FB1-65 "Terrible Discipline"

FB1-65 "Terrible Discipline"

A Chapter by dw817

I quickly reached out to punch her to release my anger. She easily blocked my blow with a strong arm clicking her tongue nonchalantly. “That’ll cost you, Dev.” she said dangerously to me.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I thought for certain she was going to get me some real food so I said, “Ok.” with a little less crying. She took my hand and held it tightly. We started to go by the candy machine. Awright ! I was going to get that candy-bar after all ! I started to salivate thinking of that luscious all-so chocolatey 3 Musketeers bar.

Then suddenly she turned her feet to the right, straight into the girl’s restroom ! I started to pull away hard, knowing I wasn’t allowed in here, but then stopped. I looked around curiously having never actually been in a girl’s restroom let alone permitted in one. I stood still taking in the view.

It smelled like all kinds of different perfume and some kind of bathroom cleaner at the same time. It smelt nice, but I was still afraid.

Stefani grinned at me and tried to cheer my mood. “Pretty cool huh ? Bet you’ve never been in here before.”

I nodded but kept looking to the door to see if someone was going to enter and scream at me for not being where I was supposed to be.

“Good point.” Stefani said seeing my look of fear and clicked the lock closed to the entry of the restroom. She let go of my hand for a second. I knew I wouldn’t have any time to unlock the door and try to run away so I paused to see what she was going to do next.

Then she took my hand again, gripping it tighter than she had before. I wondered for only a moment until I realized we were heading for one of the stalls. It was then I put my feet out diagonally to stop her. I definitely did not want in there !

“Don’t fight me, Dev.” she said struggling and suddenly leapt around pulling one of my arms up hurtfully behind me in a painful hammerlock. I cried out at the sudden agony. Stefani stopped walking while she carefully tested the extension of my arm, bouncing it, tormenting my nerves, and measuring my threshold.

“Walk.” she said finally, satisfied with her grip on my arm behind my back. I marched ahead with her into one of the stalls. She pushed me so hard inside that I nearly ran my head into the tiled wall, my feet having to dodge the open toilet in the middle.

Still holding my arm up in a vise she reached around to lock the stall door behind us with her other free arm. Finally she released her grip and I stretched my arm out to get feeling back in it.

Then she looked in my face with a sinister smile. We stood there for a moment. I met her smile of confidence with my look of fear. I couldn’t sit down either as the opening was too big for me, even with my jeans on.

The only way out now would be duck out on to the floor and try to escape. I knew she wouldn’t give me time to do that.

I stared at her and raged, my face turning red. She started to laugh at my temper until, finally having all I could take of her smugness, quickly reached out to punch her to release my anger. She easily blocked my blow with a strong arm clicking her tongue nonchalantly.

“That’ll cost you, Dev.” she said dangerously to me.

But before I could interpret what she meant by that, I doubled over in pain again, my noggin splitting from trying to get angry and fighting the cocktail needle she injected me with earlier. I leaned over gripping the sides of my throbbing head and bobbing it up and down in pain, squeezing my eyes shut at the torture to my senses.

I opened my eyes a short time later to realize I had fallen to my knees and was only a foot away from the opening of the toilet. I looked past the still water to the hole at the bottom to see that it had several rust stains on its sides from lack of maintenance.

Eager to leave the nauseating view, I staggered trying to raise back up but Stefani had other plans in mind for me. She stepped forward and grabbed the back of my hair wrapping it around one hand in a tight knotted grip.

As I yowled in pain she pushed hard on my already aching head deep into the toilet bowl. My nose touched the ice cold water and an inch more, I’d be drinking it. I wheezed noisily out of my nose, my breath echoing in the bowl in fear of her actions.

Then I angrily reached my hands blindly behind me grunting frustratedly but couldn’t grab anything, my balance was way off and I was too dizzy at this angle to get any bearings. I did this for about a minute and finally the muscles in my arms gave out to fall beside me on the cold tiled floor.

