FB1-70 "Entry To Arkos"

FB1-70 "Entry To Arkos"

A Chapter by dw817

Stefani spoke and had full attention from everyone, “Now look here, Dempsey ! I don’t want this girl harmed in any way. Not one hair on her head will be out of place if you do find her first.” (more)


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

After Lilly spoke, her whole body froze up and a bright yellow hologram appeared over her face. The laser lines probed around her cheeks, her mouth, her nose, her ears, and were rapidly dancing and working their way up to her eyes.

Once the beams found her eyes the laser-lines changed colors to bright red and you could hear what sounded like a hissing of air as the change was being made to her vision.

A full minute passed and then all the colored lasers vanished as quickly as they had appeared.

The plugin light had dimmed a fair amount during this time. There was an uncomfortable pause and for a moment the girls feared they drained the power of SIM. Finally, the device spoke again and the light shined its full brightness level.


Lilly was able to move then. She coughed for a second, like her breath was stuck in her throat, which it was for nearly a minute, and then looked straight ahead, intently.

She saw straight through the bedroom wall. “I can thee not just through one wall, but more !” she said excitedly. As Lilly was looking beyond the walls, a violet glow, similar to what appeared on Tyr’s hands as she was doing her telekinesis, appeared deeply in her eyes.

She looked ahead intently and relayed what she saw to Tyr, “I can thee the policemen are returning to their cars. Dev’s parenth are returning. Dev’th Mom is climbing the stairs !”

“Shuddup, SIM !” Lilly whispered harshly, and then pulled out the plugin. She looked at it for a split second and hurriedly put it back in the secret brick. Then the door burst open and my Mom was there scowling at the girls sitting around my computer.

She spoke angrily, “What are you girls up to ? You know you’re not allowed in Dev’s room.” and she paused her voice trailing in sorrow, “Especially since …” and she shook her head up and down like trying to face what was the impossible, her son taken from her, and walked quietly back down the stairs to the kitchen.

Tyr couldn’t stand it any more. She rushed right down the stairs and talked to my Mom. “Mrs. Borne, I caint telled you HOW I know but I KNOWED, Dev he is alright ! You have to be trusted me on this !” and she put out a supportive hand on her shoulder.

My Mom spoke through her tears, “I know you’re right, punkin’, they DID say they didn’t find trace of any bodies at all. Like it was some kind of elaborate hoax, but where does this leave my sweet Dev !?” and she started crying again.

Lilly had gone down the stairs to follow Tyr and both were now consoling my Mom. Lilly finally spoke, “Doncha worry Mith Borne, we’s gonna find Dev and bring him right back here to you !” and without waiting for a reply reached out and gave her a hug. My Mom, Susan, returned the hug in kind.

Then Tyr and Lilly walked out of the house to plan what to do next.

Tyr spoke, “We can take the bus there. It’s on a 15-minute skid-jewel.” and she looked down at her crescent pretty crystal watch, “The next one should be here in a few minutes !”

Tyr and Lilly ran across the street for a block and waited for the bus at the bus stop there. It showed up, they flashed the driver their school bus cards and sat down as it drove on. They hit the buzzer to stop at the rubble where the Arkos building was, but the driver didn’t stop !

* * *

“Right here please okay huh !” Tyr finally rose from her seat to angrily speak with the driver.

The driver shook his head, “Not here, ma’am. There’s nothing here. Didn’t you hear what happened recently ?” and he started to take his foot off the brake.

Lilly rose from her seat to speak. “We need the wood for a school project, please, Mr. Driver sir.”

The driver smiled, “Oh ! Well, that’s different ! There’s quite-a bit there. Okay, I’ll be back in 15-minutes for my round. The police haven’t declared this off-limits yet so grab what you can and I’ll meet you back here.” and then opened the door to let us both out.

We stepped out and the bus drove on. We looked to the rubble. A wind blew by and we heard one balanced pine board fall causing a small cascade of lumber. A bit of sawdust clouded where it fell. Other than that it was silent.

Meanwhile back underground at Arkos, Stefani had everything prepared. Petrov had invited his friend Morrigan to assist him on this kidnapping caper. Dempsey was there in some kind of black leather outfit and had a different gun with him. He certainly looked threatening in all ways.

Stefani, oddly enough, carried no weapons at all, and only a few minutes earlier had gone to the girl’s restroom to primp and preen her hair, put on a bit more lipgloss, and glitter on her nail polish. She did this for a full minute before returning to the crew waiting in her office.

Stefani spoke and had full attention from everyone, “Now look here, Dempsey ! I don’t want this girl harmed in any way. Not one hair on her head better be out of place if you do find her first.” then she turned to Petrov. “Did you bring the Tangerine ?”

Petrov nodded to the dufflebag and whacked it with a hand where it reverberated metallically. She was referring to the breathing apparatus they used to kidnap me earlier with. Undoubtedly Petrov was going to use that on Tyr if he found her first.

“Vull danks madam Thdeveni.” he replied in his thick accent.

“Do we have everything, team ?” she asked and it was clear that she was the commander of this little kidnapping operation. There was no reply. “Good !”

And then there was a rapid knocking on her door. “Come !” Stefani said angrily.

It was Julie, who oddly looked a little like the cat that swallowed the canary. Stefani wasn’t ready for any games, “Yes, what is Julie ? We’re getting ready to retrieve Tyr at the last sight she was spotted. Well, what do you have for me ?”

Julie smiled just a little as she spoke, aware she had information that would change Stefani’s plans entirely. “Tyr, the girl you are seeking, is right outside our facilities, on the surface, at the hoax wreckage we made a few days earlier !”

“We just did a surface scan. It is her, and a friend of hers, our records say is Lilly, are both poking around it, obviously looking for the secret entrance as we speak. They are ALONE. No police or adults are present with them.”

Stefani took a step back, shocked at how apparently simple this operation would be now to complete. She smiled and her eyelashes seemed to dance in pleasure to this change of events. Then she laughed out loud, cruelly, for nearly 30-seconds.

Even Dempsey who was quite fond of her looked worried that their great CEO had lost her mind completely, but that was soon put to rest when she jerked her head back down almost looking accusingly at the others that they would dare think she was not in complete control of her senses.

Then she spoke quietly to everyone, and laced her voice with false sweetness with just a tart bit of sarcasm, “Such a clever girl to see what those fool police couldn’t. Well then ! Let us go and greet them. It isn’t often we have one of our own primary targets seeking US out !”


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© 2014 dw817

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This book just keeps getting better and better. :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thanks, Madkat, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm still scratching my head a bit on Nancy Principle, .. read more

6 Years Ago

That's pretty good for Barrier. :)

6 Years Ago

Yep ! Hope you're there to see it. :D

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