FB1-30 "Tyr Learns A Muddy Lesson"

FB1-30 "Tyr Learns A Muddy Lesson"

A Chapter by dw817

And her nose plunged into the mud with a nasty splat, one leg dangling free in midair, her skirt sliding off of it slowly revealing wet mud on her exposed undies now as well. (more)



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

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Suddenly Tyr's feet whizzed sideways on the slippery surface. She shrieked in fear, "Yeeek !"

"Tyr !" I cried out.

She caught herself in the fall by strangely locking her thin legs around the back seat of the lid with the opening in the middle, her skirt falling over her knees with her arms pinned against the sides of the lid.

The covering lid behind that pushed against her legs forced her forward and her head dangled mere inches from the opening with her red hair falling all around her ears and the back of her head.

The sun shone down from the skyline directly on top of her and her face started sweating almost immediately in the heat.

She struggled to free her legs and suddenly cried out in pain where she twisted them. I could see she was really trapped.

There was a moment of stillness when suddenly the back seat lid she had her legs wrapped painfully around cracked noisily inside the small room.

It was obvious that it wasn't going to hold her weight forever. And the closing lid behind that leaned against her legs as well.

"Payback ?" I thought to myself and wondered if this was a good time to get Tyr to see the error of her ways.

Then Tyr stopped struggling for a moment to stare down and whimper in fear at the opening as a big sticky bubble of mud came from the bottom which splorfed a brown film of wet directly up her nose. "Pee yoo." she said quietly and full of disgust to me.

I gave a soft chuckle which incited her angrily to fight for leverage with her arms to get away from the cracking seat, grunting, straining, and crying.

I also saw she was trying to use her telekinesis to get free as well, but at this angle, apparently it didn't work.

"Tyr, aren't you ashamed of what you did." I chided her, talking like an adult almost enjoying the moment that she was on the receiving end of something nasty and not me.

"No," she sobbed back, "it's a good mudpie. It's delicious !" she cried still struggling.

"Really," I said sarcastically. "Then why don't you try a great big piece of it and tell me just how tasty it is ? You do that and I'll help you down." I said.

Tyr thought for a second but was defiant. Reaching up one arm to her dress and holding onto the opening for support with her other hand, she reached in the side of her dress pocket yanking out her favorite engraved fork.

"I'll show you !" she said dangerously.

Then reaching over her head angrily scooped a big warm chunk on the fork, and with a furious expression and tears in her eyes, shakily put the gooey chunk in her mouth, pulled the fork away at the last second, and closed her mouth quickly around it.

There was a moment of silence before she gave a low groan of revulsion turning her head slightly not sure of what to do with it now she had it in her mouth.

"If you spit it out now, you're gonna get it all over your nice clean dress." I warned her.

She fixed me with a vengeful look, squinted her eyes in tears, and, like me, the cursed stuff wouldn't just go down in one swallow, and she had to chew it several times before finally squishing it with great difficulty great difficulty down her throat.

"Uughh," she moaned softly at the more than disgusting flavor.

* * *

With her movements the seat cracked a bit more, she had fallen down further into the opening and wouldn't have to reach as far for a second helping.

She looked down again in horror at the perfectly repulsive mudpie she made earlier never expecting herself to be forced to sample it. Her supporting arm started to shake as her muscles complained about the weight she was putting on it.

She twirled the fork in her other hand and swallowed hard looking in askance at me, hoping I wouldn't ask her to take another bite of it.

"There's plenty more," I offered graciously waving my hand to one side, and as I was watching there was a much bigger bubble forming on the top. Tyr froze to watch it horrified.

You could hear and see as it slowly and deliberately popped out like swamp gas. It splorped noisily covering Tyr's eyes in a sticky brown film. I could smell it from where I was and it was like long molded hay and the bottom of a toilet, which was not too surprising, considering what she baked it in.

She raised her head up for a bit squinting her eyes shut and grimaced, lifting her free hand to wipe her eyes but she cried out sharply in pain from her twisted leg.

Tyr raised her head up to try and keep it out of the sunlight but the broken seat gave a long and merciless creak and she dipped down even further towards the opening with the mud and more into the hot sunlight.

"Noo ..." she moaned and swallowed hard still tasting the forkful she gulped down earlier shaking her head in nausea. The heat and moisture were finally getting to her as well as the fact of her lifelong phobia. She relaxed her muscles in surrender.

Letting her arm go and the precarious balance she was in, her head dropped slowly back down towards the opening where the sun was shining the brightest and the broken seat creaked gently as the grip around her legs loosened.

Then her pretty glass fork dropped into the center of the 'pie' silently from her limp hand without a sound, and in a few moments the fight was all out of her, the sun beating down on the top of her head.

She started to pant from the heat and moisture and from hanging upside-down for so long. The rancor fading from her.

Despite her not moving earlier, she now started inexorably sinking inch by inch further towards the filthy opening which hungrily welcomed her now that she had succumbed fully to it. A perfect sacrifice to the foul beast.

I knew she didn't have the strength to raise back up on her arms now and she had already fallen too low into the opening to get any proper leverage now.

So now the opening would devour and suck her in the mud, slowly, an inch at a time, with both seats pushing her in. And I could certainly sit back and enjoy the show as this happened to her, as she'd be helpless to fight against it.

But didn't Tyr need to learn something important from all of this ?

I looked at her, finally falling on a decision. I knew she could hear me, and I knew she could apologize if she wanted to. I crossed my arms and frowned at her as I started to walk back towards the entrance.

"I could leave you here like this Tyr, walk home, and come back for you in the morning." I lied. "Do you think you would've learned your lesson by then ?"

I heard her tummy gurgle in reply not at all happy with what she just ate earlier.

For a moment she tried to reach out to me groaning weakly and then the wood seat creaked hard, a piece of it snapping off, and her little legs bounced in the air for a moment as her head plunged another inch, just touching the surface.

For a moment I imagined how she'd look as the mud slurped up past her waist as both seats finally retracted down against the opening and she'd be stuck there with her legs curled and knotted on the broken lower seat, unable to pull free.

The top closing seat would push against her toes making it absolutely impossible to escape this horrid trap then.

She'd be forced to gobble down the filthy mud, just like Scant, to make a space for her to breathe as putrid as that air might be in there, and she'd probably be crying at this point too. Did I really want this to happen to her ?

Tyr started to say something, breaking me from my vision, when suddenly the seat her legs were wrapped around, cracked right down the middle.

And her nose plunged into the mud with a nasty splat, one leg dangling free in midair, her skirt sliding off of it slowly revealing wet mud on her exposed undies now as well.

I had to bite back a laugh. She looked anything but dignified right now.

She struggled for just a minute trying to get her face out of the bowl, and moaned uncomfortably. Her nose was blowing little brown bubbles now as she was murmuring something quietly to herself.

It was hard to hear because all her energy was spent. Finally I said, "Yes, you have something to say ? A heartfelt apology to Scant for perhaps going too far this time ?"

She tried to compose herself for a second and then spoke, her voice echoing hollowly in the opening.

"It's warm." she sobbed softly. I puzzled my lip for a minute and she fell another inch inside past her face and then I heard her start to suffocate in the mess. She was so far down in it she'd have to eat out an air-pocket to breathe in it now.

I wouldn't really let her do this, would I ?


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Interesting very interesting, can't wait for the next chapter. :-D


Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thanks, Kaze. The weekend is upon us and I see Rose this Saturday. I'll post a new chapter this Tues.. read more

7 Years Ago

Your very welcome. Can't wait till then. :-D

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