FB1-23 "Metamorphosis"

FB1-23 "Metamorphosis"

A Chapter by dw817

There was the familiar tell-tale yellow grid suddenly appearing over Tyr's entire body, then it zoomed up her chest, and finally to her face. Beams of colored light danced in and out of her head.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

School met uneventfully the next day.

Tyr got an A on her science report. Little surprise there, she was smart, she just often had her strange and often comical little ways of getting the right answer.

After school we were both laughing and chatting happily with each other about all the incredible things we were going to do with SIM.

We hurriedly bicycled back to my place and dashed upstairs for the computer and powered up the plugin. Tyr bounced tentatively on my bed excitedly. But it was clear she wanted me to be used as a go-between for SIM and her requests.

I, too, was beginning to believe that SIM was getting more than a little frustrated with just how non-technical and purely random TYR really was.

But there were a few questions I had to ask it before we got started. I remembered the directory I saw on it earlier and curious, I asked SIM what the DNA program was for.


"Could I be like telly-key-ness then ?" Tyr asked excitedly.

I had been around Tyr too long to not know how to understand her.

"You mean, telekinesis, Tyr." I corrected her.

She flipped her head back to stare up at the ceiling where I had put countless glow-in-the-dark stars and comets, "Yah what you said, picklepie !"


Seeing SIM was asking her directly, she bounced up and down on my bed doing jumping jacks, just like on her own bed earlier. Fortunately my bed was bigger and likely sturdier than hers so trustfully she couldn't damage it.

Then she stood up on the mattress and facing the computer started whirling her hands all around in front of her giving SIM a good definition of what it was.

"Well it's like WHOOSH you know ya bingy bongy stuffed up in the air and it all they goes like, 'Hey ! How'd I getted up here ?' and you go, 'Ya ya ya I done it cause you've always meanie to me !' and it's swoop swoop, "

Tyr raced her hands down under each other like they were toy jet planes, "they get draggled alla over the place and then SPLAT !"

Tyr suddenly kicked both feet out from under her and bounced her butt hard on my mattress as she fell. I heard it creak in complaint but apparently it could take her weight. And she wasn't done yet.

Tyr wiped some drool off her lip with the back of her hand, clearly getting excited in her graphic description, "Then you'd got to put them where you want for," and then Tyr lowered her voice and made it louder for effect, "EXTREME PUNISHMENT !"

She pounded her fists on the bed for emphasis which bounced with the springs to show the importance of it all.

The computer paused for a second and it seemed as if the blue-LED on the plugin for SIM dimmed considerably. It was as if SIM was losing memory cells trying to interpret what she said.

Finally a new message appeared.


I nearly fell out of my chair laughing hysterically at the more than obvious insult SIM gave to Tyr, but Tyr caught me with a nasty expression on her face. "Whatchu laughing at Devvy boy ?"

I coughed and nearly swallowing my tongue as all humor drained out of me instantly, but then I faced the computer to explain.

I thought for a second to give an exact answer so after a moment I spoke clearly to him, "SIM, telekinesis is the power to move something by thinking about it without the application of physical force."

Tyr corrected me abruptly, "NO, Dev ! You gots it all wrongo. You mean, THA powder to move something or others thinking 'bout by with,"

And she paused for emphasis by twirling her hair around her ears, her left ear clockwise, her right ear counter-clockwise to the show the importance of it.

"OR - without the occasion of fizzy-can fours." she corrected me and smiled to me like it was that much more important to say it that way.

"Yah what you said, picklepie." I laughed at her dextrous ability with her hair and ears. I had determined long ago that while Tyr may be using more of her brain than most girls her age, that additional part of her brain clearly was untapped pure cane sugar.

Tyr stuck her tongue out at me and suddenly bent over upside-down over the back of my bed facing away from me to look under it for heaven knows what, her skirt flopping around her waist showing her undies.

I looked away, frightened for a moment and faced the computer to see if SIM understood what I said earlier.

The artificially intelligent being paused, I think it had learned to tune out Tyr. The light dimmed on it's power meter like before but it seemed to not think too hard about it this time. Then it returned to full brightness.


"Me me me me !" I looked at Tyr who lost interest in under my bed now and was now bouncing up and down on the mattress jerking her head up and down and held her hand up in the air facing me.

I watched puzzled. She continued for several more moments, "me me me me me mee, pick me, man, aww c'mo-oh-oh-oh-ON !"

* * *

She continued to strain her arm in the air and bounced her head up and down as if an invisible teacher was going to pick her from a classroom of obviously other well-behaved students.

I pointed randomly around the bedroom at the other invisible students who APPARENTLY all had their hands politely raised as hers, and finally pointed to Tyr, "Yes, Tyr. You raised your hand, would you like to volunteer for this assignment ?" I said with a grin.

"Meeeeee !!" she sqeaked out suddenly and so loud I could swear the lens frame in my glasses vibrated. One more octave up and I'm sure Mom would be buying me new glasses for that shrillness.

That sound of air or white noise from the computer speakers again, definitely a sigh I could tell now and:


I stepped back a bit, a little concerned at the serious tone SIM developed on that last sentence.

