FB1-45 "Taken Advantage Of"

FB1-45 "Taken Advantage Of"

A Chapter by dw817

The Mandelbrot on the viewscreen had become so graphic and bright I was blinking my eyes frustrated, trying to concentrate on the center. The steering control shook with turbulence.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Lilly didn't miss a beat, "My turn, I believe."

She then reached for the razor on the coffee-table. Choo-Choo at this point had returned noticing the absence of the undesirable rain-effect and with intense interest, watched as Lilly raised the razor reflecting it in the dimmed light.

Tyr nodded solemnly and unfastened, then removed my pants revealing clean white underwear. I slept on, however. Lilly came close and stroking her fingers playfully across my bare legs worked her way up to my inner thigh.

Satisfied she found the right spot, she reached around the couch where her jacket was on the side and pulled out two clean red washcloths from a pocket inside. She unwrapped the first one and raising up my leg, slid it underneath the top of my leg.

The other red washcloth one she delicately unwrapped and set on the arm of the couch behind her. Then she reached in her jacket for a band-aid box and pulling one of the band-aids out, also set it on the arm of the couch returning the box back to her jacket.

Continuing the ritual and biting her lip in anticipation for just a moment, with adept fingers she pierced the razor, slashing it quickly across the desired spot in my flesh. Then she smiled widely as the blood started to flow onto the washcloth.

She quickly placed the razor on the cloth behind her, then dived down with her mouth to passionately pounce and suck and lick the blood out of my inner thigh massaging the muscular part of my leg with both of her hands, like a kitten who is nursing.

In my dream I was only remotely disturbed and reached down to scratch a spot on my legs though I showed no movement outside the dream. The mandelbrot on the view-screen had become so graphic and bright I was blinking my eyes in frustration trying to concentrate on the center. The steering control shook with turbulence which I found difficult to hold steady.

A moment later a warning klaxon came from the starship's alert system stating that I was starting to veer off course into the void.

After a full minute of silence, Tyr was the first to speak. "Better ?"

Lilly pulled up and deliberately rubbed her fingers, palm, and knuckles across her face to trail excess blood onto them. Clicking her tongue once was all that was needed. Choo-Choo jumped up to Lilly's outstretched hand upon command.

Lilly held up each finger for him like a treat as he carefully and quickly licked each of the bloody fingers clean. Lilly also continued to lick her lips and wipe her face of any stray blood with the cloth behind her. In a short amount of time, there was no sign Lilly had done anything untoward.

Choo-Choo jumped down from her hands onto the back of the couch washing his paws and looked at Tyr with his bright red eyes gleaming, and awaited further commands from Lilly.

Blood quietly seeped onto the washcloth from my open gash. Lilly reached around for the band-aid behind her, and opening the sticky ends pushed it hard against my thigh covering the wound. She raised back up my leg to retrieve the stained washcloth, wiping my leg with it slightly to clean the blood that flowed down, and then wiped the razor clean with the same cloth.

Then she carefully folded up the two washcloths and put them back in her jacket and clicking open her bracelet, returned the cleaned razor back to it.

There was a moment of silence as Lilly continued to lick her lips still tasting the blood.

"Good, now it's my turn." Tyr said and reaching again for the control, tapped the thunderbolt to return the holographic rainstorm.

Choo-Choo looked up and seeing his mistress didn't need him further, he chirped angrily and raced back off to the kitchen to avoid getting hit by the unwanted illusory raindrops.

Tyr climbed up on the couch beside me, and as she had done days ago in bed, she did so here, once again straddling my ears with her knees and then mashed her cottony indulgence against me.

Lilly got on the opposite end of the couch to kneel on its arm and leaned over to kiss Tyr fully on the lips as she positioned herself over me. Then Tyr started to rock back and forth, moaning softly, while kissing Lilly and holding on to her chest, occasionally inching forward to get more of me up in her.

In my dream, a strange darkness suddenly swept over the starship I was in and without warning, I couldn't see the Mandelbrot any more and it vanished before my sensors ! I looked with fear down at the ship's controls to see if they revealed anything useful about where I was now.

I watched perplexed as new formulae were carefully being entered unbidden into the craft's navigational system from some ghostly receiver. A wave of purple suddenly water crashed against the sides of the ship shaking it violently, and I fought the ship's steering to maintain balance in the new environment.

Baffled, I looked behind me to see a rooster's tail of violet water spraying up from the ship. Somehow I had left the galactic mandelbrot and was now in an dark violet ocean, possibly on a remote planet's surface of unknonw origin, and the ship I was in was bucking to and fro from the choppy waves.

Just then an odd moan emitted from my headset which I tapped inquisitively wondering if it was malfunctioning.

