FB1-17 "A Serious Moment"

FB1-17 "A Serious Moment"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr put both wrists up against her mouth, her index fingers up to her ears and blew wet air between the narrow spaces of her palm. * BRAAAAPP !! * A flock of birds suddenly took off in panic.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© November 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

There was a moment of surprise and she broke into speech like she was reading a script from a play, badly at that. I could almost hear the tinny violin in the background from a hidden orchestra.

"OH ! My dearest Mum must've come throughs at last !" she held a hand to her heart and looked heavenward.

"Such a sweet tendery carrying person lady ma'am that she is, I gots to build my strength to keep these babies up !" she cupped herself briefly above her chest with the flat of her hands clicking her tongue twice for effect and then sat back down.

As for me I was carefully breathing in and out, trying to regain my composure, glad I didn't get 'condemned' by her terrible 'sentence.'

"Dev ?" she said meekly after a moment of crinkling the cellophane off of the treat.

"Yes, Tyr ?" I asked, finally having gotten both my emotions and fears under control again. My face felt like it had little needles on it, I was so stressed out by what she threatened earlier.

"Just HOW did you have this old dessertsy get in my bagged anyways is what I wants to knowed huh ?"

"Oh, I'll never tell." I said and smiled back at her, trying to appear braver than I was, pulling out my own sandwich.

She narrowed her eyes playfully, "Oh you gone tell me or I'll TICKLE you to death. You ever been tickled to death, Dev ? It's not a pretty sight nosireebobbyo-no !"

For effect she tweaked under my arms and I couldn't help but laugh out loud, suddenly and painfully smacking my elbows together up front causing me to smack my funny bone, getting a different kind of weak laughter.

But she continued unabted and kept at it until I fell over cackling like a hyena and my sandwich fell over in the grass.

My chest was starting to hurt I was laughing so hard but she kept at it. "Wickle tickle tickle. You want more ? Huh ? You dood ! Yore a mutton for punishment, Dev ya knowed that ? Now you gone to get it good ! Tickle wickle !"

Finally I gave in between painful laughs, "Treacherous wench, you win !" she stood over me, her hand poised and fingers wiggling like live serpents for more tickling until I told her what she wanted to know.

"In science class, when you went to make your report earlier, I put them in your bag."

"Oh I see." she said in a quieter voice. Then she went to sit back beside me against the tree again and faced me with a wicked smile on her face and started singing softly again, "Oh them pipes they is a callin' for you Devvy boy."

"Not me." I said quietly to myself. I thought she couldn't hear me but clearly she did because like a scene from a horror film a big grin appeared on her face and like on a frightening clockwork mechanism.

Her head slowly gyrated at a bizarre angle to face me, her eyes wide with surprise, that I would dare talk back to her.

But she couldn't hold it and finally giggled and squeaked, "Oh yes, you, Dev, them old stinkery pipes, they wants you sooo bad !"

She then set down her treat and curiously put both wrists up against her mouth, her index fingers extending up to her ears and blew wet air between the narrow spaces of her palm.


A flock of birds who were roosting comfortably in our tree suddenly took off in a panic at the horrible noise and a squirrel from a tree across the edge of the field leapt out of his hole chickering angrily to see who the HECK could be making such a ghastly racket.

The squirrel finally noticed that Tyr was the clear culprit, and jumped on the ground bared his teeth at her while gyrating his tail rapidly like a propeller, a clear indicator he was more than pissed at her interrupting a good nap he was having.

Then he tentatively sniffed the air and bounced away in short hops and running steps, his tail flickering like a candle, to search the grass for something good to eat now that he was up.

"God, Tyr, what is your problem !?" I said shaking my head in disbelief and buried my head in my hands completely mortified by her rude behavior.

Finally I rose back up after a moment and as I did she reached over and like a hungry fish and just with her mouth nipped a bite of my sandwich for herself I still had in my hands, laughing under her breath as the piece hung crazily from her lips.

I smiled. She was a nut, but I loved her anyways. I sighed and shook my head. Then I tried to speak more seriously, "Now Tyr. I heard that Scant is coming back to school this Wednesday. What are we going to do about it ?"

Tyr looked at my face quizzically, "Really he is ? Umm ... Well I dunno. What do YOU want to dood about it ?" She took a bite out of the Suzi-Q with a satisfactory "Mmmm..."

Then added, "SIM 'parently it can made anything huh ? Whachu thinks we gonna done to welcome snotty old Scant back ?" and gave me an unkind sneer.

I smiled a bit myself without answering verbally. As peace-loving and passive a boy as I was, I wouldn't mind rubbing his nose in it, just long enough so he wouldn't think about ever bothering us again.

I never did tell Tyr what he did to me every Wednesday while she went to her 'special' classes and it was long overdue for some payback for that.

"Attaboy !" she appraised as if reading my mind, "We gone to make a Wicked Willy out of you yet buddy boy !" and she smacked me hard so hard on my back that I choked on my sandwich for a moment.

* * *

I looked at her angrily and she shrugged like, as always, she didn't do anything bad. She never did.

Clearly she was God's favorite as he hadn't blasted her into atoms yet with His lightning bolts yet, but I bet He wanted to sometimes with her obnoxious behavior.

