FB1-36 "Worse Than Agents"

FB1-36 "Worse Than Agents"

A Chapter by dw817

Disgusted I got up to whisper in her ear, "What was I supposed to do ? Explode in front of the nice police officer as you footsied me to death !?" "Yeah BOYYY !" she said, not really whispering.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

As we were sipping juice, there came a loud knocking on the front door. That had to be the officers called in earlier. Tyr's mummy left the kitchen and went to quietly answer the door.

But she didn't get far. I heard Tyr's bedroom door smack open so hard it felt like the whole house shook and she hurtled past me at breakneck speed to beat her Mom to the front door.

"I GOT IT !" she screeched at the top of her lungs and then, WHAM ! She baled hard into Annie's legs causing her to fall. Then Tyr, not at all deterred by this barricade, quickly climbed over Annie who was now face-first on the wooden floor, the wind knocked out of her, and CLEARLY in the way of Tyr opening the front door.

I ran out to help Annie back up who had obviously been clipped, knocked over, and trampled on by Tyr's rash actions.

Tyr, oblivious to what she did opened the door wide and, breathing hard from her running effort yelled at them, "C'mon in now mister officer sirs you guys !"

"Are you okay, Annie ?" I asked seriously, helping her back up on her feet.

Her voice slurred with dizziness, but she was recovering, "Yes, Dev, I'm fined, I just need to do somethings first." and she fished in her purse for an odd card to show directly in front of Tyr. From the back it was gray and looked like a playing card from a deck.

Tyr immediately recognized it. "Aww Mummy, c'mon ! You were taking AGES to get to that old door huh !"

I finally had a chance to see the card. It was solid and bright yellow on the side she showed Tyr. I laughed to myself, like a game of soccer, Tyr was getting a serious penalty for her clipping behavior earlier. I wondered if it would be effective.

"C'mon Mummy, you don't meaned it, does ya ?" and Tyr put that finger back in her mouth again.

Annie's voice was firm and serious, "You know what it means, young lady. One yellow card for running me down means one good spanking tonite, and on your bare bottom too." she stopped to look at me as my eyes got wide with fear, "Uh, after Dev goes home, that is."

Tyr knew how to work this angle, "How about Dev gets to see my bare bottom afores ya spanks it huh so we can compares them later ?"

Annie shook her head, perplexed. Tyr's black belt skill at confusion and humiliation came through for her again. Finally Annie said tiredly, "Officers sirs, please come in. Disregard my daughter if you may, she's been VERY NAUGHTIED today and, honestly, I don't know what to do with her anymores."

As they stepped in the first one was a really big fellow keeping his head lowered so as to not knock into the ceiling. He also sported a mustache and beard that extended so far across his face they not only made sideburns but then climbed back into his ears to complete an inner circle inside his brain I bet.

I suspected then the hair went back out through his nose to start the mustache all over again. A real grizzly looking fellow. He introduced himself, in a deep gravelly voice, as Officer Dempsey.

His partner was, wiry, thin, nicely shaven and seemed to be following the lead of the first who replied his name was Officer Pritchart-tuh, and emphasized his t's by spitting air.

As they walked to the kitchen you could hear the wooden floor creak under where they stepped from the heavy weight of their flashlights, billy clubs, belts, and medallions. It was quite a sight. Only Dempsey had a pistol. Tyr immediately picked that out as what she wanted to look at first.

"Whoo !" Tyr said excitedly following in the lead skipping backwards trying to reach for Dempsey's holstered gun as he lumbered through the hall. "Can I see your gun, Mr. officer sir ?" she said politely and full of sweetness as she held her hand out -

- for maybe one second I noticed.

And then she squeaked like an excited mouse and made a mad grab for it without his permission with both her hands !

Dempsey the big fellow regarded her with a scary smile putting his own hairy hand on the gun to hold it from Tyr's grip as she tried hard to pull it from his own single muscular hand with both of her own.

Tyr struggled with it and put her foot up against his back as he walked, to gain leverage to pull it out for herself. This Goliath policeman was so strong he continued to walk down the hall with Tyr hanging on for dear life to his pistol, her legs dragging in the hallway, and unable to free it from the holster of Dempsey's almighty and powerful grip.

"Maybe later, shortcake." he rumbled in a mega-deep voice that grated on my ears, finally looking at her as she had her hands clasped in a death-grip around it, and then turned to follow Annie, who was still a little dizzy from being tackled earlier. Annie staggered uneasily into the kitchen.

The floorboards creaked with the weight of Dempsey's and Pritchart's equipment and bulk besides as they slowly followed her steps down the hall.

Pritchart was ahead of Dempsey as he walked so slow so he was unaware of Tyr's despicable behavior behind him. She stared down, frustrated at the holster. It had a locking clasp on top but if she pulled HARD enough, I'll bet I can pop it she thought to herself. Dempsey trudged down the hallway as she hung on to his pistol for dear life doing everything she could to pull it out.

