FB1-32 "Famous Tyr"

FB1-32 "Famous Tyr"

A Chapter by dw817

"I want more magic stuff !" she suddenly blurted out. "I wanna because invisible so I can sneaked into the boys' lockerup room and watch them undie-dress. I might even catch you and kiss you !"



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Tyr burst in earlier than normal and I had forgotten to block the door earlier with my shoe but she had something else in mind. Tyr flung open my bedroom door to see me still asleep in bed.

She was laughing and jumping up and down, "Dev, get up quick ! They're talking about me on TV ! I'm famous ! Whoo hoo !"

I tossed on my robe and went downstairs to the TV in the kitchen. Turned it on the channel she said and we watched.

There was a flash of animated news logo on the screen and then an announcer's voice spoke.

"If you just missed it, we'll recap. The top story this morning, In local news for the city of Wanabee, the mud hits the fan, so to speak. We have Jennie reporting live at Waialaia Middle."

There is a gust of wind in the microphone and you can see construction equipment behind her. "It's a weird thing, Bennie. The workers' toilet was not only emptied the day before but refilled to the rim with, can you believe, mud, from the digging site."

"Who would do such a strange thing ? To top it off one of the students from the school nearby managed to accidentally fall in head first. Don't laugh, I'm sure he didn't."

The camera then pans to show the construction workers and the toilet. A different voice continues, "The construction workers claim they aren't to blame and and no construction vehicles were used during that time."

"They said it'll take days to clean out the muddy mess from their on-site facilities and the city won't touch it. No-one is claiming blame for this mess."

The camera angle changes again and a 3rd voice is heard. "The boy himself is lucky to be alive. Mud's not very dangerous and it could've been a lot worse healthwise for him had the receptacle not been washed out earlier."

"Not washed that well." I mumbled under my breath. Tyr managed to kick me under the seat nonetheless and hissed at me to be quiet.

Voice over and camera pans to show an out-of-focus Scant being carried away, strapped down in a gurney, and coughing violently. He's got the gunk on every square inch of his frame and his white socks are no longer.

He faces the camera and spits a mouthful of mud into the lens yelling, "She's a witch I tell ya, fire shot out of her eyes and blinded me. Then she put a hex on me so I couldn't move !"

A voice off-camera speaks tiredly, "That doesn't seem very likely, get him out of here."

Before the scene fades a strange man with mirrored sunglasses and a wire up his ear bends forward to whisper something down to the boy.

I looked on curiously wondering who the strange man was as he was definitely out of place amongst the news reporters and construction crew.

The screen changes back to Jenny at the construction site. "Investigators are still trying to determine what would possess the middle grader to voluntarily hurl himself in there. It certainly couldn't have looked inviting."

My Mom had entered the room during the news story and was watching with me and Tyr. Finally she spoke, "Isn't that where you two are going to school ?" She turned to face me. "Now you two don't go anywhere near that construction area. You stay close to the school, you hear ?"

"Yes ma'am." me and Tyr both said together, and then looked at each other with a secret smile. Man, kids can get away with anything today, we both thought together.

The news program continued. Jenny turns her head to face a side-teleprompter, "Certainly not my choice for a spring to bathe in, but each to his own I suppose." and she laughs.

She shifts the papers in front of her, faces the camera and concludes, "The boy is reported as doing well though delirious and seems to have involuntarily consumed a great quantity of - well - mud.

"Now there's some diet foot for you ! It's reported not harmful and exits the body naturally over time but what possessed him to go on this eating binge is beyond this reporter. Well there's mud in your eye Benny, back to you."

Mom turns off the TV with a loud click. "Unbelievable," she says in shock. "Now you two didn't see anything down there you're not telling me, right ?" and then she faces Tyr, especially, waiting for her to crack anything she hasn't mentioned already.

"No ma'am." me and Tyr said together.

"Well you be careful punkin," and then mom turns to kiss me on the forehead. "And you look after my boy, Tyr. See he stays out of trouble."

"Yes, Ma'am." Tyr says and then gives an evil leer to me rubbing her hands under the table where only I could see them. Wow. Are all girlfriends like this, I asked myself ?

My mom patted me on my bottom to get out of my chair getting a giggle from Tyr, "Ok then, scooch off to school. And if you see that terrible boy there you avoid him. He's obviously not right in his head. No-one should be eating mud."

"Bye mom," I called out and once the front door was closed behind us, I had so many questions to ask Tyr, I didn't know where to begin.

"Tyr." I began.

"Yesss ??" she said sweetly.

* * *

I exploded on her, "We could've gotten caught ! That would've been very bad for both of us, and then somehow explaining how two middle graders somehow lifted over 100 pounds of dirt to stuff in a commode."

Tyr bounced on her heels as she walked, she was certainly in a good mood. "I even-steven gaved it to the person who done desserted it most, and it do sounding like he was a good boy after all, scarfing down mosta alla of it."

"His Mama gone be so proud of him !" and she grabbed her collar looking at the sky for supplication.

I raised my hands in anger as we continued to school, "OK ! Enough ! Don't ever do this again ! That is - so gross - I just can't tell you how gross that is. You're not 3-years old anymore. I'm - glad it wasn't real crap you tossed him in, but NO MORE MUDPIES."