I knew I wanted to. If just for a little well-placed corrective shock treatment to her clearly misaligned and deviant brain.

Anyways, I shook my head and continued, "Well, no. We're not going to hurt Scant like last time. There's gotta be an easier way to do this. But something - permanent - so he leaves us alone for good."

She nodded in approval. I took a bite of my sandwich, finding it a little wet. I wondered if it would be too much to ask Tyr to start wearing a bib to catch her extra spittle in her times of excitement.

Then I hummed thinking to myself of what we could do. Tyr started humming with me but then changed the song back to, "Danny Boy."

I looked at her and suddenly wished I hadn't. The very look in her face - right then. As I stared she quietly said, "Baby boy needs his bottle." and gave me this god-awful leer.

Then she suddenly reached down to snap the hem of her skirt causing me to look down at it.

Suddenly my brain flashed on her words and a terrible scene of me wearing diapers and in Tyr's arms as she bottle fed me. My face immediately turned beet red and I looked down abashedly.

Tyr laughed cruelly at my plight, knowing my own imagination was more worse an enemy than I would ever meet in the real world.

Finally seeing she had the green light, she scooched a little little closer until her own leg was touching mine.

Disappointed in not seeing a reaction she finally raised up my chin, touched my forehead with her finger like I did with her one time and said in her most mature voice, "It's all in your head, Dev. You knowed that ?"

I smiled and nodded back at her, rather surprised she could be so intelligent and polite at the moment.

Concentrating back on the week I asked, "So what's happening after school ?" hoping we could talk seriously for a moment and about the plugin.

"I gone too babysitting." she said proudly, her nose in the air, and held the dessert to one side and raised her other hand as if she were making an oath in court.

"I know you said something earlier about that, Tyr, but I always thought you were the one that got baby - " and my voice trailed off in silence cause I knew I was getting into trouble with where this sentence was headed.

Tyr suddenly whorfed down the rest of the dessert and stuck her arms on her hips angrily talking with a full mouth spitting chocolate crumbs at me in her rage.

"I'm no baby, Dev ! Mummy won't letted me stay home alone so we got mizzie Oshmayer who's only 20 so you knows bying-the-way and she allays is telling me leaves me home alone anyways and she done telled my Mom how good I is when they was gone, and then -"

Suddenly Tyr was out of breath in her talking, a rare sight ! She sucked in a breath and swallowed the remainder of the treat in one greedy gulp and continued incoherently.

"AND then =I= telled her how wowie good a babysittering mizzie Oshmayer who's always mwa mwa wiffer her boyfriend and not lookie over me like she said she don't and so everyboogle wins." Tyr licked each of her fingers free of the dessert's sticky crumbs.

I didn't even attempt to correct her on that grammatical disaster but laughed to myself trying to translate it. Clearly Miss Oshmeyer was not a good babysitter and left Tyr alone as she went galavanting off with her boyfriend, is what I could tell from Tyr's confusing account.

Tyr suddenly tossed her head back and her red hair went flying in all directions, "Anyhoo ! I'm babysittering and I get payed whole dollaries for it seeing as how we can't mooch pennies out of tightspin Mr. SIM !" she finished tartly.

I understood her concern. "We'll figure out something with SIM, Tyr. I promise. We'll always be together but will that be enough for you ?"

Tyr blinked mildly then, "What ?" she asked quietly, all mirth was gone from her voice, seeing I was being very serious at the moment.

I continued in my most concerned tone, "Will that be enough for you, Tyr ? For us to be forever, possibly live forever, always to be close good friends. What if you could turn your back on everything else, have anything else you wanted ?"

I let this sink in for a bit.

I lowered my gaze, "Because with SIM, I THINK this is possible. When we first met, we both realized just how similar we are to each other, maybe not in ways other people would understand, and maybe we both still keep to our worlds."

"But you're still like that, right, Tyr ?"

"Yes, posolutely." Tyr nodded her head, a little of my seriousness fading away from her.

I grabbed her hand and held it forcing her to consider my words, "Well, Tyr. Then the time is coming when we will have this, eternal happiness. It's past time I think, if anyone deserves it, we do, and don't worry, we'll get everything to work out, I promise you that."

Then I put both of our clasped hands directly in her lap as if that was a kind of contract. She suddenly grabbed the top of my hand in her lap with her other.

Seeing we were putting our hands together I grabbed the top of hers with mine until she had 4-knuckles, one atop each other sitting in the basin of her skirt.

Aware I was finished and that I was waiting for her to reply, she looked at the serious expression on my face and said quietly and in a mature voice I had never heard before today, "Yes, Dev. I would like that very much."

I nodded, a little surprised she didn't slur her words like she usually did. And retrieved my hands back.

"Then it's settled. Let's find out what the rest of these programs do on the plugin. One was called DNA, I'm curious about that. If I suspect correctly it could be a great deterrent for future bullies."

We sat in silence contemplating the vow we just made for each other, finished up lunch, classes, and Tyr and me both walked home and quietly spoke of other things. She had to go home to babysit.

I went home and not really wanting to work on it unless Tyr was there, I skipped messing with the computer and crashed in bed early that night and had vivid and fitful dreams.


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nice one still liking it.

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This is perhaps one of the serious chapters where Tyr really does show she is intimately affectionat.. read more
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