FB1-09 "Mind Games"

FB1-09 "Mind Games"

A Chapter by dw817

She looked at me with an indulgent smile which pulled me from my vengeful wishful thinking. "Oh my, you're face is all red, Devvy !" she said in a half-apologetic tone, and then she started laughing.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I returned the glare back to Tyr, happy to breathe normally again and rubbed my nose vigorously with my fingers wiping them disdainfully on my shirt, certain there was something unpleasant there.

I forced anger into my head, to blink back the tears, refusing to let them fall so she could count them for her twisted scoreboard.

I also prayed that I didn't get the dreaded cooties, although I had heard that the moment you got them, you knew it. I didn't feel that way so perhaps I was safe - for now.

But then I thought about what she did, and where my nose was ! God ! Is this what her Mother had to put up with her when she was in public and Tyr wanted to get her way on things ?

I hoped, sincerely, with all my heart that if she did this sort of nonsense, that she got a painful spanking she'd NEVER forget, and right on her bare BUTT.

Which she seemed to be so proud of sticking in front of me since we'd been dating, so - so - SO she can't sit down for a week ! No, a MONTH !

Then she looked at me with an indulgent smile which pulled me from my vengeful wishful thinking. "Oh my, you're face is all red, Devvy !" she said in a half-apologetic tone, and then she started laughing with a gloat on her face and twirled my nose with her finger playfully.

This was too much ! I knocked her hand away and sputtered, "That's cause I couldn't breeze with you doing - with you in my - you evil - evil little DESSERT THIEF !" I finally admonished unable to find a really good curse as I was so flustered right then.

She licked her lips thoroughly for any of the treat she stole from me that she might have missed. "Is THAT what I am ?" she queried in mock surprise.

A tone that indicated the dessert had a life of it's own, and had forcefully thrown itself down her throat, clearly against her will.

I was furious at the moment however, not seeing what she did earlier as so innocent as her other teasing.

So I set down my juice-box angrily and reached over to grab the empty dessert wrapper from her grip and angrily held it in front of her, "Now where is my dessert !?" and held out my other flat empty hand for her to deposit it.

Yeah, I thought to myself, she better just cough it up.

Without a word she squatted to kneel in front of me and looked into my own eyes with those perfect violet ones of her own, and said in a voice, not like her cute sweet one, "Where do you think it went, Dev ?" she said.

And started humming that damned 'Danny Boy' theme again.

I grimaced. Whenever she hummed that stupid theme, she had wickedness in mind, and always for me. But this time I bit my lip and finally pointed to her chest. "Well, you said it, all goes HERE." I said, the rage fading from me as I could never stay angry for very long.

A weakness to be sure, especially now.

She shook her head and bit her lip as if to portray innocence, which was of course impossible for her, "No, lower than that."

I sighed. Finally I lowered my finger and while I couldn't poke her chest, I pointed lower and spat out in exasperation, "Fine ! Your BIG FAT belly ! Right where it belongs, I guess !"

But Tyr wasn't hurt by what I said. I figured SURELY that would've stopped this game by me calling her fat.

Instead she gave me a quizzical look and scooted closer to me until her own bare knees were comfortably close to my own and I shivered at the weird feeling it made in my head.

That evil mischievous look appeared in her eyes. Oboy, I was going to get it now.

"No, Dev." she said quietly, like she was confiding a great secret to me. Then she took the hand I retracted and traced it carefully down her side working towards her waist, all the while staring intently into my eyes for any sign of discomfort from me.

Once I realized what she was up to I jerked my hand back immediately and she giggled again, tossing her head to the side as her pretty red hair flung to it's side.

But apparently she wasn't done, because then she narrowed her pretty violet eyes wickedly at me and said in a scary and even tone, "If you REALLY want your dessert back. Meet me at your locker after school today."

"Why ?" I asked, because now I was really confused, not knowing where this was going. Did she bring another one of her own or was she going to get it from a friend ?

In reply, Tyr reached down and held my hand nicely and tickled her fingers in the hollow of my palm. Well, that was pleasant enough.

