FB1-67 "Suppressed"

FB1-67 "Suppressed"

A Chapter by dw817

Stefani reached back in her purse and took out a little opaque drinking cup. Without my knowing she put an unknown pill in the bottom and poured the drink on top. The pill fizzed viciously.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

She clicked her bracelet to lock with mine with only an inch of space between the two. Rats ! Well so much for my great escape I told myself glumly.

She then unlocked the stall, washed her hands dragging my hand in the water with hers as our bracelets were connected, and apparently waterproof to boot. Which was good, I needed to know that.

She unlocked the bathroom door and we headed out. Now I was having trouble keeping up as her pace was so quick ! While I could easily reach her arm from the bracelet, I had to run to not be draggled by her. Finally we stopped by a soda machine.

I think she was deciding something. I finished her thoughts by speaking. “A soda would be great.” I offered my voice wheezing a little from the brief run she put me through.

“Mm hmm..” she said absently and fished out a few coins from her skirt to put some money in. Then she looked at me. “Cherry.” I said without looking at the flavors, hopefully that was there.

“Fine.” she said with a sharp tone in her voice and pushed a button. The soda came out, Stefani opened it and took a big sip. “Mm hmm ! That really hits the spot. Want some, Dev ?” she asked.

With Stefani I had learned you never get what you ask for. However this time I nodded and held my hands out for the can. She reached back in her purse and took out a little opaque drinking cup. Without my knowing she put an unknown pill in the bottom and poured the drink on top.

The pill fizzed viciously and dissolved within seconds in the wake of the carbonated soda. Then she stooped down to hand it to me. She balanced on her knees, her arm out to hold my shoulder so I had enough chain to drink comfortably.

Unaware of the dissolved pill I took the inviting drink and drank it all down. It was a small cup. “More please ?” I said asking in my nicest voice.

Stefani wasn’t going to let me do that. “Uhh umm. It’ll spoil your breakfast, Dev.” and she rubbed my hair for a bit.

Breakfast is ALREADY spoiled I told myself sourly and then she jerked my wrist away heading back for the elevator. Stefani continued to drink from the can and never offered me another sip.

Well if I felt I could feel rage again, something else was happening to counter that. I was feeling sleepy, not numb, just really tired. I blinked my eyes ahead and my vision blurred suddenly. I collapsed suddenly and then she was dragging me.

My feet were all catty-wompus on the floor and I dangled my full weight from my wrist in anguish.

Stefani was not without pity and leaned down to meet me. “Hey, what’s wrong tiger ?” she looked at me. “Kinda sleepy huh ? OK, I gotcha.”

Then she surprised me, disconnecting our bracelets, and hoisted me up over her shoulder. “We’re almost there.” and hit the elevator button to get the floor.

* * *

I must’ve passed out for the trip from the elevator back to my room because the next thing I knew Stefani was setting me down in a chair. I was feeling better, still tired. I definitely didn’t want to stand and I was SO hungry ! I looked around and somehow was back in my quarters.

“Here you go, honey.” she said and set down 2 babyfood jars with a plastic spoon. My common sense said no but I guess my stomach was going to override my brain and popped the lid on the first jar and started to eat the contents without caring where it came from.

However, as hungry as I was having had no real food for better than a day now I was starting to pick a taste of it and realized I may have to get used to it until I could get away from Stefani or petition for a new Counselor because - because - I couldn’t remember why.

Stefani smiled widely stroking my hair which was still drying from the toilet escapade and spoke encouragingly, “Good boy ! Eat it all up, Dev. I’ll make some for you every day. I’ll take good care of you, I promise.” and rubbed my throat as if that would help it go down.

I think I nodded absently. The sleepiness was effecting my reasoning, but all I wanted to do was cuddle and be hugged right now. I felt so comfortable and sleepy and her babyfood was warming my stomach nicely. I did feel a bit of a headache but it was dull and not really painful.

She shifted herself in the chairs raising me up for a second with her strong grip, and I found myself almost sitting in her lap, leaning my back up against her breasts and eating her rotten babyfood with the spoon. She turned me around so I was facing her.

Then she put her arm behind me and rubbed my back comfortingly as I leaned my right shoulder up against her. I continued to scoop and eat the contents. Stefani started tickling her fingers around my ears. Her touch felt so good to me, and she was rewarding me for eating her babyfood.

Eagerly I scooped out the remaining pudding and swallowed it. The jar was empty in minutes as I clattered the spoon around it licking my lips to clear any I might have missed.

Finally I turned around to set the empty jar and spoon back on the table. If I was hungry earlier, I felt full now. The other jar remained sealed next to it. I didn’t even try to think of what I just did.

Whatever Stefani had put in my drink, I didn’t feel as sick from eating her babyfood like I did earlier. Probably some kind of intense muscle-relaxant took my mind off any discomfort my chest had. I yawned and felt my head collapse against her warm chest.

The bright light in the room flickered on and off like a strobe light in overdrive. I knew it had to be the pill she gave me.

Reaching to give me a pleasant hug she said, “That’s a good boy, Dev. But you need to wash up a little.” and getting up marched me holding me by both hands and nearly sleepwalking into the bathroom.

“Have a little mouthwash sweetie.” she offered and handed me a huge bottle to chug and swish around before spitting it out. I did this several times until I could no longer taste her babyfood. I yawned again and fell over almost spilling the mouthwash, but Stefani caught the plastic bottle and set it back on the sink.

“Oopsy. I’ll bet you’re all sleepy-weepy now aren’t you, Devvy.” she said speaking baby talk again. Then she raised me up under one arm and held me in both of her arms cradling me as she walked over to the bed. She hummed a little happily as she carried me.

I guess for her height and muscles I was pretty light-weighted. I put my head up against her chest where her breasts were sticking out pretty far from her blouse and smelled sweet fruit from her perfume.

She then set me gently in bed. I felt fine, just all sleepy and cozy, like I was wrapped in a warm cocoon. The babyfood did make me feel all warm and comfortable inside. Maybe she was right after all about its beneficial properties. I yawned again. That was too much thinking right now. I just wanted to sleep. Sleep. Sleep …


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© 2014 dw817

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Wow, I loved this chapter. :)

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6 Years Ago

The flickering lights is from a scene that happened in my life, 🐱. I was at the Dentist's. He was.. read more

6 Years Ago

That so true.

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