FB1-22 "The Million Buck Diamond"

FB1-22 "The Million Buck Diamond"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr took over and spoke, "OK, Mr. SIM. Play time's over ! Put your baby toys away and listen up ! The next project we gonna make is a DIE-MOUND ! A great biggery die-mound a million bucks high !"



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

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With the newly created cube shrunk, I addressed SIM, "Can you label it ?"

I could've sworn for a moment it sounded disappointed.


I sighed. Almost a perfect machine. "Tyr, do you still have that dippy label-maker of yours ?"

"It's not dippy, Dev !" she replied tartly and reaching around me on the desk, she retrieved it from a drawer which I noticed was filled with way too many candy wrappers. Was she collecting them ?

There had to have been over a hundred or more, all from different candies. I gave her a weird look on my face showing my disgust at her secret cache of sweets.

"Whaaat ?" she wailed defensively. "I get hungrily working in the computers you knowed !"

"Well try eating some peanut-butter." I offered. That's better for you, Tyr."

Tyr shook her head and her hair flipped left and right whipping around her face, "That's okaying for lunch maybilee with lotsa jelly, but knotted by itself."

I shook my head and took the label-maker from her focusing my attention to it, "Seriously, it's better for you."

She didn't reply to that so I clicked out a pink shiny label, "Airmaker" then addressed SIM again, "SIM, the power switch needs to be at least a half-an inch across."


For a teenager I was certainly having to think about really complex stuff now ! I watched as the familiar yellow grid re-appeared and boosted the switch slightly from it's casing.

I paused, catching my breath and collected my thoughts carefully for the next statement.

Nodding I said, "SIM, for future reference unless otherwise mentioned, all new fabricated items for the project are exactly 1-foot cube weighing one pound or less."

"They will have an infinite power supply, have a power switch that lights up white to turn it on and the light goes out when turned off and we will work on your ability to label items."


I smiled, pleased with myself. I had spoken in a way SIM understood me perfectly. And there we had it. The first completely from-scratch high-technology device. And it was the first step towards me and Tyr getting away from bullies forever.

I only hoped that Tyr was sincere in what she said about us being and living together forever.

I clicked out the rest of the label, cut it with scissors, and stuck it on the side of the device as once you peeled off the underside it was already pretty sticky.

Then I turned it on and a cool breeze shot out the top of high-tech vents with only a small murmur of white noise. The air smelled sweet like a garden filled with hundreds of fragrant fruity flowers.

For a moment I realized that was 100% oxygen. I remember visiting Gramma Deane at the hospital and she let me try out her oxygen thingie one time and it was sweeter than regular air.

"Wonderful !" I remarked. I marveled at the internal workings and was almost eager to take a screwdriver to see how it functioned, but being alien technology that it was, I worried that it could blow up and take out the entire city block.

I remembered seeing a Science Fiction movie a few weeks ago where one fellow was tinkering with an alien contraption on a spaceship and suddenly it ignited him, vaporizing him in a red-hot yellow fire in seconds.

Tyr stuck her nose up against it too, lost in her own airy thoughts. "Man that DO smelled good !" she said. Then she gave me a wide grin. Oh oh, here we go !

She put her hands on her hips and faced the computer with a serious look of determination on her face:

"OK, Mr. SIM. Play time's over ! Put your baby toys away and listen up ! The next project we gonna make is a DIE-MOUND ! A great biggery die-mound a million bucks high !"

SIM paused for a good long moment. I waited to see if any of that could made sense to him. If it could digitally sigh in exasperation through its voice output, I think it did. Kind of a digital puff of white noise.

Finally a vocal reply returned, and did it sound agitated, or was that my imagination ?


Her face immediately shot a dangerous red of rage and her eyes grew wide with anger. "Tyr -" I began tiredly trying to explain.

Then she faced me and softened her expression jerking her head left and right, "Aww, c'mon Dev, you had your chance, you got your air doodle thingamabobsie."

She faced the computer again. "Now it's my turn baby boyyy."

And she started to walk to the computer to describe her bauble. "Now SIM, pay tension cause it's all 'portant," she said like she was reciting from a dictionary:

"My die-mound It's really biggery, sparkly, reds, lots of red shootinged all everywheres, did I men-chump it's all sparklery ? And ... spensive !"

I looked at her with a serious expression and my voice was strained. "Tyr, just what are you going to do with a diamond, 'a million bucks high' ?'"

She turned back to me, "Well, look at it I guess. It's gotta be pretty right ?" she twirled her bare toes at me. She was holding back something and I knew it.

"Not try to sell it for cash to buy stuff you really don't need - like more candy maybe ?" I asked with a slight smile playing on my face.

"Yah, I'd NEVER do that." She assured me and suddenly did that double-cross thing on her chest again, but I saw even though she had tied her towel around her so waist, it wouldn't take many more arm movements for it to fall.

There was a long pause and she looked down at the floor and tightened her bare toes, gripping the carpet.

"Not until I whackered off a few good pieces outed of it first." she said under her breath.

* * *

I chuckled and raised her chin to look at her. She had a biggo smile on her face and dollar-signs danced in those perfect violet eyes. Man she was so predictable, and maybe this was why I loved her ?

I stared right into those black-hole greedy pupils of her and spoke, "SIM, cancel the 'biggo die-mound project,' Shutdown for now. Thank you."

SIM actually sounded relieved as I was pretty sure he didn't know how to handle Tyr's obscure request.


