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FB1-44 "Wicked Sisters"

FB1-44 "Wicked Sisters"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr smiled wickedly and gently put one of her fingers in my open mouth as I was drooling slightly. "Aww Dev, you want me bad, don't you ? Let me see if I can find your favorite soft pillow again."



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Tyr watched me carefully for a moment, slightly concerned herself. Finally she slapped me gently on the face. I coughed for a moment and resumed my normal breathing yet my eyes remained shut to my mental journey within the mandelbrot.

"He's fine." Tyr assured Lilly in a mature voice. "He'll be out like a light in a second." I could hear her saying the words but I didn't understand them. My brain wasn't going to translate in its blurry state, though I did count the syllables and divided them by the number of breaths I was taking.

Then I tried to multiply that by the number of times it seemed the lights over my head were flickering. 29, 37, 43, I said softly to myself. But my math seemed in error.

I fought for consciousness shaking my shoulders raising up and finally, with great effort saying between tears, "You two are so beautiful. You have such beautiful beautiful eyes, both of you." and then collapsed back on the couch, my strength completely drained.

There was a moment of silence, Lilly looked relieved and stifled a giggle putting a delicate hand to her chest. "My ..." she said quietly.

Tyr reached to hold my hand for support. "I love you too, sweetiepop." and gave me a nice soft warm kiss on the lips. A sudden heated wind blew down the hallway and the basketball jumped away from my grip.

But when it did, it stopped midair ahead of me. the fibers in it unraveled to form a lissajous, basically just a wavy controlled mathematical pattern. As I was marveling at this, one of my legs gave out, like it fell asleep.

So I fell down to grab at one of the Polly Rocket toys in the locker to cushion my fall, and then somehow the boxes weren't there. It was just all soft toys now. I was drowning in polly pocket toys, all pillow-like, their silly smiles looking up at me, and I just wanted to sleep. I reached for one as big as myself.

The doll looked a little like Tyr with bright red yarn hair with beautiful violet crystalline eyes. It magically wrapped its fat pillow-like legs around the back of my neck and pushed its soft pantied pillow against my face in a loving embrace. The lights seemed to dim. I breathed comfortably, and it felt like someone was passionately stroking my hair.

I buried my nose in its pillowy warmth. I didn't care if someone caught me playing with dolls. I was going to sleep now, I was so tired from everything that happened today.

Tyr looked carefully at my still open eyes as they swirled into a whirlpool of dizziness, then drooping, closing, and the muscles in my entire body went limp.

Tyr immediately went into serious mode, gently picking up my legs from her lap and setting then down on the carpet ahead of her. She reached to my face, put two fingers against my mouth to make sure I was breathing. She then peered down lifting my eyelids for a look at the pupils.

"He's fine, Lilly. He's just asleep." Tyr said with, once again, a voice oddly not like I was familiar with, but a mature one. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Then Tyr spoke with sharp accusation against Lilly, "D****t, Lilly ! What is your problem ? If we called someone, it would've ruined everything !"

"S'hit s'hit ! I'm s'orry, 'kay ?" Lilly apologized with her odd lips, and then there was a loud metallic click as she unfastened her rainbow bracelet. Choo-Choo jumped onto my chest and tap-danced in anticipation at what she was up to.

"Goddamit !" Tyr said with frustration, "Can't you wait a minuette !"

Lilly retorted back, "How long do you think I can play at thi's ? I've been waiting ALL day for a TA'STE !" she said angrily, and then pulled out a long razor from her bracelet's pocket staring intently at the edge of it.

Tyr was neither frightened nor impressed by Lilly's obvious intentions. "I get my turn first, then you get yours, then he's ours tonight, okay ? That's the deal."

"Yeah whatever." Lilly said and set the razor on the glass-table, its sharp edge squeaking neatly against the surface. Choo-Choo looked confused for a second. Then he went near the razor and chittered angrily. Then, still confused, he looked back at my unconscious form, somehow furious I was denying him what his mistress wanted.

