FB1-66 "A Shattered Mind"

FB1-66 "A Shattered Mind"

A Chapter by dw817

Suddenly the water didn’t look so inviting. With this, I started crying miserably. Tears flowed freely down and my face screwed up with disgust as I had never felt so pathetic in all my entire life.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Then Stefani spoke, her voice sweet and sarcastic, “Thirsty, Dev ? Why don’t you drink it all down like a good little boy ? I’ll be waiting for you right here until you do.” Then she started to massage my back very nicely, up around the shoulders and down the back.

It felt wonderful, but I knew she was just encouraging me to do this terrible thing for her.

Well, did I REALLY want to drink more nasty toilet water let alone pints of it to empty the bowl to get to the bottom just to please her ? I looked down beyond the water to the opening below. Okay, I had DEFINITELY enough of this game !

Suddenly the water didn’t look so inviting now. With this, I started crying miserably. Tears flowed freely down and my face screwed up with disgust as I had never felt so pathetic in all my life, as I did now.

I convulsed violently, twitching in Stefani’s grip, from fear of what I had to do. Then I heard her speak again a little louder and angrier, “I want a clean bowl, little mister, NOW !” With that she pushed hard on my back so my nose touched the cold water again.

I gulped in fear and started to cry harder. Stefani took her once comforting hand off my shoulder, apparently angry with me now, and returned it to the back of my head with the other one, gripping my hair even tighter. It squeaked as it was wet from earlier splashing.

I shook my head violently, NO, ANYTHING, I’ve had enough ! I jerked my head up painfully and cried with a pitiful voice, “Please, no ― more.” I said, my bottom lip trailing in the water as she gave me no leverage to raise up and out. My voice sounded very small indeed, echoing in the bowl. I hoped she had some degree of mercy in her.

It was quiet for another moment and Stefani loosened her grip slightly again as I lowered my head back down, dejectedly, to stare again at the hole in the bottom. I wondered if I had spoken loudly enough for her to hear me. I felt a tight nausea in the back of my throat.

I licked my lips uncomfortably and my stomach gurgled ever unhappily. Stefani, now dissatisfied with the lack of enthusiasm I showed earlier, started to pull painfully on my hair again.

Finally defeated, I put my head down and softly slurped at the water telling myself this won’t be that difficult a task. As I did so, Stefani loosened her tight hold on my hair and tickled my scalp once again with her delicate fingers, rewarding me for conceding to her control.

A minute passed as I continued to drink. Finally, “Hmm…” Stefani said softly as if deciding something. Then she let go of my shoulder for a brief moment of silence until I suddenly heard a deafening noise around my ears. Stefani had flushed the toilet. I watched the water recede is it was slurped noisily down in the hole below.

But she continued to hold on with an iron grip and now suddenly put all her weight against my head and pushed it hard, slowly and deliberately, all the way down forcing me to watch the water recede until my nose was pushed inside the porcelain opening at the bottom with all the stains in it.

I curled my lip up and grimaced trying to pull away from it.

Several moments passed as she continued to lean her full weight against her grip making sure my face was touching the bottom of the draining toilet bowl. I looked at the nasty opening. It hungrily sucked in the remaining water and gurgled up wet splashing my face in a kind of repugnant wet kiss.

My ears were then treated to the loud repulsive sound of the finishing gurgling flush. I think I was just kissed by a toilet, and not a terribly clean one at that. Could this get any worse ?

* * *

Apparently satisfied, she let go of my hair and it took me a moment to realize this as my scalp was numb and tender from her pulling on my hair all this time. I jerked my head out all at once grabbing blindly at the toilet paper to wipe my wet face and mouth.

She leaned back on her knees to smooth down my wet hair with one hand and trailed it around her fingers obsessively. I continued to wipe my face dry as she patted my back apologetically with her other hand, her manner changed completely.

“Feel better now, hun ?” she said apologetically. “Sometimes all you need is a BIG drink of COOL water to make you feel better, don’t you agree ?”

I nodded weakly. I realized I had better NEVER try to fight her again, on ANYTHING or I might wind up DEAD, and nasty death to be sure. She would be certain of that. I looked at her. Whatever rage I had was gone and I now felt terribly ashamed at having let her done what she did to me.

She flushed my face in a girl’s toilet and made me drink from it too, quite a bit of it, actually. She was intimidating me thoroughly and I knew she was enjoying it. I blinked back tears and my face burned red with humiliation. I looked to her chagrined for her actions.

Suddenly she touched her bracelet to echo in the tiles of the bathroom.

“Stefani here. Julie, I’m taking Dev back to his room. He’s not feeling well.” she spoke into it.

Juliana answered in a slightly raspy voice over the tinny speakers, “Sure Ms. Charteiris. As per our arrangements, I’ll see you in a bit.”

Pretty sure we were done here now, I started to stand up when suddenly she tapped a level 2 shock for me.

I cried out suddenly and looked bewildered at my wrist where blue sparks shot out nearly an inch around its surface. What did I do now !? I looked to her angrily.

“Dev. I’m taking you back, stay close. This is a big place and I don’t want you getting lost.”

I nodded. I think the cocktail she gave me earlier was wearing off because I could start to feel rage again and BOY did I ! I tested it by scowling a little to myself. My head hurt but not as much. I just needed a little more time.


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© 2014 dw817

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Well this chapter was brilliantly written. :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

The story idea in this chapter is from my past. I'm trying to remember - I know there was a girl who.. read more

6 Years Ago

Ok thanks. :)

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