Tyr finally realizing she had to look silly being dragged down the hall as she hung on to his prized pistol which hadn't moved an inch, finally let go and backed against herself against the wall to let Dempsey go by still with a look of curiosity and amazement in her face.

"Whoo hoo !" she said completely impressed by their outfits.

Then we all sat down in the kitchen only finding two smaller plastic chairs for the officers to sit in. I sat opposite of Tyr who was bouncing up and down on her butt excitedly. Well, so much for that spanking I saw she got earlier, must not have hurt one inch. "Can I puh-lease see your gun, Mr. Dempsey sir ?" she pleaded with him.

It was then I noticed that Officer Dempsey was a really intelligent man under that bulk as I observed he completely ignored her question and got down to business.

Officer Pritchart reached into his belt and pulled out a long metal notebook. Then he unfastened a metal pen clipped to the side that clicked noisily, and looked to Dempsey to begin the questions.

Dempsey set his hands on the table which creaked under the weight. Tyr's mom looked frightened for a second.

Dempsey smiled mirthlessly to her and rumbled in a deep voice, "I'm just here to ask you a few questions ma'am, I promise I won't too much of your time." Every time he spoke it sounded like he was going to burp and his voice was that much lower in pitch every time he said something.

He rumbled on, "Was there anyone else present when these two strangers arrived." addressing all three of us.

Tyr's Mom looked to me for an answer as Tyr was distracted by a place-mat and tracing her finger along the edges of it interestedly.

"Why do you need to know ?" I asked Dempsey trying to sound grown-up and interrupting Annie.

He smiled at me and I swear I could hear a squeaking like leather shredding as his beard stretched over his meaty lips in a gruesome smile. It was not a pretty sight.

"Young man," he rumbled to me. "It seems to me that someone ripped stuff out of their pockets, destroyed their equipment, and may have - ahhm ..." and he didn't know how to continue except for looking at Tyr with a very sour expression and then murmured, in a long drawn out breath "Hmm ..." to her and fixed his gaze on her.

* * *

Tyr saw this and waved innocently and cheerfully at Dempsey who grunted briefly in reply, like a giant frog belching up a half-eaten fly, and returned his gaze back to me.

"Do you know anything about this, young man ?" he said raising his voice fearfully.

"Nossir." I lied. At this point I had figured Dempsey was so big he could cleanly wrestle a bear and win. Instead of glowering down at me angrily for giving an obvious lie, rather he gave me instead a really friendly smile.

"Thattaboy." he said in his gravelly deep voice and then patted me on the head like he KNEW I sabotaged the agents did it and was GLAD I did it at the same time. His hand went all the way down to my eyes, it was so big !

"Wow." I said, pleased with myself for once. Maybe the officers' had dealings with this Arkos group in the past.

Tyr almost spilled the beans, unable to keep quiet any more in this solemn state of seriousness. "I gave him a pickle, Mr. Dempsey officer sir !" she giggled.

"A - what-tuh ?" said the second officer, Pritchart, spitting on the T. He looked up for more information as he continued to write down what was being said in the long steel notepad.

Tyr put her hands out to describe now that she had the center stage, "A biggo super-sized, extra-long, double-slimey -" Tyr then gave out a nasty raspberry with her lips for a more proper description of how gross it really was.

I interrupted her as she was spitting across the table now, hitting Dempsey's uniform. He looked down at the spittle and almost seemed to smile. "Tyr - " and I looked at her seriously. She looked at me like she had NO idea she was being obnoxious to the point of criminal intent, AGAIN.

Then I faced Dempsey to interpret what she said. "She's really tired sir, I don't think she expected this kind of reception coming home and she's probably not making too much sense." I explained to him.

"Am too !" she pouted and kicked me painfully under the table giving me a disapproving frown as I winced in agony, holding my shin from her actions.

Annie was not about to put up with Tyr's continued bad behavior. "Do you need another spanking NOW, young lady ?" she asked her angrily.

"Nooo !" she said, and then flumped down angrily in her chair so all you could see were her wood-fairy hair barettes. I heard her shoes clump to the floor as she shook them off. Maybe she was just relaxing now that the evilness was out of her.

Suddenly I found my lap was full of Tyr's ticklish socked feet as she had slumped so low in her chair as to curl up her toes between my legs. She then started playing footsies. As I raised up in my chair to look down at her exasperatedly, even slumped over as she was, she blew a kiss to me and grunted excitedly as she grinded her toes even harder against my shorts trying to get a reaction.

Despite my anger I felt a bulge start to grow there. Tyr's agile feet found it immediately and started to massage it gently with the flat of her heels coaxing it to grow. "Thattaboy." she said quietly. I leaned back for a moment, caught up in the pleasurable sensation.

Wow ! Did that feel good ! My brain tried to convince me, no-one can see this, just relax and let it happen. They're not even paying attention to you now, Dev. I moaned slightly and my forehead started burning up with sweat.

"Hmmm !" Tyr said melodically aware that I was under her power now. Tyr's tuneful outburst apparently interrupted the conversation between Officer Dempsey and Annie.

