FB1-10 "Cliques"

FB1-10 "Cliques"

A Chapter by dw817

But suddenly there was a fast blur that passed by me and it was Tyr, absolutely furious at what just happened, who then whaled a big punch straight up into Cheldon's fat and grinning face !



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

The next morning, Tyr was waiting for me at my front door as I had finished my breakfast and was getting ready to head out for school.

She looked at me. Opened her mouth. Didn't say anything. And did it again. Finally I realized she was trying to say something but kept biting it back.

I spoke, "What, no Good Morning Grope ? This isn't like you, Tyr." I said sarcastically, hopefully stopping her from gaping like an asphyxiating fish out of water.

She huffed angrily, "Just you wait buddy boy, you gonna get it !" and she bared her perfectly white and sharp teeth at me. I smiled in spite of the sudden feeling of dread I felt.

If there was one thing I knew, Tyr was a lot like a cat. If she vowed later revenge, you could count on it.

We got to school with plenty of time so, at my suggestion, we both headed to the library, found a quiet spot to sit, and talked for a bit, in this case, about the mysterious plugin and what we were going to do with it today.

Tyr was the first to speak and asked with curiosity, "Whatchu gotten plan for tonighted with the plugin ?"

I replied confidently, "We're going to try to convert matter to data and back again. It should be a useful experiment."

"Doncha mean matter tuz energy ?" Tyr asked, a little confused, apparently hearing that term in some of the science fiction movies we had watched together.

I shook my head to correct her, "No, Darvin's notes clearly say matter to DATA. I suspect some power will be needed for the catalytic reaction so some type of energy will be involved. What kind, I'm not sure."

Then the school bell rang giving us minutes to make it to our classes. The librarian fixed us with a look like we had better hurry. But there were no worries.

"Tyr, we'll try it out later tonight." I said as I bounced up off my seat to get to my own class.

We then both rushed out the library's front entrance, the heavy wooden doors closed slowly again with a satisfying metallic click.

We arrived at our classes and filled our heads with what the teacher put in them. The clock clicked painfully and slowly by in each until it was finally a break time for lunch.

As I pulled out my lunch-bag from the locker, walking by the back exit I watched the other kids out on the playgrounds, who got there earlier before us.

They were going hand-over-hand in the jungle gym, the swings, the slides, etc. It - just wasn't for me and Tyr, unless we had it to ourselves. We just didn't mix well with other kids our age, and I think everyone there knew this.

That plus the fact Tyr was a rather pushy little girl herself and several times was brought before the principal for not playing fairly out there.

While I don't think she was forbidden from going out to the playground, there was some kind of unspoken restriction that 'encouraged' her not to at this point. And that was fine with us.

There were several cliques of students, those who hung out together for similar interests and strangely enough, me and Tyr didn't fit into any of these:

Flows, Floaters, Stickers, Druggies, Crosses, Emos, Goths, Preps, Geeks, Dorks, Jocks, Sceners, Brutes, Kinders, Flowers, Barrels, and, of course, the Psychos.

It was then my mind wandered and I remember two times cliques came into both of our lives.

Tyr was invited one time to join the Brutes from one of their gang because one of the gang saw Tyr do something really despicable to me on a Friday outside class.

Normally that wasn't Tyr's way, but she was really mad at me for being so intelligent with her. Yeah, I can be a smart-a*s at times.

In any case she turned him down by punching him in his gut and as he doubled over on the grass, she said in a sour voice, "Me ? Join you ? Yeah, you wish !"

At one point myself I was curious about all of these cliques, so in earnestness I asked one of the Psychos hanging around the cafeteria if I belonged to a special group of my own. At first he growled at me and told me to get lost before I got hurt.

But I was serious and persisted and asked him again. Finally he laughed and said, "Yeah ! You sure do ! Both you and that guy you hang out with. You are both part of a very special group."

I got excited, "You mean Marty ? Which group ? Tell me !"

He bit his lip in thought and said, "Are you going to be by your locker before Homeroom tomorrow ?"

