FB1-29 "The Trap Is Set"

FB1-29 "The Trap Is Set"

A Chapter by dw817

She whaled into his fat belly with her little fists and obviously was doing no damage whatsoever. "What ? I can't move, lemme go you jinx !" he cried out. Tyr paused for a second out of breath. (more)



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Tyr met me for breakfast this morning and we never said a word about what we did just a few hours earlier. Mom was really kind and made some delicious banana pancakes cause I was up so early.

We headed out for school and I followed Tyr's gaze beyond the playground to the construction toilet where the mud was beginning to heat nicely as the sun was definitely coming out this morning.

Tyr then shocked me with a really wicked evil smile staring at it in the distance.

"You keep that up Tyr and your face is going to stick like that."

She turned to face me, her expression all innocent now, "Just leave it tuz me, Dev. You gode about your classes and if Scant so much as says boobilee to you then you tells him you want a rematched in the playground again after school and I'LL takering it from theres."

I nodded in agreement and she entered the girls restroom where her friends were waiting to share the latest gossip.

I opened the locker for my books ignoring the girls when suddenly someone grabbed my head from behind and smashed it hard into the metal rung ahead of me with a loud bang.

* WHAM ! *

I was tasting blood on my lip and now I had a pounding headache besides. I turned around. Scant was right there and he didn't look well.

He still had a splint on his finger, a bandage over one eye, and walked with a bit of a limp.

"Dead meat !" he said with extreme prejudice and emphasis. "You are so dead meat after school," he pointed his fat finger at me, "I'm gonna get you AND Tyr too !"

"You leave her out of this Scant ! It's just between you and me !" I said fearfully. Not for Tyr's sake, but for Scant's.

Seeing what Tyr did this morning, she could completely MURDER this guy with her telekinetic ability if she wasn't careful.

Scant could tell I was afraid of something and interpreted it to mean that I was scared of him. He smiled cruelly, "Tell you what - Loser ! If you can pull off that same stupid magic trick you did earlier, I'll leave your precious Tyr out of it. But if not. I guess that'll maker MY girlfriend now."

He started to limp away but I had to say something, "You're twice her size, what will it prove by picking on her !?" I watched him for a moment and wondered if walking was an effort for him with that limp and maybe I could use that knowledge to my advantage ?

He laughed evilly and then was out of sight.

I met Tyr back in science class and told her what he said.

"He said ALL that after what yuz does to him earlyeder ?" Tyr asked, shocked. "Well I hopes he can takes it out as well as he can dishes it in." Tyr retorted.

"Take it in as well as he dishes it out." I corrected.

"Yah what you said, picklepie." Tyr sniffed.

It seemed like the day was going to go as scheduled. I was going to get in a fight with Scant after school and Tyr was going to get an expert culinary opinion on one of her super-sized mud-pies from him.

During lunch though, Tyr ran to meet me at the lunch tree and was crying at the top of her voice. "He tooked it, that b*****d tooked it !"

"Took what, Tyr ? Go slow now, what happened ?"

Tyr sniffed and blubbered, "I went in tuz the bafrooms affertween classes, and Scant the" and she paused to yell at the sky, "SUCHA DEAD MAN !"

She faced me again and returned her voice to normal, "He was there waitings for me, smacked me down on my seatie and rankle tooked my sparkly moon watch ! I swears I'm gonna get it back afore the day is doned !"

"Are you hurt, are you OK ?" I asked concerned. She nodded tears still in her eyes.

I held her hands which were still shaking with rage. I shook my head, "Remember Tyr, not until after school. We've got a fight ahead of us anyways just as you expected. You can get him, and your watch back then."

"Yah, I sawed him wearing it." she sniffled. "I is definitely getting it back and then it's time for EXTREME PUNISHMENT for his !" and she started grinding her toe into the dirt while trying to lick the top of her nose with her tongue.

I looked at her for a second. I'd seen that look before, but not this intense. Tyr was FURIOUS !

"Don't kill him, Tyr !" I held my hands up like trying to stop a wild panther, "Jeez, I've never seen you like this before !"

She turned to look at me, her face was all red and pouty, "You don't taked stuff from Tyr or you'll regret for life of it !" she bawled.

"Live to regret it," I corrected her.

"Yah, what you said, picklepie." she sniffed, a little of her rage distracted for the moment.

"So you're not going to kill him ?" I wanted to make sure of that.

"Deaded is too good for the likes of him." she said with complete finality. Then she fished in her pocket for the fork she used from earlier this morning. I finally remembered where she got it from.

It was a special glass one her Mummy bought for her at the carnival a year back and on it was engraved Tyr's name.

"Scant's gonna to need something to eated my pie with righto ?" she said and mimicked him eating with the fork by running it across the air saying, "Yum yum yum yummie !" and then she rubbed her belly for effect.

"Well don't hurt him, is all." I concluded.

