FB1-74 "The Tempest"

FB1-74 "The Tempest"

A Chapter by dw817

Then Stefani approached Tyr again handing the kerchief to her saying, “Dry your tears, dear. You want to look happy when you see Dev tonite, don’t you ?” Tyr looked up with hope on her face.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© August 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Then with a bit of effort, Stefani reached hard through the opening, squeaking the levitated wood, to struggle and pull Tyr’s wet finger out of her slobbering mouth. It really was some effort ! Tyr gave her quite a fight on it.

Dempsey chuckled quietly for a second until Stefani shot a venemous look to him. She pulled harder and the finger popped out making a noise like a soaked cork in a bottle.

Then Stefani looked away for a moment to give Tyr a little privacy to wipe her wet finger on her dress. Tyr was now thoroughly embarrassed, suddenly aware that everyone saw what she was doing. She angrily smeared her went hand on her dress. And she still felt like she had to pee from her fright earlier.

Finally she nodded and sniffled, tears still in her eyes. Her nose was running too, down her chin. Tyr felt terribly small right now. Some rescue ! Hah ! And now everyone knew she sucked her finger if not her thumb like a baby when she got scared !

And I gotta go pee ! She cried some more, red-faced and ashamed at how bad she felt and how terrible this whole scene had turned into.

For a moment Tyr felt really sorry for herself, and that was just what Stefani was waiting for, vulnerability. Stefani, though her face was turned away from Tyr, smiled slightly to herself, taking all of this in and calculated what psychological leverage she could use on her later.

Tyr then zoned out for a second, thinking about the nightmare she had where she was cleaning the park toilet from the inside and everyone dumped on her as she told herself pitifully, “I belong here.” She returned to Stefani’s unwavering gaze.

Tyr raised up suddenly and licked her lips fearfully, while trying to read an expression from Stefani’s face. She thought she could taste that terrible flavor of of the nightmare. She swallowed noisily and uncomfortably at the memory.

And then - did it sound like soft laughter from Stefani ?

Tyr shuddered, not just from the vision and what she thought she heard but from the cold as night was coming on. The stars were coming out too.

“You poor thing.” Stefani said suddenly and clicked her tongue in serious concern at Tyr’s sudden reaction to the cold, and stood up, turning away for a moment to pull out a beautifully flowered handkerchief from her pocket.

Then she approached Tyr again handing it to her saying, “Dry your tears, dear. You want to look happy when you see Dev tonite, don’t you ?” Tyr looked up with hope on her face. Stefani continued generously, “I did promise you that, didn’t I ?”

Tyr took the kerchief thinking maybe everything will be okay now, and blew her nose in it. She coughed suddenly at the unfamiliar orange candy scent.

For unbeknownst to Tyr, Stefani had earlier reached for a clear bottle from her skirt and quickly spilled some of the orange liquid on the handkerchief rubbing it in on all sides with one hand, making certain not to breathe any of it in.

Tyr didn’t know this however, and tried to blow her nose again in the fabric only to have it gurgle quietly as she softly crumpled over and fell unconscious around Lilly, her entire world surrounded and smothered by orange blossoms.

A full minute passed as Dempsey, uninterested in what the two were doing, was now thumping his fingers on one levitated wood plank, marveling at how it was staying airborne all this time.

He was about to comment on it when suddenly Tyr gave a soft sleepy yawn and all the wood of the barricade collapsed noisily around them. Dempsey and Morrigan jumped back panicked at the unexpected crash of lumber.

* * *

Tyr had fallen over Lilly and both girls were unconscious. Even Lilly was beginning to quietly snore now, finally sleeping easily on the wood planks. Somehow Tyr had worked her finger back in her mouth and sucked on it softly for comfort even as she, too, slept.

Stefani took back the kerchief from Tyr’s lifeless grip and wiping Tyr’s nose and face with it, stood up to return it to her skirt pocket. She hiked up her panties from the back with her thumbs as she was so used to doing and then grinned evilly while cocking her head quizzically at the sleeping pair of girls.

