FB1-15 "False Arrest Charges"

FB1-15 "False Arrest Charges"

A Chapter by dw817

The store clerk blinked mildly at me not in any hurry, "I think you know very well young man that there is NO watch in that case. She STOLE it and she's wearing it. And it's coming off right NOW."



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© November 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

I know Lilly said her own Dad was in prison right now. Maybe we would have to consult with her on getting Tyr a good holding cell if the situation went wrong here ?

And anyways she didn't take the watch ! In fact, by every rule of science in the world, she didn't steal ANYTHING from this stupid jewelry store ! The kind of technology we had didn't exist according to natural law so we should be outside the notion of theft for this !


A moment later, behind the shop, a door opened up and a tall and lanky police officer stepped out to greet us. Clearly he must've come in through a back door, summoned from the silent alarm the shopkeeper pressed.

"What's going on here then ?" he addressed the clerk gruffly.

The merchant explained that Tyr somehow had the watch he just showed her, that it was a designer original, and there was NO WAY she could have it in her possession unless she stole it from him.

"I see." The officer said grimly, listening to the merchant. Then he addressed Tyr, "Let's see that watch then, miss."

While the watch was earlier on the counter, Tyr did the absolute unthinkable and had already clicked and put it on her wrist. The officer groaned quietly as she raised her wrist to show it.

"That's not a good thing to do, miss. You need to take it off now." He held out his hand for her to give it to him.

"Tyr !" I said exasperated at her behavior, "you're not making this any easier for yourself ! Give him the watch already !" I really didn't want to see her go to jail.

The policeman looked at me and made a mental note. Okay, I was a clear accomplice now. But Tyr was quick to counter, "But isso PRETTY, and it's all mined, Dev !"

I shook my head in frustration. Yes, NO that made no logical sense. There had to be a way out of this ! I've got it !

I snapped my fingers, grateful they made a satisfying sharp sound and spoke directly to the jewelry clerk, "Now let's see the watch YOU put away, sir !"

The store clerk blinked mildly at me, not at all reflecting my urgency, "I think you know very well young man that there is NO watch in that case. She STOLE it and she's wearing it. And it's coming off, right NOW."

"Will you PLEASE look in the case !" I said and pointed over the counter to the box he put away in the shelf, still in sight.

The cop gave him a disparaging look and shrugged. If the watch wasn't there, that would be my admission of being an accomplice and it could be entered in as clear evidence against the girl.

And besides, it might not look so good at the station if he arrested 2 teenagers that didn't even get a chance to defend themselves.

The officer nodded, this was my chance to prove Tyr's innocence, he would give me that at least.

"Go ahead, sir." The officer said to the clerk. He wanted there to be no doubt in his mind that she did in fact steal the watch.

The clerk flung his hands in the air seeing the futility of it all. "Oh alright ! I don't know how this is going to prove anything !" he muttered as he returned back to the box.

He reached for the closed case, popped it open with a metallic click and dumbfoundedly pulled out the EXACT SAME WATCH. It had the same crystalline refracting crescent moon design as the one Tyr was now wearing.

But he wasn't convinced yet ! He pulled a jeweler's loupe out of his waistcoat pocket and examined it closely, thinking now we were some kind of young criminal experts and swapped his original for a cheap fake we prepared earlier.

But NO ! It was the real thing, jewels and all, complete with the engraved signature of the skilled artist on the band. The loupe fell out of his eye and dangled loosely on it's chain.

The only possible thing she could've done was swap it for the exact same watch, but that - that was impossible ?? There was only one of these !

"What the ... !?" he said thoroughly confused now.

The cop walked over to the clerk to carefully look at the watch. Then he spoke directly to the clerk, "Have you confirmed this is the exact SAME watch, and not an exchanged phony ?"

* * *

"Yessir." the shopkeeper said, his wide eyes of surprise, still unable to adjust to what happened. Well if HE had the watch here, just what the HECK was Tyr wearing ? A fake ?? It had to be !

The shopkeeper's brain burned, determined to get to the bottom of this. He thought now that maybe Tyr didn't have a chance to exchange watches like she planned earlier or maybe ... ! His head reeled in confusion, but he WOULD find out what happened here !

The policeman took the watch from the shopkeeper's numb hands and walked back over to look at the one Tyr was wearing. They were exactly identical in every way.

The police officer then huffed angrily and re-approaching the clerk, really feeling like he was made a fool of, and by the shopkeeper, not us, "is THIS the watch she stole ?"

The clerk was blubbering and baffled, "It's not possible. It's just - not ! This ... That watch is a designer original. You must tell me, WHERE - where did you get that watch you are wearing miss ?"

"Ain't gone to say !" Tyr said wiping her tears away. She was really getting cross now and I saw she was getting ready to kick someone with her Buster Browns in her anger. That would REALLY make things worse so I prayed she wouldn't.

"Now miss," the clerk said gently, "I must know -" and he reached out a supportive hand which suddenly he u-turned his mood and growling angrily, grabbed onto Tyr's wrist and as she howled he looked at it professionally with his loupe.

