FB1-04 "Wicked Tyr"

FB1-04 "Wicked Tyr"

A Chapter by dw817

Then I remembered Tyr wasn't allowed in my room when I was sleeping. This was Mom's rule and she clearly broke it ! She was in my room and leering at me in my undies ! "Get outta here !" I yelled.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The next morning, Tyr decided to surprise me by arriving an hour earlier than normal to my house and planned to play a mean trick on me.

Mom went to answer the doorbell. "Who could be ringing so early in the morning ?" she said sleepily covering her mouth with one hand as she was still in her pink night robe.

She opened the front door and there was Tyr, all ready for school and beaming with a smile on her face, much like the cat who swallowed the canary.

My Mom addressed her in a tired voice, "Oh, hello, dear."

Tyr, however, was wired and ready to go, "Hello Mrs. Borne. Is Dev upped yet ?"

Mom yawned, leaning against the door's frame for support. Her eyes were still only half-open, "Not yet. It's still an hour before he needs to be. I'm making breakfast though. Do you want to wake him and we'll have a nice breakfast together, hun ?"

Now it's important to note that Tyr was NEVER given permission to enter my room before. Tyr smiled wide and her eyes sparkled in anticipation knowing she could pull new evil tricks on me as I slept.

Her whole face gloated wickedly up at my Mother and her pretty red hair, if anything seemed to glow with added deviltry.

Mom looked at her genuinely concerned, not used to seeing this strange look from her before, "Are you okay dear ? Do you feel well ?"

Tyr couldn't suppress a squeak of excitement before smacking her own face with her hand to think straight.

And then choking back laughter and swallowing her tongue trying to speak with a voice full of forced innocence, "You bet ! He won't missed school I promising-ya that !" And then she smiled sweetly to Mom like she wouldn't do anything bad. Far from !

"Mmm hmm ..." My Mom said sleepily and went back in the kitchen see if the coffee pot had percolated yet so she could get a cup for herself. My Dad was already sitting at the kitchen table and reading his newspaper oblivious to her arrival.

Tyr waited for my Mom to disappear back into the kitchen and then carefully removed her shoes and with deliberate quietness crept up the stairs holding onto her shoes.

Upon arriving at the top, listened intently at the my bedroom door. She could only hear silence.

Smiling wickedly, she set her shoes outside my door and quietly opened the door to see the lights were out. A moment later she closed the door behind her turning to watch me in bed to ensure I was asleep.

Her eyes were stealthy like a cats and you couldn't even hear her breathing now.

I was snoring softly and was sleeping on my back with my favorite teddy-bear, Teepo, curled up in my right hand. Tyr saw the pairing.

"How cute." she said softly, the wicked gloat starting to return to her face and this time my Mom wasn't there to question it.

Giggling she carefully lifted the covers off the bed around me, wadded them up, and tossed them in the corner with a fluff. She was delighted to find that I slept in nothing except my undies.

"Whoo." she said quietly and smiled widely at this.

Then she slowly leaned on the edge of the bed and quickly rolled on top of me doing her best not to wake me.

With wild abandon she started to kiss me with deliberate slow wet kisses giving me little chance for air to wake up. Finally I gasped for breath.

I started to speak, "Wha ? Hey, huh. Tyr ? Hey, I'm in my underwear, man." I said sleepily realizing at least at an unconscious level Tyr was in bed with me.

"I'm not 'plaining ..." she said eagerly and gave me a most disarming smile.

Then she raised her chest for a second fixing her eyes on my own to see if they followed her hand which now snaked deliberately between both our bellies and probed softly below waiting for a reaction from me.

I laughed, ticklish at the unexpected touch there but nothing more. Seeing that I didn't react she cooed softly and blew warm air in my ear.

I tried to roll over, uncomfortable at what she was doing to me but she wouldn't have that and grabbed my shoulder to keep me in this prone position.

She laughed and pulled her hand away to cup her hand around my mouth and then started back up with the long kisses robbing me of enough oxygen to wake up properly.

With slow deliberateness she breathed long warm pockets of air in my mouth which smelled like cherry lollipops which made me feel like dreaming about candy.

Tyr knew I was falling asleep again and rocked the bed squeaking it's frame which was clearly designed for just one person.

"Ok." I said quietly which startled Tyr to squeak suddenly in fear for a moment. She froze her movements immediately. I think for a moment she thought that I had fallen asleep again. Briefly she looked afraid as if I would wake up completely.

* * *

But I yawned sleepily, my eyes half open and still not yet fully awake. I tugged comfortably on my teddy-bear to wave his arm at her and smile as she loomed above me like a hungry vulture.

She stared into my eyes for a full minute with ferocious intensity not moving a muscle or blinking once almost as if to hypnotize me.

