FB1-51 "Who Ordered Pizza ?"

FB1-51 "Who Ordered Pizza ?"

A Chapter by dw817

The girls were tugging on me and trying to say something but I couldn't understand it. They managed to roll me over but my brain and body were both too dizzy to do anything. I was breathing hard.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© June 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

I blinked my eyes a few times, amazed at what I heard. "Whaaat ?" said Lilly incredulously with a wide smile on her face.

"I said - ohdear I'm speaking now, aren't I ?" inquired Lilly's furry friend. He then washed his faced abashedly and was silent. Lilly reached out to touch Choo-Choo on his tail who chirped angrily at the unexpected touch. I realized that he could either talk or not then, so it might get us out of trouble to let him know WHEN it was safe when he could talk.

Me and Tyr looked to the computer but the screen was black and SIM was silent.

As we fathomed the possibilities of being able to have Choo-Choo get into tight places and relay information for us, suddenly the doorbell rang again !

I looked to Tyr who shrugged. We weren't expecting anyone else. I bounced off the bed to investigate. Still elated at the newfound ability of Choo-Choo, I went to open the front door to see a fellow there, from some pizza company who had two big cardboard boxes in his hands. The smell of fresh baked pizza was WONDERFUL !

"Sign here." he said brusquely, handing me a pretty pen. I did so, then asked, "Who ordered the pizza ?"

He answered, but not to my question, clicking the pen back in his shirt pocket. "It's already paid for. Enjoy." and then handed me the pizzas. I was a little suspicious but looked to see that he did arrive in a clearly marked Pizza Delivery vehicle.

Seeing my look of apprehension he smiled and waved friendly at me as he drove away.

I closed the door behind me, thinking one of the girls must've ordered it earlier. What a nice treat ! I popped open one of the boxes and snuck out a piece to take a small bite. Wonderful ! Extra mushrooms too ! This day was just getting better and better !

I brought the two boxes to the girls who were quietly asking Choo-Choo all kinds of questions. Finally they noticed me. "Oh, Dev ! That's really nice." Tyr began. "You ordered us pizza."

"I didn't." I said and then tried to recall what the pizza guy looked like. I didn't think that was important. I tried to remember if there was anything out of place with the scene. Something important.

The pen I signed for the pizza with ! It had the Arkos company name clearely written on it ! How stupid could I be ! I set the pizza boxes on the bed and said, "ARKOS !" angrily.

The girls stared at the pizza boxes horrified. As for me. I wasn't feeling well. It felt like I was in a twirl-a-whirl and couldn't get off. I thought briefly of one of the agents that fell when I jabbed him with the needle. I think I was going through that now, and I had a curious and strange taste of oranges - no - tangerine, right in the back of my throat.

Then to the girls fright, I gasped feeling really weird, like there was ice in my lungs for a second and pitched forward onto the bed. I had a headache that felt like it could split my skull in two. The pizza was obviously drugged, and I'm certain those mad agents were trying to get all 3 of us to eat the affected pizza.

The girls were tugging on me and trying to say something but I couldn't understand it. They managed to roll me over but my brain and body were both too dizzy to do anything. I breathed hard, but it didn't feel like I could move. Sand was in my arms and legs.

Tyr was furious. She yanked out the plugin and thought for a minute. There wasn't anything incriminating on the computer they could find so if she took the plugin, if anyone did break-in, they wouldn't find anything.

Then it sounded suddenly like someone was trying to break open the front door !

Tyr reached for her bedroom phone and rapidly dialed 911. Without waiting for an answer she hung up on the phone directly. That ought to get them here in a hurry, she thought to herself.

Tyr, despite her being goofy, silly, and downright evil times was well on top of the situation now. She headed for the living room as Lilly and Choo-Choo followed closely behind. Then Tyr leaned down to get the right leverage and pulled on a cabinet against one wall to reveal a secret passage to a danger room !

It was at that time the front door to the house burst open, the lock was broken !

The girls had no time to return back to the bedroom to take me with them ! I was still sprawled out on the bed, but I was starting to wake up now and twitched my feet uncomfortably. It felt like they were asleep.

Tyr bit her lip angrily and quietly shut the trapdoor behind her as she, Lilly, and Choo-Choo ducked inside. It was well-hidden and the cabinet slid back in place hiding the opening due to a tricky mechanism Dev's father installed years ago in case Tyr's family ever needed to hide from burglars. You couldn't even tell where the secret door was now.