For the first time, Tyr looked really scared, "Hey Dev, where ya goin' huh ? Is it not gone to hurt is it, Dev ? Dev ? Dev !?" she looked straight into my eyes, an innocent doe with beautiful violet eyes.

For a moment I wondered if this was such a good idea, then something odd happened, Tyr froze up with her mouth open to say something else but nothing came out.

Her chest stopped moving where she was breathing and I heard what sounded like a crackling sound, as if something was being flexed before it would be loosened.

There was a terrible flash of light and then the familiar tell-tale yellow grid suddenly appeared over her entire body, then zoomed up her chest, and finally to her face. Beams of colored light danced in and out of her head, like macrame with lasers.

A full minute passed and the grid vanished, suddenly Tyr was moving again.

"Izzit gonna hurt, huh !?" she said angrily when I didn't respond immediately. She was unaware of the frozen time period she was in.

"Tyr," I smiled gently, "It's over, it's done. How do you feel ?"

"Oh, izzit ? Well fiyyine." she said and rocked back and forth on the bed. "Sose how do I does it Mr. SIM ?"


"Oboy, you're screwed." I smiled and stepped away from the expected abuse.

Tyr popped her gasket and faced me with a sneer, "Yah ! But noes ! It's you gonna be all screwied up like a little wrunged out hankee just keep it up boyee !" Tyr said.

Then she took her hands rubbing the knuckles together like she was wringing up a cloth angrily. "Squik squik squik !" she said for effect squinting her mean little eyes at me.

Man she had a temper. I smiled, she couldn't really do me any harm though. I was certain of that.

With no more commentary from Tyr, I realized that we had enough to work with at the moment. "SIM, that's good for now, shutdown." I addressed him.


The computer clicked off and I pulled out the plugin. Once again I noticed it had a cool feel to it, like powering it up actually lowered its temperature rather than raising it. I wish - I understood more of how it was made.

Maybe someone from the future would come back here to retrieve SIM as the plugin was clearly the most powerful thing imaginable on the planet ? I laughed to myself. And I owned it !

A part of my brain rarely used tweaked my conscious with a quiet message. "Yes, it is from the future, Dev."

I dismissed the notion and looked to Tyr.

She sat on the edge of the bed for a minute with a blank expression. I could see we needed something to demonstrate her new-found abilities. Reaching in the desk, I retrieved a pencil and said to her, "Here, concentrate on this pencil."

I put the pencil carefully on the edge of the bed. Tyr looked at it intently for a moment. Finally she shrugged, "How am I sposed ta ?"

I scratched the back of my head myself. I was certain if I powered up SIM he wouldn't give me any more information than I already had. I thought about where I had seen telekinesis before. On television.

There was a girl witch who wiggled her nose and a Genie girl who crossed her arms and blinked her eyes to do magic stuff. I saw it on TV onetime.

"Tyr, try wiggling your nose and stuff." I offered to her.

She nodded and the first thing she did was wiggle her ears. She was actually pretty good at that, but nothing happened. Then she wrinkled up her nose, batted her eyes, wriggled her toes, and waved her fingers. The pencil remained unmoving.

"Aww maan !" she said. With no further encouragement from me she got up and started hopping in place on one leg saying, "Budda budda budda - Budda budda buddha !"

I couldn't help but snicker. Surely this wasn't the way to do levitation. I laughed, "Just what ARE you doing, Tyr ?" I couldn't help it, I finally guffawed in delight.

"Your last funeral rites, mister-o Dev !" she said smartly with squinted eyes. I stopped laughing. She opened her eyes in anger to look and see if I was going to say anything. I didn't.

Then she started jumping up and down really loud on the floor saying, "Boingy boingy boingy." She did this for a full minute. I finally looked down, Mom had to be hearing this ridiculous ruckus.

Sure enough with Tyr's hard little heels clacking against the floor my Mom did finally yell from downstairs, "What's going on up there now, honey ?"

"Science experiment, Mom !" I called back.

Tyr wasn't going to stop now though. She was dancing in place and rolling her hands around each other like churning a motor, "Hocus Pocus alley-wokus, doomba woomba wham, give me lifty powers, MAN !" and then she flung her hands out like finishing a dance.

It was too much. Tyr was actually quite a talented dancer when she wanted to be and that made it even funnier. I fell back against the door and laughed so hard tears came to my eyes.

My legs collapsed and even on the floor I was still giggling like an idiot even though I twisted my leg slightly in pain. I looked up, my eyes still wet from laughter.

Tyr gave me a really mean look and started to walk over to me stomping the floor. Uh oh, now I was gonna get it ! I scooted myself hard up against the back of the door still sitting on the floor, not eager to raise up on my sore leg now.

She stopped with her little black shoes touching my knees as I was completely backed up against the door and flat on the floor.

I grinned weakly up at her as she towered over me and she smiled back tilting her head quizzically, not a nice smile I made a note of. I also noticed she was standing way too close to me right now and I had seen that look in her eye before.

She was planning something truly wicked for me and I knew I would regret it.


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© 2014 dw817

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Thanks for the write, your imagination is wild but good to read :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Barrier is a bit of a strange story. Glad you're enjoying it thus far, Daniel. :7

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