FB1-52 "Kidnapped !"

FB1-52 "Kidnapped !"

A Chapter by dw817

Petrov came forward again. I was now quietly breathing in and out of the mask, the fight completely out of me. "Zho diyishoos, no ? Cand haf yoo vaykeeng oop now, cand vay, yeetle voolfcup."


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© June 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

I gasped uncomfortably with the mask still around me. Maybe it was a mistake and I shouldn't go with them cause they might kill me if they found out I wasn't who they wanted !

Morrigan, my assailant seemed to recover his strength now and stood back up again giving me a vengeful look. I had a feeling of vertigo for a minute as my height was shifted. Once he was standing I started kicking him again, but this time he ignored me and it did feel like I wasn't hurting him now.

Petrov rapidly continued his work, wrapping the belt mechanism around Morrigan's waist, snapping it on him with a loud metallic click up front.

I could see now that the two steel cylinders sat on each side of the belt. As for me, I was still fingering the mask from behind trying to unlock or unhinge it a different way. I finally realized with growing panic that I couldn't remove it this way either.

Changing my tactics, I then concentrated on grabbing the sides of the plastic mask to rip it off my face. strength was returning to my hands and I had hoped that I could get away from these idiots ! I pulled but there was just not enough strength. I had used most of it earlier to punch and kick the stuffing out of Morrigan.

Petrov leaned down to reach out to the side of Morrigan's belt for a handle valve atop one of the cylinders which squeaked when he turned it. Almost at once a sweet-smelling gas emitted from the mask and I froze my movements, holding my breath.

Petrov's neck came into view as he started to stand back up so I reached out to try and grab him. He chuckled watching me carefully without blinking, and backed away easily speaking, "Yoo veesh, chiylt."

I snarled furiously at him. He continued to watch me intently from his distance out of my hand's reach, the way an owl watches its prey. Forgetting for a second I was holding my breath, I breathed in a sigh of frustration and when I did, the gas felt tangy and tingly against my throat, like sweet orange candy.

A delicious sleepiness came over me almost at once. My arms which were still outstretched to him, suddenly relaxed and fell to my sides. I tried to raise them back up but they weren't listening to my brain now ! What was going on here ?

I also noticed I couldn't kick Morrigan either. I concentrated on my legs but they refused to move as well. Morrigan seeing I stopped fighting adjusted the balance of me on his shoulder, fearing no reprisal now.

I still had my head up so I continued to glare angrily at Petrov who was chuckling a little now at the ferocity I showed him. But I had it all planned. All I had to do was hold my breath a moment longer, my strength would return, and I swear to God I was gonna beat the living crap out of these agent b******s for doing this to me once I was free !

Then, without meaning to, I yawned, breathing in more of that accursed gas and coughed at the sweetness of it. Petrov smiled widely at that.

After a few more moments, my vision blurred, and my eyelids drooped and closed. My head then fell noiselessly and limp against Morrigan's sturdy back, and my brain was beginning to believe it was a pillow just for me as I was so sleepy now.

The taste of the orange candy the gas left in my mouth was intoxicating and delicious. I licked my lips savoring the flavor of it despite the very serious danger I was in right now.

Petrov came forward again and stroked my hair almost lovingly. I was now quietly breathing in and out of the mask normally, the fight completely out of me. "Zho diyishoos, no ? Cand haf yoo vaykeeng oop now, cand vay yeetle voolfcup." he said with that thick Russian accent again.

I only moaned sleepily in reply. I knew I was in great danger and yet all I wanted to do right now was take a nap. Maybe - maybe after a minute or so I can try and get away again - but I needed to rest now.

Then he went back to the belt to connect some more leather straps. While I couldn't see him, I could feel what he was doing. He clicked these new straps hard around my back and legs fastening them tightly to the front and back of the belt to make sure I wouldn't fall, and then reached down to turn the other valve on of the other side of the belt.

As he did so, he reached down with his wiry fist to hold my smaller limp fingers. I guess he was feeling for a pulse, I really wasn't certain.

With a new hissing in the mask, the orange flavor surrounded all of my senses and in moments I was completely obliterated by it and fell utterly asleep to its intoxicating deliciousness.

I dreamed - I dreamed it was Summertime. Me and Tyr were having a private picnic somewhere in a secret garden near a lush orange grove. She was dressed in one of her most beautiful summertime dresses and held a plate up of sliced oranges for me to sample. I blinked in the sunlight marveling at how bright it was sparkling through the trees.

Accepting Tyr's offer, I laughed and reached out to grab a slice of orange and suck on its tartness. Tyr then gave me a sweet romantic kiss to add to the flavor. And maybe I thought it was odd but even her lipgloss tasted like sweet orange candy. So - delicious.

* * *

Finally satisfied with the pulse in my fingers, Petrov let go of my hand and patted me on the back speaking, "Yoo darr goot, Moyigant. Led uz ko."

