FB1-19 "Abused Oranges"

FB1-19 "Abused Oranges"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr sang, "Flea ! Flea Fly ! Flea Fly Flew ! - Eeny meeny decimeeny ooh wah, la wah la meenie. Eeny meeny decimeeny, ooh wah - la wah ! Beat Billy Oaten Doaten booh-bah skee-aten daten hobo Sfeena !"



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© January 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

A moment later I heard all kinds of dishes crashing against each other. Pots, pans, plates, cups. And then it sounded like she pulled out all the silverware and dumped it on the floor.

I was getting up to check on her when a moment later she came back with a glass of orange juice and from the grainy side of it, I could see it was from powdered orange drink, not quite stirred in all the way.

"I didn't want to put you through any trouble." I said, starting to take a sip but then pulled back to look at her face intently. She didn't - do anything to it, did she ?

Suddenly she punched my arm again causing me to spill a little of the juice on her carpet, "Aww, c'mon Dev ! I didn't do nuthin' to it !" and then under her breath, "I couldn't find the ketchup which makes it taste even bettery ..."

"Well there's a blessing." I said, and took a sip. It was cold and good after all. "What all were you doing in there ?" I asked.

"Well let me tells ya ! My Mummy is =SO= afraid I'm gonna breaks stuff that she gots that orangey powder all up the high-away cabaret."

"Cabinet." I corrected her.

"Yeah, what you said picklepie, shut up a minute will ya huh !?"

I smiled and sipped my drink quietly. She knew way too many adult words by reading them off of the internet, but I didn't think she knew their meaning yet. I hoped she never would but I knew in time - anyways - I let her continue.

"Where was I ! Oh yaaph, anyhoo ! So I gots to get a glass and I gots to stand up on the cabaret - the cabin - the shelf whatever ! Shutup !"

I remained silent. "Yah, and got your glassie and I wants the orangey powder and it gots sugar and my Mummy says I cain't eat it out of the box no mores."

"It's mostly sugar, you know." I offered.

"Cause that's why it taste so good Dev ! Shut up, will ya ? God !"

"Anywhiles I gots it and I needs the picture in the back of the fridge-raider cause it's got lotsa lotsa water in it and it's heavy so I dropssed the box and I gets the picture and flamms it on the floor cause it's heavy doncha knows."

"So I opens the boxie and gets a spoonery and they all come out cause that old darned spoon was gah-lued to every other spoonie in there."

She huffed a breath and continued, "Anywheres, I give you 2-spoons diffance full and stirs it allery up and brings it tuz ya. How's it taste ?"

I took another sip. It tasted fine so I nodded. "So how does the kitchen look ?"

She shrugged her shoulders and tucking her hands behind her twirled her shoulders playfully and got defensive, "How don't I know ! Mummy gotta gonna cleans it anyways !"

"What about =YOU= cleaning it ?" I offered grinning slightly.

Suddenly she got up and started bouncing on the bed doing jumping jacks again grunting harder. Between each jump she spoke, "Cause - I'm - Too - Busy !"

I nodded. Maybe there was some logic in there, it just fully escaped - who was I kidding ? I laughed. Annie, Tyr's Mom surely had her hands full with Tyr and her boundless energy.

Then I went back to the computer. "I'm trying to bring up your computer. What's the password ?"

Suddenly the bed made a terrible snapping sound as she continued to bounce on it. But with that scary noise, Tyr leapt off of it in an instant looking back, a little afraid now.

I smiled, she probably broke one of the wood slats. Then she came over to me and looked at the screen.

"Oh, that ole thing !" She thought for a moment then said out loud, "Flea !"

I nodded, "Flea ? Okay, is that spelled like Flee, 'F' 'L' 'E' 'E' or the little parasite ?" I hovered my fingers over the keyboard waiting for her answer.

"Flea Fly !" she said agreeably getting back on the bed and just standing on it now bouncing gently with it on her heels.

"Fleas don't fly," I corrected her. "They jump."

"Flea Fly Flew !" she said louder, as if that would help me.

I tilted my head quizzically but finally typed in, "flea" and pressed ENTER but it was the wrong password and it came back to ask for it again.

I looked back at her and shook my head, "Nope, that's not - " But suddenly she started singing out loud and did something weird with her hands slapping the side of her legs and butt to the rhythm of her words:

"Flea ! Flea Fly ! Flea Fly Flew ! - Eeny meeny decimeeny ooh wah, la wah la meenie. Eeny meeny decimeeny, ooh wah - la wah ! Beat Billy Oaten Doaten booh-bah skee-aten daten hobo Sfeena !"

I looked at her, my eyes wide with utter bewilderment. She had stopped her crazy song and dance. She looked at me like she was being completely serious and there was a moment of quiet.

