FB1-08 "Just Desserts"

FB1-08 "Just Desserts"

A Chapter by dw817

And then I looked at myself in the mirror there. And on my face, blotching my skin were girlie symbols, absolutely adorable in every way, like permanent tattoos. I had the dreaded COOTIES !!



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I KNEW this because TYR had done similar stuff in the past, at other situations, to get her way on things or to assert her constant superiority and authority over me.

I remembered when she spent the night at my place and I fell asleep on the couch downstairs and she slept in my bed upstairs.

I was sleeping on my chest when I woke up in the morning, but found I couldn't get up because she was sitting on the back of my head, facing away from me and had curled my legs around both of her arms in a wrestling grip we both saw on TV the night before.

What was worse is she was only in her undies and she wouldn't get off of me until she could see I was actually crying real tears of misery.

To top it off my own Mom thought it was hilarious what she was doing to me and the predicament I was in. I was still bawling like a baby in both pain and humiliation when my Mom quickly grabbed Dad's camera and took a 'darling' picture of the two of us for the permanent family album.

Clearly to embarrass (or blackmail) me with later. And of course Tyr was very nice to me afterwards. Well, sort of. But that's a different story.

But THIS - what she was doing NOW was something entirely new in her mean bag of tricks ! And I wondered where she learned it from. Lilly ? But despite the fear I felt, this time, THIS TIME, I wasn't going to cry out for her like she wanted me to.

And besides, my brain was racked in deep thought. Being in this weird position brought back the memories for a second of the weird pillow from my dream that I never did find again.

I couldn't put the two together with what she was doing right now. Wasn't there another similar pillow from - somewhere at school and wasn't I also with Tyr ?

But no ! It wasn't Tyr ! It was that darned lemon-haired girl ! But was it a pillow or ... ?? That hurt my head trying to remember what happened. That was when I had my concussion against the locker and I had blocked most of it out as a bad memory.

Tyr looked contemptuously over her shoulder for a moment and saw that I was buried in thoughts, amongst other things.

So she then held onto the treat with her mouth and quickly reaching behind her with both free hands, adjusted herself, making sure she was snug and tight up against my head, chuckling wickedly to herself all the while.

When she was certain I couldn't move in any direction, she patted me nicely on my head for being such a good boy for such terrible treatment and then returned back to finishing my dessert, all the while humming the theme of, 'Danny Boy.'

My own breath burned up against my face against the cotton I was so buried up in her now, making it hard to breathe.

I was worried I would pass out because I was breathing so hard so I concentrated for a moment to regulate and slow my breathing so I wouldn't hyperventilate. Fear is the mind killer, I told myself. I heard that from somewhere.

A full minute passed in silence from Tyr, waiting for me to cry. But I wasn't going to. Not this time.

I finally opened my eyes to look at the edges of the bizarre prison she set me in.

To see if there was some light; some direction I could wiggle free towards. It was then I saw in perfect focus, only an inch from my nose, what looked like a little round button pushing up from inside her princess-adorned fabric.

My eyes got wide in fear and right then I envisioned seeing every remaining shred of my dignity being hungrily sucked straight into the center of it until I felt strangely numb and empty in my head.

It was odd, I was almost hypnotized and curiously drawn toward it as if there was something distantly familiar and impossibly maternal and comforting.

Maybe I was falling asleep because a moment later I heard a strangely familiar mature voice speak out, but none I had ever heard when I was conscious:

"Where do you belong, Dev ?"

I jerked my head momentarily and dismissed the hallucination, struggling to maintain awareness around me because I KNEW what it was I was looking at now. I knew exactly what it was !

I squinted my eyes and wrinkled my nose in disgust trying hard to pull away. I had to get free now !

My stomach was flip-flopping all over the place now and my legs were twitching uneasily as my head couldn't budge an inch.

She was not going to move ! I could see that, and likely she thought I was a comfortable seat cushion for her now and would stay here whether I cried out or not.

Then I started to feel really sick in my chest, maybe I was getting sick from suffocating for so long ?

My brain hurt like an almighty headache was coming on and for some reason I was now seeing a restroom door in my mind, and in big bold white lettering the words on it, "GIRLS" followed by the familiar circle and double inverted triangle symbols beneath it.