New coordinates finally appeared on my viewfinder console near the steering wheel, so I fought to maintain this course now following a makeshift hydra's wave. But to my horror the weird purple water started to leak into the craft !

* * *

A bit splashed on my legs but didn't seem to have any effect, feeling only slightly warm. But where it hit the ship it sparked violently like it was causing a catalytic reaction to it !

The leak continued. Turning my head I saw a controller that was flashing some alarming lights and then a few drops of it hit the ship on the floor in front of me where it flashed in a shower of sparks beneath me and then a new red light demanded attention directly on the console ahead of me.

In panic I let go one hand of my steering control to hold a finger against the roof of the starship in an attempt to stop the leak with it.

The steering control shook violently in my single unsteady left hand and I saw myself start to veer off course into the void. It also didn't stop the leak as it trickled around my finger. Frustrated, I returned both hands to stabilize the ship as it now splashed freely around me. And while it reacted so violently to the ship around me, to me it was just like warm salt-water.

Now a steady trickle came down and hit my lap where it sizzled in the seat like acid !

I shook my head in frustration. Wasn't this starship supposed to be airtight ? What did I remember ? How did I get here ?

Getting no answers, I decided to duck my head down for a moment to look out the front view-port up to see the top of the ship and saw bright fluffy clouds from the transparent crystalline canopy that looked all cottony, like big pillows.

Suddenly, gravity shifted wildly on the planet, as if it were a living thing, and the wave bucked like an eruption occurred beneath the surface, and I felt my body rising out of the chair to float somehow straight through the top of the starship. I clutched at the controls trying to hold on but was wrenched free of them.

There was a wave of dizziness as I passed through the solid crystalline top of it. I continued to look up and saw the strange warm liquid flowing freely out of one of the clouds to now splash freely on to me, like a warm shower, but had a kind of stickiness to it.

I blinked my eyes perplexed, and then looked down for a second to see my starship out of control, absent of a pilot, now crash against the sides of the void. But instead of an explosion it looked like it was being covered over in mud, the kind Tyr made in her mud-pie, which didn't make any sense to me.

Well, that mission was scrubbed I thought sadly to myself. I hope headquarters got most of the data they needed for the mandelbrot before it's demise.

Then with a springy -oof!- my face was buried against one particularly fat and wet pillow-cloud which, while soft and spongy was damp and quickly filling up again. Was it a raincloud ? I did hear thunder from my headset so perhaps it was.

And then I heard a weird voice and it was - strange, and haunting, like a woman wailing ! I shook my head frightened at the sound and tapped my hand to the ear-piece. Was that Tyr ? If Tyr's involved, then she's up to no good I thought !

I struggled for a bit, trying to wake up and was unsuccessful. I heard her giggle for a bit in my headphones.

Outside the dream, Tyr continued to maintain her position as Lilly watched fascinated at the uncomfortable expression on my face from the predicament in my dream.

I moved my head uncomfortably but was still unable to wake up. Tyr wiggled her waist even more, determined to not let me get away that easily, and looked down in delight with a terrible leer at my prone position.

Tyr stayed perfectly still with her hands and my shoulders and her own head leaned back, breathing hard. Then she suddenly squeaked like a mouse, and after another moment finally bounced off the couch around the coffee table and stood in place to shake all over like a dog drying himself.

"Omigod !" she said giggling and jumping up and down in place on her bare toes.

Lilly laughed too and stepped down from the arm of the couch, turned off the enviromentalizer. Tyr pointed at the silly sight of me still half-asleep as I finally started to fall asleep properly again. Lilly covered her face in laughter with some fingers and stamped her foot in amusement at the ridiculous sight.

But Then Lilly pointed out something more interesting to Tyr. "Look !" she said suddenly, pointing to my undies.

Tyr was fascinated, "That's the first time I've ever seen something like that, Lilly !" she said and marveled at the unexpected sight.

Without a word Lilly went over and caressed the top of what they were looking at with her delicate fingers. Lilly cooed to it like a bird with a pleasant trilling sound as she trickled her fingertips around the sides of it. I moaned uncomfortably and moved my knees, even while asleep to protect myself.

It hurt so good !

Then Lilly faced Tyr with a wicked smile, as an evil scientist might give it's protégé in training.

"We're not done yet." she said with a tight-lipped smile, and then narrowed her eyes down at me savagely.


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© 2014 dw817

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Very interesting chapter, can't wait to read the next one. :-)


Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Your very welcome, it's all good. It made this chapter very interesting. :-)

6 Years Ago

Good deal that then. OK, I'll write up a new chapter this Wednesday. Hope to see you there. :7
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6 Years Ago

You will. Can't wait till then. :-)

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