FB1-06 "Showdown"

FB1-06 "Showdown"

A Chapter by dw817

A moment later the school nurse showed up and seeing Scant flat on the ground, looked him over examining the bruises. Finally she remarked, "What did you do, soldier ? Fight any brick walls lately ?"



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2013 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

I sighed and wondered if I spent too much time studying the mysteries of the universe to get my head out of the clouds long enough to try and understand girls' odd behavior, like today.

I think the truth of the matter was, girls and their strange ways scared me, I think they always would, even to maturity, and that was just going to be the way it was.

I shrugged. Had the principal seen them I guess he could send them to the office for mischievous behavior. And shrieking, which you're never supposed to do under any circumstances as it disrupts class.

I was still pretty groggy.

I finally shook my head hard to try and regain my normal hearing and it was as if water was in them because finally I was feeling better and felt I could stand up now.

Normalcy was returning to my head but I saw no sign of the girls now. No sign at all. Did I imagine the little lemon-girl and the crazy thing she did ?

My brain, unable to find any evidence to the reality that just took place, and the fact the concussion knocked out my short-term memory pretty good.

Finally I told myself quietly, "Some stupid girls came out to laugh at you, but that was it, forget it, and get to class before you're late."

I shook my head and touched my fingers to my forehead. It definitely felt like I monster headache was coming on.

"I can - never - figure out - girls." I said quietly to myself turning back around to get the school supplies from my locker and then locked it behind me, thinking about the day ahead and dismissing what happened.

I started to walk slowly to class, and then a little faster. I touched the tip right beneath my hair and it was clearly sore as the dickens. Maybe I should see the nurse later for this ?

Scant was waiting at the front door of my classroom to see if I would be late again, and at once my forehead hurt.

It felt as if he was going to pound me in the head right where it was the sorest, but I gritted my teeth. With what Tyr and me talked about earlier, I was ready for him.

"Scant my friend," I offered graciously trying to sound braver than I really was, "The time has come for you and me to bury the hatchet."

"In yore head yah mean ?" he guffawed back. I winced. I knew he was older and bigger than me. And the reason was clear.

He was an idiot and was kept back a few grades because he couldn't pass them. Naturally unless I wanted a bloody nose, I never told him that little obvious fact of life.

"In my head ?" I laughed weakly feeling it already start to throb again from what happened earlier. "No, I mean a show down. You and me ! We're going to fight after school. And may the best man win !" and I held out my hand in a sign of real showmanship.

He ignored the hand but his face lit up much like I had seen Tyr's earlier but with clearly a different interest. That of beating the snot out of an under classmate.

"Awright ! I'm gonna pound yew intah pulp !" he guffawed.

I nodded sarcastically, "You just keep thinking that, Scant."

The bell rang and he dashed off to his seat with the usual reply, "Loser !" and he held one hand out in the familiar L sign. I hated that, he knew it and I think that's why he did it.

After school everything was ready. I had told others that there was going to be a big duke-eroo with me and the Scant. "You'll get murdelized !" said one kid who was in my Reading class.

"Naah, I'll be fine." (I hope) I added to myself.

We met in the playground and Scant was ready. Fortunately so was Tyr.

She had included the Plugin copy I gave her and as we agreed upon earlier, she pressed a key on her notebook computer and noticeable only to me and her because we were looking for it, a faint rainbow-colored force wall appeared between me and Scant.

"It's your move." I told him challengingly.

"This is where you meet your maker, LOSER !" Scant growled. He leaned forward and pounded straight towards my face. I didn't even flinch and he was smiling seeing that he was going to connect fully, likely breaking my nose.

* * *

Illustrated by CPT-Plaid

Only the sound of his fist hitting was heard mere inches from my face. He hit the barrier, full on. All at once it got dead quiet around us.

I turned my head and gave a lackadaisical grin. I'm fine ! I even waved to the shocked group of students who had made a tight circle around us now to watch.

Scant's eyes got saucer wide in surprise and a moment later his slow brain finally registered the extreme pain he just got dealt.

"Owww ! What the hell, I broke my fist man ! Owww !" He narrowed his eyes at me and I could see murderous intent now.

"You are so dead, Poindexter !" And yes, Poindexter was the name I was called all through school, clearly because of my interest in 'bookworm' crap he called it.

Scant then leaned one leg back hard and proceeded to kick me in the groin but the force field was still in place.

I think he might've actually done some damage to himself now because it sounded like a small egg cracked. Then he was hopping like a stork on one foot, "Mother fudger ! I broke my foot ! What are you some kind of jinx !?"

He stepped back a bit, limping, and then made a running start, proceeding full-speed towards me. I was enjoying this so I raised my shirt easily baring my skinny and hairless chest for Scant to hit.

Tyr saw this and giving me a wide grin she yelled out, "Whoo hoo !" most approving of this.

Then Scant smacked his whole body into the force-field. There was no sound at all now. He just kind of doubled over, fell down solidly, and started breathing really hard. It was clear he was seriously hurt now. The fight as it appeared, was now over.

