FB1-54 "Incorrect Analysis"

FB1-54 "Incorrect Analysis"

A Chapter by dw817

I'm sorry, I tried, I tried really hard, I couldn't hold back. I laughed ! I laughed so hard I peed myself just a little. I laughed so my sides hurt. I felt like I was going to lose consciousness.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 1st Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© June 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission



* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Then Stefani turned to look at me. Then back at the report. Then back at me again.

Clearly she was having a problem determining something. Finally she turned to face me and spoke quietly to herself, "Whatever."

Then her manner changed completely, speaking in baby tones and quite a bit louder, "So you're 12 years old ! You're a big boy now aren't you, Dev ? In 6th grade ! I know you like to keep secrets ! But you know what's fun about secrets ? Is telling others, especially when it's important !"

She read some more and I looked on horrified as she continued to speak to me like I was back in pre-school. "Now I'm a secret agent, isn't that fun ? I work for the government, that's important business don't you know ! And you should ALWAYS obey the law, right ? Your friend - " she paused to read a line on the clipboard twice.

"Bestest friend" she continued, "Tyr - did something bad. Oh no ! But She's not in trouble. Nossireebobbyohno ! But we'd still like to bring her here so she can tell us in person, WOW ! How did she DO that ? That was so amazering !" She read more of the clipboard too but stopped talking for a second, skipping over stuff.

She false-laughed, "And it was so funny what she did too ! HO HO ! We'll give you both an honorary Secret Agent pin for helping out your GOVERNMENT."

She fished in her dress and I noticed ample cleavage. I was already smiling earlier at her cuteness and figure to top it off with this. She was really attractive. Then she pulled out a little plastic medal, really shiny with silver paint that read clearly on it, "Secret Agent."

"But it's got a secret too ! It's a super gadget ! See ? It shoots water !" and she touched the side of it to show a little trickle of water come out and hit the front of my gown. "Isn't that super-keen ? So, whaddya say, Dev ?"

And then she leaned back and changed her voice to sound like she was serious pursing her lips together as she added, "So ! Are you ready to help out your fellow secret agent for the government ?" and she reached out her hand to offer me the pin and with her other hand, she saluted me sharply as if I were a general for morons.

I knew if I took it she would interpret that to mean I was going to tell her where Tyr was.

I'm sorry, I tried, I tried really hard, I couldn't hold back. I laughed ! I laughed so hard I peed myself just a little. I laughed so hard my sides hurt. I felt like I was going to lose consciousness I was laughing so hard now !

The way she spoke to me was just hilarious. Her whole face turned beet red and I could tell she was really embarrassed for thinking I was younger than I appeared. She suddenly huffed angrily and gripping the clipboard in her mouth, she reached behind her skirt and pulled up on the hem of her panties again with both thumbs this time.

I knew she wasn't actually doing anything useful, it was just a nervous habit of hers, apparently when she was upset or thinking about something. I had to marvel how many times a day she did this.

She was not without recourse however. She took the clipboard with one hand to look at it again, muttering something to herself. Then she fished in the black bag beside the gurney for something. She pulled it out triumphantly making sure to show it to me.

"Okay, mister ! Just for that, I'm keeping your teddy-bear and you can go to your room now without supper !" She had Teepo in her hands ! They must've cleaned the room when they kidnapped me. Aww c'mon ! She was too old for that ! She gave my bear a big hug and gave a look of shock as if he were speaking to her.

"What's that ?" she asked in a surprised voice. Then she then put Teepo's mouth up against her ear and listened intently nodding as if he were relating something of great importance.

"I totally agree with you, Fuzzles ! Dev is most certainly being a bad boy right now ! Very very bad ! He needs a spanking !" and she set down Teepo as if to pick me up and do just that !

I stared wide-eyed at her with a shocked look on my face, she can't be serious !

* * *

Fortunately she picked back up Teepo to continue what she was saying.

"Yessir, When he's a GOOD boy, then you might see him again." Then she turned to address me. "Say bye bye to Fuzzles, Dev. Say bye bye, bye bye ..." and she wiggled his arm like Teepo was waving farewell to me.

It was too much. I was in a strange place with a more than crazy yet beautiful woman who was treating me like I was a baby from a nursery school, and I really did want the comfort of Teepo right now. Tears came to my eyes and she saw this and smiled, glad she finally got through to me.

