FB1-48 "The Moment Of Truth"

FB1-48 "The Moment Of Truth"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr sounded nervous, "I don't get it." and then her voice got cross, "Oh for Pete's sake ! He fainted ! Hey there ! Wake up, will ya ! Come on hero, Earth to Dev, where are YOUUU ?"



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

As Lilly continued with her delicate experiment, outside the door Choo-Choo was disturbed by the noisome racket coming from the entertainment system where Polly Rocket was explaining to her crew the dangers about the big black X on the front of Sping Turr's underwear he always wore outside his bad guy's costume.

Choo-Choo was going to do something about this dreadful show.

Quick as a flash with only a blur of his whiskers he ran and jumped onto the sproingy couch and over to the remote which was sitting on one of the cushions and tapped on the controls with his paws watching the screen hoping to end the insanely retarded show.

Suddenly an audio DISC came flying out of the sound system to the side of the screen and collided into the cabinet by the main hall. Choo-Choo chickered angrily and smacked another random button, determined to have peace and silence as his belly was still a little distended last night from too much of that delicious ice-cream. Ohhh, he'd never do that again !

But that wasn't right ! The audio only got louder, "And remember kids, always get your parent's permission first before calling. That's 1-800- P O L Y F A N." a strange voice said interrupting the show. "And you too will have a chance to talk on the phone with Polly Rocket, in person !"

Choo-Choo was getting ready to hit another button to end this drivel when suddenly he heard the boy in the other room make a fearful sound. Choo-Choo licked one of his whiskers curiously. It wasn't a normal sound like pain, or even excitement, more like deep-rooted terror.

Perhaps the two girls were playing some kind of silly game with him ?

Lilly liked games he told himself. Like a pavlov reaction, his paws became a blur as he rubbed them together eagerly. Games of BLOOD. He learned the rules on how to play from his Mistress, Lilly. Choo-Choo was an omnivore after all and he was quite fond of blood, human or otherwise.

Finally he shook his furry head to focus on the task at hand.

Looking back at the controls and being unable to read English, obviously he couldn't make anything out. He wiggled his tail impatiently smacking it back and forth against the soft surface of the couch trying to make a decision.

He was more familiar with the shapes and smells of trees and the odors of humans that could never be completely covered up by perfume or body sprays. He was quite proud of himself for that one fact and could often find his way through a new human stranger to determine what kind of person they were and how well or wrong they would treat his mistress, Lilly.

He twitched his paws together worriedly, then poising one paw above the controls, finally scratched at a square-shape, looking sort of like the base of a tree. Maybe it meant sleep ? Cause that's where all squirrels went to take a rest.

Fortunately it was the correct button and the visage of the badly animated girl in the too-pink outfit and too-short skirt vanished to be replaced by a black screen following blissful silence.

Choo-Choo chickered once or twice watching the screen intently to make sure it wasn't a trick. He never really did understand electronics and the closest thing like them to him was the sneakiness of cats. And while they may appear to be uninterested in something or asleep, suddenly they could pounce and KILL a squirrel like him in minutes.

His own Mother back in England told him about this where Lilly found him originally 3-years ago when he went exploring away from his nest for a new taste of nuts.

There was another strange moan from the boy in the bathroom and then the quiet voice of Tyr, "That's better now, Dev. Isn't it ? Dev ? Dev !?"

Choo-Choo jumped off the couch in an instant making a funny high-pitched questioning cry, being well aware of what a troubled human voice sounded like.

And the friend of his Mistress clearly sounded distressed right now and because he was an exceptionally smart squirrel he ran over to the bathroom door which was still closed and perked his ear against the door to listen intently.

"What happened ?" Lilly asked sounding like she was near the sink now as she turned the tap on to wash her hands. "We're done, aren't we ?"

Tyr sounded nervous, "I don't get it." and then her voice got cross, "Oh for Pete's sake ! He fainted ! Hey there ! Wake up, will ya ! Come on hero, Earth to Dev, where are YOUUU ?"

I finally woke up to see the towel had been put back over me but something felt - tired. And good, really good. And - I really didn't know how else to explain it. It was like I was so tense and frightened before, ready to pop, and then, I did pop - or something - and everything just got sleepy and relaxed and warm and all going back to where it belonged. I could sleep now.

Tyr, now seeing I was awake, at least partially, spoke again. "How ya doin' champ ?" As for me I was feeling REALLY tired, like I had been running on a treadmill for over an hour now.

I noticed that Lilly was near the sink and washing her hands and face. Did - she perform some kind of medical operation after all ? I really didn't remember much. I had my eyes closed the whole time. I tried to think about it but it was like a kind of delicious intense tickling that brought you beyond laughter beyond ...

There was an explosion of pleasure, I didn't have words to describe it.

But it exceeded any of comfort I've ever had. Maybe I was falling in love with Lilly ? Is this what love is ? Being tickled till you pass out ?

My grip loosened in Tyr's hand and Tyr, returning to put her own hand back in her lap then breathed warm air in my ear, "Wanna lay down and rest now, loverboy ?" she asked kindly.

