FB1-59 "Drugged"

FB1-59 "Drugged"

A Chapter by dw817

Entire galaxies were exploding in my head now ! I was watching the birth and death of whole solar systems. The pleasure was so extreme it burned me like I was in an infinite candy hell !


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I whimpered. I was more frightened than ever to see what would happen next. I mean in one way I really liked Stefani, in another way she terrified me. I was torn between the two emotions.

"Dev, this won't hurt, I promise you." she said sincerely and turned it on.

I shook my head. "What are - ?" which is as far as I got because she touched the controller to a setting of 1 and suddenly a felt a pain as a thin needle attached to the device injected itself into my thigh and released - something.

My ankles, taking a life on their own in some kind of involuntary response clutched the single-wide mattress beneath and raised it a good inch in the air before flopping back down again. I could see why she strapped it on as that would've knocked it off of me.

Stefani, fully unaware of my actions, put her face close to mine again. "MY !" she said with mock surprise. "Doesn't that feel good !"

Good ? I'm not sure what she meant by that but - oh - yes. That, I could feel it now. It was like strange icicles were working it's way all around my thigh and up my body and then my brain, I guess for the first time in it's life, relaxed. All my cares and worries felt like they were drifting down a timeless river.

But that's impossible, isn't it ? I mean, you can only get that with a really good rich cup of hot chocolate. And yet - this was different - =I= was the chocolate in the cup. Melting. Melting. That's how it felt to me.

And then it was like I was seeing bright flashes and colored sparkles before my eyes, supernovas exploding and I was at the front row seat watching it, completely amazed at the light show. And even oohed and ahhed at a few of them.

I was being drugged, I knew it. I felt a slight throbbing pain as the needle injected more of the cursed venom into me and I laughed. I felt good. I was Superman ! I could do anything !

I nodded my head. Oh yes I did feel good ! And PLEASE don't stop it ! I had never felt such delicious pleasure in my brain all my life ! I would do anything for Stefani now, even, no, yes, yes I would, I would be GLAD to eat her ..., no I wouldn't ! I jerked my head from side to side in confusion.

My back arched up trying to escape the electric needle device she had strapped to my thigh, but it was tied on tight and wasn't going anywhere.

She spoke again, lacing her voice with seductive syrup, "Dev, NOW are you ready to finish my babyfood ?"

My head was shaking and vibrating now and the quiet music I heard earlier was somehow getting louder and shriller with a horrid echo. I was losing my mind, and I honestly couldn't speak right then.

Stefani, dissatisfied with my lack of response reached over and set the controller to 2. I could almost HEAR one slow extra drop come out of the needle to contact against my skin and burn like the worst acid.

I leapt my head up and cried out, "Augh !" Entire galaxies were exploding in my head now ! I was watching the birth and death of whole solar systems. The pleasure was so extreme it burned me like I was in an infinite candy hell !

Stefani leaned close to my trembling and sweating face and hovered her lips before mine with the warm fruity lipgloss, but then pulled back at the last minute. She breathed warm air in my face as she spoke in a syrupy sweet voice, "Now ?"

I nodded. YES, I'd do anything for you, ANYTHING, only please don't stop the injection ! Fortheluvofgod don't stop it !

My legs pulled tighter, squeaking the bed frame, and she looked over her back to see that I had now lifted up the entire front of the first mattress a foot in the air now with my ankles alone. "My !" she said suitably impressed. I flopped back down again and my muscles burned raw and sore, clearly not intended to lift that much weight.

Stefani then pulled out a spoonful and I opened my mouth in expectation of the treat.

What the HELL was the matter with me ?! I knew what this stuff was, I knew it was foul, and yet somehow the pleasure in my brain was speaking for me. She put it in my mouth and gently wiped the sides of my lip with the spoon sensually. "Good stuff." she said speaking in that baby-talk again.

I closed my mouth and delighted in the warmth it made there. My tongue marveled at its uniquely foul taste as I chewed and sloshed it around. It was just babyfood, I knew it was. She was trying to confuse me, to trick me, to break down my willpower - or - or something !

* * *

Of course it was terrible, but I closed my mind to it and focused on the exploding stars and marveled in their magnificence.

