FB1-63 "Subdued And Submissive"

FB1-63 "Subdued And Submissive"

A Chapter by dw817

I listened to the air vent, it’s rhythmic movements, like I was somehow hearing the cheer of a baseball game, and I was soon asleep, right there watching the game as a home-run was made.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I receded the thoughts and thought of - of playing with an Etch-A-Sketch and making diagonal lines with it. I thought I tried to draw a - box earlier, the lines going up and down, left and right, up and down. Relaxing. The pain receded.

The best I could muster right then was a quiet and shaky, “Ok.” I reached up to touch my forehead which was sweating. Fear I asked myself ? Could I break through her “cocktail” and get control of my senses again ?

“It’s for the best, Dev.” she said noticing the hesitation in my voice and reached in her blouse to pull out an unknown bottle of pills. I hadn’t seen these before. “Trust me, I’ll take good care of you.” and shook the pill bottle rattling its contents noisily before clicking off the light.

I sat in bed for a minute. Finally a kind of tickly sleepiness came over me so I curled up in bed with Teepo and thought about all the things we were going to do that day. They were going to be great I argued with my brain, she said they were. Stefani said so, so it must be true.

I was hallucinating the covers were tightening around me with a soft and wet slurping sound. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant so I moaned curiously in my delirium. Then I listened to the air vent, it’s rhythmic movements, like I was somehow hearing the cheer of a baseball game, and I was soon asleep, right there watching the game as a homerun was made and everyone stood to applaud.

Meanwhile Stefani had gone back into the living room to check on my breakfast. She looked with some disgust to the TV where a great episode of Captain Circumference was running. “Never could stand that creep.” she muttered under her breath and tapped the intercom.

“Yes, how can I help you ?” the voice from earlier morning asked.

“I need an outside line for an hour for the 486-A, Stefani Charteiris requesting.” she said crisply.

“One moment please.” There was some typing on the keyboard. “Stefani you are cleared for one hour with security access. Enjoy your program.”

She clicked off the intercom and went back to the TV. Fishing a strange key out of her pocket she unlocked a panel on the TV which revealed a 10-digit keypad and 2 triangular keys adjacent left and right of the zero. She rapidly typed 8 digits and hit the far right triangular key.

The TV seemed to power down for a second. She closed the keypad panel that locked with a click, pocketed the keys, and the TV returned with a new broadcast, some kind of silly drama.

“I don’t think you’re aware of the circumstances you’re in.” the judge addressed the shaky person in the witness box. The jury murmured amongst itself at the accusations dealt upon the witness. Stefani then sat down to eat my breakfast watching the show with interest.

A half hour later the show was still going. Stefani got up to tiptoe to the bedroom and with great stealth, crept over to the bed to where I was sleeping.

Gently pulling off the covers she carefully took off my own underwear and replaced it with one of Tyr’s, that I left in the bathroom earlier. Then she took my underwear and jammed it in the bottom of her dufflebag.

She look at her work and smiled wickedly. “That oughta keep things interesting.” she said to herself. Then carefully put the covers back on me noticing I still had a tight grip on Teepo, and kissed me softly on the forehead. Finally she left the bedroom to finish my breakfast and her TV show.

A half hour later, in the show, the defendant was found guilty on all charges. The program only lasted an hour and suddenly it clicked off to be replaced by cartoons again. Stefani was licking her fingers from the sausage and bacon. “Delicious.” she commented.

Then she went to the bathroom to wash her hands. While she was there she looked over her shoulder to smile at me, still asleep. She then pulled out a different set of pills from her skirt pocket. One was marked “Colace.” She took out 2 and consumed them with a dixie cup of water and chuckled to herself.

* * *

Then she stepped out of her own undies to put on a different set from the dufflebag. These had a pretty floral design on them which almost matched the skirt she was wearing, but included hues of a red design not in the skirt. She tugged the skirt up just a fraction so you could just see a millimeter of the panties now.

“Just a peek to drive the boys at work mad.” she said, narrowing her eyes down at them and her voice was full of seductive venom.

She looked at herself briefly in the mirror. There really wasn’t anything wrong with her appearance. Suddenly she laughed, straddled her legs, stuck both hands hard, smacking her hips and then bobbed her head left and right swishing her blonde hair singing out loud some of the lyrics to Cunnie Williams’ “Crazy Little Girl.” in her best sexy voice.

Crisp and clean, just seventeen

Out there playing with the big boysteam

And she ain’t ashamed

Throw them sexy eyes at you

Make you talk like you was two …

Sparkling almond-green eyes looked back at her in the mirror as she sang. She smiled at them, straightened up, swished a little mouthwash against her pearly whites, took out some lipgloss that showed two banana caricatures dancing with each other, and smoothed a little on her lips.

Then she fluffed her hair. Thought a bit about the day ahead, trailed her thumbs along the hem of her panties from the bottom, snapping the material, and left the bathroom.

She walked over to the bed tiptoeing and suddenly, leaning over the bed, gave me a warm sensual kiss.

“Hmm ?” I inquired waking to find a faceful of Stefani. It really did taste good so I returned the action. She stroked my hair passionately for a full minute as I was lost in her fruity banana tasting mouth.

Then she pulled back. I collected my senses and still felt the kind of giddy dizziness from the shot she gave me earlier. I stroked my finger over my lip caught in thought still wondering what happened earlier. My brain threatened to hurt again if I didn’t keep my thoughts pleasant.

Stefani didn’t give me much time to think and tapped her bracelet to give me a level 1 shock. I jumped in bed watching the terrible sparks dance over my wrist. It only lasted a second.

“Dev, pay attention.” she said. “If you give me any trouble today, you’ll get worse. do you understand ?”

I nodded my head. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt Stefani. But didn’t I want to hurt her earlier or get away from her ? I couldn’t remember why. I dismissed it as a bad dream and gave her a silly smile as a reply.

“That’s the Dev I like to see.” she chirped in that semi-baby talk and tickled my nose with her pinky finger until I couldn’t help but laugh. “C’mon sweetie,” she said. “we’ve got a lot to do today.” and then she unfastened the lock on my bracelet from the bed frame.


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© 2014 dw817

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Another amazing write. Nicely penned.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thanks, 🐱. A lot of Arkos Institute is modeled after me watching the movie "Firestarter" w Drew B.. read more

6 Years Ago

Your very welcome. And you can diffently read the love and passion in these chapters.

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