FB1-72 "Tyr Drops"

FB1-72 "Tyr Drops"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr whispered in a quiet voice, “I can try.” and then waved her hands slowly both in front and behind her. A beautiful bright violet ring of energy appeared around the two girls and their assailants.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Tyr was just starting to see again and shook her head blinking her eyes rapidly.

Stefani noticed this and cried out with anger in her voice, “Get her now you fools ! We’ll never get this good a chance at her again If her sight returns !”

Tyr turned her head suddenly and blindly to Stefani’s voice and reached out her hand. A pile of boards a few feet to her left shook. Stefani steadied herself on the boards as they wobbled, but she didn’t fall over. She smiled at Tyr, amazed at her power, but even now she could see it was waning after her incredible earlier display.

Tyr turned and spoke to Lilly in a sleepy voice, “I’m " getting tired, Lilly, I caint do no mores.” she said exhausted at the effort of using so much telekinesis at once.

Lilly didn’t say anything but grabbed her by the hand and started to run away with her. But Tyr still groggy, couldn’t even walk forward on the slippery boards and fell down dragging Lilly with her. Morrigan was also standing ready and blocked off their retreat holding his hands out in a grappling position threateningly to Lilly.

He growled menacingly at her. Lilly kicked her legs out on the wood to jump back, frightened at the sight of him, and looked around for another opening to escape.

There wasn’t any. Lilly now screeched frantically in Tyr’s ear, “Tyr ! They’re all around us ! Can you make a ring, a wall, a SOMETHING !?”

Tyr whispered in a quiet voice, “I can try.” and then waved her hands slowly both in front and behind her. A beautiful bright violet ring of energy appeared around the two girls and Morrigan, Dempsey, and Petrov, backed away fearing the worst. Stefani watched with a big smile on her face, knowing that Tyr was probably using up all of her energy now in this last ditch effort.

Suddenly the wood flung up around the two girls making a protective column, just in time, as Dempsey had fired off a shot. It turned out his beretta was also a needle gun, like the other agents Dev fought earlier.

The blue glass needle stuck straight into the wood boards protecting them. Both girls were standing now and Tyr jumped back at the whack against the wood, her sight now fully recovered.

Tyr had created a cylinder of protective wood which was floating around both of them with only a foot of space between each board and went up 15 feet in the air. Dempsey fired another shot and it, too, stuck to the floating wood. He shook his head and concentrated for a more accurate 3rd shot.

Tyr suddenly collapsed on her knees breathing heavily. “Tyr, what’s wrong ?” Lilly cried. The boards stayed levitated though, despite Tyr’s apparent exhaustion. Dempsey was now close enough to get his green laser dot to fire between the opening. He aimed it for Lilly and closed in for the kill.

“Wait !” Stefani said, still on the elevator platform watching the whole thing like it was all for her own entertainment, and approached the scene as her team backed away to let her in.

“Tyr !” Lilly said and coughed, her breath getting hoarse from yelling, “Tyr ! C’mon wake up ! We gotta get out of here !” and Lilly tried to walk back but the boards were solid and while they prevented their assailants from reaching them, it also prevented her from leaving the ring of levitated planks.

She banged on the boards but they remained solid. No escape.

Lilly thought for a second about climbing out of the pillar of levitated pine boards by stepping on the tops of them, but that would leave Tyr behind, and she couldn’t do that ! Not her bestest friend !

After a moment and deliberate long legged walking, Stefani had finally reached the cylinder of wood defending the girls. Tyr was still on her knees trying to recover her strength.

“Are you okay, dear ?” Stefani asked Tyr politely and stooped down on her knees to touch her head through an opening in the barricade like she was genuinely concerned for her safety.

Lilly reached out and slapped Stefani’s intrusive hand sharply. “Don’t you touch her, you WITCH ! And what dju do with Dev huh !?”

* * *

“Witch ?” Stefani asked amused as she had only slightly retracted her hand, not at all afraid of Lilly. “I hope by that you mean a Good Witch. Because I am. I’m here to TAKE you to Dev, isn’t that what you want, TYR ?” and addressed her with incredible sincerity in her voice.