"I'll hold on to Fuzzles till you learn to behave. He's mine now." she said satisfied that I was suitably punished by her actions. Then tucking my bear under her arm she touched the side of her wrist where a control bracelet was. She spoke into it seriously, her kid-tone completely gone but her voice was still quite pretty.

"Dev is ready for pickup. Send him to room 486-A."

She then stood to lean over and look intently in my eyes for a second which still watered with tears. I stared back into her own in return. Omigod her eyes were almost as pretty as Tyr's ! And right then, I laughed without meaning to.

I realized then I shouldn't have with what she said next. "Mm hm ! I'll bet you think you're a smart little troublemaker. And since you act so much like a baby, you're going to get treated as one." and then spoke back into her bracelet receiver with an evil smile. "I want full rights to this one."

There was something unintelligible spoke in reply that sounded like a complaint but it apparently satisfied her. She then clicked off the receiver and looked straight at me with a wicked smile on her face, she emphasized and spoke quite slowly the next word she said.


Wha - what did she just say ? I shook my head confused. Stefani then released the straps so I could sit up.

Dempsey and the thin man I recognized as the other "officer," Pritchart, just then arrived with a wheelchair. I noticed the familiar gas mask clipped on the side of it.

Dempsey was proud to speak first breaking the awkward silence upon their entry. He cracked his knuckles for emphasis and spoke in that gravelly deep voice. "We can do this the EASY way or the HARD way, weenie boy !"

I wasn't about to fight these guys anymore. "Easy way." I said and bouncing off the gurney I quickly hopped into the chair and gave him my best smile.

"Hmm ..." rumbled Dempsey, clearly disappointed. I really think he was looking for a fight. Stefani curled back a lock of hair from her ear as she spoke to me.

Stefani looked at me but still seemed quite severe, "NO dinner for you, Dev. I'll bring some babyfood for you tonight. Don't worry. You'll be hungry then. Now scooch !"

I grimaced wondering just how bad babyfood would taste. Strained peas ? Pritchart picked up the black bag minus Teepo and Dempsey strapped me in for the trip. Then he wheeled the chair out down the hall.

I had to ask questions. "Where are we ?"

Dempsey was apparently in a good mood for the moment, as he did answer my question. "You are our -" and he paused like he didn't like the word. "Guest."

He coughed and seemed confused for a second, "Yeah, a guest of the Arkos Research Institute." he said expansively and held a meaty hand out waving it across the air.

"What did - " I began.

"That's enough questions for now, shrimp !" Dempsey's regular mood was returning and I'm certain I'd get bruised if I tried to ask anything else.

We passed by other rooms. The rooms really didn't have privacy as each door to the rooms was fully transparent, probably bulletproof glass I mused to myself by the thickness of them. I did, however, see happy children playing with toys, watching TV, playing video games, and talking to other agents in each of the rooms.

Another of which was a little girl getting an enema as a punishment. I knew what that looked like cause I got one years ago when I stayed with a mean Auntie of mine. She too wore the same kind of hospital gown I had on. I caught the eye of her tormenter, a woman, just about as pretty as Stefani, which gave me a most unpleasant smile as a bottle drained up in the little girl.

The little girl was in tears though the woman was rubbing her hair comfortingly and speaking, though I could not make out the words. Clearly the girl was being punished for something.

That was awful ! God, was everyone evil here, I thought to myself ? Well, surely everyone except for Stefani, I thought, correcting myself, surely she was good. Anyone as pretty as her surely must have a good heart.

"Our facilities." Dempsey rumbled in the back of his throat bringing me back to my surroundings. "Room 486-A."

They wheeled me in the door. Then they tossed the black bag in as Dempsey unstrapped me from the wheelchair and raised it to get me out. I got up and as I did they 180ed the wheelchair back out and locked the door behind behind with an electronic lock, leaving me alone in the quiet room.

I stood to look around for a moment. I saw some windows with the drapes closed and thought for a second maybe I was on the surface and not underground as I thought I was earlier.

Going over to pull back the blinds, however, I saw a lighted panel, but no real outside sky. I noticed it looked like one child had taken crayons and started to draw some grass and sky near the bottom of the panel, undoubtedly lonely for the real world.

I hoped I didn't have to stay here as long as they apparently did.


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© 2014 dw817

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Very nice, and intesting. :-)


Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Oh ok. Sorry I'm taking a while to read them I have so many read requests, and I've had a few person.. read more

6 Years Ago

Well deal with the personal issues definitely. But afterwards, sit and heat up a nice hot cup of Cha.. read more

6 Years Ago

Hahahahahaha, I sortly will. :-)

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