FB1-53 "Underground Base"

FB1-53 "Underground Base"

A Chapter by dw817

Dempsey growled at me, then turned to Petrov angrily. "GODAMMIT ! All I need is one minute alone with this cocktail weenie and I'll SQUEEZE the information outta him."


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© June 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Meanwhile, with me, I was in some kind of hospital ambulance. I knew it was fake but the agents were using it as a cover so they wouldn't get pulled over for looking suspicious.

The gas from the mask was beginning to wear off, I think the cylinders were going empty and Petrov removed it from my face. I looked around to see I was strapped to a gurney and had some kind of soft bed-cover over me. Petrov was holding my fingers again apparently getting another pulse.

I pretended to be asleep but he knew better. "Goot mordneek, zeer Dev !" he said in a friendly enough tone. "Yoo vill now ted uz vhere ve kayy viyent yoo fdend Tyr, no ?"

I opened my eyes and blinked mildly. I certainly wasn't about to give out that information. Then the huge looming figure of Dempsey shadowed the light pushing Petrov out of the way. I had a really good look at him now. Built like a brick wall and just as pretty. Looming over me a good 7-8 feet tall and he had to lean over to not his head on the top of the ambulance.

He could see I was intimidated by his size and smiled widely once again stretching that meaty beard, squeaking it like shredded leather over his face.

"I suggest you do as you're told for your sake, before I squash you like a pea !" he yelled at me.

He had grabbed onto the handhold of the gurney I was in and when he pulled back, I could see he had dented the metal alone with his grip. My god this brute was strong !

Then a radio sparked on and a pretty woman's voice spoke through it. "Dempsey, you leave that boy alone. I'll deal with him myself when you get here."

Dempsey growled at me, then turned to Petrov angrily. "GODAMMIT ! All I need is one minute alone with this cocktail weenie and I'll SQUEEZE the information outta him."

Petrov was unimpressed by his roguish demeanor, "Meeztah Dempsey. I fink vee zhoot fahzhoow horderz aynd led Mizza Stefani antel zhiz, no ?"

"No !" Dempsy yelled and punched the side of the ambulance behind him. For a moment the ambulance rocked on its wheels at his outburst and screeched its tires as the driver fought to maintain balance. Then Dempsey sat on a small chair at the back of the hospital vehicle, the puffery finally out of him.

I chuckled to myself, but I didn't know if he knew no meant yes to Petrov. If I was going to be friends with anyone during my kidnapping escapade, it would have to be Petrov.

I raised my hands up and smiled my friendliest. I was still tied down tight in the gurney. Petrov caught my gaze, nodded and said, "Yot hondeel vee adive, zeer Dev."

Just then the vehicle bounced over a curb. I looked out the window but they had painted them with silly cartoons, and not very well drawn at that, but so many that I couldn't see clearly outside at all, which I'm certain was the point.

I listened carefully. It sounded like we were near a construction site. I could hear machinery going in the distance. Then what little light was coming in from the back door suddenly went dark. I felt an unseen vacuum.

Then it felt like we were in an elevator as my stomach was doing flip-flops. We traveled, I don't know how far, but the light shifted and I counted 11 times the light changed.

Then there was a horrible thump. I whacked my head pretty good but the pillow cushioned it. There was a moment of silence as both Dempsey and Petrov moved to the front of the ambulance. Then two unknown people wearing paper masks, like you see people who work in dusty areas, opened the back of the ambulance in a noisy squeak of metal doors.

They grabbed the gurney I was on, stepping it carefully out of the ambulance.

As I was wheeled out, I could hear a strange repeating sound of air. Were we underground, and if so, how far ?

* * *

I leaned my head back to see Petrov grab a large black bag and a clipboard hanging on the inside of the ambulance. He then hurried to catch up to the pair.

Petrov met my gaze again and smiled warmly. I guess he really wasn't that bad of a guy. Then he handled the clipboard to the one pushing the gurney from behind and the bag to the other one in front. The first fellow looked at the clipboard and nodded.

The masked gentlemen then started rolling me rapidly through the facility backwards, and after hitting my head against more than a dozen doors I was finally wheeled into a room.

The clipboard was snapped to the front of the gurney and the black bag just tossed in a corner. Whether they were mean or forgetful, they turned out the light as they left. I seemed to be abandoned for a time now.

Quiet relaxing music played from some speakers. The air smelled cool and clean, not like outside but richer, and purified. I stretched in my bonds to look around. There was a candy machine on wheels nearby.

I could smell some food cooking too, hot dogs I think, maybe several rooms away, and I could hear some other children playing in other rooms. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad and they'd let me go once I told them what they wanted. But I couldn't tell them about Tyr !

Finally the door opened again and I looked to see a pretty woman click on the lights. She looked to be in her early 20s, maybe younger. Dempsey was with her.

"Dempsey ! He's just a child. Let him go." she said. This had to be Stefani. I couldn't stop looking. She was really cute ! Where did I see someone this beautiful ? Was it years ago ? I know I'd seen her before !

Dempsey leaned close again to me. He was definitely enjoying the fact I was so frightened of him. "We're going to cut your heart out and feed it to you, you little whelp !"

Despite the lack of logic with that statement, I don't think I'd be alive once the heart was cut out, he scared me with that statement nonetheless.

Stefani was apparently aware of Dempsey's - ah - lack of control and laughed gently saying, "No we're not. Stop scaring him and let him go already !"

Dempsey screwed up his face in a frown and clicked open the connectors to the gurney. I raised to sit up and notice that I was in a hospital gown. There was a curious logo, like a semi-circle going around at a 3D arc around the capital letter "A" punctuated where an Izod would go on a uniform.

Despite Dempsey's manner, he did gently help me down but then stood like a mindless oaf not sure what to do next.

"That will be all, Dempsey." Stefani said tiredly, apparently not enjoying his presence anymore than I did.

Dempsey left the room and I could hear his footsteps collide soundly against the floor. Wow ! he had to be at least 300 pounds or more I thought to myself, and not one inch of fat on him, pure raw muscle.

Stefani turned to face me and said apologetically, "Dev, I'm sorry for the way you've been treated so far, but it was urgent I get in contact with you regarding your friend, Tyr."

"What ? What's wrong with her ? Is everything OK ?" I asked genuinely worried now.

However right then, I don't think she was paying much attention to me. She reached down to read the clipboard and faced her back to me. As she did so I took her in from the back.

She really was cute, tall, just a bit over 5 ft, slender, had on silver high-heel shoes, a short skirt with weird little colored lines all over it, a wearable telephone with the mouthpiece and a kind of beret you see the french police wear. Her hair was blonde, long, and beautiful with one silver barrette holding it all down in place.

She also had a rather nice figure too. With her back to me as she continued to read the clipboard, I couldn't help but notice a little pink peeking out from the bottom of her panties that just couldn't be covered up by that really short skirt she was wearing. I wondered if this view was for my benefit.

Without warning she suddenly reached around her skirt and hiked up her panties a little higher with one thumb, showing me more pink. I gulped, butterflies all in my tummy, my face only inches from this action as she was taller than me from my position, and I wondered if she did this very often.


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An interesting and enjoyable chapter. well penned

Posted 6 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Years Ago

Thank you Zahra. I think you're new to this story. Stefani is definitely not all she appears to be. .. read more

6 Years Ago

I'll read more of this story when I have time. :)
Quite interesting, looking forward to reading the next chapter. :-)

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


7 Years Ago

Glad you like it, Kaze ! Even though I'm on the 2nd book, feel free to catch up. I've written quite .. read more
♔ CrownedDevil ☾

7 Years Ago

Hahahah, it was my pleasure. :-)

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