FB1-24 "That's Not Funny"

FB1-24 "That's Not Funny"

A Chapter by dw817

I started to sweat and coughed. Then I concentrated back on the design in the carpet tracing both of my fingers in it now, going around her shoes, making sure not to touch them.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Still smiling peculiarly, she turned her back to me, flipped her skirt up and bent over to show her little princess panties to me as she took one big step back. As I watched terrified she said quietly and angrily, "You want funny, Dev !? Kiss THIS, THAT'LL be funny !"

She was only inches from my face. I looked up without really meaning to and suddenly looked down again in shock. My stomach flip-flopped and I had to twist my head hard to the side to look away from her.

Right then I looked down finding the design in the carpet really interesting. So interesting I reached down to trace my fingers in it to distract myself.

"I don't hear you laughing." she said in a slow melodic voice ahead of me.

I spoke in an even tone to control my temper, "Tyr, this is not funny ! C'mon, let me up now. I'm sorry, okay ? I'm REALLY SORRY for the way I acted earlier, okay ? Okay !?"

There was no response from her, but clearly she heard me because her pantied globe then homed in on me. Clearly she was using my voice as an indicator where I was sitting until there was no way I could get up now with her looming over me the way she was.

Still tracing the carpet with my fingers, I accidentally tapped the back of her shoe as she stood even closer. As I did so, she bent over just a little bit more to make sure I was getting an eyeful of what she was offering.

She was so close now I couldn't stand up even if I did grab onto her, which clearly I couldn't do for fear of cooties.

I looked up hesitantly from the floor to find she had her head over her left shoulder looking behind her to intently watch me with an unwavering gaze. I met her eyes, to see if she was just playing with me, like she usually did.

This time her eyes were flashing in flame and I looked down to see a really wicked smile on her face, the likes of which I had never seen before. Her perfect and pretty white teeth were clenched in rage.

No, She was dead serious this time. I bit my own lip in fright.

I shook my own head ever so slightly and hope she read my mind, I don't want to play this game, Tyr. Just - let me up ... please ?

She replied back to my quiet fear in a soft and dangerous voice, "Pucker up, Buttercup." and then closed her eyes pushing out her lips and silently mouthed them in a wet kiss, "Mwa."

I got the message.

I had DEFINITELY pissed her off this time and no Suzi-Q dessert of any tasty goodness would sate this rage in her.

After a second she slowly closed her mouth and returned back to stare at me with ferocious intensity, a slight smile curled on her furious lips.

I started to sweat and coughed finding it hard to breathe now. Then I concentrated back on the design in the carpet tracing both of my fingers in it now, going around her shoes, making sure not to touch them again and started to hum nervously. Really nervously.

I found myself losing my hum quickly and started breathing hard trying to recover it. Then I felt her panties brush up gently, warm, against my forehead, which caused my shoulders to jump in fear. Apparently Tyr wasn't going to wait for me this time !

My gaze quickly fell away from the carpet and up to the 'button' in the center of her panties. It beckoned to me and I found my gaze drawn to its center. I stared and couldn't blink or look away now. My mouth opened dumbfounded. I moaned in confusion.

She stayed that way for almost a minute watching to see if I would relent to this mean little game of hers. I could tell she was thoroughly delighted that I was now completely hypnotized by her button.

I broke my eyes to look at her face for a second, staring back at me with absolute malevolence.

She blinked mildly at me, her eyelashes fluttering beautifully around her perfect violet eyes, and as she did so, the button seemed to wink, right along with her. A wicked smile formed on Tyr's lips as she saw I was frightened by this movement.

I shuddered involuntarily and found my gaze drawn back to it. I continued to stare at it helplessly.

If I moved my head one inch forward now I'd be pressed right up against it.

My forehead started to drip salty sweat in my eyes and I was feeling tears start to form - helpless of this terrible situation she placed me in. Just like at the tree we had our lunch, she was waiting for me to cry out. Oh I knew she was !

Now it was like a red hot poker was going through my brain and thousands of calculations, mathematical, theoretical, all of them from all the programs I'd never written yet or planned to write were invisibly spewing out the back of my head.

It was as if Tyr's weird offering was draining my brain of all intelligence.

I whimpered and caught myself from crying out but this only caused Tyr to start humming that damned 'Danny Boy' song. And then I was staring straight at her button in utter confusion and bewilderment at what my brain was going through, and she knew it.

