FB1-14 "Free Purchase"

FB1-14 "Free Purchase"

A Chapter by dw817

... and in just a few moments, a perfect copy of the expensive watch appeared on the desk. "Mine," Tyr said quietly and greedily grabbed it off the jewelry counter, but in her haste, the band slipped.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© November 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Early next morning I found Dad on the couch watching the news on last night's sports, Mom was in the kitchen pouring me some orange juice. "Morning sweetie ! Sleep well ?"

"MmMmm ... Yeah, sorta." In truth. I hadn't slept too well. I guess my mind was racing ... too - too busy about the plugin and what all it could do. And today. TODAY was going to be the real test for it !

I head a knocking at the front door. It was Tyr, and since it wasn't a school day, she was dressed to kill.

I really had to wonder where she got some of the outfits of hers because I =KNOW= her Mummy would never let her leave the house like this, dressed like - well - a hooker in training, was the best way to describe it. A skirt that could double up as wide belt baring her bottom to the world.

Curiously my own Mom never said anything about it and whenever Tyr asked her how she looked, My Mom complimented Tyr on her sense of fashion. Too kind I thought.

I hadn't told Tyr this, but if she REALLY wanted to make points with me, she would dress more ladylike, with a long flowing dress that came down to her toes, and pretty hair ribbons besides.

In a way I was glad she was so kinked up in her head thinking I liked her 'sexy' look.

And in that - she would never really, not REALLY - steal my heart away. In a sad and lonely way I was kind of glad about that so I could save my affections for a real and permanent relationship with a more serious girl, one who actually acted and dressed like a girl.

Maybe I was waiting myself for someone who wasn't so obnoxious and dangerously impulsive like Tyr was ?

But sometimes I wondered if - although well it could be that ... anyways - I had years yet before I needed to worry about settling down with the right girl.

And yet, when Tyr was nice and all, I had a feeling I would never find anyone to match the true affection she showed for me. Which I had to admit, wasn't very often.

Tyr came in and we both had breakfast, and headed out. The jewelry store wasn't as close as our school so we both took our bicycles and rode there getting some great exercise in the adventure.

Outside you could see the store already had a photo of the crystalline crescent moon watch in the front window display with added refractive paper to enhance it's appearance and clearly attract customers.

And yes, this was the one we were going to get, and apparently no-one had bought it yet !

Standing outside the store was a balding man in his 50s, the shopkeeper. He saw me and Tyr approach and knew we were getting ready to enter his store.

He wiggled his bushy mustache in agitation of our forwardness, "I really don't think you can afford anything here, young man." he addressed me casually.

I ignored him and entered. He shrugged, took a deep breath of air, as apparently he was taking a break from the monotony of no customers and maybe he could have fun shooing us out after getting our hopes up of buying something.

But of course, first, he wanted to act like he was interested in our business first.

Walking back in he stepped around and finally behind his counter giving the both of us a wary look. "You're certain you're in the right place, son ? I mean, we sell REAL JEWELRY here, not that cosmetic plastic stuff from your 5 and 10-cent store. You know the difference, right ?"

"Yessir." I replied politely, "I know. However, she's the one doing the buying. Not me."

"Oh, YOU ?" the clerk turned to face Tyr. She had already placed her laptop computer on his counter. He ignored that and addressed her, suppressing a slight smile, "So what would you like to look at, miss ?" He chuckled, "What *cough* can you afford ?"

Tyr was quick on the mark. "That crush-sent moon watch Mr. jewelry sir."

He grinned at her mixed up speech. It was worse for Tyr when she was nervous. He nodded. Okay, he would play along, "The one in the window ? That's a designer original, miss, a one-of-a-kind. Did you know that ?"

* * *

She nodded. I guess he wanted to see what she would do so he added, "Okay. Here, let me get it out of the case for you."

He paused for a second to look at Tyr as she opened up her notebook computer. "What are you doing there ?" he asked a little surprised.

"Price check," she said nonchalantly.

He tilted his head for a moment, impressed. Perhaps he would make a valid sale here after all. His manner changed completely to that of a serious businessman, "Oh, that's fine. I think you'll find we have very competitive prices here. Quite reasonable indeed."

He was still a little wary of her, however. "Here it is," and he watched carefully as Tyr lifted it from the box he retrieved from the shelf. She cupped it in her left hand and appeared to look it over as she typed busily on the laptop with her right hand.

Finally she set the jeweled watch down on the counter to the left of her laptop and I could see the soft yellow glow grid outline appear over it as we both watched, but you really had to be looking for it and obviously the shopkeeper didn't see it.

He didn't blink an eye as he watched both of her hands, to make sure she wasn't going to try and steal it.

After a moment, she finally nodded and pushed the watch away asking to see a different one.

"Certainly, we have a fine selection of other watches if that's what you're after." The clerk seemed somewhat relieved by her returning it, as this was even well out of his own price range, a designer original to be sure.

He was earlier thinking we were going to rob him or something, and her returning the prized possession put him at ease.

Perhaps he could show her something aluminum now ? Or, he chortled to himself, PLASTIC ? Surely he had one of those somewhere in back stock.


Tyr hummed contentedly and when the clerk was out of sight, she tapped her finger on her right hand just to the right side of her laptop computer.

SIM immediately went into action and a faint glow could be seen and in just a few moments and bright pinpoint laser-lines later, a perfect copy of the expensive jeweled watch appeared shimmering on the desk with the same beautiful complex crescent moon design.

"Mine," she said quietly and greedily grabbed it off the counter, but in her haste, the band slipped from her fingers and the whole watch fell noisily on the ground making a distinct clatter.

"What's going on here ?" the clerk said jumping back to look at her after he returned the watch to the box. Tyr quickly closed her notebook so he couldn't see what she was doing.

The computer warbled down in power and she hurriedly pulled out the plugin and stuck it in her skirt pocket.

She smiled weakly and apologetically, "I - uhh - droppsed my watch. I'll gettered it."

"Let's see that watch of YOURS," the clerk said cagily, narrowing his eyes down on it. He had never gotten robbed yet and he certainly wasn't going to let two high schoolers get the best of him, especially in an empty shop.

His eyes grew wide with rage as he saw her lift it from the floor, "Why, this is the watch I just showed you, you already had one did you ? Is THAT what you're going to tell me now !?"

He turned his head to face the box he pulled the original out of and then faced her with a new look of rage. "But that's not possible now is it, young lady. Because it's a designer original, there's only one in the state !"

In the look of Tyr's confusion, he nodded, certain he was right in his assessment and then pressed a button under the counter.

After he did this he grabbed onto Tyr's hand tightly across the counter to hold her. She cried out in pain and and I walked up to try and defend her from his accusation.

"She didn't take anything !" I said and then tried to free his grip from Tyr's arm. Tyr was already welling up with tears, and with her it was hard to tell if they were real or fake. Tyr NEVER cried without tears anymore.

She realized if there were tears then no-one could tell for certain and she would always get her way doing this.

"I din't dood nothin' !" she wailed. He let her go. He could see he was hurting her, or at least she gave that impression.

"Don't try to leave." He said savagely to the both of us and went to the front door and latched it locked. She shook her head agreeing and I nodded myself.

He then returned and huffed at her, "Look I'm sorry, but I already called someone. We'll get to the bottom of this !" He was apparently ready for such situations.

We stood there for a second dumbfounded. Was Tyr going to go to jail ? I imagined an awful time for Tyr in prison. A terrible life ! She thought she was a mean girl now, what about those REALLY mean nasty bad girls in prison ?


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Yes I suppose it is. Although there's a good chance it'll be the store clerk that will be going on o.. read more

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