FB1-49 "Tyr's Taunting"

FB1-49 "Tyr's Taunting"

A Chapter by dw817

She leaned over hard tilting the bike to the right at an angle to compensate for the shift in weight and hiking her butt high up in the air she yelled at the unsuspecting workers, "Yada yada ya yah !"



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

It was really quiet outside with no traffic. A few grasshoppers bounced in the grass in front of us as we threatened to step on them, blind from the tall grass. Cicadas in the trees started a new rouse of whining, with their telltale rasping.

We blinked in the bright sunlight and held a hand to our eyes to block it from the beaming sunlight. It was really HOT out here !

I had forgotten that Summer was only a few days away and it showed. School would be out soon for Summer Vacation and while I would miss the homework and teachers, I was certain Tyr and Lilly were ready for the break.

We looked around carefully. No telltale sign of a strange car from Arkos Research Inc. or so it seemed clear. Lilly had left her bicycle chained against the outside faucet. Tyr and me got ours from her garage. All 3 of us being ready, the house locked, the garage closed up again, we then then pedaled on over to my place, just a short distance further than if I left from my house to go to Tyr's.

As we sped on over we looked carefully at the traffic for anything mysterious our out of place. Aside from passing one van with obnoxious little kids showing their tongues at us by licking the windows, there wasn't anything more offensive or intrusive than that.

Apparently whatever this odd Arkos situation there was earlier had blown over and we wouldn't have to worry about them again.

I breathed a sigh of relief cause I really worried that the more Tyr used her newfound ability, the worse trouble she would get herself in, not just with this weird organization but likely the government of our state, as they, too, would want to know how she could do what she did as well !

I slowed down as the two girls sped ahead of me and they finally arrived. I had slowed because I saw my uncle's car was still there in the driveway of my home and I realized I did NOT want to run into him again. Tyr and Lilly stopped their bicycles noticing I had stopped mine a half-a-block before them.

What's up, Dev ?" Tyr asked curiously pedaling a bit back to check on me seeing something was bothering me.

"I'm not going in there with - my uncle." I said angrily and held my ground not going any further. Despite my Mom having gotten back my TV show, Captain Circumference, the terrible memory of the way my Uncle was - they way he treated both her and me before, would never be completely wiped from my mind, nor forgotten.

He was a fat, lazy, rude, louse and it would take years of me seeing him in a different light before I would even begin to forgive him for his earlier despicable behavior from years ago.

Tyr didn't understand as I had never told her about it, but she wanted to help. She leaned over and placed a supportive hand on my shoulder seeing I was tormented from memories of my past.

"How 'bout I go then and getted it." She offered and looked over her shoulder at the house. "Where did you puts it ?"

"In the secret brick." I answered. Tyr nodded. She knew the place. We had both found the secret brick quite by accident years ago. We were tracking a funny looking kind of roly-poly bug on the wall and saw him disappear behind it. Curiosity got the better of us and it was then we realized the brick was loose and you could put small things like change or a pocket-watch in there.

"OK," she said. "I'll go and get it then shall I ?"

I didn't nod, I just looked away. She took that as an answer and letting go of my shoulder she bicycled back over to Lilly who was already up against the driveway waiting expectantly for us both. Tyr approached and related to her what was going to be done. Lilly was also confused but Tyr just nodded that it would work out in the end.

Lilly finally pulled back to where I was and Tyr rode closer and locked up her bicycle to one of the nearby trash bins with the chain around the handles.

* * *

With her bicycle out of the way, she approached the front door to my home and tried the handle. She found it was locked so with my key she carefully opened it and tiptoed into the house unseen as there was talking coming from the kitchen.

Uncle Leroy was in there telling one of his tall tales and had the full attention of my Dad and Mom for the story. Lilly crept past there and taking off her shoes silently pad-footed up the stairs to make it to my room. She listened carefully to see if there was any change, but no.

If anything Leroy had raised his voice for a more 'exciting' part of his story. Something to do with the jobs he had and the skills he had today. Since he was here to borrow money it was certain he would lay it on thick to show he would make a wise investment.

My Dad spoke and said that it was possible he could find a place for him in the company he worked for.

