FB1-46 "Be Brave"

FB1-46 "Be Brave"

A Chapter by dw817

I still felt flopsy-turvy in my tummy and really REALLY sick, like I was going to throw up at any minute and I knew that would ruin the mood of whatever - whatever these girls were doing now.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Suddenly Tyr looked at the clock and gave her signature squeak of surprise.

"Oh yes we are !" she said, countering Lilly's enthusiasm. "Lookit the clock, it's already midnight !"

"Aww C'MON Tyr !" Lilly whined. "You said yourelfs you've nevers een Dev like this. It may be a very long time again before you get toos ee him - like thi sagain." and she pointed to me still in dreamland, my pants down, a band-aid over the spot she gashed her razor down my leg earlier, and I was still wearing nothing but my undies.

Tyr was firm and shook her head. "Nonetheways, We need to go to bed. Have you forgotten that Maggie is comed back early 8am to-afterday, which is already TODAY, to see if we done burning downed the house yet ?"

Lilly flustered and mumbled something but didn't say anything intelligible.

"Besides," Tyr added with a wide smile, "You get to sleep with Dev tonite."

At this Lilly smiled and opened her eyes wide at that prospect. Tyr continued, "I'll sleeped on the couch, you and Dev get my bed, and we'll reversie-tail that afterday night."

Lilly didn't waste any time and went over to where we kept clean sheets, having spent the night with Tyr in the past, she knew right where the things were kept. She couldn't move quickly enough and hoisted out two sheets to hurl them on the couch.

"Don't go too slowed," Tyr chided to her which got her a tongue-stuck out from Lilly. Once Tyr had retrieved an additional pillow, she went to her room to get a large stuffed Polly-Rocket doll to sleep with. She also set the alarm for 6am.

Then Lilly and Tyr picked me up with some effort while I slept on and carried me to her bed. Once on the bed Lilly, still in nothing but her undies, shooed Tyr out the door. Once the door was closed you could hear her say quietly with conviction, "You're all mine boyyy."

Tyr went back to the couch, hit the rain effect and set it for 50% level with half-brightness and curled up with her Polly Rocket doll to go to sleep.

Now Lilly was alone with me in Tyr's bed. On the nightstand were all the figures from the Polly Rocket Show. Tyr was certainly dedicated to the show. Lilly looked at them for a moment then finally turned off all the lights except one near the nightstand, a little play lava-lamp she had which glowed a deep violet hue in the pitch black room.

As I slept Lilly, curled up next to me and rolled me on my side so I faced her. Then she wrapped her arms around my back and gave me some soft warm kisses around my face. After that she squinched across the bed a bit to get more to my middle and then reached her hand down to the back of my undies and tickled her fingers there seeing if she could get a reaction.

I moaned slightly at the bizarre feeling in me as I was still groggy from the earlier drug they gave me. Lilly, delighted at this, grinded her bare knee against the front of me. But as it was late, she too was sleepy with the days activities earlier and yawned finally curling up with me to go to sleep in that position.

In a short while, all three of us were finally asleep in the house with Lilly's forehead touching my own and her warm breath blowing against my closed eyes creating incredible dreams in me of beautiful summer.

Choo-Choo, Lilly's pet squirrel meanwhile was still back in the kitchen and had come to rest his face at the bottom of the abandoned ice-cream carton, its contents being very-much cleaned out with not so much as even a trace of milk seen on his whiskers.

He burped a milky belch, kinna big for such a little guy, and also fell asleep in this undignified position at the bottom of the empty carton dreaming of a forest of vanilla flavored nuts.


The alarm went off suddenly at 6am and oddly enough, I was the first to wake up. I staggered out of bed not even aware of Lilly's presence sleeping with and walked straight into a wall thinking I was back home and collapsed in a heap of unawareness and dizziness.

Lilly and Tyr woke up to the noise and, giggling, quickly dressed themselves in night-gowns and seeing me crumpled up on the floor like a rag doll, they both hoisted me up and took me to the bathroom.

Once there, Tyr retrieved my shorts and shirt and both tried to hastily put my clothes back on me as I was staggering awake. I had one arm in my shirt with the other still hanging at my side when I finally blearily opened my eyes to see both girls there. "Wha ?" I began unintelligently.

"Shower, Dev !" Tyr said crisply like she was now my Mom now and sat me down on the commode with the seat down. Lilly ran a nice warm shower. I glared at the girls as the continued to keep silent about last night's activities. SOMETHING happened and I was going to get some answers later. They could all tell this by my look.

Snickering to themselves and seeing I wanted my privacy before I would undress, they closed the bathroom door and returned to their TV show. I looked and sighed. Finally I got undressed and did my best to shower, washing my hair, my - my body ??

I looked down to something unusual. I had heard parts of the body would swell if you got some kind of disease. Was it the onset of Cooties ?

What was making it bulge like that ... ice cream, I thought to myself ? And it hadda weird sensation that didn't make any sense to me. And there was a band-aid on my leg just below ? I lifted up the band-aid for a bit to look and saw a deep red gash, right where my thigh met.

Removing the band-aid, I rinsed the spot all over with water from the shower, I washed my hair, face, neck, legs, everywhere, enjoying the nice floral scented soap and shampoo, getting clean all over and scrubbing everything thoroughly.

I could still hear the TV going in the other room so apparently the girls were already dressed and watching Saturday morning cartoons. I dried myself off with a great expansive white towel found in the bathroom closet and I turning to the door of the bathroom, I started to step out to join the  girls and their show when my leg locked in pain where the gash was.