I nodded weakly. I tightened the towel around me and knotted it near the top. Lilly was using lots of soap and water and it actually smelled pretty good with a strong floral scent. Still with the towel wrapped around me, Tyr helped me up and I staggered. Every muscle in me felt like it wanted to go to sleep now. But it was better than being drugged from last night.

It was like being wrapped in a robe of comfort made from angel feathers nestled around my body, and - in truth it felt really good and relaxing.

Finally Tyr let me lean on her shoulder as we staggered out of the bathroom to go back to the bedroom. I reached over to Lilly, perhaps for some kinna explanation, who had finished washing and faced me cheerfully, "Did you enjoy yourself ?"

"Did I enjoy - what ?" I asked blearily.

Lilly suddenly got the case of the giggles but then bit her lip seeing I was confused. "Aww, Dev. You really are a sweetie, arncha ? Come on, I'll help too."

With the help of Tyr and Lilly, I stumbled uneasily out of the bathroom and went straight for the bed, the towel still tied tightly around my waist. As soon as I was in bed, Lilly ran out to give us some privacy. Tyr gave me another kiss, this one on the lips, and I moaned as a slight trace of pleasure was still felt in my extremities.

She left and turned out the light, and I thought that was it. The door was closed for almost a minute when Tyr returned and had my Teddi-Bear, Teepo with her.

I thought she was going to do something mean, but she didn't. She pulled back the covers a bit. I raised up my arms for the comfort of my Teddy Bear and she gave him to me. I curled up on my back with Teepo tucked under one arm and groaned. I was completely spent.

Tyr gave me a soft kiss on the forehead. "You're going to be just fine, Dev. I'm so very proud of you. Now you get some sleep, okay hun ?" she said and then smiled at me with a wink from her dazzling beautiful violet eyes.

I still had a hundred questions in my brain. What DID I see or NOT see between Lilly's legs ? Why didn't the sight not frighten Tyr ? Or did Tyr have hers GONE as well ? Was I the only one that had one ? Maybe I oughta tell my Dad about it, it could actually be an abnormal growth after all !

But right now, I was too tired to think about it. I felt weird, like I was drained of life, like all the juice was somehow sucked right out of me and I didn't even know from where. I paused for a moment to think. Wasn't there something to do with ice-cream ? As I pondered this my brain finally rested and I was soon asleep, dreaming.

* * *

And this was a wonderful dream, a truly beautiful one. It was me and Tyr somewhere out in the wild both naked, swimming in an ice-cold river sometime at night. I was seated on a comfortably mossy rock and a small waterfall babbled over my head to hit my naked chest and bounce over my feet.

As I was positioned perfectly, the frigid river stream was hitting me all over and it was like little ice cubes were kissing me where I was supposed to be wearing a swimming suit but I wasn't, and the water came down in a cascade of noise and beauty.

I was so comfortable here. Tyr splashed to the side of me, holding my shoulders and giving we wonderful frosty sweet kisses of her own, mingled with the clean refreshing water we were both swimming in. And then she stood up beside me and when I looked below her waist I was suddenly relieved.

What I feared was missing from her before as I didn't see on Lilly was definitely on Tyr. She was just like me. We both had one. She was normal after all. I breathed a much welcome sigh of relief and then she sat next to me and looking down suddenly squeaked in excitement and grabbed mine in her hand while giving me one of her signature leers.

"I got yours !" she chided eagerly. I wasn't going to let her get away with this, so I did the same with hers and she yelped in surprise and giggled delightedly.

Then we both laughed as the water splashed around our naked toes, tugging on each other's equipment playfully as we shared a kiss and leaning back the waterfall covered us completely from sight as the moon sparkled brilliantly off of it's cascading surface.

I didn't even hear the doorbell ring as Tyr answered it. It was Maggie in her latest crazy outfit, this time a pink and green wig with sequins glued to the edges. God she looked awful.

"Everything all OKAY in here ? You hadn't burned down the house yet, right ?" she asked in a voice that indicated it wasn't the first time she asked Tyr this.

"No, Missie Oshmeyer !" Tyr said in a sarcastic voice. She didn't like the joke implied and it really was an old one by now and jostled the door like she was threatening to close it on Maggie's face.

"Okay," Maggie said holding it open with her foot. She smacked her chewing gum and looked a little beyond Tyr turning her head left and right to make sure we didn't break anything, at least in plain sight anyways.

"Yeah, looks good so far, kiddo. I'll check up on you three tomorrow. Gotta run." and then Tyr locked the door behind her as Maggie left to drive away with her boyfriend again.

Lilly was sitting on the couch and apparently her and Tyr were now playing a board game on the carpet involving dating boys; some kind of pre-teenage game designed especially for coming-of-age girls.

Tyr returned and Lilly spoke up, continuing the game and reading one of the playing cards aloud. "OK, it's your turn now. Here's what the card says." and she held it up to read it.

"What would you do if Kyle, the cutest boy at school said he really liked you and that he'd like to meet you at the mall for some lunch at a specific time. But 15-minutes later, he still hasn't shown up, what do you do ?"