Then seeing I wasn't going to close my eyes immediately again she lowered her head to my side and cooed softly into my ear breathing warm relaxing air, her voice full of sweet thick honey saying, "Go back to sleep, you're just dreaming, sweetie-pie."

She breathed some more warm air into my ear and caressed my hair softly whispering, "I love you, Dev." into my ear, which I nodded my head and hummed contentedly to.

She then put both her hands around my mouth and breathed harder, deep warm rich cherry lollipop breath into me licking my lips in the process. I yawned.

Then she froze all her movements again staring at my own eyes and had a blank cat-like expression on her face who was hunting prey, and waited for my eyelids to droop close again.

I reached for my teddy-bear and pulled it closer to me. I was going back to sleep as she suggested.

In a few moments, I was asleep again dreaming of beautiful girls dancing all around me in brightly colored skirts waving wrapped cherry-flavored lollipops in their hands as I lay on the floor to look up at them.

In the background I could hear wild dancing music as the girls all flung their candy wrappers into the sky in a kaleidoscope of colors as the bright sun reflected off of them in a cacophony of rainbows.

She laughed wickedly at my defenselessness and suddenly moved forward getting herself in position, squeaking the frame and thumping her knees into the wall behind me.

I stirred a bit in my sleep, waking slightly to her movement. She suddenly leaned forward touching the front wall of the bed all the while peering down like a hawk to a mouse to see how I would react to this new position.

I half-opened my eyes and smiled up at her sleepily. She smiled back pleasantly in return cocking her head at an odd angle I wasn't used to.

Then I sniffed gingerly, and could smell clean fresh cotton nearby with just a hint of perfume, and it felt warm, soft, and inviting like a perfect soft pillow. I peered at it carefully yet without my glasses I could not making out its design or its shape.

"Hmm ..." I commented appreciatively. Shocking Tyr, I reached my arms around the back of this new pillow and pushed it in nuzzling my nose deeper wiggling it in.

Tyr gasped in delight at this unexpected event thinking she was going to have to do all the work herself.

"That's right, Dev, that is just for you." she cooed and flashed a wicked smile down to me, eager to have me join her wicked game.

Then I took my teddy bear and placed it on my chest in a comfortable grip in both hands just behind where Tyr sat.

"Aww ..." she said quietly looking behind her at the favored stuffed animal. "Dev wuvs his Teddy." she said, her voice full of venom.

I was feeling really warm and sleepy now so then I closed my eyes again.

In moments I was asleep this time dreaming about falling down a water-slide of perfumed water, the water sparkled like a millions diamonds in my hands and I laughed started to be lulled to sleep by the waterfall's rushing sound.

Tyr confirmed that I was once again dreaming and bit her lip for moment in thought. Then she looked tentatively at the closed door behind her and listened intently.

Below you could hear my Mom setting out glasses and plates for breakfast while talking to her husband who just murmured uninterestedly.

"Plenty of time." Tyr said calculatingly, looking back down at me.

Curiously, my dreams had changed for the worse and now I was having a bit of a nightmare, I was running near the surf of the beach and I could smell the saltwater in the air. But something was wrong here.

Large colorful cotton-like clouds kept falling from the sky and wrapping themselves around me in a tight cocoon until I was having trouble breathing.

The sea surf crashed against me until all I could taste was seawater all around me, but it was warm seawater. Even on the hottest day, you couldn't heat up the whole ocean, could you ?

My brain pondered the scientific implications of this.

Then the brightness of the sun started to fail and dim above as more clouds of cotton fell from the sky and tightened around me in a restraining yet somehow comfortable grip.

The surf crashed against me more violently spraying saltwater up all over me and then it had me, pulling me out to sea !

I felt myself start to sink and for a moment thought I was going to drown !

I stirred suddenly, gasping for air but still not fully awake. I looked up, my eyes half-open to see Tyr's face floating above mine, her eyes were half closed and she was panting heavily, her face red and flushed as if she had just ran a marathon.

What was she doing ? I still wasn't awake properly yet, so I shrugged and nodded off again.

I had hoped to have a better dream, but it wouldn't happen. A new nightmare took it's place and it was worse than before.

The beach and surf were gone to be replaced by a torrental rainstorm and I was plunged in darkness, feeling a heaviness against my chest as if there were weights tied down to it.

But it was not normal rain, it was warm and I could taste it, definitely salty, like the surf earlier. I tried to run and get away but I was drowning in this sticky rain, feeling the burning of it right up my nose !

* * *

There was a crash of thunder which was followed by a weird echo, like someone moaning. Was it Tyr ?

In instinct I finally woke up for a bit and jerked my head squinting my eyes shut remembering the time I got soap in my eyes from a shower not sure of where I was or if I was still dreaming because it felt like there was something in them.

The nice perfumed pillow I found so comfortable to nestle in earlier this morning was gone. Replacing it was a damp one that smelled a little like the dream near the beach I was having.