"Ouch !" I cried out suddenly.

Tyr was at the door and knocking on it in less than a minute, "Everything okay in there, sweetiepop ?"

* * *

I looked down in frustration. I thought rubbing soap into the wound on my leg would cause it to stop bleeding, but no, I guess it just made it worse. I bit my lip in anger and replied, "I'm ... bleeding, and I'm not sure why !"

If Tyr was telling me a story, I couldn't tell it from the tone of her voice. There was a long pause and it was almost as if I could hear her brain spinning copper gears before she spoke.

"You hadda brain freeze by drinky that milko shake too fast last night anda felled back over the couch and rankle knockie yourself outted and cutting your leg on that mean ol' sharp table there. We bandaging it did as best we couldn't and your don't seem to wake up from you'll brain freezed."

I tried to take all that in and marveled if eating ice-cream too fast could knock you out. "OK," I said hesitantly. Then I paused for a moment. That was a really weird story, even by Tyr's standards.

 I shook my head and raised my voice, "Hey, what really happened here !?" I asked with a tone indicative of not believing that story, and I was ready for the REAL one now.

I could hear that both Tyr and Lilly were now outside the bathroom door and whispering intently to each other for a minute and even Choo-Choo chickering as if he, too were part of their conversation. Finally I heard Tyr's voice again. "You decent ?" she asked politely.

"Yeah, I gotta towel on." I replied back as I sat down on the commode seat knowing she was going to enter.

Tyr opened the door as Lilly stood outside. Tyr came in very business-like and walked past me and opened up the medicine cabinet in the closet. Then she pulled out a band-aid from a box there and said, "Here, let me see."

My face went deep red. "Nono, I said, I can get it, honest !"

Tyr was not going to put up with my nonsense. "Dev, I need you to be very brave." Tyr said with a voice more serious than I had heard from her in a long time. She scooted over a chair from inside the bathroom closet until she sat to the left of me, her left shoulder touching the tiled wall.

She didn't hand me the band-aid or look like she was going to doctor my wound herself so I was now curious what she was up to again. Then she said quietly, "Lilly, come on in." and she looked to the door.

I tugged at the towel to tighten it on more not ready for more visitors and certainly not expecting Lilly to come in right now ! I only just met her yesterday !

The door cracked open and Lilly was bent down saying something to the squirrel suddenly stood up. Choo-Choo looked at me with his flame-red eyes and darted back into the living room to wait for his Mistress.

Lilly walked in the door quietly. She walked in only a short ways and had a pleasant smile directed to me. I could hear the Polly-Rocket cartoons going on the TV louder now.

Polly's voice spoke out suddenly from the entertainment system's speakers in a cute but angry voice as she was addressing her crew, "I knew something didn't smell right. This must be the work of Sping Turr !"

Clearly he was the bad guy of Tyr's favorite TV show.

Still at the doorway, Lilly stood patiently. Tyr gave a slow nod to Lilly. Lilly nodded back to Tyr. I was getting confused at way they were up to and then both got very quiet.

Lilly waited until I was looking right at her, then, very slowly, and shly, removed her nightgown showing her undies and nothing else. A muscle in my leg suddenly jumped like I had the hiccups but Tyr was there to comfort me.

"It's ok, Dev. I'm right here." she said soothingly, rubbing my back, clearly expecting this reaction.

Tyr nodded to Lilly again and it felt like pressure was building up in my ears. Lilly moved her head to look straight into my eyes and then she did the absolutely unthinkable. Very slowly and carefully she reached down and took off her undies wiggling them past her bare toes before becoming completely naked before my sight !

For a moment I thought I saw, or didn't see, or - I - I didn't know what ! I started shaking in fear at what I couldn't ever unsee in my mind and closed my eyes tightly trying to pull away from Tyr who was clearly there to comfort me and at this point, obviously unsuccessfully.

Tyr whispered gently in my ear, "It's okay, Dev, you're a big boy now. Trust us. It's time you need to grow up a little, huh ?"

Lilly spoke far across to my right as I kept my eyes shut. "Dev, did you have a good shower ? Everything all cleaned up ?" she asked politely.

I nodded my head still shaking my legs unable to concentrate on much of anything else. I heard her walk quietly over next to me. For some reason I could feel the heat of her body's presence. Then she came to sit on the floor next to me. I still couldn't open my eyes.

Tyr massaged my still damp hair for a moment and spoke in a very quiet and loving voice, "Dev, I need you to open your eyes now."

I did so but I made sure I was looking only at Tyr now. But Tyr was looking at me, she was looking directly at Lilly and I knew something unspoken was being passed between the two of them. I was getting REALLY scared now and starting feeling my muscles in my chest twitch and sweat trickle down my legs despite it being room temperature in the house.

Tyr gave me a gentle hug from her chair, I guess to show that I was being a good boy for not running away having come this far and said in her quiet and gentle voice, "Dev. I need you to held my hand now. Do you thinked I can get you to do that ? I'm here for you. No-one's going to hurt you, I promised you that."

I reached for Tyr's grip which was comfortingly warm. My own hand to Tyr's was obviously cold and clammy. I still felt flopsy-turvy in my tummy and really REALLY sick, like I was going to throw up at any minute and I knew that would ruin the mood of whatever - whatever these girls were doing now.


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OMG, can't wait to read more. :-D

Kaze~ :-)

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

I'm working on it. Also I hope to post a new Nancy Principle 2nd Book chapter every Friday.
Yo.. read more

6 Years Ago

Ok cool. I'll read it when I get the chance too. :-) but can't wait to read them. :-)

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