Tyr giggled to herself as we walked. I couldn't interpret that to mean a promise one way or the other.

Finally I didn't say anything for awhile as we continued our walk. Then she came beside me and put her arm around my side for a hug which I didn't resist.

"I want more magic stuff !" she suddenly blurted out. "I wanna because invisible so I can sneaked into the boys' lockerup room and watch them undie-dress. I might even catch you and kiss you ! That'd be so-ho funny !" Tyr rocked on her shoes at the thought.

God I didn't know how old Tyr was anymore. I thought she was my age but at times she acted half that or less.

"Tyr - " I said tiredly and then sarcastically, "Not that I can't stop you, but why don't you do this on your own laptop with the plugin I gave you ?" I fixed her gaze with mine.

"Mind you, if you get too crazy with your magic stuff, someone is gonna find out, you'll get drugged, dragged underground and be experimented on like a lab rat for the next 15 years. Do you really want that ?"

I looked at her. She wasn't understanding it at all. I added, "We'll be separated and we wouldn't be able to see each other again if you do too much magic, okay ?"

Tyr looked away, "Noo ..." she said petulantly and stamped her feet angrily.

I replied back, "Well, that's what's going to happen if you keep messing with this magic stuff. We've got be very VERY careful."

Tyr got mad then and said,"No, it don't matter, it don't work anyhoo, I trying the plugin on my laptop. It don'ted work. I tryed to do stuff and mean old Mr. SIM he says, "No Tyr."

She shook her head in frustration, "I even-steven tried swappies my copy plugin with you'd 'ridge-nail and that meano SIM he sayed the same thing. "It's not fair ! Why won't SIM work for me nomores ??"

Tyr continued her tirade, "Your Mr. SIM is a meanie and don't love me no more and I don't knows why !" she started to cry.

I bit my lip for a second before replying, "Tyr, SIM told me about you - " and I reached out my arm and shoulder for her to cry on.

She leapt back and faced me, venom in her eyes coldly interrupting me. "I wanna because invisible !" she shrieked, and then looked at me for a second with a dangerous expression.

"'Member what I sayed when I sayed and I know I sayed it, don't cross me, Dev ?"

I didn't say anything. I wanted to let play out this side of Tyr I hadn't yet seen before.

She held her fingers out like a supermodel and with just the faintest violet glow to her fingertips, she gently floated a few feet in the air, a slight rush of air blew out from under her.

"That's your telekinesis, right ?" I asked visibly frightened.

"Yah I go practice-sin', and it'll gettin' better every day, Dev. I gots the glowy stuff down too so ise only glowies only iffen I wants it to now." she said with her eyes narrowed on mine.

Then she looked straight at me, floated up and stuck her head against my ear. With her tongue touching the inside she wet raspberried gently into it. I steeled myself into not responding. I couldn't show fear to her, not now !

When i didn't react she licked my ear and whispered, "And I can does it too, especially now." and then fixed me with a dangerous look.

It was the same look prior to her cramming her panties in my face. My subconscious recalled the terrible memory from days ago.

My stomach rumbled unhappy at the prospect. I got the message and fear overtook my senses. "Alright ALRIGHT we'll do it your way, Tyr !"

Suddenly she shrieked in victory, then tackled me in the street, her kneecaps against my shoulders. As I tried to sit up, she used both her hands to pull hard on my head to jam me up against her perfumed blouse.

"God I love you ! I love you so much, Dev ! I'd do anything for you, you know that don't you ? You just name it !"

As I was thinking of something to say, something along the lines of, "I need to breeze !" when suddenly my belt smacked the side of my chest feeling like it left a welt and then flew off into space.

Tyr smiled at me with the same sinister crinkled eyes and held up her hands to the air. Unseen hands were unfastening my pants and I could hear the zipper lowering. We were in the middle of the street and I could feel the vibrations of the school bus only a block away from where we were.

I imagined seeing the bus rolling by and nearly careening over as it tried to avoid hitting me and Tyr who were both laying in the middle of the street for oncoming traffic.

The schoolkids would be gaping out the windows and suddenly hoot in laughter at seeing me in plain sight, Tyr sitting on my chest waving friendly to everyone, and me red-faced in my underwear.

"Auugh !" I shrieked in fear, and jumped up. I wasn't going to let this happen !

Tyr didn't fall back but floated gently to the ground. Her eyes had taken on a crystalline appearance and her face held a confidence I had not seen before.

Did something else change in Tyr when she gained her telekinetic ability ? I noticed her hands weren't glowing violet like they used to. Apparently she had that under control now too.

She fixed those perfect violet eyes on my own with an unwavering stare. "What's wrong, Dev ?" she said evenly.

All I could do was grab where my belt landed, refasten my pants and dash off to school with Tyr skipping along behind me as if everything were perfectly normal - which it wasn't !


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© 2014 dw817

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wow! this is really good I love it !~

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

New chapter this Wednesday. Tyr runs into a kidnapping scheme.

7 Years Ago

Ohhh i cant wait!!

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