FB1-28 "The Secret Recipe"

FB1-28 "The Secret Recipe"

A Chapter by dw817

As if an additional reply were needed suddenly the support beams under the receptacle we stood finally gave out so we fell down a few inches, hard and painfully on our feet. Too much mud pudding.



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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

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Suddenly Tyr faced me and self-consciously removed the finger from her mouth and wiped it angrily on her pretty night skirt.

"Shut it." she said, raising her voice dangerously to me, not about to share her terrible fears with me, her temper and awareness returning. Then she turned around still standing on the footrest to look outside.

"There's a reasoneding for all this." she said still cross at me for the career suggestion I gave to her earlier, despite it being an obvious joke.

"See that ?" and we turned around to look out the open door of the stall. She pointed to the landfill where a lot of dirt was pushed aside, likely from a bulldozer. "We need that."

Before I could ask why she was already pointing in a new direction.

"See that ?" she said and pointed to a gully with some stagnant brown water in it. Clearly the workers had hit a small water main and it was mixed in with the dirt around it. "Fresh water."

"Not really that fresh -" I started to say peering over. But before I could finish my sentence both the dirt and water flung out in the distance with a great crash and bee-lined for where me and Tyr were standing.

I looked back and saw Tyr held her hands out and twitched them slightly and I also saw an unearthly violet light glowing from them. I watched mesmerized at how much Tyr's powers had grown since the levitating pencil trick.

"Get down unless ya wanna faceful full of yuckie muck !" Tyr cried to me seeing I wasn't paying attention to the oncoming earth and water.

I hit the floor and before the cargo crashed into the door, it slowed down and churned in the top of the empty commode like someone was making an elaborate recipe. Unseen spatulas churned the water and dirt in perfect portions.

It hung suspended in the air being added at intervals to make the nasty concoction a perfect pudding with just the right consistency.

She wagged her finger at the ceiling and the skyline smacked open, cracking the glass frame slightly in the effort.

"It's gonna be like a hunnerd degreedles later today. The sun will kept it all nice and warmy till later." Tyr said in a matter-of-fact tone.

She smiled back at me as I was still confused at her statement. "Heated all up roasty toasteo in the sun, all naturally, no artificial 'gredients or preversatives ta slows yuf down. There's always room for Jello."

"Mudpie." I said finally understanding what she was doing.

"Yeah !" Tyr had a really big smile on her face. "Guess who's gets to gonna eat aller of it." and she turned to regard me fixing her perfectly beautiful violet eyes on mine, shining like precious jewels in this dim light.

As if in reply a stinky bubble of air popped from below the soft mud to stain the toilet seat nastily. An obvious invitation for whomever dared ...

"Not me !" I squeaked fearfully.

"Awww Dev." She said smiling sweetly at me. Then she reached her hands around the back of my neck and hoisted herself up to give me a really nice kiss. She breathed delicious cherry lollipop in my breath from her lipgloss and gave me a disarming smile.

"Wouldn't you eated up every little juicy bite of this pie - just for me ? I made it all freshery." she cooed softly in my ear.

As if an additional reply were needed suddenly the support beams under the receptacle we stood finally gave out so we fell down a few inches, hard and painfully on our feet. I guess there was too much weight in here with the combined mud pudding now.

I looked to the mess which gurgled air bubbles from below as it tried to settle from the earlier disruption.

That - was - and looked - just - nasty. She couldn't be serious.

"Not me !" I repeated seriously, definitely not forgetting the question.

She giggled and started to open her lunch container. She pulled out her favorite glass fork. I watched curiously as she dipped it down in the bowl to pull up a big gooey chunk of mud. I waited to see if she was going to sample her own recipe.

I laughed to myself, it's NOT going to taste good, I knew that, so she better not offer it to me.

"It's delicious, Dev." she said sweetly and suddenly thrust out the gooey chunk in my face. I looked at it. Really slimy, green and brown. I could imagine just how "delicious" it was.

For the moment it DEFINITELY did not look like mud, especially where she scooped it out of.

My stomach suddenly kicked into high gear and overriding any conscious thought, it throttled my brain and sent it an urgent life-threatening message to it.

Fast as instinct I bolted hard out the bathroom door !

But Tyr was ready for this and quickly grabbing my collar caused my feet to slide on the slimy floor in there and my feet whizzed out from under me, which in turned knocked me over, my head bouncing off the wooden floor and I was laid flat on my back.

Recovering consciousness only moments later I saw I had a nice view of Tyr's undies from here in her shortie nightgown though some mud was getting on her shoes.

I opened my eyes blearily to point out the stain to her, but Tyr, now seeing I had my eyes open, looked down to me impatiently saying:

"C'mon Dev, I needs to know if it tasty good. Tried it !" and shoved the spoon with the gooey chunk of mud right in my open aghast mouth as I lay flat on the floor.

It was - really horrible. I closed my mouth on it tasting old hay and, well, mud, and, I didn't know what else. I didn't want to know what else !

Suddenly something in the pit of my stomach erupted like a volcano of queasiness. Maybe Tyr hadn't cleaned this toilet as well as I thought she had. THAT'S what it tasted like. I coughed and leaned over sickly to spit it out.

Tyr was angry with me now. "No ! You eated that, Dev ! I maiden it myself, you wouldn't turned down my cooking would yoos ? that's a good wayer to get youself hurt !" I looked at her with a look of complete shock to my face.

You have GOT to be kidding, I told myself !

She was really furious. "You eat that fresho deliciousy bite or I'll get you another one, biggery, and more from the bottomed where it won't be tasty so good, and don't you'd thinken I can't make youd to eaten no mores !"

My chin trembled at the prospect, so I tried hard to swallow it not wanting to fight Tyr on her way skewed principles, but found I - I just couldn't !

