FB1-07 "The Curious Pairing"

FB1-07 "The Curious Pairing"

A Chapter by dw817

I still wholly believed at some level girls had infectious COOTIES, able to release them at any point like a defensive reaction, the same way a skunk could. I had heard - terrible stories of them !



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The next morning I jambed my shoe against the inside of my bedroom door.

I did this to prevent Tyr from unceremoniously waking me again and doing - something - strange - with my pillows, like yesterday.

I never did figure out what she did and I certainly DIDN'T want to know at this point. Something twinged in my brain that I had better leave well enough alone.

Sure enough, early in the morning she must've gotten ready before me because I heard someone pushing hard against my door finding it blocked by the shoe I put there.

As she was struggling against it, finally kicking her Buster Browns near the base of my door, I  hurriedly got dressed and put on my last shoe from the other side and finally opened it.

"Missed something ?" I asked melodically as I stepped out ready for school.

She was herself dressed in a skirt you know her mother would never have let her leave the house in. I imagined she changed clothes somewhere en route to walk with me to school.

Maybe at Lilly's, a close friend of hers I hadn't talked about yet.

Tyr looked at me and scowled, clearly angry that she didn't have a chance to 'wake' me again, "No, I dint miss nothing. But you sure did, boy HOWDY !"

"Maybe later ?" I offered innocently, not really sure what she was talking about. And sometimes it was better that way.

She turned her head and spoke as if I had lost something important, "Nope ! The magicked moment is gone ! You hadden your chance and you blewed it buddy boy !" she snapped her fingers in finality.

I looked down at my feet in mock disappointment, which usually encouraged her to stop teasing me. But not this time, and I didn't see her as she stepped quietly behind me as I continued to look down discouraged.

"Tweak !" she suddenly squeaked out laughing, and pinched hard at my butt as I was still looking down at my toes.

"Hey ! Tyr ! Oww ! That hurts !" I admonished rubbing my backside.

"Wha ? I din't do nothin !" she said innocently running past me, all doe-eyed and clear of all accusations in any court of law. I smiled at her.

While I always saw what she did as harmless playing and teasing I never did read into it anymore than that and perhaps that is what made our friendship that much closer and special.

I sometimes wondered if I ever told her that I liked her teasing that she might stop, so I always put on a fuss and made it appear like she was being mean to me and I didn't like it. And perhaps I didn't and perhaps she was.

Both her and me went into the kitchen and I saw Mom had fixed a nice breakfast for us, Cream of Wheat, my favorite ! I guess because it was a little nippy outside. And then it was off to school !

As we were walking, I surveyed the sky for a moment, getting ready to comment on the interesting cloud formations to her. Then I winced in my steps as I felt a sharp pain behind from where Tyr tweaked me earlier.

"Still hurts, Tyr." I said rubbing my backside ruefully.

She put her arm around my shoulder and squeezed my neck painfully causing me to stagger in my steps, "Aww, poor baby, you want Mommy Kisses to makes it all feel better ? mwa mwa mwa !"

And she pursed her lips out to me in a several mock-kisses revealing that horrid lipstick she was buying all the time. Death by cherry, I thought to myself.

She hardly ever had any other flavor or scent, and yet ... I did scent vanilla on her one time, but I couldn't remember from where, not from her face I think ...

"No !" I said shocked at her rude behavior.

Then Tyr looked at me with those beautiful and fiery violet eyes of hers, "Really ?" she asked quietly.

I mouthed the reply without saying it, "No." I was DEFINITELY not going to fall into one of her traps, mental or otherwise. And that's what I was reading from this crazy parlay.

She shrugged, bobbed her head left and right, her beautiful red hair dancing in the sunlight and laughing, finally ran ahead of me.

Then we arrived at school and were both delighted delighted to NOT see Scant there. Nor his cronies whom almost always accompanied him. Usually it was 3 of them although recently it's been 4 I guess to compensate for all the new students. It wasn't just me that he teased, although I'm not sure that knowledge was comfort in itself.

I often thought about who was worse, Scant or his followers. And oddly enough I had a clear answer, and it wasn't Scant that was the true tantalizer in the posse.

We marveled at this absence of our daily tormentors for a moment and then were both rushing to our Homerooms. Hers, different from mine.

There were still a large number of other students we avoided who would still pick on us, but at least they didn't go out of their way to find us like Scant and his motley crew did.

We enjoyed our time away from him and hoped he would NEVER return. That would be great !

But likely he was still at the hospital for the last fight attempt he made on me and I knew, unfortunately, Scant WOULD return. in time, and likely with vicious reprisal.

* * *

I puzzled my lip for a bit, thinking of the fight and how he couldn't get past the Barrier Tyr set up with her laptop by using the mysterious plugin. I knew the force field was impenetrable. I proved that with the hammer.

But could it be used for something more - meaningful - in the future ? Something useful perhaps ?

Both Tyr's and mine classes passed without incident. She shared about half of my classes, but she also attended some special ones that she never let me know about.