Back outside me and Lilly were still about half a block from my driveway and from the look on her face she wanted to talk about what stopped me from going near my uncle.

But I had something else to discuss. "Lilly," I began. "Tyr was telling me that you want to have the ability to communicate with Choo-Choo in - " I paused for effect. "Squirrel-Talk ?"

Lilly nodded her head without saying anything so I continued, "I don't know if that spossible, but we can try." There was a long pause after I spoke to see if she would say anything, but she didn't.

I figured this would be a good time as any so I added, "Can you tell me exactly what happened back in the bath - "

I was interrupted by Tyr who was returning and zhing-zhingled her bicycle jingler to get our attention.

"I got it !" she said triumphantly. "Your uncle was in the kitchen talking to your folks." she relayed to me.

"Fine," I said unconcerned. Tyr handed me the plugin. I fingered it for a bit, still fascinated by the design and amazed that something so powerful and alien could be fitted into such a small device as this.

Confirming it was what we needed I spoke, "Okay, let's get back to Tyr's before someone sees us missing, like Maggie !" and with that fear in mind we hurriedly pedaled our bicycles back to Tyr's home.

We still kept an eye out for traffic, and this time we did see something odd. There was an unmarked van all in white on the left-hand side of the road that wasn't there earlier and two people in white coverall uniforms were working on one of the telephone poles and clearly getting ready to add a bunch of new wiring to it.

All three of us slowed to watch for a bit but the pair of workers gave us such an ugly and scary look it was clear they didn't want any kids to bother them, so me and Lilly hurried on past. Tyr, however, stuck out her tongue and slowed down a bit, but one of them stamped his foot forward trying to scare her. and almost caused her to lose control of the bicycle.

I looked back seeing she was okay so I pedaled on.

Tyr was not happy however and scowled under her breath. Giving a familiar leer of wickedness, she suddenly circled back around in the opposite direction. Both me and Lilly turned our bikes to watch.

Lilly hadda big smile on her face waiting to see what Tyr was up to. As for me, I was smirking, Honestly ! What was she going to do now ?

Tyr got several yards behind the workers, and then with perfect precision and balance and nearly riding in the gutter on the left-hand side of the street she raised up her right leg carefully and repositioned herself so she was holding on sideways to the left of her bicycle.

One hand was hanging on to the left handlebar and the other holding on to her Princess-Pedal bicycle seat with her feet planted firmly in the triangular wedge above the chain of the pedals.

She then carefully stretched out her arms grunting in the effort and gauging her balance, leaned over hard tilting the bike to the right at an angle to compensate for the shift in weight and hiking her butt high up in the air she yelled at the unsuspecting workers, "Yada yada ya yah !"

I groaned at her childish display, really hoping she wouldn't fall and hurt herself as the stunt she was doing looked looked considerably dangerous. But Lilly was delighted and thought the whole thing was hilarious and clapped a hand to her mouth to snicker and stare while pointing with her free hand at the workers.

The first worker, the one that frightened her earlier, was still closest to the street and stopped to glare, bewildered at her as she approached again, as her whole back end was tipping out the side closest to him.

Tyr's skirt flapped around in the summer breeze and she coasted up to him peering wickedly over her shoulder and grinded her tires, leaning forward a little more to tilt the bicycle even steeper, now at an almost 45 degree angle against the street, determined to raise her up higher give him an eye-level insulting view of her undies as she wheeled by.

With her still maintaining perfect balance of the angled bicycle, he watched wide-eyed and shocked as she waggled her end from side to side invitingly for him, less than a foot now from where he stood, all the while making wet kissy sounds with her mouth, and she glided slowly past, like a float in a parade for his personal viewing.

Lilly beside me gasped in delight at the raw and disrespectful audacity of what she was doing to the worker. Even I had to bite back a chuckle, but more in amazement of her exceptional balance and being able to pull this off without falling over and hurting herself.


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With every chapter I read, it just keeps getting more and more interesting.


Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Ok cool. :-) sorry if I took so long to read it, been so busy and I have a lots of read requests to .. read more

6 Years Ago

Glad you're liking them. :) I think I need to update the profile which lists the weekly schedule to .. read more

6 Years Ago

Haha, true. :-)

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