FB1-31 "Lesson Learned"

FB1-31 "Lesson Learned"

A Chapter by dw817

She whispered down into the opening in her sweetest voice, "Now Scant my sweetiepop, if you still love me and I know you do, you'll make sure to eat up every last warm delicious bite I made for you."



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

I smiled to myself - no, I wouldn't. I think she has had enough and I needed to help her now.

After bracing my legs against the sides of the walls, I pulled her head out which was difficult as it was like nasty glue was sticking to hold her in. Then I pulled her down from the cracking seat which was all but spent anyways.

Once down, I pulled a cold bottle of water out of my backpack to put on her forehead to cool her down. Her whole body was sweating and warm and that sun must've been murder directly in the opening like that.

I stepped out of the structure for a moment to grab the towels from around the side we placed the night before, then returned to wipe her face with them. She grabbed the remaining towels and started to wipe herself down.

Then she took the bottle off her forehead, popped the opening, took a deep chug, swished it around in her mouth and looking at me like I had better not say a damned thing, she spit forcefully into the opening of the port-a-potty several times.

She took out some tissues and blew her nose forcefully into them. Then looked at them for a second in disgust, with the mud in the tissues, and threw them angrily through the toilet opening.

She then grabbed her hair and squeezed out the excess mud with her fingertips on to the already wet floor.

One extra sticky piece hung on her finger which she brought close to her nose for closer inspection, smelling it, and then flung it away in angry disgust at its horrible odor.

I laughed, "I thought you liked mud, Tyr. What was it you said ? All natural, no artificial ingredients or preservatives, you said, to slow you down ?" I gave her a friendly pat on the back.

She ignored me though fixed me with vengeful eyes, and I continued to wipe her face. Once she was cleaned I commented, "He's DEFINITELY had enough. If you were planning on feeding him a mudpie today you surely succeeded."

Then she started beating on my chest in a tired and angry voice. "How could you, you b*****d, I could've dying of mudolopia in thered or something. Why didn't you helped me !?"

"Tyr - " I began. Then she interrupted me with an unexpected fit of laughter.

"Yeah, I've been such a good little girl today." and she smiled sweetly to me like one of the most pure angels in heaven. How a girl can go from tears of remorse to peals of joy in just under a second is beyond me.

"You're lucky you didn't become a giant mudpie yourself." I replied sourly. "You see what comes when you try to push things too far."

Then I squeezed some fingers to my temples to focus on what to do here. "OK, really important Tyr, you don't still have him pinned with telekinesis or anything, right ?"

She shook her head in no.

We paused for a second as we heard more gurgling from inside the bowl as Scant sank deeper to the bottom. I tried to imagine it was just jello but my brain refused to believe it. I clutched my chest and retched uncomfortably.

I had to get some fresh air soon from this wretched place !

Tyr was not going to miss this golden opportunity. She stood up on the footrest and leaned her hands over the stained seat for one last look at her condemned victim.

Her arms shook to hold the slippery surface as she whispered down into the opening in her sweetest voice, "Now Scant my sweetiepop, if you still love me and I know you do, you'll make sure to eat up every last warm delicious bite I made for you like a good little boy."

She stood up for a minute to fluff her still mud-streaked hair haughtily, "I don't make this special recipe for just anyone."

Then she blew a long wet slobbery kiss over the opening which sounded more like the nasty raspberry she gave in my ear earlier. Clearly there was no reply.

I stared, shocked in horror at what she just told him and the way she acted. I had NO idea Tyr had such a mean streak in her. The next time she played her little mind games to torture me, I had better be VERY careful how I reply.

Then my stomach started to rumble in protest at the rancid environment despite it just being mud and I felt my lunch start to work its way up my chest. "Are we done here yet !?" I cried holding my ribcage in panic.

* * *

Tyr said, "Mmm hmm !" in satisfaction, and then stepped down to wipe her hands and sweaty face on more tissues from her pockets. We stepped out and she hurriedly slipped back on her own shoes. God it was good to breathe clean air again !

The principal was still talking to the crowd in the distance. We decided to leave in the opposite direction taking the long way around to her house so no-one would see us.

School was out after all but it wouldn't do to approach the crowd and lead them to where Scant was or we might have a lot of explaining to do.

Back at Tyr's home, she took off her socks and shoes handing them to me. While I washed them with a hose in the back, she went to change clothes and wash her face in the sink.