Seeing she had the initiative and caught me off guard in the romantic gesture, she leaned forward and whispered warm air in my left ear, "Cause that's where the girl's room is. Meet me there."

* * *

The look on my face still showed her that I was baffled by what she was saying. Yes, I knew the student's girl's restroom was near my locker.

That's where her and her airhead friends banged open that bathroom door and likely broke the hinges on it, from what I could tell. And ... my ... concussion - and memory loss.

I was 2 lockers down from it, facing the right, on the opposite side of the hall. But I didn't understand. Meet her at my locker ? Tyr's own locker was at the far end of the hall, at least 3 classes down from where mine was. How was this related - to anything ?

I shook my head confused. Seeing I needed a little guidance past my blinding naivety, she stuck her head all the way up my ear and whispered breathlessly.

"Meet me inside the girl's restroom, Dev, to get your dessert back, and bring the wrapper cause you'll need it."

And then she pulled back suddenly with a barely concealed smile, holding her bottom lip to stare intently at my face with wide open eyes which made what she said even more frightening.

My own mouth opened in aghast shock and - words - completely failed me then.

She lowered her eyes on me and watched the expression of horror on my face and grinned from ear to ear like the very devil had possessed her, which clearly it had to suggest something as nasty as that.

Finally I wrinkled my nose at her and yelled back with as much assertiveness as I could muster, which wasn't much at the moment, "God, Tyr ! NO ! You're a real treat ! Did you know that !?"

She jumped up in delight, eager to have finally gotten me to capitulate in this strange battle of words and wills, and laughed in victory, knowing I couldn't keep up this kind of torturous game for very long without giving in.

"Yep ! Yep !" she whooped, "I knowed I am ! But what are you ? Huh ? Huh ?" And then she turned around to run away without waiting for an answer, cause clearly there wasn't any.

I shook my head. I - really - didn't know if Tyr would follow through with her bizarre threats, but I would NEVER give her that opportunity. The lunch I just ate was feeling tormented now even attempting to consider what she said.

As I was lost in morbid thought about her words, she suddenly started to bounce up and down and dance all around the tree, pointing her fingers in and out at me with both hands, looking at me.

She laughed all silly-like with a leer on her face at the look of utter shame on mine, knowing very well what I was thinking right then.

I knew she was trying to get to me and she always did. Man that sugar goes straight to her brain ! That's where I should've pointed first. Her pointed head !

And this wasn't the first word trap she had set for me. If she was really mad, she'd do it in front of others, out loud, making me feel like crawling underground I'd be so embarrassed by her shocking and rude behavior.

So I finally cleared my head of the ridiculous scene, leaned back, and gave a tired smile, sipping on my juice-box and gave her the victory that she so, apparently, rightfully deserved right now.

Tyr, for the most part was a nice girl, but occasionally, just occasionally, she'd do really mean stuff like this like the very devil himself grabbed a hold of her brain. It was the only way I could explain her behavior at times.

So yes. I knew this about her. But maybe that's what made our close friendship so special ? The differences between us. Her meanness versus my kindness. At least I told myself that.

The remaining classes after lunch and recess passed quietly and Tyr followed me home and stayed for dinner.

Mom made meatloaf with mashed potatoes, but the way she made the meatloaf was AWESOME !

She put all kinds of neat spices in it and it was different each time she made it. I thought that made it unique and wonderful.

Then, after dinner a dessert, apple pie a-la mode, YUM !

Later we both went upstairs to my bedroom and messed around with the amazing plugin, and vowed Friday to do a really interesting experiment with it, another test of it's incredible abilities.


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© 2013 dw817

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The remaining classes after lunch and recess passed quietly and Tyr followed me home and stayed for dinner.
Later we both went upstairs to my bedroom and messed around with the amazing plugin, and vowed Friday to do a really interesting experiment with it, another test of it's incredible abilities.

so a sigh for now ......
next chapter experiment..hmm

best wishes

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Perhaps, or perhaps I meet a new person who befriends me, Cheldon. Life takes many turns. :)

7 Years Ago


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