FB1-16 "Enemy At The Gates"

FB1-16 "Enemy At The Gates"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr was thoroughly enjoying this wretched game and continued her raspberry in my ear, eventually making nasty sounds with her mouth like she was sucking the wax out of my ear until I relented.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© November 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

This time I didn't oversleep.

I actually woke up early. I knew we were going to have some pop-tests in 2 of our classes today and while I hadn't studied for any of them, I was ready in any case, I just needed to fuel up with a good breakfast first.

I heard a knocking and sure enough it was Tyr at the front door again. As I invited her in, a car suddenly drove by in a really big hurry, clearly burning rubber and the driver honked their horn at her.

Tyr turned quickly to look and waved vigorously saying, "Hi Hi Hiii !!" as loud as she could, and her arm flapped so hard I thought she spun it in a 360 degree movement for a moment like an advertising guy I saw on TV one time.

"Wha - who was that ?" I asked, surprised she would be so receptive to such a wild driver.

"That was Lilly's mummy, Dev ! Don't you knowed anything ? Lilly is my absolutist bestest friend forevered and ever and evering !" she said clasping her hands together as if this mysterious girl was an answer to her wicked prayers.

And from what I knew of her, she was a bit of a wildcat like Tyr. I'll tell you more about her later.

Tyr added, "She's gone to helped me with some babysittering coming up next weeks too !"

"Who's the baby, then ?" I asked curiously.

At this point, Tyr just smiled at me. "Now all I knowed is what your mummy done toll me." and then gave me a sly smile. What was Tyr up to now I thought to myself ?

I sighed, dismissed it, had a thorough breakfast to have lots of energy for the pop-tests, and then we were both headed off to school.

We entered in the front doors and of course Tyr started running and headed for the restroom for her early morning gossip with her friends.

I hoped sincerely I wasn't being ridiculed again about, well ... whatever it was they were talking about earlier. My head still hurt trying to remember what happened, when did it happen ?

Something about the smell of lemon candy. I couldn't remember what though. At some point I thought I ought to get myself an audio recording device, not just for my dreams but for my LIFE as it was difficult to remember for me to remember some things later.

Then one of Scant's cronies whom I recognized from my bad dealings with ran up to me and said all excitedly, "Dev, you are so dead ! Scant's coming back to school Wednesday and he is so going to KICK YOUR A*S for what you did to him !"

Then he ran off top speed giggling like it was a great joke.

I wasn't laughing though. No, this was just something else I had to worry about today.

I thought about lunch and despite the horrible punishment Tyr put me through earlier on the beloved Suzy-Q dessert, I decided I was going to mix things up a bit, and still not get in trouble - I hoped !

Me and Tyr shared Science class so when she went up to the front of the room to present her report, I quickly took out my Suzi-Q and jammed it in the bottom of her lunch bag she had in her open satchel.

Tyr was up at the front near the teacher's desk and explained her report.

By the time she was done she was all out of breath having waved her hands all around and stamped her feet in place several times and a little slobber was rolling down her face from her excitement.

The teacher, however, had gotten use to Tyr's ways of uhh - presentation -

Finally the teacher commented, "That's very - umm - creative Tyr. Comments class ?"

There was a murmur of disapproval from the remaining students. I knew well enough to keep quiet when Tyr had the floor. Someone moaned quietly in the back seats, "Just kill me now."

Tyr then came back to her seat and looked at me quizzically. I just smiled sheepishly at her. She KNEW I was up to something however just by reading the expression on my face. She was smart and good like that.

Then she suddenly got a mean scowl on her face and pointed two fingers at her own eyes, then rotated her wrist around slowly to face my own eyes and poked forward, like to pop out my eyes, going around my own glasses.

Yah, I got the message. She was watching me. But she just missed out on what I did.

This time we both ran top speed for the tree and I could hear one of the yardmen of the school using a riding mower in the distance.

He watched us for a minute and decided we weren't starting a fire, likely the only reason he would take the time to intervene with a student, so he continued on with his chores.

