FB1-35 "Evasion"

FB1-35 "Evasion"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr then slurped me with a big, sticky, cherry lollipop kiss before whispering wet, warm, and seductively in my ear, "Mummy's allays fulla crap so you'd only listen to me sweetiepop !"



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



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I didn't think it was very important but I didn't want to forget about it either.

Finally Kelther had what I was looking for. One of those high-tech walkie-talkies which I threw into the street where it smashed nicely into bits.

"Hey !" Deccos yelled, apparently aware of what was going on now, "What are you doing !?"

I quickly grabbed Kelther's two pens from his shirt, the last two items he had and ran over to the car they arrived in which was clearly labeled, "ARKOS Research Institute."

Looking inside I saw all kinds of controls not standard with a car. I didn't give them much thought, I was looking for something else. Then I saw it, another radio. Reaching through the window I Pulled it out hard until the wire snapped on it. Then threw it to the ground and stomped on it as bits of circuitry went everywhere.

"Stop that you little brat !" Deccos said angrily. He had a handkerchief to his mouth rising up on his feet and he was starting to look dangerous again.

I wasn't done yet. I ran back to Kelther though Deccos was only a few feet behind me.

"Now I've got you !" he roared at me his hands upraised when I took the blue needle out of my shirt-pocket and jabbed it in Deccos' knee and then ran back a bit of distance to grab another from my pants pocket tissues and held it ahead of me, bouncing on my heels, ready to attack again if I needed to.

The adrenaline was rushing to my head ! "Bring it on, agent man !" I told him while I gloated.

Deccos cried out in rage, struggling to remove the needle. He fixed me with a terrible grimace. I stepped back a bit more, frightened, though I was well out of his reach. He then fell over on his knee like it went to sleep. Then he finally took out the needle I jammed in there to look at it in the sunlight. He didn't get very far.

With his head facing the sun, it suddenly reeled around like a yoyo for a moment and then he fell over in a clump beside Kelther who had still not woken up yet. I doubted Kelther would with all the needles that were earlier sticking in his face and chest.

I looked around to survey what I did. I smashed their radios, broke their ear connectors, and retrieved their name tags. Tyr blew apart one of their needle guns.

There was one other thing I forgot to do. Reaching in my pocket pulled out my Boyo-Boy Pocketknife that had all kinds of gadgets on it. Right now, I was interested in just one, the button to open it.

I went to their vehicle and jabbed the button hard against the air-valve in their tires. It hissed out angrily and I pushed with both hands on all 4-tires, finally pulling away to look. 4-flat tires. Yep, these agents weren't going ANYWHERE now. I laughed and wondered how SECRET they thought they were now since they'd have to thumb a ride back to headquarters.

That was enough for now.

Then I ran to Tyr's house knocking politely on the door. Annie, Tyr's Mom answered the door cautiously and smiled broadly when she saw me, and invited me inside.

I looked to Tyr who looked like she was getting ready to cry some more from her spanking earlier, which struck me as odd as the pain should surely be gone by now, but suddenly straightened up seeing me and gave me a big hug.

Then she suddenly ran behind me to hide, I guess from her mother, while holding her arms around my chest saying quietly, "Mummy was bad today cause so she spanked me for" and then raised her voice so her Mom could hear, "NO REASONED AT ALL !"

"Tyr !" Annie called angrily from the kitchen upon hearing this baseless verdict.

"Whaaat ?" Tyr said in a frustrated voice still hiding behind me.

Annie then spoke soothingly, not wanting to get into another argument with her evil little and conspiring daughter, "Let Dev go so I can talked to him. I think we need to called someone, don't you agree ?"

"Yeah yeah called the FUZZ on those belly-lints !" Tyr said and then slurped me with a big, sticky, cherry lollipop kiss before whispering wet, warm, and seductively in my ear, "Mummy's allays fulla crap so you'd only listen to me sweetiepop !"

I pulled away from her as she continued to cling to me, and wiggled a finger in my ear from the wet lipgloss left in there as I talked quietly to Annie in the kitchen. Tyr raced to her room and slammed the door shut.

I couldn't tell if she was excited, still upset, or angry because I pulled away from her. You could never what Tyr's mood was, and by the time you did figure it out, she had already changed it.

I told Annie what happened, the part about us getting chased by the strange guys questioning her earlier, not the weird gun, wires in their ears, and where they were from, and recommended, that yes, that's a good idea, we should call the police and have them arrested.

The police, who answered their phone rather quickly I thought, said they would be by to question what happened. Tyr's Mummy fixed us some orangeade while we waited their arrival.


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© 2014 dw817

Author's Note

Apologies for taking an extra day to get this posted. I had my meds adjusted yesterday and spent several hours at the hospital waiting for the results.

At this point I am referring to my notepad files so the story may be in draft mode though I'll try to finalize the format as I write it in here. Also I see this chapter is a bit short compared to others, I'll try to level the next one evenly.

There is also an excellent chance I =WILL= go ahead and publish my story as a purchasable novel through AMAZON BOOKS once I write in the final chapter, which will be several to go from here.

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