"Sure. That's locker # 43." I replied eagerly, hoping he wouldn't lose me in the shuffle.

He nodded, "43, right. Well just you wait. There's a special headband you get to wear for the kind of group you're in. I'll even bring one for your buddy if you like." and with that he walked out into the playground.

I followed after him for a moment and yelled, "So what's your name ?"

* * *

"Cheldon !" he yelled back and then went to meet his group already huddled against the wall and spoke with them.

I was bouncing up and down, I was so excited about this ! And of course, I DEFINITELY told Tyr about it cause I couldn't keep anything from her anyways.

But she was suspicious with what I told her and tapped the cleft of her nose dramatically saying something didn't smell right and she would be there too, to make sure Cheldon was on the level with me joining a good friendship gang.

The next day I was at my locker, #43, and sure enough, Cheldon appeared and had something in what looked like a striped bag you get at a card shop. My gift !

"You ready for your headband ?" he asked me.

"I sure am !" I spoke eagerly, "And maybe then you can tell me what group I'm in ?"

"You bet." he said matching my enthusiasm, "Okay, now close your eyes, and I'll initiate you into your group."

"Okay, they're closed." (and I closed my eyes).

Then I felt him stretch the snug headband around my hair and forehead as he put it on. For a moment I imagined myself wearing a super-cool black headband like that Karate film I saw several nights ago. With all the neato Japanese symbols !

I opened my eyes and looked around and everyone in the hall was STARING at me with wide eyes. I sniffed, clearly they were jealous, so it must be an awesome headband at that.

"Now what group am I in ?" I asked.

Suddenly he got the case of the coughs and leaned down to kroup really loud. When he looked back at me, his face was red like he was having trouble breathing and when he spoke it was weird like he wasn't getting enough air to say it

"You - are part of the - elite - Panties !" and then he laughed derisively unable to contain himself any longer and pointed at my head.

I looked at him confused, "Whaaat ?"

I touched the top of my hair and while I didn't feel it earlier, I did now. It felt like soft cotton underwear and the elastic band of it was wrapped around my head. I pulled the edge and found it was frilly, like lace.

I was really puzzled now and got ready to pull it off but to stop me, he yanked out another pair from the same paper bag and forcing my hand open, stuck it in my grip, closing my fingers around it, as if it were a precious gift.

At this point people in the hallway were talking rapidly amongst themselves and everyone crowded around to look.

I stared at what he handed me, incredulously. Panties, just like he said, and adorable ones at that, with little pink horses on them to decorate the white fabric. I realized then what I was wearing on my head and completely upset at this and started to cry in my misery.

Suddenly everyone in the hallway realized what just happened and howled with laughter and I felt myself fall to my knees in utter despair.

I just wanted - to go home - right then. To bury my head in my pillow, to be with Teepo, my Teddy Bear, and forget this terrible day ever happened !

I wiped my tears with the panties from my hand which set off an even louder guffawing from the other side of the hall.

But suddenly there was a fast blur that passed by me and it was Tyr, absolutely furious at what just happened, who then whaled a big punch straight up into Cheldon's fat and grinning face !

He immediately tumbled over turning so he fell face first on the hard hallway concrete floor and when he turned rapidly to see who hit him.

I could see his mouth was bleeding now, like he must've chipped his tooth on the surface. He snarled and tried to appear tough but it was clear he was in agony and holding back tears from the pain he was in.

And in truth, he trembled at the imposing sight of Tyr.


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Good story line. makes me think about anime and dramatic overthrows or satire and adventure.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thanks ! I suppose it is a bit satirical in parts, but no more than the curves life throws at you. T.. read more
Tyr been a boy who rescues so you were with her, was also an important point.

best wishes

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Years Ago

yeah i know she is not boy but in the relation she is doing a 'boy role' aggressive, always protecti.. read more

7 Years Ago

She is a tomboy, if that is what you mean,

And yes, Tyr defin.. read more

7 Years Ago

but i meant in the relationship of you two, she was the boy ;) as protected you many time.. read more

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