A warning. Absolutely forbidden for boys to enter.

And somehow - I saw myself pushing open the door and entering !

* * *

And then I looked at myself in the mirror there. And on my face, blotching my skin were girlie symbols, absolutely adorable in every way, like permanent tattoos. I had the dreaded COOTIES !!

Augh ! I felt pinpricks of sweat appear on my arms in my agitation and I wanted to scratch at them while my legs felt like they were freezing over from tension. I groaned, shifting uncomfortably, trying to pull away again.

Tyr laughed quietly at my plight, satisfied I wasn't going anywhere at all now and took delicate bites out of my dessert, making it, and my misery, last as long as possible.

Clearly she was teaching me a lesson here but I had no idea what I was supposed to be learning from it.

And the truth be known, In a muscle to muscle contest, Tyr was always stronger than me, and she knew it.

But unlike me, as I was passive and easy-going, Tyr was much more of a rambunctious tomboy. Aggressive and fierce, highly competitive in physical education.

Few girls, even from higher grades could match her in straight contests in the gym, and that included other boys her same age, especially me.

Really, myself being a runt, especially physically, I spent more time in intellectual pursuits with my head buried in books at the library. And right now, my head was buried - not in books.

I bit my lip uncomfortably and looking ahead at the button which suddenly appeared to wink at me, almost as if it were laughing at my discomfort.

I moaned at the weird way this made me feel and despite everything else I found myself once again transfixed by it, and it even seemed closer now, invitingly - for what I had no idea.

I didn't want to know ! I didn't want to play this game ! I never did ! Why couldn't I have a normal girlfriend for a change I asked myself for the umpteenth time ??

I grunted and struggled once again with new energy to get away, my feet scuffling against the dirt around the tree until I felt my bare knees scrape painfully against the roots of the tree and the dirt. That would need a Band-Aid later.

But unless I leaned one of my arms up against her, and I really - couldn't - because of my fear of girls, there was no way I could ever even hope to get enough leverage to escape.

I was utterly trapped, and the thought of being stuck like this till the bell rang caused the tears in my eyes to start to flow in misery. I bit my lip to prevent myself from crying out loud, which I knew she was waiting for.

Finally in a desperate move, since I couldn't turn my head left or right nor could I raise up, with only one option left I jerked my head straight down squeaking my forehead hard against her undies.

When suddenly that dreaded button unexpectedly mashed up against my nose ! And of all things, it was ... warm.

For a second I froze in a panic, crossing my eyes in fear at it, unable to move.

Tyr, apparently knowing exactly what just happened laughed softly and then leaned back a little further, clearly liking this new sitting position better, and continued to take dainty bites out of my Suzi-Q dessert.

My shoulders started to shake at this change of events, but I tore my gaze away from the horror ahead of me and looking down saw that I had an open space where I could breathe again.

I concentrated hard and ignored everything else around. I could do this. I took a deep breath from the opening, and COUGHED, as loud as I could, with positive results.

Tyr squeaked in fear like a mouse from the unexpected sound, and suddenly jumped off of me.

Then she stood up and turned around to face me and with her hands on her hips pouting in a hurtful tone, "Well you gonna be all huffting puffting 'bout it Imma gone back over here !"

She said in a hurt tone smoothed back down her skirt so she appeared halfway ladylike again and glared at me angrily that I would dare try to oppose her in her crowning moment.

But who got crowned here was my question ?


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© 2013 dw817

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Love it! There are so grammar and some errors of sentences but I might be wrong. I'm wrong I know it. You did a fantastic job. I could really imagine every part that you described

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Years Ago

If it's outta Tyr's mouth, it's deliberate. Tyr back in 3rd grade mispronounced a LOT of stuff and b.. read more

7 Years Ago

it's cool keep up the good work. Love detail and description could see everything
I love how this is anime funny romantic but mostly funny

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Years Ago

Thanks and - yes, I guess it is a little like Anime. I appreciate that, that is quite the compliment.. read more
teen! this should be mature :P

so release now :) God this Tyr, i got a new insight too :P


best wishes

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Years Ago

Well now I am rating it based upon what a movie would rate. Teen to me is PG or PG-13. Rated R is bl.. read more

7 Years Ago

:) thanks for all the clarification

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