FB1-60 "Stefani's Proposal"

FB1-60 "Stefani's Proposal"

A Chapter by dw817

“There’s an Arboretum with many rare and beautiful flowers I’d like to show you. And there’s an underwater museum where you can see artefacts from ancient Atlanteans that used to inhabit this area."


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The alarm went off at 7am. I was ready to get up so I smacked it off and bounced up. I took a really quick shower, dried off, then put back on the Arkos gown to head into the living to click the intercom. Sure enough it was working now.

A cheery female voice asked, “How can I help you ?”

I blurted it all out at once, “Sausage, eggs, bacon, waffles, lotsa maple syrup, ahh, wheat-eeos with sugar, please.” My stomach rumbled at the selection definitely enjoying this choice more than the one Stefani presented me the night before.

“Just a moment.” she said. I heard her typing on a clicky keyboard. There was a pause. “Okay, Dev. Says here you’re off discipline, good to go for food. I’m sending it down now.”

Before she could close I added, “Could you send a change of clothes too please ?”

She answered back, “Ok Dev. We’re sending you some clean clothes too. Bye !”

I clicked off the intercom and headed to the bathroom to grab a towel. Pulling one from the cabinet I returned to the living room and setting it down on the floor, I folded it in front of the TV.

Then I went to the TV to set the dial to BLUE which had the great action cartoons.

Awright ! They had Captain Circumference on right now ! It didn’t get any better than this ! I sat down with my legs tucked under one-another on the towel, Indian-style to wait for the food.

In just a few minutes a slender fellow arrived dressed in a solid-white uniform balancing a food tray on top of a long cardboard box. That had to have been the clothing. He stood outside the transparent door watching me warily. Apparently first-timers were prone to escape.

Seeing I was more interested in the TV he slid his card in to enter, continuing to watch me closely. I only smiled to him and he smiled back still watching my movements. Finally it was obvious to him I was more interested in the food and clothes he brought me rather than escaping.

He asked politely, “Where do you want your breakfast ?”

“Here ?” I asked, “Near the TV ?” and pointed to a space I left in front of the towel I was sitting on.

“OK.” he said nodding. He set the food tray and clothing on the bed. He then noticed the rumpled bed and babyfood jar setting by it. I forgot to toss it away ! Fortunately he didn’t lean down to investigate but looked around finally commenting.

“Need clean-up in here ?” he asked. I knew he was referring to room-service.

“I’m good.” I said and nodded my head.

“Hokay.” he said not really agreeing with me. then he opened up the closet and pulled out a folding table. He set it in front of me pushing on some notches on the side and made it just 2-feet high. It also had a mechanism so it could be connected to a bed.

“Nifty.” I said as he clicked the table where I could eat and continue to watch my cartoons.

“Ahuh.” he commented. Then he reached for the bed to retrieve the food tray. He brought it to the table and set it down, still with the opaque lid covering it.

“You’re all set kid. Clothes are on the bed. Have a nice day.” With that he slid his card in to leave. He didn’t even look back at me, trusting me a little now, and headed out. The door slid closed again and I could hear the rubber locking around the sides. I guess that meant my room was vacuum-sealed too.

When I was sure he was gone, I went over to the bed and opened up the cardboard box. Inside were clothes. Once again they all had that curious little Arkos logo in them.

Really artistic, an A with two vectors touching each other diagonally and a horizontal slash swooping around the middle and bottom to make a perfect arc with a thickened edge near the bottom to give it the appearance of 3D depth.

* * *

I sighed. It could be worse. There was blessed MEN’s underwear in there so I stripped out of the nasty Arkos robe and Tyr’s panties. Then I dressed, put on the shorts, and shirt. Actually pretty tastefully done and coordinated.

Could be based on a color-scheme for school uniforming I mused to myself. Leaving the shoes and socks off I went back to my breakfast.

I could see steam seeping around the edges of the plate where the lid covered it from the top. Looked great ! Pulled off the cover to find everything I ordered including orange-juice and milk.