Lilly turned the card over to read the choices:

"Do you, ONE: leave and spread mean gossip about him. (gain 5 peer points)"

"TWO: wait an hour for him to see if he shows. (gain 5 maturity points)"

"or: THREE, forget the whole thing and go home and study. (gain 10 education points)."

Tyr didn't even pause for an answer. Both girls spoke at the same time giggling, "Spread mean gossip about him !" and they chuckled to themselves about her decision.

Lilly put the card on the bottom of the stack and commented in a voice of playful surprise, "Gawd you're so mean Tyr !"

Tyr stuck her chin out at her and tightened her lips like daring Lilly to take a smack at it. Lilly shook her head in amusement and picked up Tyr's playing piece to move it forward on the board 2 spaces and she wrote some numbers down on a scorecard for Tyr's game answer.

They played for another full minute before Tyr finally looked at the clock on the wall and said, "Time to check up on Sleeping Beauty." and she set down her playing cards to get up, go to her bedroom, and knock politely on the door.

"Dev, are you up ?" she asked quietly.

"Yeah." I said sleepily and had trouble remembering the beautiful dream, though I know I was comfortable in it. "What happened ? What - what DID happen ?"

"YOU hadda good time, Dev. That's all." She said being perfectly vague and then came in to visit. She pulled up a chair from a corner and sat down on the left-hand side of the bed. "That's all you need to know for now, 'kay sweetie ?" She stroked my hair for a bit and I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of that.

She stopped for a bit and then said, "Now, I told Lilly about SIM and what he can do and now SHE wants some special magic powers too. NOT very much it seems. She wants to be able to understand what Choo-Choo is saying. I know she's had that squirrel for 3-years now so that would be an awesome gift cause after all she did -"

But then her voice trailed off and she looked down suddenly ashamed, a rare sight I must admit. I didn't understand what that meant but but I did know that we couldn't tell EVERYONE about SIM ! I raised for a bit setting Teepo to the side, concerned that Tyr was gonna tell the whole world that I could grant them magical favors now !

Tyr suddenly changed the subject and picking Teepo up she gave him a hug talking babyishly, "Dev wuvs his Teepo !" and laughed kindly holding the Teddy Bear around his waist and darted over to have Teepo give me a kiss on my mouth with his furry nose.

I sighed defeated and sat back down as she had Teepo kiss me all over my face as she made smacking sounds with her mouth.

She finally set him down. Thinking carefully I spoke, "Tyr, honestly, I don't know if that's possible. I mean I didn't even think telekinesis would work with you, let alone somehow Lilly being able to communicate in squirrel. And how many people are you gonna tell about SIM anyways ??"

"Just Lilly." Tyr mumbled in a voice reserved for You-Can't-Prove-I-Said-That-Later. Then she added disappointed, "Aww, C'mon Dev ! You have to try - PLEASE !! She might able to help us in your BARRIER project, did ya ever thinked about that ?"

I nodded my head. I would give it a go anyways. In truth I was curious to know the limitations of SIM and if he could actually change someone so they could speak squirrel, what next ?

I looked down at my towel and then the front door to the bedroom and changed my tone, "Is it alright if I leave the house now ?"

"Nope !" she said and started to cross her arms again. "You weren't thinking of leaving were ya, Devvy Boy ?" and she gave me that mean smile again. When I didn't answer she shook her finger at Teepo who was sitting on the side of the bed, "And that goes for you, too, mister !"

I'm not really sure why Tyr insisted I stay in here. Maybe she was concerned about the agents we met earlier and this gave her a feeling of control by keeping me here. Or maybe she thought she was the babysitter for me. I didn't mind it too much, I just didn't want her to get in the habit thinking she could control me like this ALL the time.

And I really wasn't going to give her invisibility, was I ? I certainly wasn't going to bring it up now.

"OK," I said, not eager to start an argument. "Well, let me get dressed and we'll fire up your computer with the plugin WHICH I STILL have at my house so SOMEHOW I STILL have to leave to go get it.'

"Gol' darnit ! I didn't think about that. Hmm ... Welp, you're not going alone."

I sighed, Tyr was a nice girl and all but being silent and unseen was just not in her job description. I shook my head.  There had to be someway to convince her I was the only one that needed to go.

"I'm coming too." Lilly chided outside the door and finally stepped in the entryway. Clearly she was eavesdropping out of sight.

"Do all =3= of us need to really go ? Will that really somehow make us less conspicuous than only one person going ?" I asked her disgusted that she was listening in.

As in reply, Lilly ran out to get her shoes on to answer that question of mine. I groaned. Apparently I had no authority over these two scheming girls after all, logic notwithstanding.

Tyr and Lilly changed clothes in Tyr's Mother's bedroom where they set their clothes and I returned back to the bathroom where I got dressed again and went to go find my house-keys.

Finally being all ready, we headed outside as Tyr locked the door behind her and all three of us crept out of the house trying to be - well as inconspicuous as we could, if that was possible.


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OMG, love it!!

Kaze~ :-) :-)

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Thank you, Kaze.
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Ok, and your welcome. :-) :-)

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