The screen went black and Tyr moaned in dismay, her huge diamond just out of reach now. I walked around her and sat down in the plastic chair by the computer which creaked under my weight, I knew much more and those cheap little legs would give out.

I nodded, concluding her jeweled escapade and taking out the SIM I examined to see how she made a necklace out of it.

I was afraid for a moment she drilled a hole in it, which could be dangerous. But no, she just used a little bit of super-glue on her chain to attach it. Then I looked at her.

"Tyr, what am I gonna do with you ?" I said to no-one in particular.

Suddenly Tyr flopped in the chair sitting on top of me, and livid that she still was, she started bouncing her butt up and down in my lap saying:

"Well if I'm THAT rotten I guessed you gots to give me a biggo spanking on my bare BUTT cause I've been SUCH a bad girl today I knowed. asking for things I OBVIMOUSLY don't deserve."

She wrinkled her lips up at me in a scowl, her attempt at reverse psychology clearly was not going to work with me.

I grinned and tried to get up but she wouldn't let me, and the more I struggled, the looser that towel became, and she knew it ! She grinned mischievously at me and looked down at her chest, the first part of herself to be revealed if that damned towel fell.

Finally I cried back, "I know what I'll do ! I'll let your OWN Mom spank you and LORD knows it pasts time !" I said struggling to get up from her weight and the chair.

It sagged on it's thin plastic legs too, giving a terrible creaking sound, clearly in it's death throes for trying to support two people at a time in it. One on top bouncing like jello.

But apparently I hit a nerve because for a moment, if just for a moment, she stopped bouncing and looked sorry, "Please don't tell Mom what I did, Dev." she said and looked seriously at me. For what, was my question ?

I was confused. This was another game she was playing and I didn't understand the rules again. I sighed, looked up at her and did as she did with me earlier. I tapped her forehead and said, "It's all in your head, Tyr."

"Meanie," she whispered and then leaned over and started nibbling on my left ear, which actually felt pretty good right then, with her wet hair up against my neck. So I let her, enjoying the peaceful moment, and feeling her heartbeat next to mine.

Then she started to chew on my ear a little bit too rough and I was about to push her off in when -

The front door to Tyr's house burst open and we could hear Tyr's babysitter returning ! Tyr and her folks called her Miss Oshmeyer, but me and my family just called her Maggie.

She was only 4-years older than me or Tyr, and a bit of a wild child at that. But a babysitter - she was NOT !

Her voice echoed plainly in the entry hall, "Tyr, are you in ? You been good while I was gone, weren't you ?"

"D****t!" Tyr squeaked and ran out dropping her towel in the process.

I immediately focused my attention to the plugin and she was in to much a hurry to tease me right then so I saw out of the corner of my eye her reach down to scoop it up and run out butt naked.

I felt like I could pass out ! I immediately turned the chair to face the opposite direction and tried to unthink what I just saw ! My heart was beating so fast now I thought even Tyr could hear it !

But apparently she didn't. "I'se in the shower, be out-and-about in a bit, mizzee Oshmeyer !" I heard her yell from around the door.

Suddenly I heard Maggie clicking her heels and making her way towards where I was ! I quickly coiled up the chain Tyr had her plugin on and draped it around the far end of Tyr's bedpost.

Then I dived into her closet. Her clothes all smelled like perfume in here and was enough to make me puke rainbows which were magically delicious.

There were also slats so I could see shadows through the closet. Tyr re-entered her room, her towel tied back on and I could hear Ms. Oshmeyer's voice outside her door.

"Well hurry up, Tyr, your parents are going to be back in less than an hour and I want you to make sure and tell them what a great job I do as a babysitter."

She knocked once on the door and spoke almost melodically. "You know the deal, Tyr. You and I both get our way if no-one says anything."

Tyr scrunched up her face in a grimace, "Yah yah, you'se great and all that jazz-a-mah-tazz, mizzy Oshymeyer." Then she went around the corner and all I could see were shadows.

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence and then I heard Ms. Oshmeyer's heavy footsteps walking down the hall away from her room. A few seconds later Tyr burst open the closet half-dressed giving me a heart-attack in the sudden movement.

She looked at me with an anxious face, "Scram you hooting peeping tomboy, I'll see you tomorrows at school, 'kay ?"

I ran out, tapping her bedpost to show where I put her plugin and stealthily ran around Maggie who was in the kitchen moaning to herself at the horrendous mess Tyr made.

I looked momentarily. It was like a bomb hit the kitchen, and I saw she had spilled flour all over the floor.

"Tyris Domen Cryshta !!" Ms. Oshmeyer shrieked her full name in rage. That was clearly my queue to leave so I ran out the front front door with Ms. Oshmeyer no more the wiser that I was there.

As I grabbed my bicycle from around the corner of the house it felt like there were unseen people in the distance. It was a very definite feeling this time.

I dismissed it and put my bicycle in high-gear grinding the gears in a mechanical whine to get back to my own home where my folks were waiting for me. I was just in time for dinner.

I raked it down followed by some kind of cherry cobbler dessert and, physically exhausted, went to bed.

Tomorrow was another school day, but while I lay motionless in bed my brain burned with ideas of what to do with SIM so it was already Monday by the time I finally fell asleep.

Dreaming of all things, Captain Circumference, my hero, chastising and shaking his gloved and muscled finger at me for using the plugin for my own selfish benefit.


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