Tearing the cellophane off of the included plastic spork and knife I reached over to take a bite of sausage and heard the door open again.

I didn’t have to look to see who it was. Her footsteps were loud and angry. She was wearing high-heeled shoes and stood to tower behind me. Her foot tapped impatiently when I didn’t face her. I still had a bite of sausage on my spork but couldn’t eat it with her hovering over me like that.

I looked over my shoulder up at her and looked straight up her legs to see a new pretty rainbow outfit she was wearing. I started to gaze higher up her legs but then I turned away suddenly because I remembered what happened last night, involving -babyfood-

“Dev, would you look at me please.” she said, but there was no anger in her voice. I set the spork down, still not yet having had a bite of my breakfast and stood up to look at her. I had to crane my neck as she was so much taller than me. I saw that she brought her dufflebag again, though I didn’t think anything important with that.

She looked actually upset, not really angry, but, well, sad. Once I met her eyes, she could see it was uncomfortable for me to talk to her this way. She walked over to the bed, hiked up her panties with the back from her thumbs on the hemline, obviously fidgety right now. Then she patted a place next to her so I could sit beside her.

I got up and sat down on the bed next to her to take a good look. She was wearing some kind of dazzling rainbow blouse and a short skirt again. This time the skirt had little black and white circles on it, raised up and depressed by some fancy fabric and material, probably had to hand wash something that delicate and artistic.

Her face was fixed up real pretty with violet eyeshadow, some kind of sparkling rainbow highlights to her eyebrows, and those luscious lips again. Her eyes didn’t show anger either or hatred, they just seemed, well, upset.

I coughed to clear my throat. “So, ahhm, Stef. What’s up ?”

“First off,” she said, “I believe this belongs to you.” and reached in her duffle bag for my Teddi-Bear.

“Teepo !” I cried and reached out for him. She smiled and handed him to me. I definitely missed him and felt lonely here. It was nice that Stefani returned him to me. Perhaps she wasn’t mad at me anymore ?

“Dev,” she began quietly. “I know you’re feeling pretty frustrated and confused about what happened last night. I want you to know, in no way do I blame you for what happened. Maybe it’s because I really like you is why I acted the way I did. I’m sorry and I’d like to apologize.”

“I’d like to start over if I can. Now I know that I’m your counselor while you’re here in Arkos, but since I met you, I want to be more than that. I want us to be close. I want us to do things together and have fun.”

I kept my expression completely neutral and set down Teepo on the other side of the bed. I didn’t want to give her an indicator regarding what direction the conversation would take.

She continued, “I feel the only way I can apologize is to invite you out on a date. I finish work at 6pm tonite. You can have the nice breakfast you set out for yourself, watch cartoons if you like, ” and she looked back at the TV with a smile. “Looks pretty good, I still sometimes watch Captain Circumference myself.”

I couldn’t hold back a smile. Wow ! Someone who likes Captain Circumference is A-OK with me ! I caught my smile immediately before she turned back around and i went back to a neutral expression continuing to listen to her apology.

Then she reached out her hand to me and I took it. her fingers were so slender. I looked down for a moment to see pretty holographic fingernails that reflected rainbows in the light.

She said, “So, you may not know this Dev but there’s places you can go to here at night. There’s a bar that serves awesome milkshakes and mixed drinks. There’s a showing of movies in the park that start at 8pm, all Disney.”

“There’s an Arboretum with many rare and beautiful flowers I’d like to show you. And there’s an underwater museum where you can see artefacts from the ancient Atlanteans that used to inhabit this area many centuries ago before Arkos was developed.”

This was sounding PRETTY good so far ! I was forgetting about the madness from the other day. It sounded like she sincerely wanted us to just be really good friends and have a nice time. I heard a clump as she took off her high-heeled shoes to sit closer.


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I liked reading this piece. :-)


Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Just wait - it turns turtle. Thanks for your readership, Katherine ! :7

6 Years Ago

Anytime, it's my pleasure. :))

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