Back to business, she snapped her fingers suddenly and, Petrov, who had already returned his mask back to the dufflebag, approached and picked up Lilly over his shoulders looking to Stefani for new orders.

Lilly was moving her arms around slowly now, but her eyes still weren’t open yet.

The needle gun only temporarily knocked you out and was the reason why Petrov brought the mask along, for sustained and prolonged unconsciousness of children they kidnapped for Arkos research.

Stefani addressed Petrov saying imperiously, “Put that brat back at the bus stop. She can find her own way home. We don’t need her.” and sniffed disdainfully, certain that Lilly was just a friend of hers and had no special ability of her own.

Petrov nodded and carried her away in the opposite direction of the entrance platform bouncing his heels over the wood, Lilly’s colorful acrylic shoes bumping against his back as he left.

Dempsey professionally fingered around the wood and retrieved the blue glass needles so there would be no evidence later for Wanabee police to find as they would undoubtedly investigate here for an additional missing child.

Morrigan likewise sifted around the debris making sure nothing was getting left behind before they retreated to the secret underground complex.

When all 3 men returned and stood at attention, clear of their duties, Stefani then easily picked up Tyr, and lifting and cradling her gently in her arms kissed her softly on her forehead with her fruity lipgloss, leaving a sticky mark there.

Then she lightly took Tyr’s finger out of her mouth to watch carefully for a reaction. Her gaze was amazingly intense on her face. At first nothing happened, then Tyr moaned uneasily, obviously missing the comfort of her finger.

“Hmm …” Stefani said melodically and while holding her cradled in one arm, curiously put one of her own fingers near her.

Tyr took it on anew which thoroughly delighted Stefani. She gasped in delight and her brain started spinning a wicked web thinking of terrible things she could do with this curious comforting behavior Tyr had that apparently was active, even in an unconscious state.

She then spoke lovingly down to Tyr as she slept comfortably in her tender embrace, “Welcome to Arkos, sweetie. We’re going to have such fun together, you and I.” and gave her a gentle hug while rocking her slowly back and forth and singing softly a lullabye, like she was her own child.

The men listened for a second to the words, and then pulled back, shocked at what they were hearing. She was sweetly singing the lyrics to Sanitarium by Metallica as if it were a loving nursery rhyme:

Welcome to where time stands still,
No-one leaves and no-one will.
Moon is full, never seems to change,
Just labeled mentally deranged.

Build my fear of what’s out there,
Cannot breathe the open air.
Whisper things into my brain,
Assure me that I’ve gone insane.

“Are you insane, sweetie ?” Stefani asked Tyr in her best baby-voice as she continued to suckle softly on the new finger. Tyr was silent however. Stefani nodded her head appreciatively at Tyr’s unique way of comforting herself.

Her Dev had his teddy-bear to sleep with, which she had to admit was oh-so-cute, but THIS ! It was too much !

She leaned her head back and laughed out loud suddenly startling the other men into looking at her with worried expressions on their faces, especially with the words she was singing earlier.

Petrov shook his head and muttered under his breath to Morrigan, “Ze dawzher ov ze dewil, no ?” Morrigan nodded, agreeing entirely with him.

Stefani then started walking back to the elevator lift still cradling Tyr in her arms and hummed the remaining tune to the twisted song, smiling malevolently down to Tyr to indicate that she was going to indeed do every nasty thing she had planned for her earlier, and undoubtedly more …


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This concludes the first book of BARRIER.

There will be a recess of 14-days as I prepare the next novel for posting.

Thank you for your readership !

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© 2014 dw817

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Wow! What an ending. I loved it. :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Thanks, and yes ... this is the end of the first book, but I'm already up to chapter 36 in the 2nd b.. read more

5 Years Ago

Ok, that's really good. :))

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