"Yeaffers I'll see how easy it is to get my watch back first huh is what I wants to knowed huh !"

Then we both sat down to have our lunch. I reached in my bag to give her my Suzi-Q and after she took a big bite tried she give that same bite back to me in a kiss giggling, squishing it out of her mouth into mine.

"Tyr !" I said spitting in frustration.

She was laughing again, glad apparently she could always tease me. I wiped my face but I was just happy she was feeling better.

We had two more classes ahead of us and then school was over. I started walking my way to the playground. A new crowd formed. Word got around fast that me and Scant were having a rematch.

I was just walking up and Scant was pounding his fist in anticipation against the other. Tyr was waiting for me on the side.

Before I could say anything Tyr stepped up in front of me, "Scant ! Give it back !"

"Give what back ?" he said innocently and jangled the watch on his wrist so she could clearly see it.

"You know very well what ! You know what ? I'll tell you whatted ! You're not fighting Dev today you're fightering me and just me and all ofme so put up your dukeroos cause you going down boyyy !"

"I don't fight - girls." he said contemptuously. "But I hope you're hungry for mudpies after I pound your boyfriend." and he kicked the dirt in front of him, showing what he would probably make his pie out of.

"Mudpies ! Mudpies !" Tyr was shrieking now, "You wanna mud-pie ! I'll gived you a MUDPIE !" And then she lunged forward.

I was only faintly aware of a slight violet glow from her hands as she ran up to him. Suddenly Scant's arms froze up behind him and his legs locked in place.

Apparently no-one else saw the glow as they weren't looking for it and instead were all commenting, impressed, that little Tyr had frightened the big bully Scant so he was petrified with fear and couldn't move.

* * *

She whaled into his fat belly with her little fists and obviously was doing no damage whatsoever. "What ? I can't move, lemme go you jinx !" he cried out to Tyr.

Tyr paused for a second out of breath. God he was fat and she was just too small to do any damage to him. Finally she grabbed his wrist and took off the watch he stole from her.

"Mine I believed !" her voice was acid. Scant was still frozen in place. She put it back on her wrist and shone the crystals in the sunlight smiling to herself at the prettiness of it. Then she turned to gaze at Scant with a look that would freeze fire.

Hoo-boy, he was so going to get it now, I knew.

"Come with me, sweetiepop," she said quietly and with a tone full of deathly menace to Scant, her eyes were dangerous narrow slits now and she started running off.

Unless you were following very closely, you couldn't see that Scant was being dragged by an invisible force only inches from her own hand and she was headed top-speed to the construction site.

The onlookers blinked in disbelief. They didn't know if Scant was running after her or somehow she was miraculously pulling his bulk behind her.

"Leggo of me you Polly-Rocket reject ! My god, but you are so dead when I get free ! I'm gonna bury you and your little boyfriend too !" He lost his shoes in the struggle and I picked them up to follow after them.

I knew what we did early this morning but I didn't know how far she was going to carry it. I had to be there to stop in case things got out of hand. Pumping my arms harder I tried to outrun Tyr to the trap she set for him.

Scant saw full well and was aware of where she was going by the telltale sign of the porta-potty and started bawling himself. "You stupid b***h ! You stupid b***h !" Where he learned such language was beyond me but it wasn't making Tyr run any slower.

At the entrance with Scant in tow, she ceremoniously flung the door open wide yelling to him, "Ladies first !"

Scant looked inside though he didn't see her mudpie at first. He thought it was just a regular stall which was causing him to remember something familiar and important from long ago.

Now he remembered !

Tyr was the same stupid little girl from years ago that fell in that toilet opening at the carnival like a brainless dope ! And as her Mommy was cleaning her off he whispered in her ear, telling her to eat poo, causing her to wail in fear ! This was perfect !

If he could get her to cry now, she'd run away bawling to her Mummy again, forgetting all about him so he could get away from whatever - whatever was preventing him from moving right now !

Scant looked at Tyr with mean eyes until she stopped to look at him, putting a finger in her mouth, sucking on it, puzzled as to what he was up to. That confirmed it was her ! She sucked on her finger, even at her age ! God this would be easy.

Then he quietly and cruelly pulled his trump card giving her a big evil smile.

He waited until Tyr looked a little scared at his confidence before he spoke, "You belong in there. Eating pooooo." and he held the "o" on the last word motioning his head to the opening of the toilet she was dragging him to.

He looked back to her with a wicked leer on his face expecting her to break down crying in tears like she did so long ago.

But instead something else happened. Tyr's eyes bugged out as she recognized the sentence that haunted her all these years ! She couldn't believe her blind luck ! It's him ! Scant, he's the one !

HE'S the nasty boy from long ago that frightened her terribly and made her cry and give her nightmares and and - oh she is SO going to enjoy this now !

