FB1-73 "Proposition"

FB1-73 "Proposition"

A Chapter by dw817

Stefani spoke, “Tyr, that’s a beautiful name, dear. Yes it is. Okay, everything’s going to be fine. If you come with us now, we’ll let your friend go with no questions asked, fair enough ?”


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Lilly then turned her head back to watch Stefani carefully. She concentrated on a plan of rescuing Dev, but she would have to think about it for a second. Once Lilly had her back to him again, Dempsey had quietly picked back up his gun and stealthily approached an opening in the wood barricade which Lilly was now leaning comfortably against.

“Ok.” Tyr said, and still crying, suddenly stuck her finger in her mouth. She sucked noisily on it and Stefani watched, her eyes bugging out, completely fascinated at this deeply rooted psychosis of hers. Lilly, apparently aware of Tyr’s all-too embarrassing habit, started tapping her leg with her foot to stop this behavior.

However, as Lilly was preoccupied, she was unaware that Dempsey was now inches from her, his hairy hand already pushing through an opening in the wooden barricade silently, and his beretta was now inches from Lilly’s bare neck. He poised it there, perfectly still, like a cobra ready to strike.

After a full minute of Tyr busy on her finger and both Petrov and Morrigan coughing quietly and bemusedly at this, not sure how to approach this unexpected etiquette from the little girl, Stefani finally smiled politely and asked her, “What a curious thing you are doing my dear. Is that a good finger ?”

Tyr nodded, too afraid to fight back now, and too weak to launch any more attacks, but cried out to her angrily just the same, keeping her finger there. “I wanna my see Dev or gonna so you are it now get !” she garbled her words all upset. She then started crying louder apparently aware she wasn’t making any sense in her frustration.

Her words were slurred in frustration. It was obvious to everyone that Tyr’s energy was spent and she couldn’t do any more damage now. Petrov still holding the mask with the Tangerine crept closer with it.

Lilly was beside herself with humiliation for Tyr’s despicable habit and put a hand to her temples which were starting to throb with a headache. Tyr continued to work on her finger for comfort.

Finally Lilly couldn’t stand it anymore and exploded at her embarrassing behavior, “Aww c’mon, s’top it, Tyr ! D****t ! Whaj I tell you about that afore, huh ?”

Tyr cried out oblivious to Lilly concentrating on clarity of her speech. “I ― want ― to see ― Dev ― NOW !” she said, trying to sound dangerous.

Stefani was still all smiles and ignored Lilly’s earlier outburst completely.

“You want to see Dev ?” she smiled agreeably. “And so you shall, my dear, so you shall.” she spoke comfortingly and reached out a hand through the wood to try and remove Tyr’s finger from her mouth which she resisted.

Stefani persisted grunting slightly with the effort now as Tyr didn’t want to give it up, “Come here, child. *Ouf !* You don’t need to do that. Everything will be alright. *Grunt !* You really are a very pretty young lady.”

“Really ?” Tyr asked, completely sucked in by the compliment and forgot her crying for a moment.

“No !” Lilly yelled out, seeing that Tyr was getting drawn into her friendliness, and reached out suddenly to grab at Stefani’s arm.

Dempsey had now only to depress his finger of the trigger on his gun to pelt Lilly hard in the neck with the needle from his beretta. It didn’t even make a sound as it had such a short distance to travel from its muzzle.

Tyr looked over her shoulder horrified to see Lilly’s eyes glaze over. Suddenly Lilly giggled and instead of grabbing Stefani’s arm as she intended, swung her own arm up to point at something amusing in the sky. Tyr looked up too, to see if she saw it, and saw only the beginning of stars as night was falling on and a chill was in the air.

A careless breeze blew by and Tyr shivered. Finally Lilly twirled her head dizzily and fell over in a heap, unconscious on the wood pile in the barricade, with a strange smile on her face. A slight red dot on her neck appeared as the glass needle, bounced off in the fall to chime with a tinny ring against the wood.

Dempsey then reached his hairy muscular hand in harder against the wood, squeaking and stretching it, to point his beretta at Tyr.

Tyr suddenly stood up and squipped in fear at the sudden cold feeling of Dempsey’s pistol mashing up hard against her side. She sucked on her finger harder now, even more frightened.