"Someone call the nurse !" I heard a kid from those gathered around yell. Then the principal was storming out of the front door and was glaring at the both of us.

"Who threw the first punch is what I want to know !" he demanded looking at me as I quickly lowered back down my shirt. Tyr was up in a second closing her laptop causing the force field to vanish with a slight pop in the air.

Tyr spoke in my awed silence, "It was Scant, Mr. Principal Deever Sir. Dev din't even defend hisself. I guess Scant don't knowed how to pick a fight at alla and cause it hurts hisself all over cause it."

She tsked in mock concern at him. Scant hadn't moved since his last attack attempt. For a moment I wondered if he needed to be go to the hospital.

I watched Scant carefully, making sure he wouldn't rise back up for one last attempt. Then I heard a rare sound from him. One I had never heard before.

He was crying !

I smiled a bit, no the fight really was over. I breathed a sigh of relief and faced the Principal, "He hurt himself all over." I corrected Tyr.

She looked cross at me, "Yah what you said, picklepie."

The principal blinked mildly at her, unaware of the little joke we always shared with each other when she mispronounced things.

Then he gazed at the onlookers who murmured in approval and agreed that I didn't punch, kick, or even bother to defend myself from Scant's attacks at all. He clearly must've hurt himself.

"Hmmph." the Principal said irritatedly. I guess he wanted to run us both in the office and failed to find any blame with me on the situation.

Finally seeing only one person was responsible for this now he barked out, "Scant, you're in a lot of trouble young man." he said in his most authoritative voice.

Scant just continued to weep and tried his best to keep quiet. I guess he wasn't really used to crying. I knew he had to be in agony. In this case his own strength was clearly used against him.

I think even karate experts would agree this was what they called, "just desserts."

A moment later the school nurse showed up and seeing Scant flat on the ground, looked him over examining the bruises. Finally she remarked, "What did you do, soldier ? Fight any brick walls lately ?"

"No man," Scant winced in pain biting back the tears and then growled dangerously, "It's Dev, he's a - He's a WITCH or something !"

* * *

"Dev couldn't do this." the nurse admonished shaking her head in disbelief. Then she took a professional assessment.

"You've got a broken rib and one of your fingers, the bone has popped out of place. Likely more until the ambulance arrives. You can only get this by fighting a brick wall. What were you thinking ??"

The principal stood by. "Maybe this will teach you to pick fights you can't win." he said dramatically, glad it was over with, and then left.

The nurse limped Scant away back to inside the school but not before he retorted back to me, "I'll get you Poindexter ! If it's the last thing I do ! I'll find what you - you did SOMETHING here - and I'll get even with you ! Count on it !"

"No you won't !" the nurse said and squeezed Scant's shoulder slightly for pain. "You're going to be in the hospital for at least a week and then I think you'd better avoid Dev cause you are the one that got hurt, not him."

With a full audience watching me, Tyr was not to be outdone. "My hero !"

she yelled full of enthusiasm and, likely still excited by me baring my chest earlier, grabbed me and pulled me down on the grass and planted a big wet kiss on my lips which tasted suspiciously like Suzi-Q's. Imagine that.

I coughed uncomfortably and it felt like hot water was running over my head with the sudden shocked smiles and laughter of everyone around, including my best friend Marty. Hoo boy.

"Yay !" the others finally cheered in approval completely oblivious to my embarrassment at Tyr's obnoxious behavior.

I fidgeted uncomfortably trying to get free, "Ahhm ... ahh ... Tyr, c'mon this is ..."

"Yah, thissen is for later." she said whispering hungrily in my ear. Then she got back up and while smoothing her hair and skirt down, she addressed the eager crowd, "Now donchu messen with my boy if ya knowed what is good for ya !"

She waved her fist around dramatically, "Whoo hoo !"

There was one more encouraging cheer from the masses of students and then they finally started to disperse.

Back home, Tyr later stayed for dinner so we could experiment more with the plugins that evening, thoroughly delighted at what could be done with it now.


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You know what? I really like how you've managed to display the story in very appealing way. Besides, the story is very entertaining. I'm hooked in reading this. Excellent! :D

Posted 7 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Hi Jon. I'm just getting around to backing up my writings. Glad you like it ! Altogether there will .. read more
nice use of fiction science here, interesting.

best wishes

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

:) so nice of her and lucky you :)

7 Years Ago

Sometimes. Sometimes I am busy in the bathroom or I'm working on an especially difficult program or .. read more

7 Years Ago

:).... more lucky you then :)
i like the use of action- the feelings. its got good use of thought process it's a nice written chapter well done

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Thanks. If you hadn't guessed it's sort of a wishing story. If I could, I'd get even with those bull.. read more

7 Years Ago

nice idea for story . hope ya well

7 Years Ago

Yep, I'm doing well, and now I'm closing for the evening. Hope you have a great one yourself. :)

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