FB1-47 "Ice-Cream Overload"

FB1-47 "Ice-Cream Overload"

A Chapter by dw817

Her voice was frantic, "Yes, it's terraable ! He's having a ICE CREAM OVERLOAD ! Send someone at onced ! ... Right ... 238 Briarcrest Drive ... Thanks .. Okay." and then she hung up the phone noisily.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

It was like a curious magic moment. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew this memory would stay with me, so I didn't want to botch it. Be brave, Dev ! Be brave !

A quiet moment passed. Then Lilly spoke, and it sounded like there was sincere affection in her voice.

"Dev, I'm going to put sa nother bandage on your hurt, 'kay ?"

I nodded. And avoiding her nakedness I finally turned my head to look straight into her face. My eyes met hers and, what did I see, it was kindness, and that was good. If I could keep my eyes up here I would likely survive this without getting sick.

Lilly noticed how uncomfortable I was and spoke. "Dev," she said, "please look at me." because at that moment my eyes unbidden were starting to track down, like morbid curiosity to see what - clearly separated boys from girls !

"Up here, silly." she said with a light laugh to her voice and tilted her head so her pretty jet black hair fell playfully to the side.

I looked up at her face and she wiggled on her knees closer to me. Somehow, she was beautiful with those wonderful emerald eyes, and, somehow, she was beautiful NAKED, more beautiful than when she was clothed, but, I didn't know how !

Questions fell pell-mell against my brain a million miles per second, and I felt like my head was going to explode. Calculations, mathematical symbols, concepts in data retrieval, formulae, they all shrieked out against me saying they had no answer to what was happening in my head or heart right now. This did NOT COMPUTE !!

I was brought back to my surroundings by Tyr gently squeezing my hand causing me to jump and then she gave me a soft, warm, wet kiss on my cheek for reassurement. "You're doing just fine, Dev. Relax."

Lilly reached out her hand and I marveled how much smaller it was compared to mine. Tyr took Lilly's hand and did something odd, she kissed it, and then gave her the band-aid she was holding in her other hand.

Then Lilly sat down on her knees facing me, I was still sitting on the seat of the commode. Her face was now inches from the wound, but she still had all her eyes on mine, with a very pleasant smile.

"Let's 'ee what we have here." she said quietly and looking intently into my face with an unwavering gaze she slowly pulled down on the tip of the towel that was already touching the floor.

I crinkled my eyes shut as delicious feelings of warmth and pleasure shot through me and moaned in confusion as the towel deliciously licked and caressed its way across my middle as my bare belly was being revealed. Lilly continued to stare intensely at my expression all the while. And an indulgent smile passed her face seeing me tremble.

Right then I started to cry. I don't know why ! I felt - miserable ! Wretched ! My eyes were wet with tears as the towel was pulled completely on the floor. With my eyes still closed, Tyr pulled out some tissues sitting on the top of the toilet and dabbed them over them. Then she reached up from her chair to rock me a little left and right comfortingly.

As she did so she spoke soothing, "Shh shh shh. Dev. It's okay. You are a man today, not a boy. You need to accept that now."

Why was I feeling this way ? I could trust them, couldn't I ? I realized now that I wasn't going to get hurt, but I might get a bit more an education about girls than I ever had EVER wanted and clearly Tyr was there to comfort me in my confusion and fear.

I also realized that I was feeling weird and heavy again between my legs and was definitely making an impression in the towel. But Lilly seemed to pay it no mind and with the towel completely off of me now, she focused on the wound which was seeping drops of blood on to the tiled bathroom floor.

But before she put on the band-aid, she gave my wound a soft kiss causing electricity to shoot up my spine which later turned to radiant warmth washing over my forehead. "This will help it to heal." she said. And then smoothed the band-aid on it.

As she did so, something completely unexpected happened. a little wetness came out the top of my thingie. I suddenly looked down at it wide-eyed with fear. I was completely panicked now.

"I'm overloaded with ice-cream and it's tearing its way out !" I finally said and cried out loud in misery not knowing if my thingie was going to explode next and I would die.

Lilly looked away from the wound for a moment with a look that indicated I was a total idiot.

"There ?" she finally  asked incredulously and looked straight at it. There was a moment of silence as I whimpered helplessly. Then she and Tyr both laughed. It didn't make me feel too bad, but it let me know I was wrong.

"No Dev." Lilly continued, still smiling.

Her eyes tried to read my own to see if I understood what she was saying. She bit her lip as if trying to think of the right words. Finally she spoke louder, "This just means you are ERECT. That means you are ready to come."

"I'm WRECKED ? Can't I be fixed ?" I looked down to the band-aid and thought maybe it was a worse cut than I thought.