Then she took her laundry and started it as they had their own little washer and dryer in the basement.

A few hours later Tyr's her Mummy showed up and was none-the-wiser for seeing what happened as she was already drying her clothes.

Tyr's Mum was shocked, "What brought all this on ? Normally I can't even PAY you to wash your own clothes anymore."

"I felted responbisile." Tyr said quietly.

"Well good for you !" and Tyr's Mum gave her a hug. Then Tyr and me went back to my place to dabble more on the plugin.

From there we walked back to my place.

Back upstairs, I sat down in my chair next to the desktop computer and tried to take in all what happened today.

Tyr sat on the bed and was making little raspberry sounds with her mouth rocking back and forth on her legs.

I exploded on her, "Tyr ! That's enough ! I don't - I HONESTLY don't know what to think of you now after what just happened. Did Scant really deserve ALL THAT ? What if he has to be hospitalized for a YEAR, what then ?"

She looked at me and scrunched my face up in a fish-pucker. "Don't ever cross me, Dev. You going to be okie-dokie if ya don'ts." She then smiled at me, patted me softly on my face and cheeks.

Then she smacked me hard once on the top of my head as I looked at her, bewildered at her behavior.

"I want more magic stuff," she said and her eyes were glued on the plugin.

I sighed. I knew it was coming down to this, Tyr's greed for superpowers. At this point I wanted to take AWAY her telekinetic powers as she OBVIOUSLY abused them and for very selfish purposes, unintentional if not intentional homicide.

But then she might expose the work we did to my parents, or worse some authorities in blackmail.

I started shaking again, my brain completely in a bind. Tyr came to sit in my lap invitingly and I was too tired and frustrated to stop her. "Hey, you okay kiddo ?" she offered.

I bit my lip and spoke seriously to her, "Tyr, I feel really sick. I think I could down a bottle of Pepto Bismol and chuggle another." I added, "I need a shower, a long one, and it probably wouldn't hurt you to get one either."

I looked at her seriously, "That was very VERY nasty, what you did to him."

She looked at me as if trying to read my face for something else. Then smiled and said, "OK, Dev. Let's just caller it a day. We'll kipper-kadoodle more on this the morrow."

Then seeing that really didn't lessen my anger she took her hand in mine and added, "I din't mean to scared you, or grosses you out, but Scant hadder it coming, yes he did ! I DOUBT he've come anywhere within many miles of us now. Isn't that what we wanted ?"

I nodded weakly. And still, for all the times Wednesday that Scant did to me in - well - I didn't want to talk about - did he REALLY deserve all that ? Part of my brain screamed yes while a meek quiet part of it whispered no.

Tyr kissed me on my forehead in my moment of confusion. "You'd a good kid Dev. We gone to be alright." then smiling said, "Let's see if Scant or I gets now to call him STINK even shows up for school tomorrow."

"Haha." I said flatly.

"Dev, I love you." she said sincerely then gave me a full issue of her violet eyes. I felt better almost at once. "Righto !" she said and hurled down the stairs shrieking at the top of her lungs slamming the front door behind her.

Mom knocked weakly on my door after a minute. "Dev, is everything alright ?"

Mom could see I was upset about something when I came in earlier and she came to sit on the bed next to me.

There was a shared moment of silence and then I finally spoke in a voice that clearly showed I needed her opinion:

"Mom, what if you knew someone where you worked did something really bad to someone else who was bullying them. Would it justify what they did ?"

She looked at me for a second. "Sweetie, If I knew someone like that at work I'd talk with them in the cafeteria during our lunch break, try to find out why the did what they did and then go on my own judgment to see if it was deserved or not."

I was quiet for a moment and she took this moment to smooth back my hair and kiss me in the center of it to look back at me. "Does that help any ?" she finally asked.

"Not really." I said tiredly wiping my eyes.

She smiled, "Well, sleep on it, love. Personally I don't know anyone like that at work. Is it one of the teachers at school giving you a hard time ?"

I shook my head, no in reply to that.

"OK, then I'll see you in the morning." she gave me a quick kiss and clicked off the lights.


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Can't wait to read the next chapter. :-)


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7 Years Ago

Should be up, Kaze. You can find all chapters to date HERE,

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Yay,can't wait to read more.

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