She tried to pull away but he just followed and kept his pistol jammed against her side in the small confine. She whined uncomfortably but he just wouldn’t pull his hand away from her.

* * *

She looked to him and could tell, just like Lilly, all he had to do was press his finger to launch another needle. He meant business and it looked like he was almost smiling apologetically to her beyond his meaty beard.

Finally having her pinned, he nodded to make sure she followed what he was doing. Tyr nodded back at him, hoping he would leave.

Smiling wide, knowing he had her full attention now, he reached around with his other hand and wrapped his massive grip around one of the strange floating vertical boards, crunching it easily in his powerful hand for effect.

He grunted in satisfaction, proud of his years of weight-lifting, and spoke cruelly to her in his deep voice, “Tears like paper, shortcake.”

To him, there was no Barrier to protect Tyr.

Tyr’s knees were visibly shaking in fear at the sight of this and suddenly she clutched her legs in a new panic feeling warmth there !

She squeaked like a mouse suddenly and pinched her legs closed crying louder wishing to be anywhere but here ― preferably a bathroom ! Dempsey laughed at her discomfort. Stefani sighed, displeased that he was ruining the friendly conversation they were having earlier.

Finally she spoke crossly to him, “No Dempsey ! I’ll handle this.” and shaking her head, waved him away. He nodded, bowing, and stepped back, allowing the placid conversation to continue between the two.

The pieces of board he crunched earlier continued to hang eerily in midair along with bits of the fibered wood, perfectly motionless. Stefani watched, fascinated. She HAD to have this girl working for Arkos ! She was the real deal. She could do ― magic !

Tyr continued to suck on her finger worriedly and whirled her head around, her pretty red hair flying in all directions, to see where things stood.

Dempsey had his green laser dot now on Tyr’s bare midsection as her dress tore when she fell earlier.

Petrov stood nearby with his gas mask unpacked and ready to use it on her, should the barrier fall for any reason.

Morrigan had his hands wrapped around two floating boards to the side of her, ready to tackle her should anyone else somehow miss catching her. She looked into his eyes and saw two burning coals of fire. She jerked her head away from his terrible gaze.

She also looked down to see that Lilly was out of the fight for good, murmuring sleepily in a drugged dream on the ground, with only a tiny drop of blood near her neck. Lilly curled her legs up to her chest as she slept.

Oh Lilly was a big help, Tyr thought mournfully to herself !

And finally she looked down to Stefani, who had stayed sitting on her knees at the ground smiling up at her and now held both arms up through the barrier obviously allowing her to return to her comfortable embrace.

Stefani spoke to break the silence, “My name is Stefani, what is yours, dear ?” Her voice was genuinely warm and friendly.

There was a moment of silence as Stefani obviously gave Tyr time to consider her options. She thought to herself, everything Dev said had come true. She used too much magic, and now the secret agents had her and were going to take her underground and do weird experiments on her. Just like he said.

But somehow she felt she that wasn’t going to happen. Something BAD was going to happen to her, worse ! But not from the institute, from Stefani ? She didn’t know what though.

There were a few ways this could go and Tyr knew it could go ugly fast if she didn’t cooperate. She dropped suddenly to her knees, beaten and defeated. She had lost. A sharp piece of wood from Dempsey’s earlier display on the wood jabbed into her knee, but she didn’t care - she just wanted to be away from him !

She slumped her head towards Stefani’s outreached hands and said dejectedly with her mouth still full of her finger, “My named is Tyr, miss ma’am.” though she was certain the woman knew who she was as her eyes were on her the whole time when she first recovered her vision from being blinded earlier.

Stefani replied by caressing her hair lovingly again which Tyr didn’t resist.

Then she spoke softly as if hearing the name for the first time, “Tyr, that’s a beautiful name, dear. Yes it is. Okay, everything’s going to be fine. If you come with us now, we’ll let your friend go with no questions asked, fair enough ?”


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© 2014 dw817

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Another amzing chapter. :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Stefani does have her moments of kindness. But she is definitely damaged goods, and you can read abo.. read more

5 Years Ago

Ok, thanks. :))

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