I wasn’t done yet. Then I tried curling my knees around the bowl placing my feet beside and fought for leverage to raise back up, but she refused to budge her position and held me in place.

* * *

I tried this several times, my shoes squeaking on the surface of the tiled floor as I whined in exasperation at my inability to get any traction because of the water I splashed earlier on the floor.

Finally my feet slipped on the wet surface and I collapsed painfully, my knee banging hard against the tiles, I cried out in pain. I’m certain it would bruise. There was no fight left in me. I gripped the toilet bowl’s rim loosely with my fingertips unhappily realizing she could drown me at any minute if she so desired.

I was so tired from my exertion. She continued to hold me steadily there. Her breathing was even and regular, I was obviously no strain to her.

It got very quiet now. Unable to pull away I started listening to the plumbing inside the opening for a good minute as she held me firm. I heard water drip and watched the ripples flow away from my nose. Turning my head slightly I saw jagged brown and yellow stains working their way up to the edges of the opening.

This bowl was really filthy I told myself, and hoped I didn’t have to stay in here long. The silence continued for a moment more. Then I felt her grip shift as she reached out her other hand to support her first. Now my hair was knotted around both her wrists.

Then grunting in rage, probably from me taking a swing at her earlier, she decided to push me even further in the bowl, my nose and mouth splashing through the still surface.

I blew bubbles in the water and shook my head left and right against her grip as I fought for breath, gasping. I coughed and tried to apologize to her. This might be the only chance I get before she drowns me ! but all I got was a mouthful of toilet water.

I swallowed it quickly trying to speak again and begged her to stop ! I reached a weak hand up to try and grab her hand behind my head but couldn’t hold on because of my balance and panic.

Then Stefani spoke with great deliberation and anger in her voice, “Dev, Don’t fight me and the pain will go away.” Suddenly I realized I couldn’t breathe at all now ! She had my nose and mouth fully submerged !

I rotated my head vertically hard and up against her grip, my wet hair squeaking against her hands, to breathe noisily out of my nose as big air bubbles billowed out my mouth in panic !

My nose gurgled nasty being only able to get halfway out of the surface of the water. She was going to drown me, I was sure of it ! I opened my mouth and sucked in a big gulp of water in my state of anxiety.

I held the water in my mouth for a moment when I noticed it got quiet again. Finally after a long silent pause I swallowed the water still held in my mouth and made a loud gulping noise. Then, did I hear quiet laughter from Stefani ? Tears started to fall from my eyes again at what she was doing to me !

The water got motionless again and I could breathe easily out of my nose now as she had relaxed her grip slightly.

I tried to pull up thinking we were done with this humiliation but the grip on both of her hands were like iron, and she tightened my hair around her knuckles letting me know we hadn’t finished with her little game of discipline yet.

She held me far enough in I could easily drink the water now but not so far in I would drown. Thinking that’s what she wanted, is for me to drink for her again based on her earlier laughter, I leaned in slightly and softly slurped in another gulp of the cool water and drank it. Then I listened for her. A good moment passed in silence.

Shrugging, I leaned forward slightly deeper into the bowl, which she let me do by relaxing her grip slightly. I sucked in the water with my lips noisily taking a deeper drink and swallowed. The water had a kind of slightly unpleasant taste that I guessed I could get used to over time.

I imagined it was due to the stains I viewed earlier. The silence continued though she let one hand go of my hair and placed it comfortably on my shoulder.

I sighed and leaned forward into the bowl, pulling my grip on the rim to dive deeper to slurp in more water, the edge tickling my nose. I got a great big mouthful this time. As I did so, her grip loosened even more and her fingers tickled my scalp in their hold, obviously pleased with my subservient behavior.

What would it take for her to let me go completely I asked myself ? How much more of this did I have to drink in order to satisfy her !?


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© 2014 dw817

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Another really good chapter. :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

WOW, well it's good that she's not obsessed over you and when you said no she respected that. :)

6 Years Ago

I'm not so sure she did. Rose finalized that though. Still, I'm curious to know what Tyr is doing th.. read more

6 Years Ago


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