FB1-18 "Tyr's New Home"

FB1-18 "Tyr's New Home"

A Chapter by dw817

But Tyr interrupted me and started bouncing on the bed, laughing and sang, "Orange Juice ! Orange Juice ! All 'dem oranges get abused !" and as she bounced she started rubbing her hands together.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© November 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

My folks never did like to attend church, thinking it was more an individual thing rather than something people collected in a mob for. And if they were interested, they usually watched a sermon on TV.

I got up late, enjoying my day off and as usual, met Tyr at the front door.

I whistled appreciatively at seeing her clear and very un-Sunday-like outfit, "God forbid you would ever go to church, Tyr ! why your golden locks would burst into flame from all the wicked thoughts you've had once you cleared that wooden door-frame."

She opened her mouth in shock, surprised I could say something so mean and as she was momentarily speechless, I teased tugging at her perfect red hair.

"Yeah backatcha twip !" she said finally, smoothing it back and surprisingly, not punching me in my shoulder like she did. There was something else on her mind.

"Lookit, I wanna show you my new room. Remember we all moved, right ? And you never did saw it."

I nodded. I went into the living room and saw my Dad working on a Sudoku puzzle from the newspaper and my Mom was working on a crossword from the other section.

The TV showed a religious service being broadcast live, but it was put on low volume. Clearly neither was watching it but both were enjoying their day off, the same as me.

"Hey Mom," I began, "Tyr got moved and I wanted to know if I could go and see her new place ?"

She looked up and smiled at Tyr, then me, "Sure, that's fine, honey. Be sure and tell Annie hello for me and you be back before dark !"

I nodded, Annie was Tyr's Mom. Tyr didn't have a Father and - I didn't really ask about it. "Sure thing Mom." I replied and then both me and Tyr left from the front door. For a moment I felt twitchy, as if someone was watching us, but I didn't know from where.

I shrugged, dismissing the feeling.

Tyr already had her Polly Rocket bicycle out front and I went to get mine from the back yard. I had a really neat Captain Circumference bicycle at one point but I outgrew it.

However, I never got tired of the show so when I got my new bigger boy's bicycle, I put Captain Circumference stickers all around it to show that I was still a loyal fan.

Tyr looked at the silly decals as I brought my bicycle through the back gate. I looked for a moment at the grass realizing it would need cut soon.

It was then I saw Tyr looking at me with a big grin on her face. I knew what she was thinking. "Aww, c'mon, Tyr ! Everyone needs a hero, right ? I mean you've got Polly Rocket and I don't tease you about that now do I ?"

"That's cause you such a smart boy !" she said and finally punched my shoulder unable to contain her spitefulness any longer. I rubbed it for a moment and she gave me a lovely toothy smile with perfect pearly white teeth.

Closing the gate, we both kicked off and pedaled on over to her new place. I was glad when they moved because unlike most friends, instead of moving further away, she moved closer.

I really wasn't sure why they moved but I was glad for it. Arriving I could see an empty driveway so Tyr's Mom, Annie, was apparently not in.

That alone showed me that Tyr was being babysat but clearly Maggie, or as she liked to be called Miss Oshmeyer, was not there. Tyr was NEVER left alone. I knew that much about her.

And as for Maggie, she was the worst babysitter and once she saw things were in the clear and the parents were gone, she headed out in her care to go see her boyfriend leaving the children unattended.

Of course this was a secret agreement she made with the kids she babysat and then told the parents how GOOD they were in her absence. It was a win-win situation, as long as the kids didn't set fire to the house.

And I kept waiting for the day she'd get caught at this kind of chicanery, and curiously enough, she never did.

Tyr having full freedom of the house suddenly jumped off her bike before it stopped and driverless it crashed hard into the steps. I looked at the house.

It wasn't anything special, certainly no better than where I lived, and clearly a single-level home unlike the 2-level floor where I lived.

"C'mon." she said invitingly and opened the door dashing inside. I coasted my bike to a gentle stop and set it on top of hers going inside and closing the door behind me as she always forgot simple things like that.

Once inside she showed me where her bedroom was and I entered to look around to see how she made out in the move.

Now if anyone ever had an unhealthy obsession with stuffed animals, and anything else even remotely girly or pink, it was Tyr. It was like walking into an all-girl's toy store !

"Wow." I commented looking around. "This is so - distur-rrr-bing." I said trilling my R for emphasis.