I groaned uncomfortably and letting go of Teepo I pulled my hands out trying weakly and unsuccessfully to push away the damp pillow crammed up in my face which jiggled like jello.

I heard Tyr give a soft giggle from somewhere. I opened my eyes partially again and saw her face floating above mine.

She looked down at me with a curious expression of bliss and she was visibly sweating. "Tyr .. What's - ? " I began quietly reaching up to her, completely confused at what was going on and unable to finish my sentence.

She replied by smiling slightly and crinkling her eyes down to me, held my hand. But it was warm and sweating as if she was burning up with a fever.

I didn't know where this was going but I was starting to feel a little queasy smelling and tasting only seawater from my dream and I still couldn't breathe right because of that darned fat damp pillow up in my face.

With more strength recovered now I pushed harder at it. Tyr gave a shriek of laughter and jumped away from the bed.

Wiping my eyes on the sheets from the dampness I sat up in bed, "Tyr !" I said gasping for breath trying to wake up more, "What are you doing in my room !?" I demanded.

As I was waiting for an answer I reached on the nightstand to put on my glasses to see her better. My glasses started to fog up in one lens because I was apparently so warm from earlier by being suffocated by her - pillow.

She looked at me and fixed her perfect beautiful violet eyes on mine. Then without a word, she reached up under her skirt to pull up - something - and it made a strange squeak like a wet showercap.

She hummed a bit melodically wickedly smiling at me as she did this seeing if I knew what actually happened.

But I didn't - I was totally baffled by it all. It didn't make any sense at all to me what was going on here and I frowned at her with a complete look of puzzlement on my face.

Then I remembered she wasn't allowed in my room when I was sleeping. This was Mom's rule, not my own, and she clearly broke it !

Tyr was in my room and she was leering at me in my undies !

"Get outta here, man !" I yelled breathlessly and thoroughly angry now. She grinned and started to walk towards me. Showing I meant business I threw my teddy-bear, Teepo, at her.

"Whoo ! Temper !" she giggled and dodging my bear picked up the covers she tossed earlier to the side, flung them to land over my head putting me in momentary confusion.

Then she opened the front door to my room and dashed out hurriedly putting back on her shoes which were just outside. Then she raced back down the stairs.

"Dev's getting upped." she addressed my Mom all innocent-like, wiping the sweat from her face.

I got up to look around for that pillow, either the soft scented one from earlier or the little damp one and found neither. Shrugging I went to the bathroom to wash up and take a shower.

I sniffed my hands which also smelled like seawater.

Was it possible I brought seawater back from my dream of the beach ? I marveled at the incredible connotation this could have.

My brain raced and calculated the ability, both flight and velocity required to travel a body intra-space to a point in someone's head and then somehow return with a piece of real evidence from a memory. It would change all of science as we know it !

I brushed my teeth still thinking about it. And then brushed my teeth AGAIN completely ridding the taste of saltwater I was still tasting. Tyr met me downstairs in the dining room. Mom was still in the kitchen making a nice breakfast for both of us.

She looked kind of dreamily and then suddenly slurped a big kiss on my face. I tasted the cherry flavor again. Didn't I just dream about cherry lollipops I asked myself for a moment ?

Then I realized Tyr only kissed me like that if she was thanking me for something, usually for sharing my lunchtime dessert or to help her answer difficult questions on her homework. I didn't know what she was thinking about this time.

"For what ?" I asked puzzled finally. Then added, "For breaking in my room and trying to suffocate me with one of my own pillows ?"

Mom didn't hear me though as she was going to the microwave to retrieve some cooked food for Dad's breakfast.

I looked at Tyr who was obviously hiding something interesting as an evil leer started to form on her face.

Finally I exploded, "D****t Tyr ! you didn't spill orange juice on me while I was trying to sleep, did you !?" I asked accusingly, because it did feel sticky earlier like that.

Tyr suddenly clapped a hand to her mouth and I could tell she was trying especially hard to suppress laughter. She was bobbing her head up and down completely silent except for wheezing air in and out of her nose.

I hoped she passed out cold for all I cared the goofy way she was acting. Who could ever understand girls !

Shrugging at her odd behavior, I looked to the kitchen to see what kind of Breakfast my Mom was making.


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hmm you have built up nice dream sequence or was it real you had.....

nice still

best wishes

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

now you know much of reality may be that is why :) ignorance added with innocent imagination made up.. read more

7 Years Ago

I could write a large book on the number of things I've misconstrued growing up. Even today Chris te.. read more

7 Years Ago

Wow ya. I wish I'd had a friend like Tyr when I was a kid LOL

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Years Ago

You may be saying that now, but she's a little like a spinning top. Once she gets wound up she knock.. read more

7 Years Ago

That young she may have been a victim of abuse.

7 Years Ago

I don't know. She always seemed to be happy silly giddy all the time. Like her brain burned sugar li.. read more

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