Then, I couldn't help it. I started to cry. I squinted up my eyes and felt the tears start to fall. What was wrong with me ? Why couldn't I look away from something so - SO wrong ?

* * *

Tyr seeing that I was finally giving out in this wretched game held her pose and reaching under her legs, pointed upside-down at me with both fingers accusingly and laughed cruelly, as if it wasn't bad enough the shame of what I was going through.

I tilted my head to look down at her when my nose brushed against her panties. My face was burning in absolute deplorable misery now. I couldn't even wipe my nose from the tears falling off of them because she was so close to me.

She continued to point and leer at me. I sniffed some tears and looked up for a moment at the offending little button.

Then she suddenly scooted back an inch so my nose was ground up against it. My legs twitched in this motion and I heard her giggle softly ahead of me.

After a moment of this bizarre torture she scooted back forward again so I could stare back into it again.

I craned my head up at the ceiling to look at the door handle, but it was just too high for me to reach to escape. Looking back I saw Tyr's face was just twisted in an evil smile looking back at me under her legs.

My gaze was drawn back to IT and I started to stare again at IT'S center.

"Hmm ..." Tyr said cheerfully and turned her head away so I could be alone with my new little friend. Now it was just me and the button staring each other, eye to eye, if you will. A full minute passed in silence.

As I stared at it, a bizarre hallucination took place. It changed from a rubber button to look like perfectly kissable lips pushing out from the center of her panties.

The weird voice from my dream spoke again:

"Where do you belong, Dev ?"

I couldn't stand it anymore ! I was clearly losing my mind now !

"Aww, c'mon Tyr, just lemme up already !" I finally said looking away trying to sound angry though my voice in truth just squeaked really small and fearful, muffled against her backside, and it was choked with tears.

If Tyr heard me, she ignored me. And then had the audacity to take her left hand and pat the side of her globe comfortably clearly inviting me what my brain was locked into and couldn't think of anything else.

And in that one hand movement of hers, like a vise IT grabbed my eyes again and forced me again to look at its beautifully puckered center. Another minute passed in silence.

Warm, soft, kissable lips.

I moaned uneasily and tried to shut my eyes finding I couldn't. I HAD to STARE at IT.

I felt sweat start to build up around my bare legs now and felt a few drops trickle from inside my shirt. I was breathing hard now, unable to control my respiration.

I knew my breath was warm and hot against her bare legs and that only added to my sense of guilt.

As I continued to stare at its center, I found myself opening my own mouth matching its diameter perfectly, now that I was completely beguiled by IT, and marveled just how warm and soft it really was.

"Hmm ..." Tyr said thoughtfully drawing out her voice, and raising her head, looked back over her shoulder.

Seeing I was really going to kiss her on the button now she smiled cruelly at me and licked her lips in wicked anticipation waiting for me to give in completely to IT as it would only be seconds now before I did.

She had won, and she and I both knew it.

As I leaned forward to kiss, unable to resist the lure of it's closeness any longer and with Tyr still watching intently, just before my lips contacted the fabric of her panties, she suddenly spoke causing me to freeze in my movements.

My mouth was still open in the shape of a kiss.

"That's better, Dev." she said quietly.

Still frozen, millimeters from the fabric, she ended the maddening torture by finally taking a full step forward and away from me. She then stood up and turned around to face me, her height towering over me as I was squashed against the door.

I whoofed out an exhausted sigh of relief, trying to breathe normally still out of breath from the unbelievable tension she put me through.

Tyr shook her finger angrily scolding me like I was a child to her and she warned, "No more laughing at me, little boy !"

Then she did the unthinkable and haunching down on her knees leaned down to rub the front of my shorts, which were feeling really weird, sticky, and bulging now.

"Augh !?" I cried out in rage and new confusion. And yet - I didn't stop her ??

I held my hands to my side as she continued to rub there evenly in a lazy circle for several more seconds and then looked up and smiled pleasantly at me with a look of inquiry on how that felt to me.

I was visibly drooling now and new confusion and panic entered my mind for what my brain was thinking NOW.

When I didn't respond, she stopped and took her hand in my more than sweaty one and rubbed the back of my fingers lovingly as they trembled in her grip.

"Understand ?" her voice was so perfect and pleasant now it was as if she had no conscience of the horrors she just sent my brain through earlier or worse yet, what she was doing to the front of my shorts !

Her eyes, however, danced with devilish amusement betraying the innocence of her tone.


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