Then there was a new sound. You could barely hear the faint sound of a siren in the distance. Tyr sucked in a breath of excitement and bit her lip anew. Now these b******s were gonna get it !

"GODDAMMIT!" Dempsey yelled from his position in the living room. His deep voice reverberated around the small house jingling the glass of the kitchen chandelier and even the glasses in the cabinets. "Morrigan, Petrov, we're leaving !" he roared like a lion.

Then the girls heard what sounded like 3 people bailing noisily out the front door without bothering to close it behind them.

Morrigan had his steel cylinders clinking against his belt as he ran outside with me still strapped to his back. There was the sound of a screech of tires and gravel flying as a single vehicle pulled out in a great hurry.

All was silent except now except for the growing sound of the sirens. Certainly these were the real police arriving ?

Tyr and Lilly stayed where they were just to be safe. The sirens got really loud now and suddenly were turned off. With a crunching sound of gravel, someone approached the house. There was some hushed whispering and the sound of boots and leather squeaking as they entered carefully.

After another determined moment of silence finally one of them spoke loudly, "Waialaia Police. Answering a 911 call. Anyone home ? Hello ?"

Tyr pushed on the cellar door causing the cabinet to slide out of the way. Both her and Lilly ran out to meet the waiting policemen who was holding a gun aloft, ready for trouble. Tyr was in tears of rage.

The policeman nodded and returning his pistol to his holster allowed Tyr to fall into his arms. "What happened here. Did you call 911, miss ?" the officer asked her kindly.

Tyr couldn't speak her face was full of rage but she nodded. She wanted to hurt them so bad but she knew this policeman wasn't at all responsible for the break in.

"Can you tell us what happened here ? Do you need to sit down first ?" he asked politely.

It was obvious to her these were the real police and they would have to do something about Dev's kidnapping.

Tyr told the policeman who she was and the story of what happened and when the pizza-man arrived. As soon as she mentioned the name Dempsey, the officer murmured uncomfortably. "We've had trouble with him in the past." he murmured quietly.

As they spoke another officer was still checking out the house. He saw the chair in splinters. "Would you look at this ?" He bent down to examine it. "This wasn't torn apart, it broke when it hit the wall - right here." and he took out a pen to mark cracks in the wall.

"This guy must be an ogre !" the other officer whistled and continued to look around.

"Arkos Research Institute." Tyr said to the officer, finally remembering what I was talking about earlier. "That's where they've taken him, I'm certain of it !"

"Omy." the officer said. "That's a very bad place where they experiment on children they think have, 'magical powers.' Of course there isn't such a thing but a bunch of real kooks run the place and we don't have any authority to search there without any hard evidence."

"However, this may just be the break we need to shut down those NUTS down once and for all." The officer then reached for a telephone. Tyr could only hear what he said and not the receiving party.

"HQ, I've got a code 207." (pause) "Yep, it's those Arkos fanatics again." (pause) "Yeah, I'll send down a APB and full KALOF - " he paused to look at Tyr.

"What was his name, miss ?" he asked gently.

"Dev Borne." she said and sniffed back some tears. And concentrating for a moment she spelled it out for him so there wouldn't be any mistakes.

"Dev Borne." (and then he spelled it out to the fellow on the other receiver. There was a pause on the phone) "Yeah, let's get a code 33 out there. They could still be going to ARKOS, or they may try and double back on us. Don't give them a chance. Check with the chief for a 3000."

An indistinguishable voice spoke louder to which he replied, "I don't want them getting away," the officer paused in his thoughts and said more quietly looking straight at Tyr's forlorn face, "this time."

The officer suddenly regretted the last two words he said which gave Tyr an indicator that he had tried in the past to rescue other people kidnapped from this dreaded institute - unsuccessfully. To try and remedy the situation, he gave her a friendly pat on her head which she permitted as she was so upset right now.

He then faced her fully and spoke solemnly, "We'll get him back. Don't worry, miss."

He snapped close the phone and addressed Tyr directly.

"I can't leave you kids here alone." he said looking around for anyone else. "Where are your parents ?"

Tyr shrugged and said, "Babysitter." but didn't say who. She didn't want to get Maggie involved in this mess.

The officer looked down at her standing now, "I see. Not a very good one it seems. Do you have someplace you can go that's safe for now ? I think it's possible those kidnappers may try again."

Lilly offered to speak now, "We can go to Dev shouse. Hif Dad, Mom, and Uncle are there."

"That sounds like a plan. We can Code 5 this place till your parents return. We'll give you a safe ride to there and leave some officers to stay behind and let the adults know what happened. So grab what you need from here and we'll head out presently."


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© 2014 dw817

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Another interesting chapter. :-)


Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thanks, Kaze. And yes, they do try again, but that doesn't happen till later where Tyr almost knocks.. read more

6 Years Ago

Oh ok. :-)

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