* * *

"Where am I coming, I mean, going to ?" I asked and imagined a scary ride in an ambulance to a hospital. Oh God what would my Mom say ? "Am I going to the hospital ? Can they get the ice-cream outta me ? Am I going to DIE !?"

Right then I think I blacked out and saw a terrible scene in my unconsciousness:

Suddenly a big chunk of soft-serv vanilla ice cream glurped out the top, it was ice cold, frozen, and I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. Tyr had seen this before and panicking, rapidly ran back into the living room, and lifting the receiver dialed 9 1 1, speaking hurriedly into the phone.

Her voice was frantic, "Yes, it's terraable ! He's having a ICE CREAM OVERLOAD ! Send someone at onced ! ... Right ... 238 Briarcrest Drive ... Thanks ... Okay." and then she hung up the phone noisily.

"Hurry up, Tyr !" Lilly called, her voice rising in fear from the bathroom. Tyr returned back to see now that there was now more than a quart of ice cream gushing easily out the top. The strong, sweet vanilla flavor was in the air and Lilly as if medically examining me, bent down to touch and taste it. "It sice-cream alright, sugar-free ! This si a real emergency !"

Suddenly there was loud knocking at the front door. Tyr ran out of the bathroom and opened it to reveal strong men pushing in a wide gurney and crashing it against the side wall, knocking down an abstract painting on the far side.

They stopped to stare down at Tyr who was still in her undies and murmured uncomfortably amongst themselves as if they had come to the wrong house.

Then a taller paramedic, a strong woman entered wearing a surgical mask and she was all business, "Wanabee Emergency Medical. We're responding to a serious ICE CREAM OVERLOAD ! Where is the victim now ?"

Tyr pointed to the bathroom. Suddenly they heard a frightened shriek of terror from Lilly who was running out now, top speed, terrified, still, also only in her undies. She had vanilla ice cream smeared all over her face and was trembling both from what she saw and from the cold temperature of the dessert on her cheeks.

The woman paramedic looked in the bathroom and commented aghast, "Omigod, we're too late !"

I was huddled over in one corner, naked. One hand slumped down to my side useless and my other icicled one outstretched for help as premium sugar-free vanilla ice cream was shooting out of me thingie so hard now it had broken the bathroom mirror, the shower curtain, and part of the wooden cabinet in front of the toilet.

Thick ribbons of it oozed down the walls, and the pure savory sweetness was now nearly a foot thick on the tiled floor all around. It was also rapidly working its way onto the living room carpet beyond the bathroom door and staining it with its rich, milky goodness.

My thingie itself, the source of the disaster, was going off like a jackhammer in overdrive, and completely against my will, squirted quart after quart of the delicious treat in all directions. The temperature of the bathroom itself had lowered from the influx of the frosty dessert, and it felt like a storage freezer unit in here now.

The paramedic sloshed partially inside the bathroom and audibly cried out in anguish. Then she spoke in a pained voice, and a vapor of frosted air came out of her surgical mask and spoke muffled by it, "Oh, if only you had called us sooner, dear child ! The only thing we can do now is GET A SPOON and EAT our way to a rescue ! There may still be time to save him !"

Then, more seriously and she spoke anxiously to Tyr, "Where do you keep your kitchenware ?"

Suddenly I realized that Tyr was snapping her fingers in front of my eyes as I must've zoned out from the waking nightmare. "You okay, sweetiepop ? Welcome back to this is your life, huh ?"

I shook my head, but was still panicked realizing I was still in the same predicament. "Do I need to see a doctor ?" and pointed to my thingie which had oozed another drop of ice cream out of it. "I don't wanna die !" I said and cringed my hands in front of me, worried for my very life !

Tyr and Lilly laughed again, louder. This time they didn't hold back. My whole face turned red in embarrassment and I was so - CONFUSED about what was happening !

Lilly spoke, "Noes illy, it means you are ready to come." She paused. "To come, Dev." No reply from me. I was still not understanding. "you know ..." and then Lilly gave me a wide knowing smile and holding her hangs together spread her fingers out like a blossoming flower. But no. I didn't know ! I shrugged in confusion.

"No, you don't sundertand, do you." she said quietly, and somehow that seemed to excite her. Without a word she placed both hands on my knees and pushed my legs apart which were wrapped together rather tightly. As she did so, a bit more of, and it could only be, the ice-cream from last night, came out the top of my thingie.

"I'm not going to hurt you," she said sincerely. "Hold on to Tyr if you're stills cared." Then she looked straight at the thing intently like she was getting ready to do surgery on it. "But you're ready, ands 'o am I."


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Very interesting chapter, can't wait till the next one comes out. :-)


Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Glad you're enjoying these, I'm trying to keep them subtle though so they are not smut but romance.

6 Years Ago

:-) :-) it my pleasure reading them. :-)

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