* * *

"Yeah but you loved it right ?" she joshed and then bounced on her bed jumping up and down on it doing jumping jacks grunting hard at the effort as if somehow this vigorous exercise gave her more energy. I grinned at her.

Clearly she just wanted to show me her skirt flap up and down hoping to annoy me. I shook my head and shrugged, more interested in the computer she had, which was definitely a new one I noticed.

I turned it on and sat in the chair noticing a little uncomfortably that it was fuzzy-pink padded, made out of some kind of cheap plastic, almost a size too small for either of us.

"Lookit my watch !" she crowed as she continued to do her jumping jacks, "I could never costed anything like this !" and she started clapping her hands in time to her jumps. I watched for a bit.

Finally I got dizzy trying to follow it and said, "Tyr. I can't see your watch when you're doing that."

"Oh, well here it is !" she said and squatted down hard on the bed when suddenly like a frog in flight, she took a large flying leap at me !

I couldn't get out of the chair in time and she crashed into me, knocking us both over to the right into a pink beanbag chair on the side, which fortunately cradled our fall and neither of us got seriously hurt.

The chair I was sitting in, however, didn't do so well and one of the pink plastic legs bent at a bad angle in the fall. I was so dizzy from what she did it felt like I took a loop on a roller coaster and my eyes were still spinning.

Finally I stood up and set her chair back up to see it wobbled now. Tyr just giggled maniacally.

"Tyr ! Calm down for a second, will ya ?!" I yelled at her, and for a moment getting angry.

"I'm sorry, Dev." she said with all sincerity and tucked her first 4-fingers under the hem of her skirt tightly and drummed her belly with the thumbs. She did that when she knew was in trouble and I think that was her way of showing she wouldn't touch anything else.

For a moment I felt bad but then realized whatever shame she had, already leaked away on the floor like water off of a duck's back and she reached over to give me a massive hug and then proceeded to suck out my teeth with her crazy kiss.

"How about a drink !?" I offered, pulling away and trying to defuse this manic and hyperactive little minx. Maybe her mother had left a tranquilizing syringe somewhere around here ? I looked around the room really hoping I would find one.

At once she calmed down at my request and stood up straightening her skirt all lady-like, "Sure, Dev !" She was all cheerful and chipper again. "What would you like ?"

"What do you have ?"

"Juice !" she said and jumped back up on the bed to start doing jumping jacks on it again.

"What kind of - " I started to say.

But Tyr interrupted me and started laughing and sang, "Orange Juice ! Orange Juice ! All 'dem oranges get abused !" and as she bounced she started rubbing her hands together like she was squishing something in the middle. Clearly the oranges.

I shook my head derisively. Man she was wired this morning ! I nodded, "Sure. Orange juice would be fine, Tyr. Can you go get it for me please ?"

She continued to bounce eagerly up and down. "Now ?" I added a moment later.

"Yessir mister sir !" she said saluting me and then did that frog leap thingie again but this time even higher for the door which was much further than the chair !

"She's going to kill herself !" I told myself under my breath. I started to get out of my seat (wobbly now, you remember) to try and catch her.

But curiously she landed perfectly on the floor near the open door with both palms touching the floor quite professionally if the truth be known. After a moment of my surprised silence, she faced me and hissed like a cat.

I was rather impressed however, "Man, you're good ! What are you, a ninja now ?" I smiled at her and her clear physical prowess.

She nodded eagerly, "Yeah ! A super-ninja ! And I'm on duty !" Then she started crawling on the ground using her elbows to scoot forward, like she was in military maneuvers, slowly working her way to the kitchen, gruffing and grunting in the effort.

I laughed. She was such a nut. Curiously back at her computer, I could see she password protected it so I was stuck at the login screen.


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i enjoyed it a bit apprehensive tyr is going to hit on .....

best wishes

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

She's just going to make me some orange juice. Hmm ... I see I need to post a new chapter for this. .. read more
so much fun to read!!! it reminded me of my crazy friends...we all have one...if not then we are the crazy one :p !!! talking about the story i enjoyed reading every line!!! :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Thanks ! And hey, welcome. Don't be a stranger, send some Reader Requests my way and I promise in ti.. read more
Dhruv Yonzon

7 Years Ago

okay...sure will do!!! and thank you!!! waiting fot more....

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