FB1-39 "A Brief Requisite"

FB1-39 "A Brief Requisite"

A Chapter by dw817

Not to be outdone Tyr, leaned over and rolled her hands out to take a bow to the invisible audience. "Thank you, thank you, I wanna thanked all you where I are today who got me to the little people."



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

I nodded my head approvingly, "For taking care of Scant. He won't go near me, and he definitely runs away when he sees you. I think it's safe to say all that mud you forced him to eat, squished the bully right out of him."

"Ooohh ..." Tyr said excitedly, "Squished it out from him his bootiehole. Stinky !" and wrinkled up her nose as she giggled. Tyr didn't have to say it, she said it with that laugh. Don't ever cross her or she could do to me what she did to Scant.

She saw the look of fear in my eyes again and smiled. I hated it when she saw something vulnerable in me and then tried to exploit it further. "Aww Dev ..." she began in that syrupy tone and then whispered in my ear. "I'd never do anything liked that with you, honest, I wouldn't."

I waited for the punch line. And yep, she was going for it.

Then she licked the inside of my ear before adding, "IT wouldn't been mud, anyways I'd have you eated." and then pulled away to see the look of horror on my face.

She laughed, and then reaching over to take a big bite of the Suzi-Q, chewed it thoroughly, a little too thoroughly I thought as a full minute passed as she rolled it around her mouth chewing it like it was gum, I guess she was really tasting it. Then she puckered her lips reaching around to start to give me a nice kiss. I had forgotten she hadn't swallowed the dessert yet.

I could taste the Suzi-Q but I didn't probe any further than her lips. Then she suddenly grabbed my head hard so I couldn't back away and pushed her lips out hard like a fish and with her tongue squished the half-eaten Suzi-Q in my own mouth.

I knew what she was trying to make it feel like and it DEFINITELY felt LIKE as it gurgled in my mouth, perfect pudding ! It even made a disgusting noise in my mouth as she did it.

She let go of my head and I pulled back, gagging for a second. "If you spit it out now, you'll get it all over your nice shirt." she warned. I looked at her. Oh this had to be payback from when I had her eat a slice of her own mudpie. Tyr was vengeful and nothing escaped her. I had to realize this by now.

I gulped down hard on it, and while it was sweet my throat, I wasn't happy someone else chewed it for me to a fine and creamy paste, so I retched just a little, and it was hard for me to swallow now as it was sticking to both the roof of my mouth and throat. Tyr laughed at my discomfort. Then held my chin and quietly said, "You owe me a Suzi-Q."

I thought of that terrible memory of her pudding on the paper plate in the girl's restroom and shook my head hard to clear it. I swallowed hard. Before she could offer where it would come from I quickly added, "Which I'll bring a fresh one for school lunch tomorrow, just for you."

She only smiled more. "Silly Dev, tomorrow's Saturday." she shook the back of her head to make her fiery red hair dance. "There's no school." then she leaned close.

"So HOW do I get my Suzi-Q back ?" and then gave me a wicked leer. There was a distinctive pause and I was not about to answer this question. I knew this game too well and I WASN'T going to play it again.

Finally, my brain desperate for a solution out of this mind trap said, "By grabbing a fresh wrapped one from the cupboard when I see you Saturday morning." For a moment Tyr seemed disappointed but then smiled, "Hmm." and then smiled broadly.

"OH ! But you don't know what's happened this weekend, do you ?" and then looked at me for a serious reply. Honestly, I had no idea what she was talking about.

* * *

"Well, actually -" I began, because I did have plans with my parents, but then Tyr cut me off.

"Oh I DO so love surprises, Dev ! And BOY are one in for you !"

I pulled back, Tyr was losing her mind, "Now wait just a minuette ! Me and my Mom have plans this weekend already. Me, her, and Dad are going to visit one of our relatives." I cocked my head to one side, "I don't know WHICH relative, but you KNOW this, I told you about it already."

"No," Tyr said quietly. "Your MOM is the one that plan THIS surprise," and then she giggled adding, "And YOU don't know what it is ! La-lee-lah !" she added singing and stood to dance around me. Tyr was a REALLY good dancer and because she looked so silly, I bit my lip hard, trying not to chuckle as I knew what happened the last time I laughed at her dancing.

I watched her for a bit. She added words to her song now, "I know something you don't know ! And you won't know until we go !" She was kicking her feet up high in the air now. I didn't know Tyr was so limber as she held one toe up with her hand in the air, perfectly vertical.

I didn't even bother to look below either as I knew she was exposing her panties to me again which could start more teasing from her if she saw I was looking at them. More importantly, I knew she was trying to get to me with this secret of hers, but I could wait till the end of class today.

I had more patience than she thought. I nodded and smiled, clapping my hands, letting her think I appreciated the finesse of her graceful dance moves.

Not to be outdone Tyr, leaned over and rolled her hands out to take a bow to the invisible audience. "Thank you, thank you, I wanna thanked all you where I are today who got me to the little people."

I shook my head correcting her, "You mean, you want to thank all the little people that got you where you are today."

"Whachu said, Picklepie !" Tyr said crossly, upset as I was messing up her perfect victory speech.

Finally she leaned back against the tree, still breathing hard a bit from cavorting around earlier.

But I still didn't have an answer to what her secret might be. I gulped down hard on the rest of the Suzi-Q and then started into my sandwich and grape juice to lose the flavor. Suddenly she reached over to give me a reassuring and very loving hug.

I looked at her puzzled. She replied, "Don't worry, baby. I've gonna taked good care of you." and then tousled my hair getting a small smile out of me.

Yet I still had no idea what she had planned for me.


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