But no ! It was an =EXACT= duplicate in every possible way, jewels with the same refraction and complete with the cloned micro signature that would be impossible to repeat. He jumped back as if something bit him, and all the color drained out of his face. There was no doubt. It wasn't a fake !

But - it was utterly and absolutely - impossible !

Tyr now hissed like a wildcat and pulling back from his weak grip, knocked him soundly to the floor, and at this point there was a slightly smug smile on her face. She knew she won at this. But we would've been in serious trouble if it weren't for SIM.

I picked up the laptop as the police officer was now eying it suspiciously.

I tucked it under my arm and spoke quickly, "Her -ahhm- grandmother gave it to her who passed away recently. She was comparing prices," and I motioned to the laptop under my arm, "and really - she didn't want to talk about it, she's very broken up about it."

Seeing both the officer and clerk didn't look totally convinced I added, "And YOU brought it up !" I pointed to the clerk who was still sitting on floor, baffled at what he saw. As if on queue Tyr started to wail pitifully for the loss of her phantom grandma.

The clerk fidgeted uncomfortably in the awful din but the policeman was unmoved by her behavior.

I continued, determined to detract the policeman's interest in the portable computer, "Are you happy now !?"

The clerk had all the surprises he could take for one day. He got up uneasily and sat down hard in a wooden stool behind him, clearly too small for his posterior and he looked miserable and uncomfortable on it. Finally the policeman pulled his gaze away from me to look at the proprietor.

He would find fault with someone before the day was done, either these kids or the jewelryman.

"I don't - I'm sorry - look ..." and then the merchant sighed pulling a kerchief out of his back pocket to wipe his brow with. He was really sweating.

I had no idea what the police officer was going to do, but I suspected the shopkeeper was gonna be in deep trouble for calling him up on a false charge.

The policeman approached Tyr who suddenly stopped crying. He looked at the watch, smiled, and touched her comfortingly on her back.

He spoke, "It looks very nice on you. You were just coming by to check about buying another one for your friend," and motioned to me, "Isn't that right, miss ?"

"Yes, Mr. policy office sir." she sniffled using her most hurt and innocent voice. Something she had a lot of practice at if the truth be known. And fortunately now, this was a good time to call on it.

"See there," the officer said benevolently to the clerk, eager to smooth out the situation, "it was just a perfect misunderstanding." he turned to face Tyr, "Did you still want to purchase that other watch, miss ?"

Tyr's demeanor now changed to one of anger, "Nossir ! Not naaaow, cause he's a BIG FAT MEAN OL' DOODIE HEAD !" she shook her head emphatically and her pretty hairclips clankled against each other, her shining red hair twirling.

The policemen laughed under his breath at the insult against him but then mumbled, "Can't say I blame you at this point, girl." then turned to face the clerk and spoke louder and angrier, "Do you know what the charges are for false arrest, sir !?"

If the clerk could look any more frightened, he certainly did now. "No. I - I'm not a bad person. Really I'm not. I love people. I love kids ! Tell him ! Tell the nice officer !"

He rose from his chair and held his hands in front of himself defensively. It didn't look like he mopped much sweat away because his face was still red with frustration and dripped down the sides of his neck.

"Well just let me tell you what we're going to do with you now," began the police officer.

* * *

And on that note, I unfastened the lock to the front door and both me and Tyr hurried quickly out of the jewelry store as fast as we could, the welcome bell dingling crazily on the way out, threatening to fall off the door.

"I got my watch !" Tyr said happily and then slurped a slobbery wet victory kiss on my face, and the flavor of the day ... was strawberry. Clearly her lipstick choice for today.

I looked at her sourly. Just what I needed a 2nd bath. "Yah," I retorted, "And nearly got us both KILLED in the process !" I wiped my face looking at my fingers sparkle in the sun from wetness. God, how could one girl have so much saliva in her mouth at all times ?

"I'd do bettered next time, promise 'kay !" she said ignoring my look of disgust.

"Cross my heart and hopeful to die !" she crossed her chest, but she did it differently than most people and made an X as well as a plus making an asterisk.

Maybe that was a double-cross ? Is that what Tyr did to people, double-cross them later ? It wouldn't surprise me.

I sighed deeply, "Better humm ?? We'll see." I looked at my own watch, a simple plastic Captain Circumference  one, and at this point a welcome sight. I didn't want to be reminded of what could've been a very ugly situation back at the police station. Another reason I didn't like expensive baubles is you had to worry about them being stolen.

If by perchance my own watch wound up lost or stolen I could easily replace it. Never make yourself a target with rich items.

I looked back up to clear my head, "Lookit, I gotta run Tyr, my Mom & Dad are taking me out on a picnic later today."

"That's OK Dev, I gots karate practice latered today toos. See you tonight ?"

"That's a promise." I held up my pinky finger and she latched on to it with her own. That was our special thing, to make a promise to each other. We tugged on our pinky fingers for a second playfully and then parted ways on our bicycles.

We both got back in late, too late for either of us to do anymore with the plugin and I was already asleep before my head hit the pillow.


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© 2013 dw817

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