"Well let's turn this S'HIT off at least !" and Lilly got up from the couch to tap a button under the video release. The offending movie ejected onto the carpeted floor.

Tyr was stroking my cheek thoughtfully with her fingers but then turned to look at Lilly crossly. "That's Dev's video. It means a lot to him. Don't you get that damaged. He's still =MY= boyfriend you know !"

"Okay, MOM !" Lilly was still angry. She picked up the fully transparent disc except for the metallic hub it had, then daintily and with exaggerated carefulness, as Tyr was watching, put it back in the 3-disc carrier and snapped the case closed giving a sour look back to Tyr.

"Help me out here." Tyr said with more politeness.

Lilly's smile returned almost at once, fully aware of what Tyr was going to do next, went over to the couch to assist her. They poised without moving. I was definitely and completely asleep.

I was dreaming of being in a beautiful crystal streamlined spacecraft with shimmering pink and purple wings. I had on a helmet made out of the same crystal and was flying over peaks. I was the first person to explore a mandelbrot and my mission was to reach the absolute center of it.

I interpreted the girls' voices as coming through my radio transceiver garbled with static from main headquarters. I deciphered this to mean the importance of the mission I was on and flew on resolutely towards the center of the calculation.

Rainbow colors and mountainous peaks of dazzling crystals and light shimmered across the plate of my helmet. My mouth was caught open in complete amazement and wonder of the sights I was seeing. It was utterly fantastic.

Back on the couch my mouth opened slightly mimicking what I was dreaming.

Tyr smiled wickedly and gently put one of her fingers in my open mouth as I was drooling slightly. "Aww Dev, you want me bad, don't you ? Let me see if I can find your favorite soft pillow again."

* * *

Lilly giggled and stood ready at command. She wanted to see what Tyr was going to do next.

Tyr tossed off the pillows from the couch. With help from Lilly she unbuttoned my shirt to reveal a frail bare chest which Lilly had to bare her fingernails into, not deep enough to draw blood, but almost. Lilly squealed with delight looking at the red marks she made on my chest.

Then Tyr got up for a second to reach over me to touch a control panel to the side of the couch which had icons on it. There was an acrylic button dimly lit yellow that had a thunderbolt.

She tapped it and it glowed a bright yellow. The lighting in the room changed to a dark almost florescent blue. Glowing holographic raindrops came down and looking up at the living room's ceiling you could see the rainclouds lighting up occasionally as virtual thunder rumbled across them.

Lilly was definitely impressed. "Holy zhit ! When dju get an Environmentalizer ?"

Tyr beamed back. "Dev's Dad. He makes this kind of stuff at his work and had an extra one to give me and Mummy." As Tyr was explaining Lilly's curious fingers reached out to stab an acrylic snowflake button from the console.

The lighting changed again, brighter blue and holographic snowflakes came down with not-so-in-season Christmas bells from an unseen sleigh. Lilly clapped her hands in appreciation at the holographic marvel.

"D****t !" Tyr said angrily, "I want rain ! Wait your turn, you VAMPIRE." she said with more venom than she meant, and hit the thunderbolt button again.

The sky rumbled with renewed energy as the holographic rain spat at the carpet. With that last word, vampire, Lilly looked really hurt and sat on the edge of the couch to cry.

Tyr immediately realized what she said and was sorry for it. "Hey, I'm sorry. Lookit, I don't mean - " she began weakly.

"I'm not a vampire." she said quietly. The holographic rain was perfect and even though it glowed florescent, it trickled down Lilly's beautiful emerald eyes adding to her own tears.

Tyr reached over to wipe away the tears but couldn't tell where the tears began or the rain ended. Finally she laughed. "C'mon, sis, I'll let you go first." and reached out to hug her.

