FB1-27 "Tyr's Nightmares, part 2"

FB1-27 "Tyr's Nightmares, part 2"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr struggled and and her Mummy told her angrily, "If you can't stay clean like a good little girl, then this MUST be where you belong. Now GET in there and STAY in there cause this is your new home."



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Tyr looked confused for a second, sucking her finger shyly. Her Mummy taught her it was not ladylike to suck her thumb at her age so she sucked her finger instead and her Mummy never stopped her from that.

She was certainly a little frightened at the boy's size. To emphasize what he said, he pointed to the scary port-a-potty they just took her out of. Tyr looked at it with him still sucking noisily on her finger. Then he smiled widely to her.

Suck suck went the finger as she was all confused by what he was saying.

"Why ?" she finally asked the boy quietly with her finger still in her mouth, scared of going back in that scary place as she lisped the question.

Finally he whispered again in her ear. "Get back in there and eat that POO !" he said with a cruel voice, a little louder.

Poor already scared little Tyr then REALLY started to wail in fear thinking about what he said, and at her age where her brain was still developing, she wondered if he was right considering the way she smelled right now.

She thought fearfully and had a childish waking nightmare, one of several to follow in her lifetime.

... Her Mummy was now disgusted, hot, exhausted from cleaning her up, and to top it off, tired of the constant ridicule people were now starting to say about her being such a bad mother to let this happen to her own little daughter.

When she suddenly grabbed Tyr painfully by the wrist And marched her back to the porta-potty she was just taken out of.

Doing this she flung open the door, smacking it against it's hinges and held Tyr over the scary opening by her arms.

As Tyr struggled and whined her Mummy told her angrily, "If you can't stay clean like a good little girl, then this MUST be where you belong. Now GET in there and STAY in there cause this is your new home !"

And then Mummy set her back in, and the mire gurgled nastily to admit her again until she sank up to her shoulders, ruining what was left of her pretty costume.

And then her Mummy closed the lid over the top of her so she could only see a little bit of light at the edge of the seat.

Mummy then rubbed her hands free of the event and returned back to the carnival. Her girlfriend waved to meet and catch up with her laughing, "Aren't you glad to be rid of that little stinker ?"

Then Tyr would feel scared and miserable, afraid now to say anything, in that wide scary space with all the stink around her, and it would smell so poo-ey too.

And she'd be much too little to try and climb out on her own so she'd have to stay there, as her Mummy told her to.

She thought about this. Maybe she really did belong in here as the bigger boy said ?

She put her finger in her mouth for comfort when she suddenly cried out pitifully at the terrible poo-ey taste it left in her small mouth from where she was.

Such is one little 4-year old girl's nightmare about her Mummy from one older boy's cruel words on her small, impressionable mind.

... So now, even with Tyr all grown up at 16-years old, when she was feeling sorry for herself, which she tried not to do too often, she still believed sometimes - that she did belong in there, as the mean boy expected of her years ago.

It was absolutely terrifying for a little girl to think her Mummy would abandon her in this way ! Naturally that never happened, but Tyr had a wild and wide imagination, even for a little girl, which could really scare her sometimes.

Returning to the scene where little Tyr was still being washed down with the hose by her Mummy, after the mean boy whispered what he did, he ran off laughing, and Tyr never told anyone what he said to her.

Though her Mummy did ask her a few times as she brusquely continued to clean her off.

Little Tyr, age 4, just continued to sob silently - hoping she would never ever have to live in there as the waking nightmare showed her.

And Tyr, back where we were at the construction site had even more to think about as she continued to stare at the wide opening in the bathroom. It reminded her of a further nightmare she had a little over 4-years ago.

A really bad one, deeply rooted in this childhood phobia she still had today. It was so terrible - she didn't even want to think about it.

Before she slept that night and ignoring her Mummy's warnings about eating too much sugary cereal at night and watching spooky movies.

She got in a terribly loud fight with her as she was feeling so sorry for herself about having the WORSTEST DAY EVER at school and felt so sad and miserable for herself.

But Tyr's conscience was in full working order and TONITE she was going to learn an important lesson in feeling sorry for herself.

Tyr who was still enraged about her earlier day punched her pillow with her hands angrily and kicked her cute stuffed animals out of bed furious that they would share their space with her.

Finally she went to sleep while having a terrible nightmare, where she carried the rage, of feeling so sorry for herself from the earlier day, directly into the dream.

* * *

The nightmare she had was that she was somehow older, in her 30s, and instead of listening to her Mummy like she should've, she failed in her classes, failed in her tests, failed in life, really.

And the only job she could get was to work maintenance at a recreation park for minimum wage. And the job she had this night, every Wednesday in fact, set by her boss, was the worst !

To clean out a shared septic tank under a small hill that connected to an old-fashioned outside park toilet that sat 3 people across, with a wall divider for privacy to each patron.

The contents to the vat were already emptied by the professionals a day earlier but it was Tyr's job and hers alone to scrub the bottom clean of any solid bits remaining to prevent a build-up that could cause irreparable damage to the container if not maintained.

And there was just enough room in the vat for one person to kneel in and scrub. And she mopped her forehead which beaded sweat as it was a hot summer night.

She looked up momentarily to see the 3 egg-shaped openings 12-feet above her, dimly lit in the moonlight from a ventilation window at the top.

