FB1-69 "Preparations Were Made"

FB1-69 "Preparations Were Made"

A Chapter by dw817

“What’d they do to Dev !?” Tyr asked and raised her hands. Strong waves of violet light shone from them and the air around her crackled with energy. It was clear to see she was enraged.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

And as the police car carrying Lilly and Tyr made the turn in the road to follow past the eerie sign, a deafening boom and bright white-yellow flash of light told that the driver of the police car that explosives were set off, obviously burying completely the ambulance and Dev with it, and apparently all the residents that were in the mysterious building !

Hours later, the police and firemen who were called to investigate poked about the rubble with their equipment, but it was odd, they found no bodies, nor trace of anything else except lumber and materials for explosives. And the wood was cheap at that, pine. There wasn’t anything else found, not even a pen or even a brass door handle.

But there was no denying the explosion they saw earlier nor the metallic sign they found burned to a frizzle on top that stated where they were. But now, if the Arkos Institute had burned down, where was Dev ?

Once again, nothing was found but the shattered pine boards and used blasting caps. And while they dug into the debris for hours, finally reaching the ground underneath, there was nothing to see except dirt and rock.

The policemen and firemen scratched their heads confused as they lifted a bit more of the burned scraps to look beneath, but there still wasn’t a sign of anything.

Finally shrugging their shoulders, they told Tyr they were sorry, but there was no way Dev could’ve survived such a blast, and that they couldn’t find him amongst the wreckage.

Tyr’s memory ended and she was back with Lilly. Tyr wiped back some tears at what they were implying. But she KNEW an organization as big as Arkos appeared to be wouldn’t be so stupid as to do something so obvious and fatal, not just to Dev, but everyone in the building and those others in the ambulance as well !

The police officers were still talking with the parents, perplexed as where to go next with no leads. Finally Tyr whispered to Lilly and said, “Let’s go ask SIM while everyone’s ‘ockerpied.”

Lilly chirped once to Choo-Choo who wrapped his tail around her neck for balance as the pair of girls ran back in the house, up the stairs, and to my empty bedroom.

Once there, they powered up my computer and reached for the secret brick where both plugins were. She took one and plugged it in. “SIM -” she began, hissing at the computer, and then the artificially intelligent program was active again.

Good afternoon, Lilly and Tyr.

“Yah, good aftermoon yurself. Lookit, I wanna knowed where Dev is huh !” Tyr spoke.

Good afternoon, Dev is at the Arkos Institute.

Lilly spoke, and there were tears in her eyes, “Tha’ not pothible, we saw it destroyed, blowied up, and all burnied down.”

Dev is at the Arkos Institute.

There was no change in the digital voice as if it were a fact both girls were already aware of. Tyr finally asked a curious question, “Sokay then where is this old Arkos Institute if it's all blowied up is what I want to know huh ?”

* * *

She knew that all maps pointed to the address the police had investigated, but perhaps SIM had more information not listed on a map.

2640 feet underground at the following address, 289 Rockshale Drive.

“Underground !?” Tyr asked astonished that the police could’ve overlooked something as simple as this. And the address was indeed where they were earlier. It was no WONDER they couldn’t find anything with the actual structure starting that far underground !

Tyr asked the important question, “Is Dev alive ?”

Confirmed, Tyr, but his condition has weakened.

“What’d they do to him !?” Tyr asked and raised her hands. Strong waves of violet light shone from them and the air around her crackled with energy. It was clear to see she was enraged to find I wasn’t in pristine condition.

Lilly put a hand on Tyr’s shoulder and shook her head. Finally she addressed SIM, “Where the entrance, THIM ?”

A crude display appeared on the computer showing a topview of the exploded rubble and a bright yellow rectangle where both police and firemen dug fruitlessly in the rubble and apparently missed it. The map changed to rotate 3-dimensionally and the surface of the Earth vanished to be replaced by a larger glow underground.

That was all Tyr needed to know. “Let’s go !” she said and grabbed Lilly’s hand in excitement.

“Not tho fast,” Lilly added. “THIM, what opens the entrance ?”

Magnetic lock.

“Ohno …” Tyr added and sat down angrily on the bed.

Lilly was not deterred and asked another question, “THIM, can you activate this lock ?”


Tyr spoke now and bounced out of bed, alarmed at Lilly, “Nono ! Remember what Dev said ? It’d be the end of the world if they got that old plugin ! We can’t impossibly bring SIM there, if we got caught it’d be horribibble !”

Lilly nodded her head knowingly and spoke, “THIM. There is a switch for thith lock on the outside, right ?” Without waiting for an answer she continued. “How big ith this switch ?”

1-inch high.

And then SIM volunteered new information.

You will not be able to find it on your own.

Once again, SIM seemed to be becoming more sentient and aware of not just others but itself. The girls wondered how far it would be before SIM decided he didn’t want to follow any more orders from them.

Lilly spoke in a commanding voice, “One more thing, SIM !”

Yes, Lilly ?

“Make me tho I can see through walls. We’re gonna need thith if I can find the entrance.”



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© 2014 dw817

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Amazing and interesting write. Can't wait to read the next chapter.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

What type of super power would you want if you could have one, 🐱?

6 Years Ago

Being able to read minds. It would certainly help you understand/ know what poeple really thought ab.. read more

6 Years Ago

It can be a mixed blessing, Madkat.

According to The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.. read more

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