* * *

I HAD to chew it first, even though there was no solidness to it. My teeth were now chattering in fear and revulsion as I chomped into the squishy mud.

The taste was beyond foul. "Attaboy !" Tyr said and leaning down as I was still on the floor, she rubbed my throat as if that would help it go down. "Make it all gone, baby."

Finally having chewed it enough I took 3 hard sticky swallows to get it down. It was - definitely not just mud I ate and Tyr had the right consistency.

World's nastiest and thickest peanut butter on the planet. I moaned queasily as Tyr finally helped me up to my feet seeing that I did what she asked - despite better judgement.

Then she was all happy and laughing, "So how does it taste, I need to know it was goody, huh ?" She was bouncing up and down on her feet looking all excited at me.

Something in my brain popped. I think it was a logic circuit. Were girls just naturally born without a brain or what ?

I couldn't believe she would think it would taste ANYTHING except rock-solid putrid, but MAYBE I could trick her into trying some if she was so intent that it had to taste good.

"Delicious." I said and rubbed my belly, though not too hard as already it was gurgling unhappily over what it had to contend with now.

Then for a moment I couldn't talk being caught up in a horrible aftertaste mud burp, but I motioned to her pie for her to taste it herself.

She misinterpreted me entirely. "You wanted some more thens ?"

"Urp !" I said uneasily but I hadn't finished my burp yet. I started to sweat in my forehead as my belly and my brain fought against each other in turmoil.

My belly was trying to purge itself of the contents and I was doing my best to keep it down. She reached over to grab another forkful, even bigger than the last.

"NO ! No more !" I said loudly coughing clearing my throat as I belched a nasty taste of molded hay. Tyr looked hurt so I finally tried to bring back the main reason we were here.

"This is for Scant !" I spoke, praying I was right. I had hoped Tyr hadn't dragged me all out this way out here just so she could bake a heated mudpie for me to eat later, especially noting the cooking bowl that she chose.

She softened her expression, "It'd be all warm and yummery in the tummery when he comes and getted it." she said happily and dropped the gooey chunk back in the toilet bowl wiping off the glass fork with her nightie.

I interpreted that to mean yes, it IS for Scant. I breathed a sigh of relief, feeling a kind of burning in my lungs from even that one bite. But I knew Scant wasn't just happily going to waltz in here with a baby's bib and spoon and scarf down her nightmarish concoction.

"You mean until YOU come and GIVE it to him." I added. I was starting to feel a little better now but I DEFINITELY did not want to eat anymore.

She giggled and said romantically, "Oh Dev. You really DO love me doncha ?"

I didn't understand the logic behind that but I accepted her romantic hug just the same.

I really didn't have too much time to think about how dangerous it might be, but I did put Scant in my place instead, giving it some thought, and it looked a lot better seeing the big brute lick up cute little Tyr's "delicious" mudpie rather than me.

I laughed at the silly sight and had to admit it was going to be great when she trapped him with it later today.

Then I thought for a second and panicked. "Well now wait just a minuette !" I said. "What about the construction workers. They'll see this mess and dump it out before school gets out later today."

Tyr shook her head and the pretty hair-clips she wore for sleeping clinkled against each other. "Nono... I got their skid-jewel offa the internet. They'd not worked today." Then she turned to face the school.

There was a moment of silence and you could almost hear the ominous background music to set the grisly scene.

"It's perfect." she said dangerously.

Wow, I thought to myself. NEVER cross Tyr. Better make that rule #1, Dev !

I know I had told myself this earlier yet it seemed I was always getting into trouble with Tyr getting mad at me, and then forcing me to do something nasty for her as punishment.

This was one time I would stay on her good side or I might wind up at the hospital getting my stomach pumped of - mud - of all things. Urp !

When she was satisfied with the way her pie looked, we walked outside and the door slammed on its own heavy spring behind us. She checked to make sure the towels were still there and dry.

Then we both scooted back home on our bicycles with me following in close pursuit.

The tires on our bicycles were caked in mud as we took off from the construction site but quickly dried and bounced off by the time we made it to the driveway of my home.

I looked and noticed that Tyr had some wet mud stuck to the bottom of her nice shortie nightgown.

"Oh no, Tyr, look !" I said and pointed to the stain. She lifted her nightgown peering intently at it for a moment and then appeared dismayed by the sight of it, as I was.

A moment later though, she smiled, "Mummy will take that right out in the wash. I'll toss it with her clothes."

I nodded and hoped the mud wouldn't stain the OTHER clothes when they did get washed, or Tyr would REALLY get in trouble for that !

She waved a kiss to me and then, out of the blue announced loudly and rather crossly, "And I aint gone to be no toiley bowl cleaner, Dev !"

Before I could say anything she suddenly kicked off in her pedal-princess bicycle and head for home, top-speed, her nightgown flapping in the wind behind her like a demon's cape.

I was puzzled. What brought that on ? I shook my head. Sometimes I just didn't know what Tyr was thinking at times. I rolled my bike around to the back of the house and left it against the steps.

I looked to see my shoes were pretty muddy themselves so I reached for the hose which was also hooked up to the back of the house where my own Mom watered the plants. Turning on the faucet I washed them off, then I left them at the back door to dry.

Returning to the front door I entered, locking it behind me and silently slinked back up to my room on damp socks. No-one would be the wiser, I told myself. It was 6am so I only had 30-more minutes of sleep left. I decided to stay up.

It would still take me sometime to have breakfast and get ready for school where I had to be out the door at 8am.


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I'm enjoying reading this story. Can't wait to read more of it.

Kaze~ :-)

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

I'll post another chapter tomorrow (Wed Apr 2 2014)

7 Years Ago

^_^ ^_^ ^_^

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