And as she cleaned and scrubbed and scoured, she scowled and wrinkled her nose at the horrid smell and felt sorry for herself that she was stuck with such a deplorable job.

Her own pretty red hair looked quite a bit like the contents she was cleaning now.

And her bright beaming wild and beautiful violet eyes from youth had grown dull and lifeless over the years from being subjected to such terrible treatment and having her dreams dashed and smashed before her.

All because she didn't do her studies and become a registered nurse as her Mummy wanted her to ! How much simpler would her life had been had she done what she was supposed to !? And then she wouldn't be in - this - this - horrible MESS, as she was now !

As most dreams have, she had unique memories and there was one that there was a refreshing hot shower for use by the park guests a short distance from here and after she finished scrubbing the filth from this vat.

She was going straight over there to get cleaned up and spend an hour, if need be, doing so !

But this particular nightmare of Tyr's was determined to teach her an important lesson about life.

A light-bulb above that had been off, suddenly popped into life, shining an eerie red color giving the 3 openings above an otherworldly look. A very clear sign of something terrible to occur !

Right then she heard a large number of vehicles approach from above and what sounded like several happy people, all talking and laughing.

Just then the doors to all 3 wooden restrooms were flung open, creaking on the cheap springs, by guests who apparently had just come from a busy party and restaurant. From the ruckus it sounded like there was a huge mob of people out there now !

And more cars were still driving up. She heard more car doors opening and slamming and more people talking busily and eagerly with each other.

And they all came in to use the facilities that she was in the bottom of cleaning ! She turned around and reached for the exit but found it wouldn't budge !

There were so many vehicles outside now that apparently one guest who was unable to find a parking place up front drove around the back of the restrooms on the lower hill landing and was now blocking the maintenance hatch with their car bumper !

She was trapped !

And as the group of people did their business not even bothering to see where they were doing it, no-one managed to hear the soft and pitiful crying of Tyr.

She was quite perfectly miserable at the bottom and too ashamed to ask for help or even speak up to tell them to stop what they were doing.

She looked up now and saw the terrible sight of all 3 seats covered by the naked underside of humanity.

And like a nightmarish jury they each proclaimed their terrible verdict by spewing forth their evidence on top of her. Guilty - they told her in their own uniquely grotesque and horrible way.

Tyr's own beautiful dreams and loving spirit were pushed and mashed down into the filth as one guest after another dropped their disgusting deposit in her lap.

And then proceeded to bury her in the ensuing trickle of horrible sewage following, ending whatever sense of hope or humanity was left in her.

And more and more guests used the seats and emptied their own cares and concerns upon her, not caring a whit that they might be suppressing someone's very morality and mortality beneath them.

Tyr cried softly and bitterly realizing the utter hopelessness of the situation.

Finally buried up to her waist in the filth that oozed easily around her now, she closed her eyes to the nightmare and spoke quietly and full of tearful conviction and acceptance with what the mean boy at the carnival told her that so many years ago.

"I belong here."

And then suddenly she couldn't breathe !

So terrible was her dream that a fierce tightness gripped her chest when she finally awoke, it was as if her heart might've even stopped for a moment giving her a frightful scare.

And then the nightmare suddenly ended with Tyr waking up, sweat covering her entire body from fear.

She screamed loudly for her Mummy to be with her !

Her Mummy did arrive, in less time than a minute in fact, and she was all over her, comforting her baby from the awful dream she had.

But as her Mummy hugged her and told her everything is okay, there was a message behind this nightmare and Tyr knew it. I should never EVER feel that sorry for myself about anything, or it could go very bad for me, she thought to herself.

She had HOPED she would forget that particular nightmare which to date, was the worst she ever had.

She knew she was asking for it though by before going to bed had an unhealthy amount of Sugar Cubes cereal which had the happy talking horse on the cover, and stayed up too late to watch a creepy late-nite horror movie.

One involving a particularly gruesome slimy green monster that gobbled down a city and its residents in it's disgusting grip.

Her Mummy warned her not to watch the show as it was rated SV for "slurpy violence," but she was feeling so sorry for herself and self-centered that she ignored her warning. Isn't it any wonder she had such a terrible nightmare built on her phobias ?

Then Tyr was consciously back at the construction site with me, and she returned the finger to her mouth to suck deeply on it now, intent in thought about the nasty dream she had back then and how much it terribly frightened her even today.

Despite it being utter and complete nonsense. But maybe she was too young to realize that ? The sight of this particular construction commode, large as it was, brought back all these terrible memories for her.

And to this date, Tyr still had problems of going to the bathroom before she got there because of this phobia the boy instilled in her combined with this horrendous nightmare.

But that was an ultra-mega-super-secret she kept from Dev. Only her Mummy knew about it and she did the best she could to keep her baby Tyr clean, despite her age, because of her inability to control herself.

"Tyr - " I began uneasily. She looked like she just had a terrible dream while she was wide awake and I was more concerned now since she had a start of tears in her eyes that trickled down onto her pretty night gown.

I recognized tears like this. The kind that ate you alive from the inside. For I had cried such like this myself in the past.

She had stood there motionless now for several minutes staring into the opening of the construction toilet with thoughts too terrible to share with me and still unable to speak.


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