She listened intently. Lilly and Choo-Choo were quiet and listening too. REALLY heavy footsteps which sounded curiously rather familiar to Tyr and before she could place it, wonder of wonders, Officer Dempsey's deep voice spoke from the the bedroom, but he sounded REALLY mad !

* * *

"Here's the boy !" he growled, "But where's the girl, that's the one we want !" There was a sound of static as he spoke on a shortwave radio. An unfamiliar voice spoke from the radio.

"Dempsey, don't worry about that now. Just bring the boy. We're out of time here and the real police are coming. Someone there must've called them. It was probably the boy if you can't find the others !"

Dempsey spoke and his voice was deep and angry. "I don't think this boy's alone, no TV is playing. That little girl is hiding here - somewhere ! We can tear this house apart and find her before the fuzz get here, Baniel !"

His voice was now in the living room and you could hear closet doors and other room doors being flung open and torn apart in his desperate search for her.

For emphasis Dempsey kicked over a chair which crashed and splintered hard against the wall. He was only a few dozen feet away from where the cellar door was ! Tyr put a hand to her mouth as if she was afraid he could hear her breathing.

She felt a tightness in her chest too when suddenly her belly gurgled quietly and and right then she needed to pee because she was so tense, but she would have to hold it ! The radio sparked again.

"Negative on that search Dempsey, just bring the boy. We've received orders to pull out. See to it that you follow them. Baniel out."

Dempsey was not satisfied with this. "Baniel !" he bellowed into the radio which now only hissed static. There was a moment of silence as Dempsey stroked his meaty beard thoughtfully.

Then he spoke to the other two that entered with him. "Damnit ! Okay, you heard him. Take the boy. We'll get the girl later." Then he made a nasty sound with his mouth.

Tyr couldn't tell what it was for a moment and then with a sinking feeling realized he was chuckling to himself and felt herself start to whimper but caught it.

Dempsey laughed wickedly, "She'll come for the boy. I'm certain of that."

The two girls heard the sound of heavy feet back above them as Dempsey waited until the other two brought me back to him. Back in Tyr's bedroom one of the agents saw me flopped back on the bed and smiled.

Reaching around he pulled out a black bag and rapidly shoved clothes and things from drawers in them without looking at their contents. The other one who also entered earlier had grabbed me by my shoulders and was hoisting me over his back.

I was a bit more awake now. Fortunately I had only taken a single bite of that accursed pizza, and not much of one, so with my strength returning, I started punching the back of the fellow carrying me. "Getoffa me !" I growled kicking and fighting him.

"Petrov !" he cried in a frustrated tone. I was almost free of him now and had my legs wrapped around his neck squeezing angrily. All my exercises in the gym were paying off ! My assailant suddenly fell to his knees gasping for air, and I was already calculating how to start running out the front door from here.

I gave one more powerful angry kick hoping I could break something vital, and my assailant crumpled completely on the floor. I looked up reaching my arms out to get a grip on the floor and pull free when I saw the other agent.

He set down his black bag and walk over to me, blocking my escape from the bedroom. He was also sporting a large duffle-bag that had foreign lettering on the back of it.

"Moyigant eetiod." he spoke carelessly with a thick Russian accent and swung the bag around to open it on the floor. It clattered against the carpet with the sound of something heavy and complex.

Unzipping it quickly, he reached in and partially pulled out an odd metallic belt that had hard opaque plastic tubing on it, two metal cylinders, and several leather straps. I was a little curious and stopped struggling for a second to watch. He smiled, like delighted I chose to watch instead of fight him.

The last part he pulled out of the case was a plastic air mask like you see hospitals use. Before I could anticipate what would happen as I just sat there and stupidly watched him, he suddenly leapt forward at me strapping the mask over my face and tightening a lock around the back of it using a strange plastic key I didn't see earlier.

I reached my hands around to try to and remove it and my fingers could feel a square knob back there but I couldn't turn it with my bare fingers. I would need a wrench or something. The sturdy reinforced opaque tube left the mask to split to both of the cylinders.

I also tried to pull off the tubes with my hands but they were just too thick and too tightly connected. There was no way I could get free of this stupid thing !

But I didn't understand it. Did they want to catch and analyze my breath in the cylinders for scientific research purposes ? What would that prove ? Tyr was the one with the Telekinetic ability, why did they want me ?


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© 2014 dw817

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Interesting, can't wait to read more.

Kaze~ :-)

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

A part of good writing Kaze is to always let the reader experience the confusion of the reader, even.. read more

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