I was still running to catch up and saw the familiar violet glow emitting from her hand, much brighter this time, as she activated a deeper telekinetic power on her prisoner, Scant. I had no idea Tyr was getting this powerful at her ability !

An invisible force completely lifted Scant high up in the air and he still had his arms and legs pinned. I reached for his pants cuff and missed.

Then she dropped him headfirst through the open toilet seat where a sickening splat of thick mud was heard and semisolid pieces flung out the door followed by a loud "Glorp !" from the bowl as he sank quickly with only his socks sticking out the top.

"Tyr, d****t no !" I cried and tried to reach for him as he landed.

"YOU BELONG IN THERE !" Tyr said huffing at him, and made silly obscene gestures while stomping her feet in place and accidentally stepped on her own feet in her rage which caused her to fall over and slide on the muddy floor.

I had no idea why she was so was more upset than when she started but I attributed it to the fact that Tyr must've become very fond of that jeweled watch after all.

Clearly I didn't know that Tyr was eager to get this fear off her chest for years when she finally caught up with the b*****d that said the mean thing to her that gave her the terrible phobia she had today.

I shook my head wondering why Tyr was being so ferocious with him right now. As for her, she was getting PERFECT revenge after all these years of waiting !

I helped Tyr back up to her feet brushing down a little mud, then tried to reach around her to pull Scant out. But Tyr pushed me back gently as I reached to help. She'd have none of that !

She spoke bouncing her silly head up and down, her hairclips smacking against her face, "Yeah, I toldja, all pure and natural mudpie heated all nice and warm from the shiney shiney sun since morning."

Then she patted her stomach like a drum. "Mmmm ..." she said melodically. "Tastes so good like you won't believed !" she looked down into the opening quite pleased at what she did. His socked feet stuck out the top of the 'pie.'

"Perfect middy-day-afternooned snack for a biggo guy like him." she completed clapping her hands together like it was a big birthday cake or something.

I spoke slowly and with disgust in my voice, "That's - just - gross, - Tyr. How could you ?" I asked her incredulously.

"I thought MAYBE you were going to do something not quite so dramatic with him, involving." and I reached into her dress pocket to pull out her engraved glass fork, "THIS ?" I said holding it up to her.

She took the fork out of my hand, kissed it, and then put it back in her pocket.

Then tittering to herself and went over to tickle Scant's socked feet to see if she could get a reaction. "Tickle tickle wickle. Tickle wickle wickle."

I had to admit it though, Tyr could sure make a mudpie. The sun had heated it nicely and baked it a nasty brown, slightly crusted on the edges. Little bubbles gurgled below from the heat.

All of this coming out of a toilet that was much too big for me or Tyr and it looked nothing like those healthy mud spas you see advertised in the catalog.

There was a moment of silence as I stared intently at his white socked feet barely visible at the top. They weren't moving at all. Tyr stopped tickling and then started sucking on her finger, puzzled in her head about what to do next.

I worried for a second he was trapped and suffocating in the mud so I reached around Tyr to try and pull him out again.

Just then a sticky brown air bubble blorped to the surface of the bowl staining it followed by the nasty slurping sound of the mud consuming Scant like devilish quicksand. The socked feet promptly disappeared to be covered over by fresh warm mud.

I wasn't about to reach in there for him now.

Scant's voice echoed hollow like a pipe buried underground and it was obvious his mouth was full of the mess as he gurgled and coughed:

"Omigod I'm gonna be sick ! Get me outta here ! You are so dead, you hear me, Polly !? Dead dead dead DEAD ! ... Ahh ! I'm losing my grip !"

I shrugged and backed out and closed the door behind me thinking Tyr was right behind me and that we were done with Scant. I then noticed that she had left her pink tennie-shoes outside.

Apparently she wasn't done with him yet !

I flung the door back and saw her standing over the lid hiking her skirt up and trying to lower her undies. There were two lids raised behind her. The first covering one and the other one that had the ring in the middle for you to sit on. She was standing on the hard fixed plastic under that.

The opening was obviously too big for her and her bare little legs were shaking for stability. Sunlight streamed across her ankles from the top skylight.

"I'm a biggo girl, Dev, I can dood this now !" she said fearfully, her phobia making it more difficult for her to maintain balance as she looked down dizzyingly into the swirls of heated mud.

Then she spoke a little quieter trying to aim the center of her legs to the middle of the mound of mud, "Just a little tizzle."

"THAT'S ENOUGH TYR !" I yelled back, not only frightened for her but disgusted at what she planned to 'crown' the moment with. "C'mon, he's had enough ! Get down before you hurt yourself !"


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Amazing story. :-)


Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Wow, I'm glad you like it ! I usually don't get too many comments on my main story. Maybe it's too s.. read more

7 Years Ago

Your very welcome, can't wait to read the next chapter. :-D

7 Years Ago

It's up, it's a bit of a cliffhanger though, literally. :)

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