"Good boy." Stefani said quietly and gave me a smile of absolute dominance. Her voice now held a presence in my ears and almost hurt them like she was shouting from a microphone. You could tell she was now thoroughly enjoying the feeling of power she was holding over on me; making me eat her babyfood against my will.

She returned the spoon to stir out another bite. I then realized she was not going to make me gobble it down as she intended earlier but force me to savor every nasty bite now. But I didn't mind, I didn't mind ANYTHING as long as she kept the serum going ! The SERUM !

Suddenly I screeched maniacally and jerked my head and chest forward rapidly, surprising Stefani completely. It startled her to lose grip on the jar she held loosely in one hand, and it tipped all over on to her pretty camisole staining it badly. The jar then clattered, like thick glass to the floor, right-side up so no mess there.

I collapsed back on the bed breathing heavily. I felt I could pass out any minute from the effort and the devilish serum was even worse now ! I was hearing weird voices, friends from the past. I started to mumble nonsense, weird things about my life I honestly never wanted to tell anyone !

I saw how this serum worked now. The torturers didn't even have to ask you questions, you babbled them out loud for them to hear as your brain exploded with pleasure !

Stefani then looked down to her chest to see what happened. "What did you do ?" she shrieked and leapt out of bed to stare in horror at the terrible stain.

"You monster ! I'll fix you !" and in a fit of rage tapped her bracelet up to shock me at level 4.

Wide bright sparks longer than an inch fried around my bracelet. With the combined pleasure of the serum and the crippling painful shock, I entered blissful unconsciousness.

Angrily she ripped off the needle device which left only a small telltale red dot where it went into me, and it too, clattered to the floor.

"Augh !" she said and ran to the bathroom to try and clean herself. Fortunately the spilled babyfood managed to miss everything else and only Stefani's camisole. I appeared rather peaceful with a look of bliss on my face as I maintained unconsciousness.

Stefani came back to glower at me in bed. I looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. I had such a goofy smile on my face, I know it enraged her. She had tried to clean her camisole. But the more soap and water she added, the worse it become, much worse.

There was no cleaner on the planet now that could tackle it now. It was beyond ruined.

Without a word she undid the chain for my wrist, holding her furious face close to mine, though I was still unconscious.

Dripping with venom she choked saying, "Just you wait. Tomorrow is going to be - a - an INTERESTING day for you. I promise you, I will get you back for this, Dev !"

She wailed one more time and retrieving the needle device and tapping a button to shoot the used needle into a discard compartment, she got up making sure she had everything back in her duffle-bag.

She then hiked up her panties and looked down at her ruined camisole again. She started to cry and then hiked up her panties with her thumbs AGAIN, it was so silly, so was so frustrated right now !

Finally she dove for the front door, sliding the security card in to exit. Crying like a little girl she ran down the empty and dark hallways to return to her own quarters. The door to my room clicked, hissed, closed, and locked behind her again.

It was several hours later when I finally was conscious. I gripped my head in pain and started to shiver, badly. Apparently one of the after-effects of the truth serum drug was to freeze you or make you believe that. I bolted out of bed chattering my teeth and took a thorough hot shower trying to get rid of that weird icy cold feeling.

Finally I felt better and dried off, cleaned myself as well as I could with the toiletries I found in the bathroom which did actually include new toothpaste, unopened mouthwash, and several prettily colored wrapped toothbrushes.

I then put on a fresh pair of Tyr's undies before I climbed back in bed, pondering in thought.

I remember feeling good and getting shocked. The shock was no accident. Stefani was mad at me, but from what ? Did this mean I WASN'T going to get a nice breakfast tomorrow ? Would I be forced to eat MORE babyfood ? I heard a gurgle, but it wasn't from my belly, but lower down. I definitely didn't want any more.

No ! I had an idea on how to get out of this, and it was a good one, it would work !

With that idea firmly in my memory, I clicked off the light and went back to sleep ...


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© 2014 dw817

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I really loved this piece. :-)


Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thanks, Kaze. (Or is it Katherine ?) Stefani is in all 3-books and - she meets with a rather nasty d.. read more

6 Years Ago

Ok, looking forward to that. :-) it's Kaze but I changed my display name.

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