Annie looked at Tyr tiredly, "Yes, dear ?"

"Nothing at all !" she said and giggled. Then she started to massage the bulge in my shorts with deliberate precision again. Her eyes were fully on mine, even from her lowered position in the chair, and her mouth was open in a devilish leer. I gasped in pleasure and felt like I could explode any minute if she kept rubbing it right THERE and she KNEW where !

Was NO-ONE aware of what Tyr was doing to me under the table !? I had to get out of here, NOW !

Finally I stood up suddenly, and painfully falling out of my chair, covered my shorts with both hands and ran the the restroom as Tyr giggled insanely. I could hear her start to hum, "Danny Boy" from the kitchen then, which didn't help my situation at all from the memories of when she sang that for me.

I could also hear Dempsey ask Annie more questions but I couldn't make out the words from in the bathroom.

I needed to be there to hear what they were saying ! But I also needed to get this bulge under control, d****t !

I sat down on the toilet seat and sighed, pushing my hands down on the lump until it finally did recede. Then I flushed the commode for effect, washed my hands, and returned back to the kitchen but scooted my chair WAY away from the table to sit in a corner to listen the conversation between Dempsey and Annie.

From here I could easily see Tyr who had raised back up in her chair, and her shoes were back on her feet. She fixed me with an angry pout and crossed her arms seeing me return.

Disgusted I got up to whisper in her ear, "What was I supposed to do ? Explode in front of the nice police officer as you footsied me to death !?"

Tyr motioned me down so she could return a whisper. I bent down almost afraid of what I'd hear.

"Yeah BOYYY !" she said, not really keeping it at a whisper, and then sensually licked the inside of my ear while tugging on the lobe gently with her teeth. Numbly I returned to my seat, away from the table, and put my head in my hands staring down in defeat. Finally I concentrated on what Dempsey and Annie were saying.

"Indeed." rumbled Dempsey a little louder. I think he agreed that she needed a spanking as well. And I could swear the lightbulbs in the kitchen rattled as he spoke, his voice echoing out of his massive belly. He breathed in and out loudly for a second and then frightened me with a quick wink of his eye. What was that for, I asked myself ?

"Is there anything else you need, officers sirs ?" Tyr's Mom asked a little frightened and eager to be rid of this disturbing pair.

Dempsey rose up stiffly from his chair. Obviously the chair was too small for him and he cracked his back to look down to see that he was sitting on a "Little Princess" chair.

Then he looked straight at Tyr wheezing deeply under his breath, "Arnchu a little princess" growling his breath deeply. And then presented her with a really scary smile not unlike a grizzly bear ready to devour its prey.

There was something definitely creepy about Officer Dempsey but I just couldn't put my finger on it ! He then turned his gaze to look directly in Tyr's eyes with an unwavering and unblinking stare, almost as if to hypnotize her, nontheless answering Annie's question and still not facing her at the same time.

"No ma'am. I believe that'll do it. We're still investigating this strange incident." he rumbled in the back of his throat. Dempsey continued to stare at Tyr who was now tilting her head in curiosity at this new game being played by him and her.

Dempsey paused his stare to rub Tyr's head with his massive hand which she did NOT like at all knocking the huge wrist away and hissing like a cat.

"You have - an exceptional little girl here." he graveled his voice with deliberate slowness. "I'd keep an eye on her if I were you." he added to the mother.

"Yessir." Annie said tiredly.

"Yessir." Tyr chirped happily, eager to be included in anything at all, even a criminal line-up.

"Hmm." he said thoughtfully still looking at Tyr. Then flashing a quick smile back to me, got up to leave with his partner.

There was a loud click as officer Pritchart closed his metal notepad and returned the pen to his shirt. "That will be all for now." Dempsey continued to rumble. "If you can think of anything else, why such a strange pair would visit you, don't hesitate to call us." he said and then handed out a business card.

He at first had it turned upside-down for a minute and then rapidly turned it over to hand Annie. It looked perfectly normal and said, "Wanabee Police Station" on it with a phone number and address. There was no areacode as Wanabee was a really small community.

Both policemen left noisily in their heavy boots; Dempsey ducking the door frame of the kitchen and his heavy gun clinking at his side, creaking the wooden floor with the weight of both officers. The clinking sound immediately bounced Tyr out of her chair looking on, mesmerized at the shiny metal gun of his again.

She made another attempt to grab Dempsey's pistol, I guess as a parting souvenir for her presumed angelic behavior today, but he kept his hand firmly held on it as he walked out, now aware of just how obnoxious Tyr really was.


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I agree with Tormentor. Can't wait to read the next chapter. :-)


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Well certainly you must be one of the top readers for this. *Grin* Thanks ... I'll try to get in a h.. read more

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Ok, can't wait till than. :-D
this is good keep writing

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6 Years Ago

Long time no write, Tormentor. Good to see you in the stream. I'll post a new chapter this Wednesday.. read more

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