Something secretive and having to do with the fact 'she was a handful' which is what one of her teachers told me when I met her in the hallway one time asking about it.

And then it was lunchtime. We were both sitting under our favorite tree, avoiding the cafeteria and playground besides as we didn't mingle well with others, and it was time for the age-old ritual of Tyr swiping my dessert again.

She started into me eagerly, "So whadja gotted for lunch, Dev ? Me ? I gotsa peana-butter am jelly samwich, an appo and NO DESSERT !"

"Gosh sakes what is my Mummy thinking ! NO Dessert ! I cain't growed up biggery and strong without thaaat !" She cupped her hands under her midsection which was already rather developed for a growing girl her age, and she was hoping I would look.

"See ?" she said, noticing I was deliberately avoiding her right now. I sighed, looking off to the side, my head in my hands in misery. Maybe I should just take out her beloved Suzy-Q and throw it at her. At her HEAD ! I smiled at the thought nodding slightly to myself.

"See, right here !?" she said louder and reached down to pull out my elbow and as my head fell she jammed my face up in her chest as if I'm supposed to see something important there.

But I had a quick reply staring into her midriff, "Is that where all my desserts are going ?" I finally laughed, pulling away. I could just imagine those sweet desserts building up her chest and apparently nowhere else.

Then I acted all serious and looked in my lunch-bag. "Let's see, I have a bologna sandwich, a bag of BBQ chips, and an apple-juice juice-box, and THOSE are mine, Tyr."

She waited to see if I would add anything, and deliberately, I didn't. I waited to see how she would react.

"OH MY !" she suddenly gasped in a shocked tone of voice, and smacked her face dramatically with both hands and got her cute face up close to mine leaning hard to the right from me.

"NO SUZI-Q at alled ?" she queried with all seriousness.

I wondered if she really believed me then, because it was difficult for me to lie, and when I said something, she wholeheartedly believed it. But the opposite was true.

Anything that Tyr told me I immediately had to think through it carefully and see if there was any way Tyr could benefit by lying about it. And usually there was.

And it was hard to tell what she was thinking about sometimes. So I decided to play this out.

"Seems that way." I said dejectedly, and I wasn't telling a full lie as my bag of chips was covering over it. So yes, I couldn't 'see' them.

I sighed and took a bite out of my sandwich shrugging. That's the way it goes, I thought to myself with an evil grin.

This time she wasn't gonna get my dessert ! Maybe I could eat it before I get to my next class in the bathroom without her noticing. It would certainly be a first.

She sat staring at me for about a minute with one of those familiar superior expressions on her face. I finally had to laugh at how cross she looked and tried to stop myself, but I couldn't, and coughed uncomfortably trying to cover it up. That was all it took.

She suddenly made a decision and stood up, facing me, as I was sitting with my back against the tree and spoke in a stern tone, trying to make her appear more mature than she was.

"Well let ME take a look-see and go finded what you gots. You just enjoys your sammywich Devvy ! Hmm, hmm ..." She then started to hummed melodically to the tune of "Danny Boy."

Before I could say anything she suddenly took her own glasses off, set them down in the grass, and then took mine own off. Then she put mine on in her place, as if that would help her vision. I knew they wouldn't.

My glasses were used to seeing things faraway, not close up. In fact, I often took my glasses off or tilted them up on my head when I read books with small print.

Still humming and looking a little silly wearing my glasses that were too big for her thin face, she snatched my lunch-bag away from me which only had the dessert now and got up from her place beside me to stand up in front facing me.

She then gave me a more than wicked grin, she turned around in a 180 and bent over hard at the waist so I could get an eyeful, whether I wanted it or not.

White material easily peeked under her skirt with a strangely familiar design of cute and little colorful princesses all over them.

Yet I had seen this design before, but where ?

I then realized it wasn't a handkerchief that Tyr had pulled out the day before when she was struck with the weird case of the giggles. I swallowed hard - it was - undies. I winced, terrified of this.

I still wholly believed at some level girls had infectious COOTIES, able to release them at any point like a defensive reaction, the same way a skunk could.

I had heard - terrible stories of them. Marty, my good friend, said once that a friend of his got the cooties from a girl who kissed him against his will.

And that same boy had to spend weeks at home in bed because his face broke out looking like girlie stickers were attached to them !

* * *


Illustrated by CPT-Plaid

That was the only way to describe it. Marty said your skin blotches with little pink hearts, gold stars, unicorns, and rainbow splashes ! Uuugh ! Whatta terrible horrible awful evil disease for a boy to get !

Fortunately to my knowledge, Tyr had never used this hidden chemical weapon against me, and I was glad for that, but I never wanted to test her on it.

As I looked on nervously, Tyr then dropped the lunch-bag in front at her feet and looking down at it through my glasses asked no-one in particular almost singing in her voice.

"Izzat a Suzer-Q I see alla down in the bottom of youren lunchbag ? Man I'm going to have to bend waaay over to get it outed theres."