Tyr nodded and started crying, relieved that Dev was apparently alive after all, and that SIM was not mistaken. Stefani reached over again and this time easily caressed Tyr’s red hair through the opening in the wood barricade. Tyr took a good look at Stefani between tearful eyes.

She was gorgeous ! With rainbow reflective eyeliner, holographic nail-polish, and even tendrils of rainbow streamers in her hair. She was also wearing some kind of incredible skirt with silver and pink bands down it that made her look really cute and someone that Tyr could completely trust in a heartbeat.

Tyr raised up from the caressing for a second, cocking her head, and looking at her quizzically. Stefani smiled her best and realized Tyr was summing her up.

Stefani looked like she was a high-tech futuristic super heroine who had come to rescue her from this terrible predicament and magically teleport her home, away from the danger she was in now. That’s what she looked like to Tyr.

And despite her fear and while still on her knees, she lowered her head back down and nuzzled up closer to Stefani, eager to be free of this whole horrible situation. She also breathed in the wonderful fruity perfume Stefani wore, and turned her head to smile up at her. Anyone this dazzling had to be a good person.

Stefani smiled and cooed down to her soothingly, delighted at how trusting Tyr was to her and in such a short amount of time, too.

It was not accidental that Tyr was drawn to Stefani as a friend. Stefani had spent countless hours studying the psychology behind childrens’ naive and unconscious visual and audio desires in a perfect companion and friend.

Stefani did her homework. If it was a boy she was to kidnap, while she had her “Government Secret Agent” outfit to appeal to patriotic young boys, she would also sometimes dress as provocatively as she could to snare him with her allurement and ensure he would have a crush on her with lowered defenses for an easy capture.

If it was a girl, she had many costumes, but often dressed like someone who could protect her and save her from danger, often with glittery headbands, sparkling belts, and beautiful rainbow skirts, sometimes like someone who had super powers herself.

If the girl was especially young, she even had a bright pink plastic gun she carried at times which played pretty music and shot out rainbow streamers that she would shoot at her team who were the “bad guys” to protect the little girl in question.

This would often distract the little girl from the real danger she was in before she was captured by the group.

Stefani had already done several days of research on what she knew of Tyr, and aside from dressing herself with what she believed to be Tyr’s unconscious vision of an ideal friend and protector, she had also trained herself to communicate to a wide range of children at their level.

She was to gain their complete trust with them with her communicative skills that exuded only complete innocence and friendliness to her target. And this could be used to distract them as well as her team could close in. She considered herself a master in this field of deployment.

Stefani had to admit though, she had seen some peculiar things in her time that gave her second thought to what she was actually seeing.

But she had NEVER seen anything more amazing than what Tyr demonstrated earlier as she shot out the violet fireball from her fingertips and blasted Petrov a dozen feet away with her mind powers alone.

Lilly stood up to shake the sawdust off her dress to reassess her situation, but did look down disgusted at how easily Tyr had collapsed under pressure without closely looking at Stefani.

Lilly was more concerned with getting out of their wooden prison. She could see through an opening in the protective ring that Petrov had his gas mask ready now.

He fixed a terrible gaze directly on Lilly and it was obvious he was going to use it on her once the barrier fell down, whether she ran or not. She gulped in fear. It was apparent from his look he was hoping she WOULD run, just for the sport of it.

Stefani spoke in a quiet and reassuring voice directly to Tyr as if Lilly wasn’t even there, “There there. It’s going to be alright, dear. Isn’t it going to be alright, Dempsey ?” and she turned to address him on the other side of the barricade. He had been quietly approaching to get a better shot at Lilly but stopped moving when she spoke to him.

“Yah - all - right.” he said gruffly and mechanically. Lilly whirled her head behind her to his sudden close and deep, gravelly voice to shoot an angry look at him. But surprisingly for her, Dempsey dropped his gun noisily on the ground and raising his hands in surrender smiled timidly at Lilly, backing away.

Lilly was amazed and gained confidence at this development. So maybe they believed she, too, had the special telekinetic power, and she could trick them all into releasing Dev without a further fight !


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© 2014 dw817

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I like your unquie writting style. :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Thanks, MK. I try to write like someone is watching a movie, with very descriptive words that actual.. read more

5 Years Ago

I know what you what you mean. :) And your welcome. :))

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