We both plopped down and I started into my sandwich trying hard not to laugh.

She caught that I was up to SOME mischief, really quite rare for me, and smiling coyly to me said, "Unless you wanna get a fanciful of smooshie pie like laster time, handled it over, wise guy !"

"Faceful, do you mean ?" I asked quietly. Tyr wrinkled her nose in agitation. She hated it when I corrected her.

"Yeah, what you said, picklepie, but you still going to gets it good and I don't it WON'T be good !"

She started to illustrate my fate with her hand gestures but I stopped her tirade. "Hand over what ?" I asked innocently, as if I really didn't know.

"My Suzi-Q !" she said petulantly, both hands on her hips now. "You knowed I always getten it !"

"I don't have it." I said, and this time, I wasn't lying.

* * *


She got up from her place beside me and nonchalantly walked over to me and sat down on her knees. Then she scrooched in front so she was facing me, sitting on her legs beneath her. I marveled at her pretty violet eyes.

How could God make such a MEAN girl in this whole wide Sapphire world of ours and then just to spite the universe, give her the most gorgeous set of peepers a young boy like me would ever see and fall in love with ?

Suddenly she reached out and grabbed my cheeks to squeeze them with both her hands, rather painful really, and made funny faces with me humming that darned old Danny Boy song which I never did quite understand.

But she changed the lyrics slightly, "Oh them pipes they is a' calling, they is a callin' for you Devvy boy !" My face froze up in fear when I finally realized what she had been humming all these years ! She was referring to ... my brain could go no further !

Giggling and enjoying the fact that I was now frozen in place by terror, she leaned close to my ear to whispered dangerously, "What izzay pipes telling you Devvy boy ?" I shrugged I honestly had no idea, I really didn't want to know at this point !

As a reply she she cupped a warm hand to my ear puckering her lips out hard to touch my inner ear and softly rasp-berried them full of wet spit against the inside.

Perhaps - my imagination was running away from itself. For an instant I imagined the time she mashed me up against the tree, that was one. Then the terrible button thing I saw up in that cottony prison earlier, That was two.

And then I put those two with the raspberry sound she was making with her lips right then. That was three ! With those things all working together in my brain, a very clear and terrible nightmare was burned into my consciousness like a red-hot poker !

My shoulders started shaking uncontrollably in spite of myself.

Tyr was thoroughly enjoying this wretched game of hers and continued her raspberry in my ear, eventually making really nasty sounds with her mouth smacking her tongue all it around like she was sucking the wax out of my ear until I relented.

Finally I squeaked out, "Tyr ?" My voice was so full of fear it sounded like a little girl's again. I hated when my voice cracked like that !

Tyr loved it though and knew I was in torment, "Oh, and does the condiment haved a last recess before incense is carry outed ?" she said trying to sound like an important judge of law.

She knew very well I was frightened of what she was doing and I didn't bother to correct her speech this time !

I tried to speak but all that came out was a high-pitched wheeze. Tyr giggled and waited for me to get control of myself. While I knew she wanted to tease me, I imagine it wouldn't be much fun for her if I passed out from being unable to catch my breath.

I coughed hard and swallowed trying to find my voice again.

Finally I quirped again, my throat too tight to let air go through it properly

"Look in your lunch bag." and then gasped trying to breathe normally again.

"MY lunched bag ??" she said incredulously. I nodded, feeling my face go numb as I couldn't breathe right. She then pointed at me with a serious finger. "Now don't you go wondering off or yore REALLY gonna gets it !"

To emphasize what she said she pulled back in front of me so I could see her and then balled up one of her fists and rubbed it hard against her other hand, open-palmed and made that raspberry sound again. Yes, I got the message. Clearly.

Fortunately, she stood up to look in her paper sack as I requested.


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keep on penning.

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7 Years Ago

I intend to. :) Should meet up with Lilly here pretty soon. That's the character Rose wanted me to a.. read more

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