"Tyr, you can't possibly see with my ..." I quavered fearfully, reaching forward to push her away as she was deliberately inching her white globe up against me, but I couldn't push her away because I'd be touching her ...

I started sweating like mad looking left and right for an escape. Even the band at the top of her undies had cute designs on it, little crowns with sparkly gold thread. I was going to get the cooties from that for sure if it touched me !

And the fact of the matter was, girls scared me when they acted like this, and Tyr was no exception and what's worse, SHE KNEW this sort of thing bugged the hell out of me.

Fortunately to my knowledge, only Tyr was this rude and most other girls her age were well behaved.

Although there was that crazy lemon-haired girl from the other day ... I never did figure out what happened with that.

Tyr giggled realizing my dilemma and that I was trapped because of my phobia of ever touching a girl except for when one held my hand.

And I do recall a time when one girl in the hallway held my hand suddenly and I was - completely speechless. The same girl smiled at me and for a moment. She had pretty chestnut colored hair and for a second.

I thought we had something in common - an interest in hand-holding if nothing else.

But then a moment later Tyr noticed us and ignoring me completely, launched a full attack into the girl, literally pounding the snot out of her and yelling defiantly, "He's mine, you beech !"

Tyr then left her bleeding in the hallway and never said a word to me then or later about it.

Curiously afterwards I went back to the Reading Room because I had to look that odd word up in the school dictionary and found it was spelled two ways, "beach" and "beech."

I was pretty sure she wasn't calling her a shoreline so it had to be the sweet nut by the same name.

I confirmed this by finding the genus name for beech was, "fagus" and I know I've been called a "f*g" from time to time by other boys in P.E. cause I would never use a urinal only the stall, which confirmed my suspicions.

It was fascinating to me how all these things fit together, if you only took the time to look them up !

And even today I call someone a "fruit berry" when I'm really mad cause I didn't think 'beech' was a very common word, since I didn't hear it very often, and likely if I said it they would would associate a place to swim and play rather than an insulting fruit.

But back to my situation with Tyr's imposing white globe upon me, my voice squeaked out with tension and I coughed to try and clear it, unsuccessfully.

"C'mon Tyr, someone's gonna see ... this." I couldn't help it. I pointed at ... IT ! As if IT was some kind of terrible monster, and to me, it wholly was.

Clearly ignoring me, she took a few deliberate steps back until the sunlight was blocked by her almighty fearsome globe. She then laughed and wiggled it for me which only made it worse.

"And that's a bad thing ?" she replied innocently, her voice full of shocked puzzlement looking slightly over her shoulder.

I started to stand up to move, but she was prepared for this and in a sudden move, pushed me hard back against the tree with her ...  "Ah ! I Got it !" she said triumphantly.

"Tyr ..." I grunted uncomfortably, stuck between the tree and staring straight ahead into her - I gulped in fear - princesses !

* * *

Several long moments passed and she kept her pose, and from my position, I couldn't see anything else. All I could hear was the packaging and cellophane being removed from the stolen treat.

And then, "Mmm mmm good, isn't this good, Dev ?" She gave an evil giggle well aware of what she was doing.

My face burned with humiliation and - what could only be described as - paralyzing fear !

"Tyr, Tyr d****t get offa me ! Someone's gonna see this !" I murfled. I felt like my stomach was flipping over and it was hard to breeze besides.

Oh my god, what if Marty, my best friend in Math saw me like this ? I would NEVER live this down !

"I can't hear you," she said clearly unconcerned. As I struggled, she tsked at me disapprovingly.

"You sounding like yous inna drainpipe or somesing. Where yor head these days anyways is what I likes to know huh, Devvy Boy ?" and she chuckled wickedly knowing full well the torment she was putting me through with my head where it was.

Tyr, however, unlike me, was in an entirely different world than mine. She carefully licked all the chocolate frosting on the outside of the dessert, determined to savor it, and then it was quiet and peaceful for several moments as she continued to lean against me.

It was then I felt a flutter of fabric against my ears from the wind and I realized with a feeling of dread it was the hem of her skirt, she clearly draped it over the back of my head now !

Some birds chirped in the tree above me tentatively, undoubtedly curious at this curious pairing of ours.

I KNEW Tyr would hold this damned pose - against me - until the class bell resounded, a good 20-minutes from now, determined to drain down to the last drop, all the self-respect I had within me.

Which really wouldn't take very long as I had born with so little to begin with. She wouldn't stop until I eventually cried out like a scared little toddler, unable to take any more of this - this - confusion in my head !

And I always did cry out which is precisely what she wanted.


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Oh my my this tyr was a devil really if you suffered that much at her ...errr....hands :P

ordeal over now? whats next..

best wishes

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

ohk nice
"Fruit Berry" :), no one will be really offended on hearing that :)

7 Years Ago

I would say it out loud to Rose or Chris and they would be huh ? And I said it was an insult and the.. read more

7 Years Ago

okay, take care :)

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