Lilly got up and gave Tyr a nice kiss on the cheek in return, but then she didn't stop there. She kissed Tyr fully on the lips. Lilly tasted the cherry lollipop lip-gloss and Tyr tasted the spicy cinnamon jolly-rancher lip-gloss from Lilly.

The girls murmured to each other in warm, surprised, delight. Tyr then reached out to pull off Lilly's military jacket as Lilly reached over to unfasten Tyr's apple-skirt from the back.

The hologram was perfect too. If you concentrated, you could actually feel the raindrops against you, and while you didn't get wet, you got the same soft kissing effect that raindrops do to you when you are outside without an umbrella. The environmentalizer was a great success and sold well in stores that carried it.

As for me, I dreamt on. The craft made a dazzling low electric hum like a digital pink noise generator as it brushed against the sides of one particularly steep holographic calculation in the mandelbrot formula.

I pulled hard on my craft's steering wheel veering it at a difficult angle. Rainbow vectors splashed and sprayed over the craft in an aerodynamic pattern indicating the high speed of the ship.

I marveled looking at both the velocity indicator and speed indicator which was well over 335,000,000 MPH, about half the speed of light.

The computer console in front of me beeped and chirped contentedly as mandelbrot data was being recorded and calculated in a spectrum of ribbon definitions. It was like a computer-generated symphony of synthetic instruments from a digital choir.

I could barely feel the centrifugal force due to the incredible high-tech futuristic dampeners instilled in the starcraft but felt a consistent vibration that was euphoric nonetheless. I shuddered with an emotional rush that splashed up my spine and out my wrists. I was in mathematical heaven !

In a short time, both Tyr and Lilly had stripped each other down to nothing but their undies and were deeply fondling, caressing, and kissing each other all over with serious passion, arousal, and interest.

Back in the kitchen the girls had already rinsed out the mixer earlier leaving no trace of the medications. Choo-Choo had also retreated to the kitchen to escape the unwelcome holographic rainstorm.

Once there he found one open carton of vanilla ice cream the girls had forgotten to return to the freezer, and diving in head first was determined to eat his way to the bottom of Vanilla Heaven.

Suddenly the phone rang and the two girls toppled over each other in panic, Tyr with her signature squeak. For a moment, all you could see from them were cute, pink little bare legs with socklets on, tangling around each other in their haste to answer the phone.

I murmured the word, "Awesome." so quietly, you could only hear if you were listening for it, and weakly reached up a blind hand to the ethereal raindrops, my eyes still closed. Then my arm went completely limp back on the couch. I was still caught up in the fantastical dream of mandelbrot flight.

Tyr cocked her head quizzically at my sleep-waking movements, then hit a grey square on the controller and the rain effect stopped. It was pitch silence, there weren't even crickets outside.

Then the sound of the ringing phone stabbed the silence again. This time I didn't react.

Tyr tapped the phone to release her telekinetic grip, which almost jumped out of its holder with a magnetic spark, and then she lifted the phone receiver to see who was calling.

"Hello, yes." she began a bit breathlessly. "No, she's not here right now. Yes, I'd take a message." as she spoke she lifted her middle finger to Lilly suggestively who suppressed a giggle holding her mouth.

"Yeah, got it. Really important. REALLY. Oh yeah, wroten it all done. Right, uh-huh, uh-huh. UH-HUH." Tyr picked up her free hand to face Lilly again whacking her top fingers against her thumb mimicking a chatterbox puppet.

Lilly finally giggled, but not too loudly so the caller could hear it.

"Yehah. Ah-huh. Right. Ok. OK ! Byeee !" she slammed the receiver down.

Lilly picked up the clothes Tyr removed from her earlier to scoot against the side of the couch, "Anything important, Tyr ?" she asked, licking her lips still tasting the cherry lollipop lipgloss and was applying a new set of her cinnamon flavored to her own lips for another round of kissing with Tyr.

Tyr bounded back over the couch to Lilly with a hungry smile, "Naah. Zilch. Where were we ?"


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© 2014 dw817

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