon seeing this Dempsey blanched and backed away, fearing for his life. Petrov, however, tried to circle around Tyr as he was quite aware she still couldn’t see anything. Morrigan gaged his distance and straddled his legs in place ready for any chance of the pair running away. He apparently was a high-speed sprinter.

Lilly yelled, “To the right !” and Tyr whirled 90 degrees to blindly face Petrov who was trying to hurriedly open his dufflebag with the gas mask. Petrov looked to Tyr and saw her eyes were closed and she was still nodding her head left and right, confused.

Smiling to himself and convinced she was no threat, continued in his work. The mask fell out with a clunk against the boards as he prepared to have it readied for Tyr.

Lilly put her hand on Tyr’s shoulder to help her focus and said, “7 feet ahead of you, Tyr ! Blast ‘im !”

Tyr nodded and concentrating on the sound of Petrov’s actions, a beautiful violet sphere flung out from her outstretched hand and suddenly he yelled out as it hit and hurled back, smashing him into the wood rubble 20 feet away from the mask and dufflebag, where he cried out in pain.

He tried to raise up after a moment and it was clear his leg was badly sprained from getting hit by Tyr’s telekinetic projectile.

Stefani watched and opened her mouth in a leer to talk quietly to herself. “So it’s true ! She does have the gift !” then louder to her team, “She’s for real ! For God’s sake don’t let her get away !”

Dempsey watched, horrified at what happened to Petrov, but then reached into his holster for his gun. It appeared to be a modified beretta with a wider barrel and a green laser sight on top which he snapped to an ON position.

He honed in a shaky glowing green dot on Tyr’s forehead, unable to lock in at this distance but Lilly once again directed her, “Biggo man, Tyr, 4 o’clock ! 14, no, 15 feet back ! Blast ‘im girl !”

Tyr concentrated and another, smaller violet fireball emitted from her outstretched fingers to crash short of its target into a pile of lumber 2 feet ahead of where Dempsey stood. He fell over on the planks heavily, startled, but she had clearly missed him.

Dempsey smiled, raising back up, creaking the wood with his huge weight, and concentrated for a new aim on her.

“Try again !” Lilly urged, starting to panic. Morrigan, Dempsey, and Petrov were now working towards boxing them in from all sides.


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Wow, such a great write as normal. :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Thanks ... for some strange reason I have Barrier well in hand, to at least 4 books. I could sure us.. read more

5 Years Ago

Your very welcome. :)
A great write as usual DW! Keep them coming!


Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thanks, Cody. As you can see the book is finally wrapping up, and the question will be - does Tyr ge.. read more
Cody Williams

6 Years Ago

I'll be sure to do that. Shoot me a request.

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