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FB1-68 "The Big Chase"

FB1-68 "The Big Chase"

A Chapter by dw817

The police car sped carefully around a corner chasing the ambulance to a strange boarded-up and derelict building that was clearly marked in blood-red letters at the entrance.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Seeing I was unconscious, Stefani shrugged her shoulders, handed me Teepo and covered me with the blankets. Then kissed me soundly on my lips licking her own at the sudden unexpected taste of peppermint mouthwash. She clicked off the bedroom light. I actually snored, just a little.

Then she took the other jar from the table and set it in the refrigerator. Returning to the table she picked up the spoon and licked it clean herself. “Hmm ! Delicious …” she commented appreciatively. Then washed it and the empty jar in the sink setting both of them on the counter.

Finally going to the bathroom for a bit of mouthwash herself, the nervous habit of thumbs behind to hike up her skirt again, and then out the front door to return back to work.

I continued to sleep while she was away at work.

Stefani quickened her steps to return to work when she ran into Juliana who was puffing and panting out of breath. She had apparently gone to find Stefani with some important news.

“What’s wrong ?” Stefani asked concerned.

“It’s Tyr.” she said wheezing noisily. “We have her.” and then handed her a clipboard to read which proved that fact.

Stefani, not really looking at the clipboard tilted her head thinking deeply to herself.

This is good because Arkos has been after her since that construction commode incident. They seem determined to believe she has telekinetic powers and can be drugged for Arkos use.

What a load of crap ! There’s no such thing as telekinesis !

And then Stefani thought to herself, However, this is NOT good because according to records, Tyr is his true ‘girlfriend’ and she’d probably do anything to break up Dev and me.

She shook her head and continued in her thoughts. I’m having way too much fun with Dev. And one stupid little girl like Tyr will not stand in the way of MY happiness !

For a moment Stefani imagined holding on to sweet little Tyr’s bright red hair knotted around her hand and holding her face where I was earlier.

She relished in the thought of seeing her fight like Dev did, grunting and straining, water splashing in all directions, her legs struggling to get away, the ones with the pom poms on the socks like she saw in the presentation photo, and then suddenly her legs and arms going limp, the fight all beaten out of her.

She would be sobbing and crying. And then I would force her to drink.

I think that might take some of the fight out of her, the little redheaded brat ! And she smiled wickedly to herself.

And the more she does, the more that sweet love she has for Dev will just float away, because her little brain would be softened and soaked. Talk about brainwashing a child ! and she laughed out loud.

And I would make her drink ALL of it, Stefani said cruelly to herself. And when she finally drinks down that last little bit. I’d raise her up for just a bit still holding onto the back of her head as she looked so looked to me so pitifully cold and scared.

And I would give her such a nice grin and make her think I was going to let her go. She would be confused and crying and maybe even smile at me thinking the punishment is over.

Then, Stefani, you would need to make a decision ! Does it look like Tyr would give me any more trouble after this little exercise in humiliation ?

If not and it truly looks like I had broken her morale, and she had her head lowered to me in submission, her hair dripping wet on my expensive designer shoes, then I may keep her for a few days to break her will down even more with new tasks of debasement.

And once I knew she was completely demoralized, I’d release her so Arkos could do their experiments on her and she’d be out of my hair, free to leave me to do with Dev as I wish.

* * *

BUT … if it looked like she wasn’t suitably subdued from what she did, or if she looked just the slightest bit defiant against me, I’d give her a big smile and then carefully and deliberately push her head, back in, all the way down to the bottom.

I’d hold her there, and then I’d flush, letting it refill continuing to hold her head down there at the bottom. And she’d start crying sorrowfully for what she just did, and then in terrible fear for what’s happening now !

Oh, at first she’d be okay, the new water would rise up to her. But in a short amount of time the water would cover over her head and she’d fight me a little, trying to raise up to get some air.

But I would hold her there pushed at the bottom, and it would be silent a minute except for the water trailing over the edge of the from the unbalanced mass.

Then after a minute of silence I would hear angry little air bubbles popping to the quiet surface as she sweetly drowned. And she would go straight to Heaven because that’s where all good little girls go when they die.

She should be HAPPY I’m helping her to get there instead of letting her grow up to take her chances with the Devil and go to Hell. She’ll be happy in Heaven, that’s where all good little girls belong. And then Dev will be all MINE to do with as I please !

Stefani finished her internal thoughts, Besides, I’d still give Tyr to Arkos research, but then say she drowned in a river as we tried to catch her for them.

If Stefani was going to do this terrible thing to Tyr, then she had to MOVE now and quickly, to get to her before the other agents did.

Then Stefani noticed Julie’s look of concern and puzzlement. Apparently Stefani had laughed out loud without meaning to as she was caught up in her deep and morbid thoughts. Stefani coughed to return back to seriousness.

She put a supportive hand on Juliana’s shoulder. Juliana was breathing a little slower now recovering from her run. Finally Stefani spoke nodding her head assertively and smiled, “Let’s go get her, Julie.”

With that, both her and Juliana hurried back to the elevator to return to the main office. Once Stefani had cleared the wooden entry door she barked orders to the first woman sitting adjacent to a large strange smoked grey glass desk, oddly empty of anything on it, not even a coffee cup.

“I need a Terramap of where Tyr is right now, Sonji !”

Sonji nodded, alert, and typed rapidly on the keyboard in front of her while looking to the monitor ahead for readings. The glass desk suddenly glowed to life and with a few electrical sparks like reverse lightning shooting from its smooth surface.

A moment later a holographic scene of my house appeared on it as if from a helicopter view of a dollhouse. A small figure ran out the door, it was Tyr, and you could see some police cars parked nearby. Lilly was sitting on the steps and you couldn’t really make out Choo-Choo at this small scale on her shoulder.

Stefani smiled wickedly and stepping deliberately to the glass table pointed right at Tyr, her finger interfering with the hologram effect. “There, that’s the girl we’re after !” she said remembering earlier photographs off her.

Then with a triumphant flair she tapped her bracelet for communication. “Acquisition ! Get me Dempsey and Petrov.”

Meanwhile, back at my house, the policeman were talking to both Tyr’s Mummy, Annie, and my own Mother and Father. Uncle Leroy’s vehicle was not there so he had left.

You couldn’t make out their voices and finally Lilly, still sitting on the steps spoke clearly to Tyr who was watching nearby, but getting numb and cold by the fact no-one knew where to go next to try and find Dev.

“Where do you suppose they took him ?” Lilly asked to Tyr, and it was clear to see she was as stressed as the parents from the ordeal which was now over several days in a fruitless search for me.

Tyr spoke up. “I’m not sure. But I know he’s okay.” she said with more confidence than she felt.

It was only such a short time ago she had this memory …

She remembered the scene where her, Lilly, Choo-Choo, and the presiding officer on the case were in hot pursuit of the ambulance and it’s occupants that had kidnapped me, and they were running running silently after it with no siren but speeds up to 70 MPH !

Tyr remembered seeing the ambulance, obviously not driving safely, determined to elude the police. They sped carefully around a corner to a strange boarded-up and derelict building that was clearly marked in blood-red letters at the entrance:

Arkos Institute For Gifted Children



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© 2014 dw817

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Amazing write. Just about to read the next chapter.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Wow, sharks killer of the deep ? I dunno. I don't think I could ever hold too much love for them. Li.. read more

6 Years Ago

People who kill others and themselves are plain selfish. Because they want to commit suicide and pot.. read more

6 Years Ago

Well now, don't go too deep. People who kill themselves and not others. I can fully understand that... read more

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