It was almost as if - SHE wanted me to sing the next bizarre stanza to this crazy song and clearly I had no idea what it was.

My head dropped, it was like what little intelligence I had in it had all petered out, like sand from a beach out of my shoe, trying to follow her on this ridiculous and clearly maniacal tune. Finally I spoke holding my hands out.

I knew it was because I wanted to 'grasp' whatever meaning it was she was saying but I also knew at another level, perhaps a more subtle one, that I dearly wanted to strangle her.

* * *

"What !?" I asked intelligently.

"You know ! Password !" She suddenly jumped off the bed to reach out to punch my already aching shoulder again but I caught her fist. Suddenly she grabbed it pulling it towards her and took a quick painless nip out of it with her mouth retracting her teeth. I jerked my hand back and wiped it on my shorts and she giggled all innocently as I did.

I faced the computer again, "Sure, password." I typed out "password" and pressed ENTER and sure enough that let me in.

I looked back at her with her pretty violet eyes blazing with energy. "Tyr, what was that - " I began but shook my head. It wasn't worth it. Whatever - the words - the song - the lyrics - Believe me ! I didn't want to know at this point !

In any case, her system loaded rather quickly and soon we had a command prompt. I was pretty sure she didn't know too much about this computer because the SHELL that loaded was unmodified from the default.

I thought surely she would add flowers and pink stuff since you could customize it with over 300 default colored pictures and icons.

As for me on my own computer back at the house, I went to the Captain Circumference website and downloaded all their icons, wallpapers, and images to install on my own computer.

She didn't make any changes, so I nodded to myself, calculating that maybe she wasn't as proficient about computers as I was led to believe. That was one thing I was better at than Tyr, and it might be an important factor later.


Suddenly she thrust her watch in front of me, you remember, the one we got from the jewelry store ?

"So pretty huh !?" she asked randomly. Her face was beaded with sweat now. I was beginning to wonder if she would ever wind down.

I nodded, looking at it, and held her wrist for a moment to examine the jeweled mechanism. It was definitely not a cheap watch. Pretty close to $1,300 I guessed not even counting tax.

A twinge of guilt panged in the back of my head.

"Tyr," I said quietly, "We may have gotten that jewelry store clerk into real trouble with what we did."

"Well he was being a real meanie to me," Tyr sniffed in defense. "Besides we naint never stole nothin' from his."

"We did not steal anything from him." I corrected her. 

"Yah what you said picklepie." suddenly she glanced at the door. "Lookit I'm gone taking a shower real quick. Why don't you setted things up for the next spear-mint we gonna do with mister SIM and I'll be out soon like cause quicken okay ?"

"OK." I replied.

"You can use this ole computer. Since we got a copy of that doohickey-mabobby you should be able to axe-a*s, I mean SAX-A*S it just as well as youed own kah-pooter."

I nodded. She took off her necklace where she had her own PLUGIN and handed it to me. I plugged in the USB slot and watched the blue LED start to light up.

I had expected Tyr to leave but she didn't. It was quiet as I brought up the plugin's directory. There were a few questions I wanted to ask SIM, but I didn't want Tyr to know what they were.

Suddenly she kicked my chair. I ignored it. Then she kicked it again and the already dented plastic chair wilted and I had to grab the desk to keep from falling out of it.

"Tyr !?" I cried in frustration.

"Ahem !" she said and suddenly faced her back to me.

I looked up. "Can you ?" she asked and had her hands up her back. Mummy usually gets this for me." I blinked perplexed she was still fully dressed. "The zipper you biggo dummy !"

I unzipped her blouse and stared at her bare back.

A full minute passed and she jiggled her shoulders invitingly. "Whatchu you looking at loverboy ?" 

"A giant burned out zit !" I laughed.

"Noooo !!" she cried and reached feeling around her back and then realized I was teasing her again. "I'm gonna get you for that." she vowed quietly, but loud enough for me to hear.

she giggled and started to turn around. I then remembered she'd be bare up front too ! I had to do something to stop her or I would surely get a nosebleed at the sight of her bare midriff !

I grabbed her shoulder to prevent her turning around, "Nonono, Tyr, you take your shower !"

Then I smacked her skirted rump with the blouse bunched up in my hand. She squeaked like a mouse and ran off out the door. I tossed the blouse on the bed and went back to the computer.

Finally free of her frivolity and with her out of earshot.

I typed out, "Sim." on her laptop to watch the display.

The computer was quick to respond, both visually and verbally.



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A great addition to the story! I can't wait for more! Thanks for sharing DW!


Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

It's a longways off until this book is complete. Glad you like 'em. I should be able to post a new c.. read more

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